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Chapter 128–unexpected pie

    twenty at noon, Cheng Cheng and Yan Ke came to the high Fen east station, sat on the train to return to xiushan. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    the heart of dating, they went to the zoo yesterday, close to the "tiger shaped" "monkey shape" attitude, a few onlookers panda cub bask in the sun, leaving a lot of carrying the memories of the photos, this morning, they didn't go anywhere then, morning returned in the nest room, and kiss me, sometimes together with a tablet computer program.

    this time, Bruce's delegation's trip into the third day, Oblak invited to participate in the high Fenwu road circle, because did not find the defeated and disappointed their abilities.

    train speeding through the mountains, across the field, building is to share a funny post to Yan Ke, suddenly received a phone call from VIP, summer class Wu Ting, the pigtails of high school freshmen.

    "hello?"" Lou doubts, chose to connect.

    "Lou Sir Lou sir, when will you go back to Xiushan?"" Wu Ting asked in a light tone.

    "yes?" I should not go to school part-time winter vacation." Lou Cheng thought that the little girl wanted to continue martial arts training.

    this is not the way after he does not want to earn money, the school, in addition to the cost of living at home, he is not only a, although because of reduced tensions dating course, but other aspects of the cost is increased, such as "Italy" after them after a period of time pondering and master, made with "" tactic in practice and by applying prescription, the old man passed into his hands, there are many similar things, after deducting the ice Shenzong fixed monthly provide part, the rest is valuable, for several months, building into additional spent nearly eighty thousand dollars.

    the strength of the weak six does not come!

    plus the present date hotel in areas such as the cost of building into deposits fell below two hundred thousand, and do not see the source of income, will inevitably think again and a job, teach the students, however, during the Chinese new year, martial arts will rest, and no winter vacation class view.

    hear the building into the answer, Wu Ting did not see disappointment, but maintain a happy attitude: "nothing can not find, sir you?"

    "yes."." Said the half jokingly.

    "" Wu Ting was actually speechless, silent ten seconds after the hate smiled: "I found you are building Sir tongue! I'm not looking for you. It's my dad looking for you."

    "what did your father want me to do?"" The building became even more vacant.

    Wu Ting grinning: "my father has a martial arts supplies company, want to ask sir you speak shoes, and strive to get out of Xing Province, to the country ~!"!"

    endorsement?" The building was taken by surprise.

    at this level you can get endorsement?

    not outside Gang, the strong can qualify for this piece of cake?

    next to the Yan Ke also attracted by their conversation, side turned over, confused blink of an eye.

    "my dad said, sir, you, um, is a measure of the amount of light is not bright, I can walk on the pinnacle of martial arts." Wu Ting explained cheerfully.

    our building Sir is amazing!

    building cost of conscience replied: "it is something in the future, who did not dare to promise you, your dad is now looking for my endorsement, is likely to lose"

    "no, no, Lou sir. You're very focused now. You and Peng Leyun were in the battle. We all saw it."! My dad said, as the world is Xing Tianjiao, local people, you can help him to open up more markets in the province outside the province, even get through the channel." Wu Ting said, "anyway, you don't need to do anything. You don't have to do commercials. Every time you put on an arena, we'll give you specially tailored martial Dao shoes."."

    "and then it's broken."" The floor became cold and humorous.

    Wu Ting had once again, until the next to listen to what people say, just laugh: "what are you afraid of? What Wu Road shoes is not the case, as long as we designed to cool, as long as you look handsome enough, as long as can hold a few games just bad, some people buy this we catch the tide."

    she gave herself a black hand.

    "it came too suddenly, I was a bit stupid, think back you." The building does not agree impulsively.

    Wu Tingjiao smiled: "my dad mean, building sir you back after free to Xiushan, company looking for him, face to face talk, if talk approach, direct test data, the most suitable Wu Daoxie made for you."

    "OK, I'll be back in the afternoon. When's your father in the company?"" The building decided to listen to specific terms.

    "well, my dad is on a business trip the day after tomorrow, or on the floor, sir, you go to see him at six in the afternoon?"" Wu Ting asked tentatively.

    "OK, you send me the address, and I'll let you know when I'm out."." Cheng Cheng said carefully.

    Wu Ting chuckled: "yes, building sir!"

    hang up, building into a look to the next without Yan Ke, he again, the girl has been made clear what is going on, pursed her lips, smiled and said: "you have the endorsement contract!"

    seriously, my orange!

    "don't know what is the specific conditions, I reckon the price will not be too high." Cheng Cheng joy to joy, still keep sober.

    with their current strength, the current level, really can not get a very good price.

    but it's a good addition to an annual income that is unstable for itself.

    Yan Zhi eyes up, concern said:

    "if well, don't rush to sign a contract, get a lawyer to look back, so what ah, you dare to pit trap, not many people, some people can not live is a rogue, is, is a Tuo Xiang, pit to you can you."

    "yes, strict coach."!" Cheng answered cheerfully.

    Yan Ke close his mouth smile; suddenly born regrets, said: "later can not buy you a martial Dao shoes?"."

    "no, just wear them at the game, usually exercise, or" love card "best! The first pair of martial shoes you sent me, I only went through it a few times, and it was brand new." Lou Cheng took the opportunity to show a merit.

    Yan Ke horizontal Mou smile, slightly proudly looking out of the window.

    high Fen to Xiushan also one hour early, two people soon saw the familiar landscape, the girl also received the Queen Mother's phone.

    the trains they deliberately chose were just as close to a high-speed train as Xiushan to xiushan.

    "well, immediately to ~" Ke Yan hung up the phone, looking at the floor into carry luggage, Mouguang become gentle, hand to help him organize his clothes.

    back to Xiushan, the new year's busy; in addition to morning exercises, usually meet the time may be less

    got off the bus; two people were reluctant to part in the arrival hall.

    Lou carrying his baggage; out of the station; replying to the girl's message; then calling his mother:

    "Mom, I'm here."."

    Qi Fang's background sounds very noisy, she cried: "your dad and I ran in the decoration, no time to go shopping, you go to the market and so on their own, eat what to buy, so I came back to do, oh, the new year is coming, decoration master mind ran home, staring at the point, and strive to do a good job in the hydropower years ago."

    mother! Just got back and was ordered! Building a funny head, put down.

    after a long time of carefully selected, Qi Fang finally phase of a one hundred and thirty square house, three bedroom hall two defend, went home and the big balcony, the tax and fee paid more than 550000, because it is full, in addition to the four hundred thousand floor to the home, too is hollowed out slowly for two months, it has been regarded as the power of money.

    not necessary; Qi Fang, who had borrowed a lot of money, didn't want to try again.

    sitting on the bus, staggered back to the area, building a road to meet uncle aunt, and greeted him warmly, saying "Oh, a useless" words, praise he remember parents, pay for home buyers.

    see envy and saddened by the neighbors, in addition to building a slightly cool, was only an idea, that is, my mom had this long son getting the money off, spread more widely?

    near the door when he met an acquaintance of his father, Wang xu.

    "Uncle Wang is good."." Let's make polite greetings.

    Wang Xu and his father bent a body, hair flower white serious, looks like sixty or seventy years old, he looked at the floor, smiled and said: "as a child on holiday? Better, your father your mother well."

    "Uncle Wang, don't say that; my mother's word is half right."." The building became dark and took her mother.

    "half of that is promising."." Wang Xu, his father sighed a few words, walked out of the unit, turned to the chess player's old man.

    back after his back away, building into a sigh, some heart have mixed feelings.

    people, wrong road, hurt more than yourself.

    now the limelight is completely gone; Xing Shushu is available to see Wang Xu in jail.

    pack up the mood and come back home, he put the backpack on the table, then put on the basket, go out to the food market.

    calculate the time, the last time to go there alone, or when the fifth grade primary school, not to buy food, is to find the mother.

    "think about buying your own groceries and suddenly a little nervous."." Lou smiled to Yan Ke sent the news.

    &nbsp:Yan Ke, half clutching his mouth, whispered: "I have never been to the market.""

    "well, I'm better than you."." Building into laughter akimbo".

    "hum, will you bargain?"" Yan Ke, "full of anger" asked.


    "will you recognize meat as good or bad?""

    "should we be able to see a point?""

    "can you find water injection?"".


    "can you pick a good quality dish?"".


    a sentence to ask the floor is a very guilty conscience, and found that "Youth Championship" this identity in the vegetable market completely useless.

    "can you be sure it's wild or domestic?"" Yan Ke pursued with perseverance.

    an angry and funny expression of pure words:

    "classmate, you talked about the day."!"

    "ha ha ha ha."." Yan Ke "beat" laugh ", go shopping, waiting for you to report war!"

    into the vegetable market, building into a flexible footwork around all stains, just pick up pork stalls, stalls on pugnacious looks where: "how do you sell this pork?"

    well, I'd like to have the winter melon chop soup tonight!

    there is no harvest after bargaining, he was looking at help chop bone stalls where: "mobile phone can pay?"

    "yes, sweep my two-dimensional code."." The stall man pointed to something posted next to him.

    now it's convenient to pay for your cell phone; you don't need to bring any cash or change Floor into a sweep, wait until the mobile phone to identify the two-dimensional code, suddenly found the other party's name is:

    "the past is in the wind" in the dream"

    good art, he was stunned and looked up to the pugnacious looks of the stall, watching the flashing light, so he can't believe belongs to the literary name

    "ok." The building has been mechanically paid.

    stall installed chops, wiping hands, picked up the phone, looked down the road:

    "well, I got it."."

    it's really him Floor into the mouth twitch a bit, put the ribs into the basket, went to other stalls.

    after he met is called "love you for ten thousand years the fishmonger, know vegetables" abandoned less ", again refresh the view of the world, and these things as a share of Yan ke.

    at half past three in the afternoon, after buying the dishes, he went home again and made a car appointment at the address given by Wu Ting.

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