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Chapter 69–this is life

    ER Short loss after building into a master to quickly grasp the meaning, can't help laughing with fast track:

    "OK, OK, I'll give it to you later."!"

    this is the collection of HA, exhibition invincible scene? Or show off to the old guys?

    it is a master Juexue face!

    think of here, as a backup control, he decided to save one of these videos to the computer, so as not to be lost because of a mobile phone problem. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    this is the master and his old "valiant record"!

    the idea was so sudden that the building suddenly became sluggish.

    fuck egg; what about my computer? No, not just it. What about all my luggage?

    the old man cleared his throat, is going to clear out downstairs, but heard suddenly open the gas floating floor idioms:

    "master, I seem to have left my luggage on the hill.""

    on the mountain? The old man lengleleng, suddenly remembered her at another world, not to the disciple. Time to pack pines pavilion.

    then, two people forgot about the whole thing, careless talk for more than two hours, but also enjoy a sumptuous lunch

    two and stare at each other, just half a minute.

    the old man experienced, unruffled, soon became normal, Ganxiao two:

    "you little boy, that little scene shocked you." I forgot all about my luggage Ha ha, this kind of little thing What do you think I do? So just to find a teacher niece help you to send over the line."

    then, his legs quickly flash out, ready for a nap.

    the building looked at the master in a funny way, left his hand over his face and sighed long.

    loaded, temporarily cool, luggage down the mountain

    and, more importantly, your master Jihouhou prestige, did not give me and 'he exchange contact opportunities!

    the only one is mo Jing Ting, do not rely on her?

    well, it is a look at the very thing that can do, not what is necessary is best not to have what involved, I still find sister, let her help inform a teacher niece on the hill!

    Lou Cheng was in a tight mood, took out his cell phone, planned to write the mail, and sent the video to master.

    get the process, his mouth is first outlined by a smile, to tease the elderly, but soon fell down and become sad.

    will master still have the chance to do something like this in the future?

    is his condition likely to recover?

    is it really only seven or eight years old?

    its idea, building into a very uncomfortable, want what to do for the master, but the identity of their own, their strength, their relationships, their knowledge, master and schoolmates couldn't make things, have their own hedeheneng do?

    light is to think, no clue, no direction, only hope to fix things!

    and even if really useful things, also have to wait over there on the results, help yourself to what the elixir harvested this is not a year within two years, to see the results of things, especially the latter, in reality is comparable to the Dragon Tiger peak outside the gang situation, from their own experience nearly a year, really addict sky "what is the core of things, it will only appear in the process of breakthrough in the gang.

    the road is still far away.

    nineteen years old more than half of the building into a confident feel is spirited, can change the world, think as long as the effort, we will have a harvest, in recent years the more strengthened his feeling, but, this time, he felt powerless, sorrow, a small, but there is no way to do it.

    this matter can only be buried in the bottom of my heart for the time being, and in the next few years, I will try to find hope and raise my strength as soon as possible.

    in the heart has many uncomfortable and helpless, but still must smile facing the life.

    this is probably life, this is probably mature.

    Lou took a breath, and slowly spit out, thumb move, point to send.

    then he switched the program and sent a message to yan:

    "Ke Ke, your grandfather, they are there, are there any experts who are particularly good at medical injuries?" The symptom is cough"

    the person I know now seems to be the only one who can help master.

    Yan Ke first "wipe a cold sweat"; and then "touch the head" road: "silly orange, you directly said that the coach will not do.""

    morning chat, just listen to her boyfriend mentioned in teaching practice is hurt, the body is not too good, but now, even as she tried to cover the building, also keenly aware of the gloomy and depressed heart in a surprised, think before, added: "busy he was the morning sky change back? In poor health?"

    she followed coach Shi Xuewu for nearly a year, even often jokes, often joke, also have half division feeling for the old man, what is more important is that the coach is a master Shi Lou, lovehouse naturally and Ukraine, fears and concerns how may be less?

    building will master the situation before and you say a word or two had told his girlfriend, and did not mind the feeling way:

    "I don't know what I can do.""

    "do what you can, don't feel you are omnipotent." You want to, powerful, this may be the application of coaches most want to see things, and the strength is high, can contact the higher level, can find a way to more" Yan Ke or the first time met this kind of thing, temporarily don't know how to comfort fool orange.

    building clear it can't solve things, also want to get to the problem than the current they can, slowly in the girl's soft words to adjust the mood, relieve the incapable of action.

    finally, Yan Ke then reformed the title: "Shushan Zhai pretty much read scriptures, alchemy of the predecessors, I call to ask Grandpa, Shi coach and my coach, he will surely be able to understand and help."

    "well, although I think the master is unlikely to not visited the Shushan zhai" Floor into "wry smile" road.

    when the mood is low, a Ke Ke to accompany him, with her gentle and comforting with help, life is a major blessing.

    wait a moment, Yan Ke to open a pair of eyes stupefied "expression:" I said you had Shijie Grandpa specifically for this Shushan, but Zhaizhu together with several elders together, also failed to cure his coach"

    "is that true?"" Lou looked at the mobile phone screen, a bitter smile.

    to try, my elder sister and master old guys must have tried.

    "you don't be disappointed, you also said that the coach Shi will live at least seven or eight years, and now the development of science and technology so fast, peak Budo strong who often played against each other the Juexue have fusion, innovation, more than the previous, over a few years, maybe there is a way to do? Maybe the dragon which is to break through the taboo wusheng areas? I heard Grandpa, Shi coach and dragon tiger Club bandit is shallow, and the supernatant of five cases is that Out of blows friendship grows As long as we live, there is hope!" Yan Ke tried to say in a sunny gesture.

    "well, as long as you live, you have hope."!" Lou repeated, trying to get out of the haze.

    development of science and technology while waiting for martial arts, while efforts to improve, strive for outside the gang, unlock the secrets of alchemy, find effective ways!

    if the old man over there to master a study of what I really want to cooperate wholeheartedly!

    in the afternoon, he began to slow the mood of the daily exercise, understanding the "Liaoyuan map" and "Vulcan map" of the essence and flavor.

    the first few times, he did not intend to speed up the progress of the elixir, because it can interfere with their future to the perception of other map visualization.

    not every figure belong to visualize the addict can rely on the elixir!

    after three hours of martial arts, a bromidrosis, building into a feeling a lot easier, but also relieve a lot of mood.

    youth season ended, formal worship into the door, the next day, he should not go, do not have to worry about some tedious things, can be quiet focus on martial arts, people who spend more time with love.

    life is short; cherish the time that can be together

    the next day, he first went to the military base of the farewell secret master, took a last night called Liu Tang teacher niece sent luggage, take months to see the elder sister Shi car, arrived at the airport on the high, sitting on the back of the plane, a smooth return to the provincial.

    in the vicinity of the airport to change the high-speed rail ride, built into a pack of luggage, appeared in Xiushan station.

    he first to Yan Ke "report" the trip, and then take a big step, go outside.

    just then, a tall girl next to him suddenly stopped him, curious and excited, "are you the champion of the Youth League?" I've seen you on TV, and I've watched it several times!"

    "yes, right."." Building a scared, did not dare to deny.

    now the little girls are so afraid of life?

    "ha ha, I'll say."! Could you sign my name, please? Oh, how are you? Oh, many students in our class like you. I think you are the great hero of Xiushan ~!" The girl threw her bag in front of her and turned to find the pen.

    great hero? Hey The floor into the mood has not been completely restored, but also could not help you a bit, he took the pen and brush, signed his name, lively and vigorous flourishes in calligraphy.

    the little girl up with solemn book, waved and walked out after a few steps, dragging luggage she twisted, mischievous way:

    "building master, take calligraphy yo ~!"

    building a Leng two seconds, watched her far away, it just return to God, like, my words are not ugly, not a law-abiding, pseudonym of long fiction author, the words with pupils.

    he will Tucao this thing to the Yan Ke, angered the girl laughed for a long time, at the end of "mouth": "after the oranges, your reputation will become increasingly large, should learn from the stars, not wearing glasses to cover me. We don't want to go out on a date by a crowd."

    here, "she touched the full round belly out": "this seems wrong ah, really want to do that, the school will spread out, a building will name his girlfriend abandoned, muscular men lost glasses ~ scholar"

    puff The first floor is a sound into a laugh, then a warm heart.

    from the beginning of last night, Ke Ke has been trying to make her laugh, to resolve their own hearts of the oppressed.

    how can this mind not be perceived by oneself?

    out of the station, did not dare to take the bus, building into a direct hit on the black car, eager to go home.

    on the way home, after the master of things, he was a more hesitant idea is more and more clear, that is, to buy a house for parents, in Xiushan buy a house!

    can not wait until the son wants to raise and not to be in!

    treasures the immediate person! That's his biggest experience right now. (to be continued )

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