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Chapter 204–fan of self confidence

    Wen San faction, the home team locker room.

    head of Ni Al dressed in a very ancient special clothes, stroked his beard and said: "I will not say more, you are spring, second appearance, good performance."

    "yes, master." Zhou Zhengquan nodded his head.

    Ni Mingfei looked to the side to sit Hou Yue: "small step, you played the first one, whether Lin missing, or the floor, is a very good opponent, go all out, look at yourself and the top occupation do many gaps."

    Hou Yue once heard the remark, stopped all the restless and lively, with a solemn expression way:

    "yes, master!"

    east television studio, host Wang Tianrui guest interrupted the words of Lin Maosheng, smiling: "back to the front on both sides of the squad and order," the East team "is Hou Yue, Zhou Zhengquan, Zhuo Yanjun," Song Da Wu Dao society "is the floor. Lin and Sun Jian."

    "that is to say, the first battle is about to begin!"

    Hou Yue vs building!

    Yan will move the video window, and the forum's live posts on both sides, will pay more attention to the game.

    a list of appearances, it means that the fighting started at any time!

    Cai Zongming leader, Zhang Qian Wu dedicated a pedestrian hurried into the smell of St Patrick's Dojo, they are unfamiliar, wasted a lot of time to find the venue is located halfway up the mountain, almost missed the first.

    they just crossed the threshold, it is a solemn and quiet atmosphere to jump, thought the wrong place, temporarily froze in place, look around, until you find the floor into the et al. Out of the locker room and sit in a predetermined seat, only set a heart, spit out the foul air.

    "strange" Wu Qian to work together Zhang said.

    this makes oneself very depressed very uncomfortable, and can give vent to the emotions of the heart is very different!

    for the "team with gas", a piece of dedicated cramming martial arts knowledge, but not too understand the "smell shengpai" home court then only reluctantly explained: "the home court has different characteristics"

    mountain breeze, let him can't help shuddering, always feel like zombies wake up here ancient tomb.

    too old too cold!

    Cai Zongming coughed and Zhao Qiang back to their attention, suffused with delicate feelings with a group of students travel, leading them to find an empty seat.

    this time, the referee on the ring, looked after both sides loudly:

    "Pine City Division knockout quarterfinals, the East team against the Pine City University Martial Arts club."

    "the first inning, Hou Yue on floor!"

    a building with an easy grace wore off, the coat, hit the side of the Zheke clap and yan.

    "don't careless" Yan Zheke bright eyes told of the sentence.

    building a smile: "rest assured."

    his mouth added: "strict coach"!

    on the issue of Hou Yue, he and Yan Zheke have been discussed many times.

    see his girlfriend Minzui smile, he walked along the position and everyone hit each other fives, shouting and shouting slogans, it turned down the road, in a quiet audience watched to ring.

    "Cheng Cheng refueling!" Cai Zongming gave a loud cry.

    the misfits and the surrounding atmosphere, suddenly he suffered a look at the idiot eyes, could not help but face a red, secretly whispered, it's embarrassing tm!

    hear this sound alone refueling, Yan Zheke and Guo Qing Lin Hua, they looked at each other, together from the position up, simultaneous call:

    "Cheng Cheng refueling!"

    this is a tacit understanding and emotion that has been gradually formed in the previous months.

    with a response, Cai Zongming is no longer embarrassed, raised his hands, followed by shouting:

    "Cheng Cheng refueling!"

    why care about other people's eyes?

    his example, Wu Qian Zhang et al also gradually dedicated his courage, his hands make a horn:

    "Cheng Cheng refueling!"

    voice echoed, encourage each other, they slowly into the collective, shout even warm, and Yan Zheke each other and broke the quiet, old-fashioned atmosphere.

    not many people, but firm enough!

    a dress of the audience are on tenterhooks, don't do what seems to feel more stupid, so they reserved your palm.

    lovemaking messy applause, with a smile into the floor, boarded the ring, because of the strict Zheke and Cai Zongming for their gas and warm.

    his opposite, Hou Yue shook his legs, scratched the side of the brain, sincere smile:

    "you're great, I'm a little nervous, don't talk to me, OK?"

    building a can't help laughing demeanor is nodded:


    indeed, is less than eighteen years old children He thought of the old

    three minutes talk time, East TV broadcast, guest Lin Maosheng smiled: "I looked at the data, is already building into nine occupation, and not every person he had stressed that although he did not order goods, but with more than most the strength of the nine occupation."

    "there was a time, I thought ability building into will try to develop their own, in the body to temper the current limit, looking for the opportunity to participate in the eight set match product, eight products directly to the occupation." The host Wang Tianrui also followed a feeling, "Lin coach, do you think Hou Yue hope to defeat the building?""

    Lin Maosheng thought: "I hope not, but Hou Yue is the Wen Sheng school focus on the cultivation of seedling, he must have a special place, if the building into a more lightly, might suffer some losses, the final result of the tournament will have a great influence."

    Wang Tianrui slightly nodded: "Lin coach is right in front of us, the reporter interviewed several smell shengpai disciples, they found the Hou Yue is, is, well, many confident"

    when they explain, building into a fan forum, "magic" Brahma "akimbo twist":

    "these people are not professional, or on the same day we found powerful dragons, a nine idol get occupation certificate!"

    "the Dragon King" she said: "what time I become dragons? The future is not to call me a small loach? Say, know know the name, domicile, check the official website to know ah."

    and "magic" Buddhist "night gathers" sell sell wonton "girl mix for a long time, he felt his mind are getting younger, talk sometimes inadvertently sell adorable.

    network terrible!

    "Little Dragon little dragon, what do you think our home building can be a few strokes to defeat what this monkey." Yan Xiaoling asked in a jump.

    "the Dragon King" answered with contempt: "don't underestimate any one occupation do not, contrary to expectation things, building into a difficult victory!"

    "oh oh oh, understand!" Yan Xiaoling didn't mind, don't mind their exposure in the aspects of intelligence

    arena, building into a commitment, not to interfere with Hou Yue, he will adjust their status to the best, while the last hammer out the next game.

    and in this process, he vaguely of the coming stormin depression and anxiety.

    this is not because the building into conscious Hou Yue, but the second debut of the week Zhengquan, outsiders know only their physical strength without limit, not afraid of fighting the wheel, but do not know what energy is limited, "thunder shock Zen" fortunately, "frost strength" currently can only play three note, if you are Hou Yue consumes too much, in the face of Zhou Zhengquan, you are unlikely to create the best chance of winning the big brother.

    and Hou Yue this war must try to save energy!

    and want to save energy, the best way is to go all out, never leave hand, for four or five strokes between the points!

    building into a breath, heart lake ripples ceased, water into ice.

    the referee looked at the clock, raised his right hand, and waved:


    building a just like to hear the gun runners, ready for a long time the burst of power, a stamp of feet and knees bent, rapidly toward the Hou Yue, like a hunting leopard.

    he knew Hou jump in the "flying fist flow", specially visited the teacher, learned a "monkey" Kung Fu, extremely good Dodge, therefore not directly for "frost king" and "thunder shock Zen", if not a rush, it was not a waste energy?

    face attack building into the Hou Yue body swing, like a flexible ape, a flash to the building into the side of the right leg suddenly and quickly pulling out.

    at the same time, building a bomb back into the spine, peristalsis, such as mercury gravity sloshing, but in between things that vanishes in a flash changed direction, let Hou jump kick down the empty.

    in view of his mind immediately come up with billowing cloud of lead, the corresponding muscles have been compressed, a turn back, right arm out, such as hammer beating down.

    thunder shock zen!

    Hou Yue was slightly changed, suddenly fell back, even made three somersaults, not only opened the distance, and firmly hold the focus.

    building into not getting the upper hand, foot force, step on a crack of brick, and a hot pursuit.

    your back is quick, but where I leap rapidly!

    Hou Yuegang has to stop action, building into his near, taut palm, small arm and arm muscles, waving a left.

    earthquake hit second Zen thunder!

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