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Chapter 73–Photos

    net about car parked at the entrance to the District, the rate of going first, help small fairy opened the parasol, caught in the afternoon straight sun. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    Yan Ke squinted eyes, looked around, until her boyfriend closed the door, it was interesting tunnel:

    "is this your district?" It's like our family's former hospital family compound"

    she was wearing a white T-shirt and black miscellaneous pattern, veil, feet stepping on the double red and black sandals, fingernail showing a healthy pink, the whole person is beautiful youth, have mature temptation.

    "the community of that age seemed almost the same."." The building becomes informal to echo a way, want to lead the girl's hand, walk toward the gate of the district.

    Yan Ke withdrew his hand, he had a White House said: "you are not uncle aunt ten there are 9.5 know you? You're holding me in like this, your mother will know you're bringing the girl home in five minutes!"

    "less than five minutes."" Building into a shame to answer, he is just habitual.

    and as he spoke, he laughed. "Actually, I don't mind. My mother knows it. I'm so happy to be home with such a good wife."!"

    he showed his calm attitude; what can't be seen by such a good girlfriend? I wish I could show off!

    unfortunately, we have to worry about the experience of Ke Jia's home.

    Yan Ke Mouguang brushed his face, hem said: "who is your wife to go home with you ah, I do not go!"

    yes, yes, girlfriend, girlfriend!" Floor to see the entrance to the District, "or else, I advance to see if there are people at home, and then guide you how to find my house?""

    "all right."." Strict Ke smart eyes looked up, did not expect other good way.

    the sunshade handed her, building into a quickly jump into the area, encountered along the neighbors are smiling and his banner to recruit mao.

    all the way back home, see the quiet inside, mom and dad went to work, he was completely relaxed down, into the balcony, condescending, overlooking the gate and all the way.

    "Ke Ke, you go into the door, go straight ahead, go to building four, turn right." Yes, someone is playing chess there All right, OK, stop, stop, left, left, see 'eight'? Just this building, unit five, building two, the door is open" The floor into the visual girl's figure disappeared in the unit door, busy turned away from the balcony.

    in this process, his eyes scanned, familiar to the familiar living room, the heart suddenly had a bit perturbed.

    will it look too old, too shabby, too small?

    and Ke, their family can't compare

    will it leave any bad impression on her?

    building a swallow in it, both of which will be formally to share their past Yan Ke's excitement, there is also the fear of not being accepted nervous, a little bit of inferiority can hardly be avoided.

    and the home is not equipped with air conditioning, fans are used, but this is OK, I have this walking air conditioner He looked at the bright sunlight, felt the heat of the wave, and waited at the door.

    how long did not use; the girl's light footsteps came, and the beautiful figure greeted his eyes.

    Yan Ming's eyes swept the scenes inside and smiled:

    "what's the feeling of a secret agent just now, sneaky?"."

    Cheng Cheng handed her slippers to her, and closed the door and changed them. "Hey hey!" laughed:

    "in fact, you don't need to be sneaky, if you like."."

    "I am not stupid." Keyang Yan Yang head, smiling joked, "would you like to have my sandals to your room?"

    she was talking about the move to her home.

    "no, my mom, they came back and saw it right."." Building into a smiling answer.

    "hum!"!" Yan Ke bends over and puts on his sandal, and stuffed into the floor to hand, "take."! Your shoes are so big"

    she lifted his right leg, shaking under the toe slippers.

    "are relatively comfortable well big slippers." The building led the girl to the room and stole a glance at her reaction to her house.

    Yan Ke curiously four times, and finally pointed to the next door, covered his mouth and laughed: "are you just here to peep at the TV?""

    building a once told her about his childhood, once on television Lianlianbuwang, secretly opened the door a crack, a stand at the door and looked hard in front of the TV, the late father and mother was watching a horror film. Scared himself later didn't sleep!

    "yes, it leaves a psychological shadow."." The floor was low, smiling and answering. Then he summoned up his courage and asked, "Ke Ke, do you think my family is comparatively simple?""

    strict coach said, to actively communicate, do not stay perturbed!

    Yan Ke tilted her head, Minzui smile: "how? Okay, very clean very clean, but not their own family, I have only three, the rest of the dirty chaos, not dangerous, but there are a lot of your past, occasionally to live is interesting."

    bah, what I say, what to live

    building into a relief, to become relaxed, feel the girl inadvertently expose the view, pull her hand, smiling face on the road:

    "we'll have our own home in the future."."

    spacious, sunny, clean.

    "who and you have your own family?"!" Keyang Yan Yang head, look to the next.

    &nbsp:Lou smiled and said: "actually, I was worried that we would have a philosophical contradiction. After all, the family environment is different."."

    after that, he became calm, can say the worries of the.

    "in fact, the contradictions of many ideas are not so important."." Yan Ke eyes, smiling, "like housework, please aunt is not good, you only need to wash the private stuff, who like to cook, please a good aunt is not on the line, when interested to get well, just like on both sides of the body is not good after the elders take care of, it will be very hard to please the professional care for the most important part is not so tired"

    she said nothing; it seemed that it was a matter of course.

    the floor to listen to one Leng, one Leng, feel a lot of family chores on the contradictions, such a mess, it seems really gone.

    of course, this requires a solid economic base!

    "listen to strict coach, you say so, many small things on the concept of contradiction is really not so important."" Lou Cheng regrets road.

    money is not everything, but without money, that is absolutely not, this sentence is exaggeration, but when the economy is not rich, a lot of small problems will indeed be more conspicuous, the poor and lowly misery is not casual.

    think of here, and become more and more power to support the family!

    "did I give you much experience?"" Yan Ke is a dimple, smiling.

    the idea that one's favorite person agrees with is a very happy thing.

    "yes, I've had a lot of experience following you."." Building into the girl's sandals on his corner of the room, let Yan Ke sit to the bedside, he pulls out a photo album and classmates and other things, like Xianbao handed over.

    "I used to regret that we had many classes in our grade. We couldn't do all the pictures of the whole class. We couldn't leave you as a souvenir. But now, hey!"." He shared his feelings.

    Yan Ke Zhang Zhang Zhang, and then took it lightly, heart sweet.

    orange is really silly!

    &nbsp:she spread an album on her lap, looked up, opened the fan, drove the frost, and wrapped her arms around the girl's waist, with her head on her head.

    "really cool ~!"!" Yan Ke xiaojinjin praise the sentence, "this is your high school graduation photo? Your hair was so long that you were so close to your eyes that you felt very decadent"

    "not decadent, is lazy, do not know how to take care of their own, is the first general manager of a position, waiting for the hair to grow freely, quickly to the eyes, and then go into position before and after two months without trouble this thing." Lou Cheng explained the original state of mind, said some guilty.

    Yan Kebai his one eye, snickered: "if you do this again, I would help you!"

    "are you skilled?"" Surprise into the building.

    "bad ah" is actually no skill at all, look at you are lazy, not lazy!" Yan Ke covers his mouth and laughs, turns the photograph.

    from the beginning of family difficulties, building into a picture of a little less, while on the high school, he did not love taking pictures, over half of the girl, he saw his primary school time picture.

    "ha ha, you have a red dot on your forehead, like a girl."!"

    "that's class dancing, everyone has a red dot on his forehead, and he doesn't know what the teacher thinks.""

    "Hey, this is what you say baby photo without make-up? All the light!"

    "no way," at that time young ignorant, my father was so photographed, and left a black history"

    two people close to the discussions, photographs and the story behind it, the mood is very high, breathing smell each other.

    Lou Cheng only fragrance into the nose; charming body in the arms, head up and down, is the seductive side of the girl, thoughts gradually unrest.

    this is home, no outsiders, very comfortable, very reassuring

    mom and dad hardly ever came back early

    haven't been intimate for a long time

    building a side head, saw the girl one of a pink lips, buried his head, she noticed her graceful white legs, suddenly stood up and walked to the door.

    "where are you going?"" Yan Ke eyes blank.

    the building closes the next door, and explains it in a decent way:

    "forgot to close the door." In this case, my father, my mother, even if I come back for a while, I will not find anything."

    "Oh!"." Yan Ke long eyelashes trembled a few times, heavy and lowered his eyes, looking at the album on the knee.

    building a sat down beside her, his arm around her waist, and just the position seems not to have what difference, but hold more intensified, the girl seems to be completely rubbed into her arms.

    Yan Ke turned two, and calm down, eyes still hangs down, looked intently at the building into childhood photos. (to be continued )

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