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Chapter 45–the remnants of the plague

    "seed No. 6"" Qi Fang looks down the stretch, the hearts of a large piece of stone. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    &nbsp:in her plain opinion, her son won even No. 5 seed. What's the problem with the lower number 6?

    "Oh, dear, I worship Buddha today; it still works."!" She smiled and hit the building nearby.

    no match during the day; relatives and friends are incarnated for high Fen sightseeing group.

    superstition." Lou Sheng wins a word, but the smile on the face is hard to conceal.

    they have the same idea as Cao Lele and Qiu Hailin beside them. I think the draw is good, and this opponent should not be as good as Qiu Lin.

    they feel cheerful, strong look forward to the start of the game, only Jiang Feiru stuck in the throat, how did not feel smooth, especially to help the orange show Yan Ke is his girlfriend.

    why can't you be honest?

    for friendship, I was really suffering too much!

    "seed No. 6", Meng Jiefeng." Yan Ke drum drum cheek, think the opponent is not bad is not good.

    can only be said to be better than Korean or non Zhang Zhutong.

    "Ke Ke, your family man is lucky, all is seed No. 6, Meng Jiefeng must be weaker than Qiu Lin, right?"" Gu frost jubilant said, can gradually become not relaxed mood, because Yan Ke and Xing Jingjing looked over the eyes seemed to say, like a mentally retarded.

    Xing Jingjing answer: no weak concise and comprehensive, play more sinister."

    "Jingjing"; he has made great progress in the last six months" Yan Ke asked with concern.

    the reason why she asked Xing Jingjing, because Meng Jiefeng is the Gaofen police system eight strong, the bright younger generation, usually in addition to this system in the contest, rarely participate in various combat video contest, very difficult to find, but after the Spring Festival this year from each other is not out in public hands, until the youth.

    Xing Jingjing thought about it and replied, "well, I heard that, it's more dangerous."."

    and she emphasized again, "play sinister."".

    Yan Ke is very understanding of this, because Meng Jiefeng from Wu Road school graduation, the first to join the army, have great merit, has been rewarded, "plague Department" residual articles in the "cold wind""!

    with him, the enemy often hit more weak, and a little careless, even if won, after the event will be weak, cold, fever, people send nicknames "influenza virus"".

    as in addition to "cold" mind, he got the "plague" and other martial arts is not recorded for play, outsiders can make nothing of it, anyway he never used in the contest, has been "fair" with modern Xingyi chuangjianghu.

    think of these, Yan Ke can not help but some worry, picked up the phone, Xing Jingjing will be revealed to the building

    "seed No. 6""

    home floor living room floor, Debon spirits, pick up the next phone, choose the number, loud chuckle: "Oh, Liu ah, there is no watching TV? Looking at it? Do you watch TV? It's on my grandson's game, the youth, the young men of the province, he's in the top eight, what's the number 6 seed?! Which grandchild? Zhi SINGER, Cheng zi!"

    "Lao Zhu, didn't I mention it to you?" Look, Xing province TV, into a sub debut!"

    the old lady, one by one, informed his relatives and friends, and his face was red with excitement and pride.

    Wang Lili pulled the floor Zhiqiang, small track: "you don't give the old Xin they say? This is the face of our family long, ah, after Wei Wei blind date can also be more emboldened."

    "what do you mean? What if you lose?!" Lou Zhiqiang has never had a good word.

    Lou Yuan Wei sat next to the single sofa, and felt the excitement in the living room, while some were in the dream.

    what I long for is not what life is like now

    see hope and see a better future

    high school class.

    Du Liyu, nicknamed "little new", made a link:

    "everybody go and support oranges, eight into four, and seed for number six."!"

    "what the hell?"" His former deskmate, birch, asked blankly.

    "" Du Liyu replied, long suffering Jiang Fei came out: "orange, that is, Cheng Cheng, in the province's youth martial champion."! It's all in the quarterfinals!"

    "really? Fake?" The bear asked Tao stunned.

    the province's youth martial champion The specification sounds very high!

    Cheng Cheng high school, in addition to learning well, I did not hear how he sports!

    "really, I have to admire the orange." Follow the troops echoed in the ancient martial arts also stands the Qin rui.

    he is the acknowledged master witness, four classmates at half points to open the link, the data buffer

    the built up fan forum kept the scene alive this morning.

    "Nie seven seven" "good name is dog" led by the regression is also said to see familiar to eat Xiang moderator "night gathers" and "lovely magic Buddhist" girl very happy, can well support building, continue to cheer for him.

    "demon" naive "this group due to resistance to shady and join newcomers to the ballot results expressed disdain, that is the inevitable result of the bigger things, hope building into tiaofan opponents, smooth semi-finals.

    "bad girl" "scheming bitch" conspiracy to draw the curtain to hitting the face, said no what are oppressed, building into speculation, wish him a cold, a serious illness.

    forum at melee constantly, people eat melon "night gathers", "magic fan" and "the dragon" and "always love Jun Okamoto" have sighed, want to go back to the past the harmonious situation.

    as idiotic powder, "night gathers" and "magic Brahman" admits is weak chicken

    because it is the first game, a building has not been discussed long and Yan Ke, he saw the ring dance ended, clean up, the referee went, he had to put down the mobile phone, meditative breath, general thoughts, pushing up the state.

    "first match, floor pair Meng Jiefeng."." The referee took aim at the electronic clock and made gestures on both sides.

    Lou Cheng was very impulsive, to the stand of Ke Ke wave, but think of her deliberately reminded, feel the focus of the camera, and endure down.

    can not put En Aixiu in front of the large audience; otherwise, father in law will kill the knife tonight

    recalled the evening evening when Yan's active kiss came on, he took a breath, and, in the light of a headlamp, walked down the path of glory to the stone steps.

    in this process, he just bought a new car, every step is a trip, and gradually running, slowly rising momentum, when on the ring body, a volley of exploding, or clear or muffled, and gongs, climbing!

    so might see the audience held their breath, just feel the No. 18 player as if a tall building.

    Meng Jiefeng was moderate, inch of lean, facial features has a dark blue JV, the martial arts clothing out of its charm, almost simultaneously debut and floor.

    his feet are not fixed, Bayi station, imposing manner, no tit for tat.

    the referee raised his right hand, your voice:

    "dialogue time begins."."

    Meng Jiefeng smiled and looked up at the floor. "You should be under a lot of pressure, right?""

    "normal."." Answer a floor to be neither humble nor pushy.

    "no, you're lying."!" Meng Jiefeng's eyes and sharp, as if in the trial of criminals, "you were afraid I 'cold strength' influence, after illness, lost to the opponent in the semi-final tomorrow, not broke into the finals, as a result, your strength will not justify, everyone will think you are on waizhao just broke into the semi-finals. Is their sinister villain, then universally condemned!"

    he should be buried in the hearts of the opponent have seed, let him judge wrong, let him waver in determination!

    "I have a clear conscience; what others say does not affect me at all."." Building into a calm and said, "if the opponent, I will face the challenge, if there is a discredit, I will face challenges with victories to fight back, this is my creed Budo, may not be mature, but at least I really think."

    "when I set foot on the ring, my heart will only consider the immediate opponent to beat him with my best to meet him, and this is the greatest respect for him, but after the game, as the ultimate effect, not in my consideration."

    because of the storm before the game, he has some feelings, with this dialogue, combing their own ideas.

    when actual combat, really is more afraid of what, the more easy to appear what, have to firmly thought!

    Meng Jiefeng shrinking Mouguang laughed: "I hope you can remember just now."

    he didn't say much, if not overdo sth. too far.

    and after a while the referee fixed the time, raised his right hand again, and gave it a wild swing:


    Meng Jiefeng's muscle fascia suddenly bulging, his martial arts clothing too tight, and the naked eye can see the position of his black root vascular veins prominent, such as iron, make skin like metal, hard and cold.

    "but" just beautiful "!

    step back to Meng Jiefeng, the side of the axis, tic fascia, my right arm.

    bang! His neck suddenly became rough, friction with air, a black exploding, and root vascular fascia outlines a seems to be thrilling patterns.

    bang! Sound is connected with the body, his right fist high-speed forward, laid out.

    Lou intentionally lake, such as coagulation, calm like ice, the idea of flashing, the center of gravity echoed, ridge vertebra a bomb, and then jumped off.

    after his exit into Dan, condensate water pile seems to because of the wonderful feeling and improved, not to say that he had a premonition, or have a direct to the malicious will be excited, but to help him look fresher, more intuitive, more accurate judgment.

    see the opponent back, Meng Jiefeng stepped on the foot, with the power of accurate rebound, hot pursuit forward.

    but in his body just when the anterior longitudinal floor, into tude paused, gravity sink strength, pace, to turn back to the things that vanishes in a flash between the expansion, back muscles, Chong played right, Meng fierce counterattack!

    his timing was so appropriate that Meng Jiefeng's punch was old; Sony was not born; it was very embarrassing.


    Meng Jiefeng breath, strength slightly closed, followed by a release, which makes his right fist to strange convergence, larger left arm in a circle, was waving out of the neck, black patterns become more conspicuous.

    this is the application of integrated as a whole body strength!

    seeing his arm to swing in the opponent's fist, building suddenly swung open again into focus, with really hit the arm, abruptly changed position, Meng Jiefeng disappeared from sight, flash to his back.

    the abrupt change of strength in the process of building a transparent, mellow, distorted action is smooth and natural.

    dan!" Television broadcast room, guests explain Yu Hongsi praise like emotion.

    dan!" Zhang Zhutong did not return to the lounge, standing on the sidelines, a sigh of relief.

    self is not willing to see what happened, in a game, a building to maintain a rapid growth posture, shorten the time of painstaking work, and truly become a strong exit dan!

    back to the enemy, building into unceremoniously bounce back, let a fist regeneration Sony, with tense muscles and mind the thundercloud, Meng Jiefeng crest vertebrae to collapse.


    wind stirring, thorn Meng Jiefeng hair up, slightly feeling pain ma.

    but his expression did not panic, but it brought the corners of the mouth.

    just right; you're behind me!

    his mind suddenly emerged out of a winding pattern of the strange India clock.


    his stomach motility, visceral stimulation, since the throat issued a low to be heard the voice of evil spirit.

    building into a fist is hit when the ears move, head ache suddenly become hard, soft can't help arm. (to be continued )

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