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Chapter 207–break the caldrons and sink the boats


    when Zhou Zhengquan hit the left arm, shoulder deep fried, and building into a fist to strike, but hit like a bomb, only sleep as ear "bang" buzz, the impact of abrupt and strong shock, instantly spread, let oneself like a jump in place next, the muscles and joints and fascia are trembling in the can't help.

    seismic fist! His pupil shortness of breath slightly.

    building into not getting the upper hand, a back, left arm taut, will swing will open, comic play, in order to create more terror shocks, facilitate the next "frost Jin" attack, in order to avoid the chance to the opponent.

    at this moment, he felt that with the shortness of breathing, blood Zhou Zhengquan roll, external forces, the living spirit seemed to internal contraction.

    Dan habitat's full outbreak?

    building into the hearts, in accordance with the previous experience and observe the scene, moving to a lateral spine, Michael, away from the front, not to "thunder shock Zen" and try hard rivals.

    as a result, although Zhou Zhengquan will be more severe shock, but also will be scattered and even hit the shelves, fly out, the slightest mistake will this defeat, cannot further weaken the enemy!

    endure the impulse of the moment, seek the best opportunity!

    but when he stepped out of the way, Zhou Zhengquan, Qi and blood, abdominal peristalsis, mouth issued hengha sound, just a body of coagulation shrinkage, just as the Great Dane, illusion!

    the shock quickly stopped, Zhou Zhengquan hung up the leisurely smile, as if to say "just lie to you"!

    his knees, again toward the opponent, the speed, the momentum of the fierce, almost turned into a substantial pressure in the building into the heart.

    with the opportunities created by the enemy so easily dissolve, building into a can produce a little upset feelings, but his heart lake condensate water ice, negative feelings fleeting.

    this is a bad thing, but it is also a good thing!

    at least let Zhou Zhengquan decide not tired not tired, because of this, it is prudent for weight, better opportunities for delaying the war, the "real" all but once found "bloody" as if fierce tigers, regardless of their own, but start to bite a few mouthfuls of!

    wait to be able to surprise him!

    Zhou Zhengquan in the flood hit like attack, building into unhurried even back a few steps in the process, his ability to control by strong body, has always maintained a focus, has always maintained a step like head behind the other eyes.

    his continuous retreat, Zhou Zhengquan continued to attack, the distance between the two sides is shrinking rapidly, when the building into savings and a good strength and momentum, to the fierce ferocious counterattack to fight to win or die, follow the original forest lack of "retreat" story, Zhou Zhengquan center is a swing, the spine of a bomb, no fireworks the gas went round to the next.

    his timing very appropriate, let the building into a very heavy power hit cotton empty discomfort.

    Dan's energy, impulse response!

    while Zhou Zhengquan and Wei Shengtian are very different styles, different styles, effective strategies for the latter, the former may not work, as now!

    ready to fall, Zhou Zhengquan was again building into a bully to the near, he was again to fly "rolling" potential flow fist launched a Pentium attack, low kick, fried shoulder, namely, claws and bengquan alternating burst.

    this time, the school building into a good mood, sink, listen to the strength force, not to force the feet, but on a "Blizzard twenty-four strike" with the corresponding position moves, to make up for the strength and cohesion of the inferior.

    then he pulled on both sides of the back muscles and fascia, bulging, rebound back, sometimes the outline of ABS, leveraging the power, gradually find the "Blizzard twenty-four blows" further means, will always converge on the oversight of all the solutions, getting crazy, playing harder. Is getting fast!

    lovemaking! Bang Bang bang! Two people collide in the confusion between, aroused the sincere to the meat of the muffled and blood.

    fight to the office building into a profound experience to what is called the strong force of integrated as General Dan exit, even if they can do, can not stop the slow arrival of weakness.

    in this process, dressed in black uniforms of Zhou Zhengquan Wu continue to rely on gravity such as mercury changed direction, making people uncomfortable against this rhythm, building into a passive compression, display and shock boxing, break him against the power of strength accumulation, disrupt the cohesion Blizzard twenty-four blows "the show is far better than the opponent's martial arts heritage.

    in this regard, building into not discouraged, oneself also only fully prepared to, just half a year, although relying on hard Saver help and their own, have changed, but in the details, in the experience, and from the martial arts long-term combat Zhou Zheng springs still have no small the gap.

    found the problem, found the gap, and then know how to make up!

    which one is full on stage?

    seeing is seeing the enemy, "Dripping water wears through a stone." to "warm boiled frog", do not consume defeat oneself, building into a steady focus suddenly, sitting hip waist sink.

    his feet on the inside of the top, in the arm and the fist of Zhou Zhengquan just contact, the back of a sudden turn, muscle joints open, volcanic eruption like a strong rejection.

    Zhou Zhengquan upper body toward the side immediately swung open, two feet are firmly nailed to the original position.

    snap! A number of obvious cracks appeared in a brick with a place to live in him, his body fierce rebound!

    building as expected, take this opportunity to visualize the billowing thundercloud, compression of the corresponding muscles taut.

    pa! He stepped on the feet, broken brick, two shoes neat break, turned into a piece of butterflies.

    a strong rebound in the ankle and knee joint of a road to drive into a building, back, his right arm, with the potential to beat Qian Jun Zhou Zhengquan.


    his mind thunder exploded, like a burst of shock.

    in the face of this, take the initiative to attack Zhou Zhengquan to flee, also came up with the concept of savings flow and high attitude, will be leveraging the rebound potential completely into their own.


    water flush, hit the ground up straight down, splashing!

    flying fist, "waterfall"!


    a circle ripple like invisible in place two fist cross strike to Dangkai, building into a blood somersault, muscles and joints are obviously a thriller, want to puke.

    but he was ready, abdominal muscle peristalsis, with mind in the cloud, let out a loud buzz, to reverse the shock offset much of the impact, but also to the opposite Zhou Zhengquan hengha sound resolve.

    after a shot, not a building into a tight shoe instep, turning back, snapped out a whip leg.

    Zhou Zhengquan seems to be back earlier than him, to take it leisurely and unoppressively thigh muscle bulging, just perfect kick blocked.


    two in mid air collision, suddenly a little white frost condensation, fleeting!

    Zhou Zhengquan was a cold, immediately feel the cold rolling through your shoes, drill into the skin, into the blood, bring a stiff body cold!

    Department of the ice force? His lips suddenly pale, eyes full of wonder.

    building into the right recovery, a bow body, the arm is out of his mind, and in the river ice thousands of miles, crystal clear, locked kinetic energy.

    the so-called "strength", not only by hand play!

    from the Qinglong team to beat now, more than a month, although he did not learn ", but also a blow and a shout" "Jin frost" practice to feet!

    because of their own ability is not strong enough, if the enemy after cold digestion two pairs of Budo shoes, will weaken to Wu can bear, so now he actively shattered shoes, for this is a play by surprise!

    Zhou Zhengquan's short stiff, seeing will be building into the opportunity to raid, never gave everything he knows to wait for the next station.

    second, his blood, his spirit and his will, his body strength, Qi Qi to abdominal contraction, as if a human turned Dane, even the cold and stiff feeling also fit in!

    building a strong environment will face to know Dan broke out but he did not blow, flash does not avoid, but easy to adjust the body, barely came up with the concept again flowed in the ice in the muddy river.

    he did not have the energy to wait, to fight to win or die!

    cold surges, river rapid freezing, even will not fall off the waves also turned to ice, as if everything is still down, at the foot of a building into a foot, back force, shoulder a send, gush a blow cold.

    frost strength, cold of the tide!

    detonation! Zhou Zhengquan Ning "human Great Dane" also ripped out the night, the mighty invincible power, dispel cold, get rid of the rigid.

    pa! His right fist like washed out the dam flood hit out with vigour and vitality.


    building is directly flew out, and Zhou Zhengquan on the short arm Ning frost.

    Dong Dong, Dong Dong, Zhou Zhengquan's heart suddenly violent, it even seems to be able to hear the side of the audience, followed by a crash of his blood flowing water sound, to break up the "ice", to break up the rigid!

    and building into the energy has been to the limit, finally a "frost Jin" is very successful and barely played, now soar in the air, he again as usual to adjust muscle recovery center, has less force than the heart.

    plumped, he fell in the arena floor, see Yan Zheke a gripping.

    Zhou Zhengquan pace, the body slightly dull, but also cast in the building into a stand before turning to his side.

    pa! He strained his thigh, a sudden fierce pumping.

    building barely set up a pair of arms, was pumped out of the shelf.

    pa! Zhou Zhengquan comic play again, don't give him a break, the instep stopped in his neck.

    "the second game, Zhou Zhengquan wins!" The referee raised his right hand.

    building a breath, firmly stood up, not actually tired, slightly exserted, nod quickly turned down.

    although his first martial arts shoes under the frost after Zhou Zhengquan Jin, second is a spent force, but the two together, a direct hit or beat a hard frost, certainly not to the eight product Dan exit more recovery time!

    this scant complete initial target!

    the lack of seats, Lin face weak to take off his jacket and strode out.

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