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Chapter 115–running forward

    it was Peng Leyun, when he finally saw the dawn of victory over his feelings, but the moment was failed to come back. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    severe depression filled the floor into the heart, if he did not have the hope that it wouldn't be so annoyed and remorse, just how pure joy, now how terrible pain.

    more than four months of patience, more than four months of hard training, more than four months of expectations, and finally left empty, into a flow.

    ridiculous, I also vowed to Ke Ke said, and to lack together, give Peng Leyun an unforgettable lessons, suppress his will affect his belief, he broke into a non delay level speed for next year's finals to retain hope, now being hit in the face no, just face to elders.

    probably fortunately, his life is relatively low-key, such words only in front of Ke Ke talked about, otherwise I do not know how much ridicule and irony overwhelming.

    if, if drawn to my first appearance, to beat Fang Zhirong Peng Leyun in the dislocation, the state is the peak of the challenge, uncle brother should have hope to defeat the monster?

    if I don't hurry, don't be scared with Peng Leyun, do not panic with variant version of "a blow and a shout", supplemented by abnormal physical and re grinding a elixir itself, things are not going to be different?

    when a person encounters the setback, always difficult to overcome thinking if I make a different choice, or do better in some detail, the results will not change into the building is no exception, but more like that, he was more upset, more pain there is even a bit angry, for anger.

    breath, visualize the "ice mirror", the convergence of ideas, building has eased Peng Leyun chin paired panting nod, turned towards the pace, vain steps, his muscles are still trembling, the viscera extremely uncomfortable throat, a salty taste rust roll like, is brewing in their blood.

    not only lost, but also suffered minor internal injuries Lou inwardly sighed and shook his head bitter.

    at this moment, I do not know who stands on the hill at the beginning, all of the students applauded, from sparse to warm, from noisy to neat, just for the wonderful fight, but also to let the people admire opponent into building.

    you are walking down the go with head high and chest out!

    applause echoed, Yan Xiaoling tude cried out, crying wounded heart, only moved to everyone on the floor to the identity, and sad defeat before the building into a clearly played so well, why should he lose?

    the cruelty of the game is that most of the time there is only one winner, and the winner is Peng Leyun.

    listen to the opponent to give applause, building into a breath, a little comfort, but her frustration and pain is still not completely resolved, with the identity of the losers down the ring, footsteps floating, bleak figure.

    halfway through, met Li Mao; he forced a smile, stretched out his right hand, and hit the other man down, said low:

    "the opponent for you is too strong.""

    what a shame! Really not reconciled to ah!

    "maybe he has reached the limit. Let me pick up a leak?" Then I can chatter about this game for a lifetime." Li Mao intentionally with a playful gesture to answer, want to dissolve into the eyes of the pain.

    lost to the north is normal, Peng Leyun lost no shame!

    "play well."!" No more said, nodded, crossed the Li Mao, went to the seat, see a pretty white Yan welcome.

    girl eyes and some redness, bite the lips and nails cut gekido:

    "you played great."!"

    even if lost, I am also proud of you!

    for other people, Lou may not be too much response to the mood, but in the face of strict coach, how he can not be treated like that, with a wry smile open the mouth:

    "hopefully next time you can say" awesome "," you're awesome. ""

    "play well" is losing the fight but play people respect, "playing awesome" is to win the game fully and delightfully!

    "uh!" Yan Ke makes great effort to nod.

    she knew the building into a don't want to listen to the words of comfort, ease of words, so just hand holding his palm, quietly trying to take his temperature transfer to each other.

    if pain is shared, can it weaken a lot? Yan Ke half to hold the floor into the seat, keep thinking

    listen to the outgoing computer in the applause of the voice, tuxedo hat Qu Hui pale, don't see the opening in high spirit.

    are these two guys TM or human?

    Peng Leyun a I also recognize, he is strong for more than two years, become close to the inhuman monster is not what can not accept things, anyway, he lost also lost the habit, he had never thought to win north.

    but, just a short span of more than four months, the building has how such a prohibitive strength? What did he do? From what I felt was a hope of defeat, soaring to the point of leaving only the back?

    how do I do that? How are you going to play next week?

    Qu Hui side head, looking forward to Luo Haize and Yin Xiangxi and other players, they are only a frightened expression, or dull or vacant, or trembling.

    the gap is so great that people don't want to chase it Qu Hui suffering back, saw the building into a close-up lens, noticed him in the wrong, a happy heart suddenly blurted:

    "Lou Cheng is injured."!"

    and not one of those as soon as the mishap!

    Peng Leyun's "thunder Gang Jin" with simplified external moves is how terrible, I am very clear, have no door to offset it, raised nearly two months of injury, even if the building into physical quality is far better than I had, but Peng Leyun was not at that time he was no more than half a month of rest, if it is not restored!

    "is Lou injured?"" Luo Haize and Yin to the west, they wake up together, implicit pleased to ask a voice.

    "yes."! You look at him now, and again pay attention to playback, to see if it was Peng Leyun's "Lei Zhuan" direct hit." Qu Hui like experienced an escape, and rejoice and ecstasy, but also to the lack of "forest" dark poison Jin ", mostly not to next week best, ha ha, they do not know how to think clearly, and the north have a big gap, so why fight, still confused so fierce? Isn't that cheap for us?"

    "I think we should salute their martial spirit, and then enjoy this gift."!"

    in the mocking sound, the Sanjiang University martial arts club, through the slow motion replay, confirmed the building situation, immediately released the previously accumulated repression and fear, and become excited again.

    our chance has come!

    thank Lou Cheng and Lin's martial spirit, and thank them for their hard work and hard work!

    imperial college martial arts agency office, Chen Diguo, Shen and Jiang Kong Chan et al. Look at the worry projection screen, forget the words, forget the other, so the atmosphere is eerily quiet down.

    for a moment, they felt that Peng Leyun would lose, but did not expect to play, to that extent still could not beat the building into a God's favored one.

    after a few seconds, Chen smile broke open the enemy, "Liz ~ Chenning: do you think Peng Leyun to what level?"

    Ren Li hesitated to answer:

    "one step, no man."."

    almost inhuman Shen sorrow, Jiang Kongchan and others chew these five words, lost and awed.

    Li's naturally drooping hands unknowingly clenched their fists

    in front of the computer screen, "unreal Vatican" loosened its hands pulling its braids, leaving several glistening tears across the face and falling to the floor.

    she opened the forum and made a post:

    "whining."! Why, why, he obviously played so well, why should he let him lose?!"

    "touch the head, hit this is already good, much better than I expected, I thought the floor has a strong seven level, afraid of his fragile defeat to Peng Leyun, affecting confidence."." "The matchless Dragon King" comforts the "magic Brahma" little girl.

    "55555, I don't listen, I don't listen, I don't listen. I just want him to win."! I see him like that, I love dearly!" "Unreal Vatican" made a "cover ears, shake your head" expression.

    "Nie Qi Qi" also "tears": "I know that he and Peng Leyun hit this level is very good, not very good, but I still can not help but sad, what the melody."

    "you girls, how can you be so fragile?" Need uncle comfort? Don't walk light heart kidney!" "Always pure love Jun Okamoto" joke after two sentences, sigh, "do not say, can not make up, I go to smoke a cigarette, calm down."."

    "ah, think about half a year ago, the gap between Cheng and Peng Leyun, and then look at now, you should be able to let go of it?"" "The ring road" came out.

    fuck, Lou Cheng to the strength of strength, he at least a section of Peng Leyun, you are so sad, I was not the quality of the stage he did, also did not go to jump a building!

    fortunately, a building has been lost by leaps and bounds, he also became a farce, not shame

    this time, "a lot of little high up suddenly replied:" we know the reason you are right, but Wang will cry out"

    live broadcast of video sites; commentary guest Zhang Hezheng sigh with emotion:

    "wonderful."! Marvellous! This game I want to use my old legs, building into a strong, Peng Leyun is stronger, houshengkewei ah!"

    host with the road: "yes ah, I did not think the floor can put Peng cloud force to this situation, looks close to the limit!"

    "to the limit?" No, Peng Leyun is just a short time some overload, this does not mean that he did not fight force, ah, if the building does not spell into the final few, perhaps even his state of overload will not see." Zhang he could not help but sigh a voice, "in the development stage, the age in high and vigorous spirits encountered such a potential, stability regulator your opponent, very sad, very regrettable."

    "do you mean that Peng Leyun is stronger than he is?"" The host was shocked.

    Zhang Hewei nodded: "he is not visible in the enjoyment of the game, rather than trying to win the game, the difference between the two needless to say?"

    "that is to say, the last Peng Leyun is the strongest."" The host asked suddenly.

    "so to speak."." Zhang He was a little sad.

    this is the target outside the gang God's favored one?

    when I was at the peak of the six product, where was it so strong?!

    they talked, the barrage brushed, and no one seemed to pay any attention to the battle between Li Mao and Peng Leyun:

    "have to say, building into a really badly, only martial arts for more than a year, and Peng Leyun will be able to hit this level!"

    "I see kneeling.""

    "it's tough to have no friends!"

    "he would indeed be the candidate God's favored one, and other people have hope!"

    many of the positive building into the people looking forward to the future, "said:" I cannot imagine a half a year, what can the building into a realm, is not to be more than Peng Leyun?"

    this sentence immediately stir up a hornet's nest, attracted a bunch of people under siege:

    "beyond Le Tsai?" Ha ha ha, big joke! Wouldn't it be nice to say hi? He will soon enter the non-human hierarchy!"

    "on the ability on ancestral chromosome guy, what qualifications and Peng cloud and say?"

    "don't you hear?" The kid didn't use it at all. Well, he fell when he didn't use all his might!"

    "Gee, have the ability to play another game, Peng Leyun was missing and after a few strokes, singled out the words, not playing the building into a shouting dad."

    "have you finished, they just according to the fact that, building into a martial arts one year and two months from ordinary people real ascension to nearly six products or weak six goods, give him half a year, who knows he can grow up to what point?"

    "Oh, I did not laugh at him, so the span of ascension have never lasted too long, and go more difficult, building into a strong speed will slow down, if he can enter the human realm within a year, I live to eat xiang!"

    "yes, a building is a very powerful genius, but to Peng Leyun, then I use cartoon lines to answer you, waste, you have not enough class one, go, go eat shit!"

    "I doubt whether the building will be lost by Le Tsai, just now I found that he was desperate, and the lack of confidence, that is, a salted fish, it is difficult to upgrade."!"

    the Internet is very noisy, angry cry, after the game want to see the barrage, see how they praise the building of the "magic"".

    good damn!

    want to beat them!

    want to fight with them!

    on the scene of the ring, Li Mao and Peng Leyun battle has begun, the latter did not directly and turned to leave, to combat the opportunity to leave Xu Wannian, but to give the opponent the greatest respect, smooth breathing, put out of the shelf, let him attack.

    this is a game that Li Mao played the most fully and delightfully, "blizzard hit twenty-four" trick after trick, trick to trick the play more fierce, getting crazy, almost no stagnation, not Caton.


    he played his martial arts since the most powerful punch, feel the incomparable comfortable.

    Peng Leyun waist of a pendulum, on the arm, accurate block, not move.

    Li Maozheng to attack, suddenly a sense of body empty, no successor force.

    unwittingly, he finished a single snow twenty-four hit"!

    looking at Peng Leyun in front of him from panting to God; Li Mao laughed at himself:

    "thank you."."

    thank you for your help.

    finished, did not wait until the referee announced, he turned off the ring, no regrets, no loss, had only a faint sigh.

    the referee raised his right hand path:

    "fourth game, Peng Leyun wins."!"

    "the game, North University wins!"

    the seat, Xu Wannian joy punch, feel escaped, face no bounce "crow mouth" monster, Fang Zhirong eyes dark, not much happiness, to defeat the lack of brood on forest.

    Sondar there, until Li Mao came back, they hit the high five, silent and returned to the locker room.

    near the door, holding a palm building into Yan Ke sense back, looking into the ring position, I saw Peng cloud stood there, surrounded by light applause to fall for him, covered with a layer of golden glow.

    take back eyes; Lou closes his eyes and goes into the changing room

    high-speed rail return on the martial arts agency all didn't speak, Cai Zong several times to break the tension, but the words, and not in the mood to say.

    Mourinho and vessels for the Yan Xiaoling sat in the back row, silent watch to silence the forest, is full of love, hate not the courage to comfort the two, but ultimately did not put into action.

    Cheng Cheng and Yan Ke snuggle up to each other, smell the familiar fragrance, feel the warmth of relaxation, the mood calmed down a lot, and gradually slowed down.

    "you see, a lot of people are praising you online."." Yan Ke just turned to some micro-blog comments, saw the beginning, busy mobile phone handed Cheng Cheng, a face quickly boast of my expression.

    building into a look, we will see the strength of their own, before the Games said admiration, face gradually with a smile, mouth a little bit up, Yan Ke will head came up, and looked with him from time to time, Yang delicate white chin, revealing a proud means.

    can be looked at, when the building was turned into a part of Peng Leyun and to contrast, found a variety of ridicule, by what power on the ancestral chromosome, what was no confidence, what class is far from enough, the only candidate candidate.

    his temple heart twitch, a burst of a nameless fire, to prove what, want to fight out the right and wrong, but sadly, the losers have no excuses, only to return all the victory.

    Yan Ke to bite the lips, no confusion eyes burning up let her more vivid anger.

    she suppressed anger, didn't want to infect her boyfriend, stuck her finger out of the discussion, and pretended to be sensible:

    "orange, ignore them; some people are black and black."!"

    "uh" The building cost to turn to comfort strict coach, but suddenly saw a long micro-blog, from "quack" Budo related well-known v:

    "this defeat, on the floor, outweigh the disadvantages."

    eh? Why do you say that? Not only Cheng Cheng, Yan Ke is also quite curious, busy point into reading:

    "predictably, the building will then move into a slow ascension."."

    "why should I say that?" You can see that building into every power up with power awakening, there is an obviously knowledge, ability of awakening will greatly enhance the physical quality, of course, the premise is no realm of obstacles, that is to say, if the exit is Dan, ability of awakening, body strength don't change."

    "building into Dan just into the environment, can seven strength depends on the physical strength and frost itself abnormal early practice, can be more than four months from seven to six by the quasi weak, two awareness of double power ice and fire and official contact Dan exit to practice the" honeymoon ", now, this period is over, and we all know the power of awakening a difficult one or two years, there will be no building into this aspect of the dividend."

    so, he slowed down is to enhance the strength of the foreseeable things, by April next year, will become more ice department moves and related combat experience ascension can look forward to, from six to six at the most weak ordinary goods, and the gap will be widening Peng Leyun."

    "and this rate will be with him for a long time, can not be within two years, does not depend on the ability of awakening into the inhuman level, he will count the Tianjiao test."

    "this defeat is timely, let him not to expand, can come to a clear understanding of their own, and Peng Leyun understand the gap and may within a few years can't catch up with the fact that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages."

    "this is perhaps a blow and a shout?"

    the long standing on the floor of a micro-blog seems to speak, but it's full of condescending tone, and that only by building perfect ability rapid awakening risk nausea thinking, words are considered him as Peng Leyun, next to the habit of mediocrity, see Yan Keya quietly clenched fist way:

    "this man talks nonsense; orange, you ignore him."!"

    "uh" Lou Cheng sighed.

    in fact, "quack" some words wrong, they leap to improve bonus really fast without power, the awakening is not at this stage to consider things, Dan exit on the body of the practice to change more and more weak, need to step into the "" days and months multiplying, only words the practice can also look forward to.

    for that reason, he became more and more angry at the comment and was angry because he could not answer it.

    looking at his expression, Yan Ke sipped his mouth, eyes turned, deep thought

    a group of people back to the new campus, the weather has darkened, waving their hands, low emotion, landing farewell.

    Mourinho vessels for the lost control of his footsteps, and behind Lin missing, looked at him in silence back, continue to emerge to comfort his ideas.

    no, I know Lin lack will not want comfort She took control of herself, so she was two feet behind, and Lin was beside her.

    nearly nine dormitory time, Lin short suddenly stop, turn head to see Mu Jinnian:

    "do you have paper pens?""

    "ah?"" Where Mu vessels for the silly.

    he, he's talking to me?

    he spoke to me for the first time!

    he knows I want to sign

    sober up, she hurriedly removed the backpack, turned out the signature pen and notes, and handed Lin the missing.

    Lin did not speak again, brush to write a word:

    "thank you for not comforting me."."

    thank you for not comforting me Mourinho took the note, and watched Lin missing and turned into the dormitory. His eyes were painful, but his back was straight.

    "I will always support you."!" He shouted out loud vessels for the other people's eyes, no scruples

    Cheng Cheng was pulled to the lake by the lake, through the woods, came to the deserted West side.

    "what are you doing here?"" He asked without a word.

    "follow me!"!" Yan Ke did not usually come here, are building into a "abduction" when entering the westerndistrict, but her girlish careful and penetrating, pay attention to what's around them.

    pulled into floor came to a building has not yet completed the front of the building, she pointed to the above said: "we go to the roof, I want to blow."

    this building is planning to be the new campus library, will replace the present temporary, become the province's largest national library before.

    "good."." That girl is to let his building into a top blowing breeze, soothing mood, so there is no denial.

    along the stairs, two people step by step, walk very slowly, walked for a long time, and finally came to the top, saw the fence yet.

    from eastern Lake with the reflection of light is brilliantly illuminated, and the scenery is so charming, it is so delightful, building into a depressed mind seems to disappear a lot.

    "let's sit down by the side."." Yan Ke suggests.

    she is not afraid of heights.

    took the paper towel; the floor laid it on the edge; and the girls nestled up and down with each other; the cool breeze breathed out; overlooking the open world.

    suddenly, Yan Ming looked ahead:

    "orange, remember when I sung you?""

    "remember, in order to refuel me."." The building smiled.

    Yan Ke Minzui smile, eyes gentle way:

    "then I'll sing to you again ~!""

    unequal floor to answer; she faced the open outside, humming softly:

    "ran forward against the cold and ridicule

    the vast expanse of life, without suffering, how can you feel?

    fate it cannot let us kneel down to beg for mercy

    even if the blood is full of arms"

    so the girl voice echoed in my ears, eyes are the vast expanse of the earth, the dark is flowing in the ground floor of a galaxy, there has been a bit tipsy, mood gradually emptied, heart more power.

    failure is not terrible; afraid of losing morale, afraid of losing confidence.

    then continue to run forward, against the cold and ridicule!

    "continue to run, with pure pride

    the glitter of life, how can you see it?

    and as to burn alive

    one day it will germinate again!"

    Song curl, never lingering.

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