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Chapter 52–towering momentum

    Zhang Zhutong stomp like the earthquake scene look silly Qi Yunfei Cao Lele as usual contact martial arts audience, also let Yan Ke lifted a heart, imperceptibly covered his mouth, and for each subsequent series of Shazhao and her boyfriend on the brink of flash turn maneuvers to hold Hu until the building into a suction, finally found the opportunity to imitate the "Ming Wang Zhen Miao" Blizzard twenty-four strike back the situation, she was relieved, his chest was about to hear. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    is worthy of the reputation of the seven strong

    this will be a tough game

    oranges come on!

    mixed Dan exit potential outbreak, the floor sideways cross elbow hit the air a shrill sound, playing Zhang Zhutong hair up, the spirit of a bomb.

    at this moment, the distance between the two sides close at hand, Zhang Zhutong could not resist consciously thrown back to dodge cool idea, to make accurate judgments, he sank back, rapid coagulation of human Great Dane in lower abdomen, arms with power gushing and swell, lift, and frame on the body before.

    in Wu Jing, has always been a punch like tiger, elbowing Dragon said, the former consists of a block of small bones, and the latter is a real strength of the whole set, the difference is self-evident, in the face of cross elbow building into Dan Zhang Zhutong did not dare to exit the outbreak, stopped in a single hand, did not dare to go to a parry, left hand, right hand side to push, palms together, even playing with fire, he firmly resisted the elbow, and push it away from the side, from "a series of blow left body hammer".

    strange to say, in Zhang Zhutong's body, to his current environment is better than building a Dan outbreak of reality, even lost the initiative, but he also shares, body in a flash, but go back a step, pull the distance between the two.

    and building into a "twenty-four blizzard hit" once the potential, it is also especially when without stop, Jin holding force, the whole body strength completely like a character, without feet strength alone, bulging muscles, also can play an embodiment of the whole body the force of the blow, and that makes him so in a state of "Blizzard twenty-four blows" to Zhou Zhengquan like flies "rolling", boxing compact, roaring non-stop, without intermission!

    left hand elbow just blocked his muscle peristalsis, borrowed power, it will be with their blood and spirit hold great dane.


    Great Dane exploded, volcano eruption, by building into a rebound, turn right back, a right arm, swell into a half circle, the root of terror behind the iron whip, with enemy anti swing out and snapped his neck to the beat.

    this single whip lined up the air, set off a gust of wind to both sides, stimulated Zhang Zhutong corresponding position, skin a jump, the pores closed!

    chill the marrow of two even burst!

    Zhang Zhutong also did not neglect, second consecutive Jin also hold, right hand green and red uniforms Wu highlighted the pieces of muscle, hand full of blood vessels and tendons color.


    his strength, with shoulder waving elbow, throw off the arm, single whip like nunchaku like playing into the floor.

    bang! Sound, air roaring, building into a body on acute Akira, but blood reflux, try pulling Zhang Zhutong's part, and condensate in the pubic region!

    he then turns right, inclined to the enemy, the back of a bomb, fierce Meng side kick, fast as there is no partition between!

    Three storm burst!

    he is our enemy strength contrast is very clear, that Zhang Zhutong was not Meng Jiefeng, once again its passive, it probably will completely lose the chance to attack, attack directly by continuous defeat, and want to beat each other, so, not to give Zhang Zhutong a chance to a huge avalanche of potential enemies crushed go forward with great strength and vigour, so as not to Undue delay may bring trouble!

    Zhu Zhang with the first took a step back, then hold Dan sit tight, stopped shaking, swelling of the thigh, with the attitude of smoking in the explosion gave a version, to the building into a side kick.

    the three three burst!


    next to the referee Yin Huaming only sleep escape winds Pumian, saw two legs colliding with the solidification in the air, fragments of half of the shoes and trouser legs to drift outside.

    after building a continuous force, two people finally broke out hard to compete.

    Shen yaokua, sit jialuan, building into a right leg strange recovery, borrowed strength, let him stand firmly, not to sweat pores secrete decline, cling to in the distance.

    dan-yi gushing, his back muscles of a drum, prop up the clothes, feet forward cross, left arm thick with drooping, oblique fist smashed out collapse to the opponent's abdomen!

    this process is fast and unbelievable, before the storm like, without stop, do not give Zhang Zhutong the chance to dodge!

    heavy snow avalanche four explosion!

    even hit four times, forces such as fried, a strong one, to support his audience xuemobizhang, passionate, 00 and shout out a good sound.

    just after the legs, Zhang Zhutong active and took a step back, like looking for what, but in the face of a building without cease offensive to Hu Xiao, Dan had to hold in the body, clenching his teeth in the same four explosion, with the same left fist attack submarine landslide and.

    boom! If the bomb was triggered in situ, a circle of the waves toward all directions, or even just blew the residue after rolling has broken brick.

    such a fight, such a collision, has exceeded the normal limits of the human body!

    after a collision, again leveraging the building into a body, coagulation Dane, to fully expand the potential collapse of snow go forward with great strength and vigour.

    at this time, because of his continuous leveraging and fall to the leeward, Zhang Zhutong along his body after the sway of the potential, back and forth a bomb, light fluttering.

    for the first time that mimic the "Ming Wang Zhen Miao skills from the building into the" Blizzard twenty-four shot ", he has rich combat experience and understanding of martial arts play the enemy, keenly aware of itself if not timely detachment, will fall into the" storm ", to the extreme passive situation, but at that distance, can hit within the scope of the hand, blind Dodge, blind back, only in death, give up, so he accurate decisions, do hard anti blocking, even four, each of them returned to the small, quietly opened a distance.

    by now, this distance is enough; he has done many things!

    seeing Zhang Zhutong seeking to dodge, building a gas into Dan fried, Meng rushed out in a threatening manner, instantly wiped out the gap between the two.

    in his fist hit, stepping on the fire with Zhu Zhang, with wind and clouds moving skills, throw back, no shoes toe point, the body light like catkins uncanny drifting to the next, timing very appropriate, not only to avoid it a punch, is completely out of the press on the twenty-four blizzard.

    to see this scene, Yan Ketan tone, voice is full of regret.

    just a little bit of her expectation; it seemed as if she would soon see the dawn of victory.

    however, this is a seven Dan environment, this is the top seed in the tournament, under the famous virtual scholar!

    five even burst down, no longer blindly building into a continued move, want to storm force not to give Zhang Zhutong a chance is good, but if clinging to it, it is equal to the buried trap, actual combat, must according to the circumstance continuously adjusts its strategy.

    really not as simple as that He has the same idea as Zhu Zhang flashed back side, eyes covered with a layer of faint red, right arm back, punch punch.

    just in order to pursue the convergence of compact, no building in Chengdu in twenty-four hit in the thunder shock Blizzard blend of Zen things, but this time, he was able to hand to the head, arm muscle tension, visualize the thundercloud, backhand swing beat against, whether it is how to attack back to him a shock of zen!

    to the current state, his muscles and fascia tight degree than before, after a strong burst, the impact of enough to be called a terrorist.

    bang! Zhang Zhutong was a jump, arm retracted, and endured the tumbling, leading mobile position, while building into a small arm of a hot and feel quite uncomfortable.

    the power of a furnace!

    around the lateral, Zhang Zhutong again red eyes, facing the building into a Deji vertebrae fist beat.

    the floor has no fear, half side over, the right arm muscle tight, with a single whip posture horizontal pumping block.

    come on! You can see is "thunder shock Zen", or I can afford more fresh pot!

    Bang Bang, bang bang bang! Zhang Zhutong restored the usual style of play, constantly around the floor into the sights, out of a note and a pot of fresh, and when to hold fresh floor also force, he has become aware of, the initiative back to the wind clouds moving to avoid potential.

    you have only to "thunder shock building into Zen" and "frost king" compete with him, who accumulated more and more hot and uncomfortable.

    this looked carefully, Ke once again hoisted a heart, because this is Zhang Zhutong's best field, and then hit, he can completely detonated the opponent's body melting furnace, and easily won the victory!

    I don't know if the orange will work

    fight to the office, Zhang Zhutong consciously heat has to first use in training to resolve the concussion, again to find opportunities to play the last recorded furnace Jin, set to building into the body of power savings.

    at the same time, building into a mind to come up with the sun fall into the interior, the frozen river picture.

    also, it is not to follow but play a blow and a shout, collision, made ice ability set off waves remains strong, disperse the others!

    a rumble!

    the cold wave collides with the fire wave; the storm sweeps out; the way has many meridians, has rushed to the building hand.

    in this process, a little effort has been accumulated into the pot inside, become a part of the storm.

    bang! Two straight fist hit, Zhang Zhutong stunned the feeling cold heat wave array array, and has his own sense of furnace.

    at the same time, he contracted his pupils and found that his opponent had no sign of "detonating"!

    will the floor melt the effect of the furnace?

    he can also start with Blizzard twenty-four hit, still strong force, chain suppression

    and he has no limit to his physical strength!

    how do I do that?

    Zhang Zhutong's heart shaking when building into as well, the body muscles like knife, spirit is beginning to tired, but he pretend nothing, will thrive, a sound body, drink out of violence:

    "come again!"!"

    have the ability to come back again!

    momentum is compelling, sound tempted lake, the spirit of Zhang Zhutong is affected, the slow response to a beat, I saw the floor again Ning Dan, holding his right hand, incarnation of Thor, a roaring down his arm.

    too late to dodge; he was still holding his arms, expanding his arms, and going up.


    Zhang Zhutong body shaking, like a bomb hit the head, while also leveraging the building into a strong, tight jialuan, hit the snow mountain collapse even burst two.

    his body before the cross, left hand into a hammer, fierce backhand mengla!

    Zhang Zhutong had to do a two explosion, go out a fist, hit head.

    three four explosion, explosion, building a clenched his teeth, endured mental exhaustion, head ache, body uncomfortable, to storm the frenzied attack potential.

    Zhang Zhutong was imposing pressure, but still follow the combat experience, four burst, doom against.

    at this point, the two are oil lamps dry state, but Zhang Zhutong did not know each other too, in his eyes, hair is building into a majestic-looking, can not see the slightest fatigue of italy.

    he wavered, he stepped back into the building to seize the opportunity, step Jingan, tightly bite.

    sometimes left, sometimes right, two people around the ring edge continues to fight, hit the anxious and tragic see Yan Ke, both of them forget breathing.

    two minutes later, a depletion in Zhang Zhu body again, his footsteps slow, finally arrived near the floor into.

    building a spirit of hardship, but the strength is very good, after all have a natural supplement elixir, he stared at him, the momentum of blooming, pressed Zhang Zhutong tiny tiny one Leng, like a face can never defeat the enemy!

    this is one Leng, building into a foot force, kicking the gravel, on his face, own teeth, muscle peristalsis, visualize a picture of the sun to break the ice.

    and he unconsciously reached out to stop the stone that had come, and then faced the punch that followed.

    have to stand and have to stand!

    a blow and a shout!

    bang! After a short sound, Zhang Zhutong returned to the night of the ultra low temperature cooling chamber, thoughts seem to be a little stiff, his head almost instinctively building into chaos, sideways, one hit, the stiff opponent knocked out of the ring.

    splash, Zhang Zhutong fell into the ring, Yin Huaming raised his right hand and shouted:

    "Lou Cheng Sheng."!"

    the first seed Zhang Zhutong of this youth tournament is negative!

    it is difficult to support the building into a state, but also in a gas, hear the referee after the announcement, all his moods all the pressure broke out, the body has been yangtianchangxiao!


    long whistle, he leaned over the body, hands on her knees, gasping for breath, let the audience see his tired, know that there are limits to superman.

    it was a tough victory. (to be continued )

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