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Chapter 197–the legendary laugh

    building into one eye by the news, it was found that the basic reduction of things, in addition to describe himself as a takeaway brother, and because it is the local news, comment number is scanty, IP party:

    "which go by so fast?"

    "martial arts students work part-time?"

    "should not a few, they go by have uniforms and logo, this is a look at the restaurant's own employees!"

    his side, Yan Zheke will face buried in the pillow, his right fist, gently beat his bed, stuffy nicker road:

    "go by Go by Go by!"

    Lou to listen to funny and helpless, thought at that time was to bring her breakfast, then spit out the mouth:

    "yes, go by, belongs to you go by"

    Yan Zheke laughter suddenly becomes small gradually stop, she looked up to see her boyfriend, her lips quivered eyes misty, silently repeating building into just words:

    exclusive me Go by

    her eyes a little bright, dream like the stars in the night sky, so looking at the floor, behaved shame.

    building a pedestrian on the road outside the vehicle suddenly galloping and windows facing the street talking about being pumped away, it became very quiet, as if the whole world only in front of beautiful Yan Zheke, leaving her colorful eyes, leaving her glowing light moisturizing powder lips.

    without the help of a girl, he suddenly understood what it was like to feel and the atmosphere was right, so he turned to the side of the bed, propped up his arms, and bit his head in the past.

    Yan's eyelashes were shaking a few times, eyes slowly closed.

    to explore the body, arm ring, building into a breath of her breath, only the eyes of the spread of attractive lips.

    at this time, Yan Zheke opened his eyes, unconsciously made a low sound:

    "you press my hair"

    this sentence is like a magic spell to unlock, immediately let the floor into the arm, change the position, and then froze in situ.

    second, feeling all the atmosphere all dispelled completely, the noises outside return, let the dream world peace once again fall to earth.

    building and Yan Zheke first at each other, then began to laugh at the same time, to be destroyed and romantic so strange laugh.

    of course, there is a faint smile in the building, there is just a good feeling so good atmosphere, a "you press my hair," nothing left

    this is the legendary laugh?

    the girl laughed for a long time, laughing red face is very lovely, she can only watch helplessly into the floor, waiting for her to stop.

    after a while, Yan Zheke finally calm down, Minzui to see into the floor:

    "I, I laugh a little lower, ha ha"

    and then she smiled, feeling just the scene funny funny.

    building to lay down again, his girlfriend's right hand and pulled over, put on their own belly warm.

    Yan Zheke homeopathic together, curled up in his side, blinking the eyes, thinking of jumping like asked:

    "orange, what do you look like? Junior high school, and primary school?"

    she suddenly felt that she wanted to know more about building a little.

    building a recall with a smile together:

    "my primary school is very short, to the sixth grade was also called the square root of two, but from the beginning of year junior high school, a head Cengceng rub gone up, less than three years to more than seven meters high, basically did not how long, at most there is one or two cm, but recently forged body, like two times development, and high point."

    he has not been measured for several months, only by the feeling.

    "you must see a primary school when good bully ~" Yan Zheke appears in the fantasy original building, with a vague smile mouth.

    building into a laugh: "how? At that time no one bully me ah!"

    Yan Zheke eye brow is smile, bite the lips together:

    "orange, I'll tell you a secret"

    "what?" Hear is a girl's secret, building a ton of interesting conversation.

    Yan Zheke pursed her lips, her smile:

    "when I was in grade five, I cried a male classmate"

    "hit, cry, over?" Lou asked into slowly, I can't believe your delicate gentle girlfriend have been such a feat!

    Yan Zheke Liwo Mingyan, Du Du mouth road:

    "he sat behind me, bully me, take the cap of a pen poking me in the back, tie my hair, in short, very upset! I was officially said to him, if you do that again, I'll tell the teacher, he scolded me only know the snitch, is to fart insects, I got angry and said, well, I don't tell the teacher, if you do that again, I'll beat you!"

    "he defy the law?" Lou asked into smiling.

    Yan Yang said: "of course Zheke smile ~ I still disease Xixi, but also followed Uncle practice a two years of martial arts, Huaquanxiutui or a little, fist hit in his stomach, he wow is heard cried, scared I thought beat him up"

    "and then?" Building into a complex with the asked.

    he was deeply suspected to be playing that guy like his girlfriend, in the primary and junior high school stage, many boys like to bully is the performance of the awkward.

    "he cried, someone went to the head teacher, and I got a meal training, but fortunately, I took the opportunity to request a change of position, from then on, he saw me on a detour to go on the road," said &nbsp." Yan Zheke smiled shyly, "I'm proud of it"

    building a mused: "when he graduated from primary school is also looking for you to write each other classmates?"

    "how do you know?" Yan Zheke stare big eyes, very surprised and asked.

    I do not understand? Building into a tiny smile: obviously."

    Yan Zheke white his one eye, said: "he really came to me to write each other classmates, I thought this is again, quite a woman fan to bury the hatchet, then we went to different schools, meet less, the third time, he is a bully like me, give me that I was rebuffed."

    "ha ha, this!" Building into a concise and comprehensive expressed their inner refreshing.

    Yan Zheke put into the stomach to recover the right palm in the floor around his arm, cheerful mood tunnel: "I finished a secret, you ~ the oranges, you said you like me to start high school"

    think of it, she could not help but smile bloom, paused before: "the junior middle school? Elementary school? Do you like a girl or a girl who likes you?"

    "no." Floor to answer without hesitation, sighed, "I was especially ignorant, heart in the reading above, and the thin and small, no one would fancy, then junior high school atmosphere is bad, female students are proud to know the bully, I didn't pay what set."

    "I want to see thin and small orange Oh ~" Yan Zheke play a pitiful look, "do you have old photos old photo album?"

    "yes, as well as my two or three year old bathing time nude" Speaking of the floor, he couldn't help but laugh into.

    Yan Zheke eyes look shiny: "the summer of Xiushan to me!"

    "good good! Did you have any pictures of your childhood?" Also want to see the floor into the Lolita period small Ke ke.

    "pretty much, my dad gave me a fine picture as a souvenir, for ten Wallace!" Recalling the past, Yan Zheke a sweet smile.

    two people talk about the past things, exchange each other's secrets, chat with the day, talk about the heart, sometimes excited, sometimes warm, unwittingly on the dark night, let the time came to half past ten.

    "it's time to go to sleep" Yan Zheke looked at the screen of the mobile phone, was unable to part.

    building also immersed in just that no words don't talk like a better feeling, want to say more, boundless talked on, but he still very perseverance is restraint nodded: "sleep."

    this time, Yan Zheke eye flow, bite lower lip, like like a shy down Mouguang road:

    "orange, I especially like we just get along, especially like."

    important words for two times, she felt that this is the way he wants to get along, do not have to be affectionate, holding together to speak is also good.

    "I also like." Building into a smile back at the girl.

    then, he was afraid of Yan Zheke from the rejection of intimacy, and concerns to make a sentence, a euphemism for their own ideas: "but I think, Keke, between two people have this light is not complete"

    Yan Zheke understood his charming red face, slightly spoiled tunnel:

    "orange, you turn around, turn over ~""

    building a reason to back over the body, then he heard the girl's voice shy timid with: "I just said don't always think about that, but I did not say no"

    her voice gradually low, to be heard by, building into a happy heart, suddenly turned around, Yan Zheke also back to his ears in her head, the red pillows, and lovely green.

    the building into a heart only warm and touching, no * * color, he turned off the bedside lamp, close to the girl, through the right hand from the warm bed and her soft waist, left hand and then finished around, gently pull back, let Yan Zheke back to the home the chest.

    Yan Zheke first a stiff, and then because they did not perceive the building into a further movement, and put the soft body, the initiative to paste the back, peace of mind down.

    aromatic, Jiaoqu soft, elastic soft tentacles, temperature through the thin clothes came, did not read what Beijing has a building into a violent reaction.

    Yan Zheke felt stiff body again, change a little timid feeling, busy building into a low voice:

    "don't worry about it"

    it's really painful and happy.

    Yan Zheke did not struggle, heard behind the building in tune with a breathing technique with a throbbing, face not consciously drew a touch if there seems to be no shy smile, silently thought:

    orange, I just have a word did not have the nerve to say

    sometimes, I also like the intimacy between us, like the way you look for me

    her breath, back to the floor and into the arms of the snuggle a bit, feeling a warm smile to open contact:

    "orange, good night ~""

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