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Chapter 133–too young

    "hum, you're eating grilled eggplant on my back!"!"

    nine in the evening, Liu barbecue door, building into a mobile phone, see Yan Ke a few minutes ago sent a message. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    building a upturned mouth, showing no conscious smile: "Qin Rui treat, say thank you and I guide him still."

    Exchange yesterday after the game, Qin Rui is in the little circle of fame.

    "I don't care about me unless you pack me two eggplants."! This means that you can not eat food alone!" Yan Ke said with the expression of "red eyes and red saliva".

    building into a low laugh sound, fingers press: "I want to ask you to go by the exclusive room (laughing), since you are a matter of conscience to, then I will give you generous package!"

    "look forward to."!" "Yan Ke" cute sit up, in front of a bowl, waiting to throw food".

    see her reply speed faster, floor "touch Chin" way: "and the Queen Mother stroll around the street after dinner?""

    "uh huh! Everyone says that girls are good at shopping, not tired, why don't I? Am I not a girl? (manual funny) strict Ke "poor Baba" road, "think orange you, and want you to pinch my legs, pinch feet, shock massage."

    at this time I do not say a "person" word, easy to do That's no fun! Building into a quick reply, Qin Ruigang well checked out, walked over, patted his shoulder and said "go."

    "you go first; I'll bake something to pack."." The grill building index.

    "how do you want to pack it?"" Qin Rui complains a way.

    too distant?

    Lou Hei hei laugh: "this I pay for myself more meaningful."."

    "understand."!" Qin Rui suddenly realized, the low voice smiled to say: "do not delay your appointment, we go first."."

    "bye bye."." Building into him and Ding Yanbo and other people waved, and then turned to the boss Road, "two eggplant to take away, well, do not put onions."."

    here, he remembered the Spring Festival last year, when he is not and Ke Xiao Ke students determine the relationship, in order to bring her special toss Xiushan delicacy, insulation boxes and other things, but again and again to the boss stressed do not put onions, made him somewhat annoyed.

    "OK."." The boss readily promised, not see the color, obviously did not think of the past.

    he recognized the building which had come many times; but he must not remember the little things of the other side.

    when I mention eggplant take out, the boss will take the initiative to not put onions, right, then I even upgrade the old customers Because of the past, building into a warm mood, feeling somewhat erratic.

    unconsciously, almost a year ago A good day is always too soon, and it feels as if it were yesterday

    waiting to roast eggplant, floor achievement stands next to, play mobile phone, suddenly, he saw a familiar figure in the corner of his eyes, dressed in black bulging bulging down clothes Chiang fei.

    "ah, Jiang fat."!" Building a pleased to say hello, and then noticed that Jiang Fei was followed by two men and two women, suddenly the eye sight, all types of students heavy gas.

    this should be said by Jiang fat; by the way, play for two days Sure enough, the first meal is to invite them to eat barbecue liu I'm not afraid I can't stand the taste here If he thinks of something.

    Jiang Fei did not expect to meet here, Cheng Leng, smiled and waved: "I also said that two days looking for you."."

    after a greeting, he was busy giving the two sides an introduction, first pointing to the road:

    "my classmate."."

    followed him back, the next line:

    "my classmate."."

    here, his own music, what is this?

    he was busy and laughing; "high school classmates, college classmates."!"

    "hello."." They politely greet Jiang Fei University students.

    "welcome to Xiushan."." A building into a polite way, did not pay attention to how the two men and two women's appearance, just think they should wear more fashionable than the collocation Xiushan small local people, not countrified.

    Jiang Fei glanced inside, careless way: "fan, orange, eat together?"

    "yes, I'm waiting for roast eggplant at our house."." Building a chuckled.

    "your family leader."" Silly Jiang Fei for a few seconds, and finally wake up, envy shook his finger, "I want to ask you to show kindness, my face, back to my spiritual loss compensation!"

    after the two, he led the four classmates in finding a seat, but also when the building into a pack of eggplant, go to the lane Tanzikou, about the car.

    at he back boxes disappear in the corner, wearing a coat of the girl students in Korean Jiang Fei smiled two, feminine voice said: "Jiang Fei, your high school students body is very good, so cold weather to wear a little bit."

    Xiushan wet and cold; many North men come to shout "frozen into a dog"; and the building achievement inside a thin sweater, outside a sports wind jacket, people see all feel trembling.

    "maybe people want grace, not temperature."" Start with a boy hand plump girl hoopla smiled, her facial appearance is beautiful, flow Mei, is a little more meat, a round face point.

    Jiang Fei replied awkwardly: "he's in great health.""

    monster level!

    "I don't believe the boys are so opposed to!" The first talking sister covered her mouth and laughed. Her voice was much better than her face.

    she didn't continue this conversation, and said: "my cousin so don't wear winter sweater, down jacket suite had two hands and two feet, the ears are long frostbite, very poor."

    see that they did not continue to discuss Cheng Cheng, Jiang Fei also bother to explain, and accompanied by chatting, while Yin urged the string.

    lane, on the edge of the road lights dim and quiet, in stark contrast to the dark inside, like in different world.

    at this moment, the building heard a vague cry:


    brush, building into a head look at the voice of the position, where the wall has collapsed, and rags, is full of weeds, scattered gravel brick, they are surrounded by an abandoned six storey building, lateral painted several greatly "split words with a red six storey building!


    the female voice comes from within; it contains a strong fear and confusion.

    building into what did not hesitate, changed the direction of YKO gallbladder earth, carefully break over a fence, quickly ran to the house to be demolished buildings, to courageous.

    for him, the criminals that we meet every day is not really a matter!


    female with a cry, building into a position to identify all broken glass windows, a layer jump, press the right hand into the sky, a wrench, turn into the two floor, the fastest way to catch the sound from the position.

    running, his heart suddenly thrown a subtle feeling indescribable, his hair immediately blasted.

    without thinking, building has stopped the footsteps, holding strength and spirit of Qi and blood in the lower abdomen.

    Bang when!

    then, the wall side of the front. He broke up, the brick and stone fragments flying in the dust, diffuse in the air of a bullet hit his sou sou sou, the flower rain drops, deadly! Blocked part, can not block all, flash some, flash but all!

    more terror, lasing bricks stones behind a magnificent figure beyond the wall, leaned back, the momentum can scare the timid child scared to pounce on the floor, he should intend to take in front of the attack to give a fatal blow!

    until this time, Lou Cheng awakened himself into a trap, this dangerous master is directed at their own!

    he had no time to think about why this had happened; he had no time to regret anything, for the brick had sputtered near!

    two layer in the room, high nose deep orbital sin fire Tianjun shook her head:

    "indeed, a young man growing up in peace.""

    no plot will be will be the trap of consciousness, habits in accordance with the peaceful environment in work experience, so so easily hooked!

    "isn't that what you're here for?"" Next to the light monk, ha ha laughed.

    their back; a scantily clad girl had fallen asleep on the wall"

    brick cover body, the enemies in, everything is so dangerous, seems to have no the slightest vitality, for to do in the past, but even with the building block to hide, play micro operation and look forward to good luck, but this time, he had a feeling of a second ahead of time!

    a rumble!

    he Dan Jin gushing, foot fierce force, just stepped on broken floor in disrepair, huge smoke movement, falling bricks and jumping in the active fall to the bottom, which avoids the "sky flower rain" and the subsequent attack!

    a bit of fun Dong Shaoyang lived a more strong, xingyi.

    he jumped into the hole did not follow the building into trod that was below the opponent's ambush counterattack, direct "Jin holding force", to place a meal!

    a rumble!

    the ceiling was broken; Dong Shaoyang swooped down in the cover of the falling brick!

    a rumble!

    not far from the old barbecue shop, a plump girl listening, frowning said: "like what noise?"

    "normal, there's a bar street."." Jiang Fei answered with great care.

    "Oh!"" A girl waiting for relief show, barbecue.

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