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Chapter 165–what is the Born Under A Bad Sign

    heard her boyfriend's "secret", Yan Ke obviously a moment, and immediately after the funny and tilted his eyes, said with a mouth:

    flow, meng!"

    how suddenly open up oranges?

    so many people look at the situation, how embarrassed ah!

    is it just like the book says, "when men fight blood and fight, they get more excited, and hormone secretion also increases?"

    when the girl "seriously" thinks about academic issues, the floor is low and laughs:

    "give yourself courage to fairy adorable to, all of a sudden to kiss you. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest"

    oh Yan Ke suddenly suddenly, my shame, joy, a cross eye, mouth Wei Qiao road:

    "then you want to chant ~!""

    just think? Hear this word, Lou immediately laugh, almost uncontrollably to steal a kiss, but he quickly looked around, but found that changqiangduanbao has been aimed at the side, is the winner of the shooting style, but also forced back

    Wu Huahai Road club seats at University, looked at Portsmouth yuan et al despondent around, looked at the downcast eyes go back to Xing Jingjing, Ann Chaoyang secretly sighed, smiled and clapped out:

    "how do we look like we've been eliminated?""

    "lost to pine big, not the end of the world, we still have the opportunity, in case the quarterfinals war drew Guangnan?" 1\/3 chance to smoke them!"

    "besides, even if the pump to the north or the capital, we are not going to lose, or have some hope, anyway, we have no other choice, to fight to win or die!"

    heard brother words, think of the games after he will leave the martial arts club, Pu Yuan Benson Zhang et al was again filled with a thousand regrets aroused blood.

    they looked at each other and shouted in unison:

    "to fight to win or die!"

    inside this, Xing Jingjing stood a little apart, not so fiercely open, but the eyes appeared obvious fluctuations, has quietly clenched his fists

    live broadcast; host Liu Chang laments:

    "congratulations on the big break into the top eight, the final four may also wish Hua Haipin bleeding Road, go further."."

    "this is Wu Tao, everybody is growing up, no one will be honored when he won the championship."." Chen Sansheng also followed a sigh, "I think Ann Chaoyang in this way to bid farewell to the game, bid farewell to the university martial arts circles."

    Liu Chang wondered, "can't you say that?" Huahai if you smoke in Guangnan? There is still a struggle!"

    "I believe, even if they smoke to the north or the capital, I believe they have a fight force, but after the fight? Will the wounded? How big will the consumption be? What level can you get back to in the semifinals?" Chen Sansheng spits out the mouth of the mouth, "China Sea at most on the semi-finals, Ann Chaoyang stop for three years, regret farewell."."

    Liu Chang to host the lyric style road: "also, an Chaoyang China Sea here is over, but China still exist, there are a number of great players, Pu Yuan and Xing Jingjing junior, sophomore Benson Zhang, a Liu Yuntao, etc. so, they will hold up a new era, next year will certainly be back!"

    heard this sentence, Chen Sansheng smiled bitterly:

    "I want to tell the truth, although this may hurt the feelings of Huahai classmates, but the fact is the fact." China Sea echelon construction is doing very well indeed, have strong arms, however, there is a word called "Born Under A Bad Sign"."

    Peng Leyun and Ren Li just three, and only missed a building into a sophomore, to Pu Yuan to Xing Jingjing for Benson Zhang, it is "Born Under A Bad Sign"!"

    "a few years ago, or a few years later, they have enough strength and qualifications to become university martial arts circles of shining stars, but in the past few years," Nine ", which turned to each other, Zheng, will have their glowing room?"

    Liu Chang expressed sigh: "this makes me think of a word, forget it, or do not say."

    the fate of a person, of course, must rely on self struggle, but also take into account the history of the process, Pu Yuanxing Jingjing, they met a very good and cruel times.

    good people do, some people as an example, some people experience, someone to sharpen university martial arts circles rise, many originally did not want to enter the game what occupation Wu was stimulated, the harvest is shallow, in more than one step make still further progress, then change the fate.

    the cruel thing is that they are always the foil.

    "ah, anyway, bless Ann Chaoyang, bless him on the new road of life to create new glories."." Chen Sansheng sincerely said, "and the lack of building into a combination is also completely show the level, they are favourites for the genuine goods at a fair price, only the top third and North park!"

    &nbsp:Liu Chang, laughing; "I can't wait to know about the draw in the final eight."

    that will determine the semi-final match!

    just think about it, it makes blood boil!

    "that'll take two days. Anyway, congratulations on the big break. Congratulations! They broke into the top eight in group first."!" Chen Sansheng flicked fist, "said Tianjiao building into a well deserved!"

    on the floor of the fan forum, "the long night is coming", Yan Li made a celebration post:

    the battle of name rectification!"

    she did not have time to have a sofa; she saw "Wizard" and "set off firecrackers":

    "win, win, win ~!"!"

    "can't you just feel more?"" "Good names are eaten by dogs", with the same expression, "win, win, win, win, win."! Two times!"

    "upstairs, I'll hold the math teacher's coffin for you."." "The Dragon King" funny road.

    Yan Xiaoling "cough": "quiet, quiet, everybody is quiet, departure, disco, are slow, please let us in front of the cat reporter small high students back firsthand reports, what the melody, I have excited hungry. I have to think about what to eat in the bedroom"

    "you can't order takeout?"" "Ring Road" surprised road.

    "ordering takeout" has to be taken" Yan Xiaoling said he was so lazy.

    "I don't know your teenage girls anymore."." "Ring Road", "face, sigh."".

    at this time, "a lot of small heights" posted:

    and lack of "building into just accept interview, entered the bathroom shower, and singing trail the clatter of movement," the eighteen bending mountain. " The who is singing, I AWU a, for not willing to disclose the real name of the building of students confidential, otherwise would be!"

    "before the interview, Lin missing only three words to answer all questions, 'well', 'right', 'not', a new high, to be honest, I miss his interaction with reporter shu."

    teaching practice don't know on the phone, to whom the airs beam with joy"

    "Yan sister playing mobile phone, have a great smile, perhaps perhaps you're stealing funny look, she stood beside a special ointment, just wait out building into a show of affection, blind our eyes, don't ask why the cat, dog eye!"

    "Sun Jian Li Mao brother brother they discussed in the quarter finals opponent may be jubilant, and who can play, how to use and get the broadcast prize"

    University of Budokai national game of the high degree of concern, copyright fees than occupation selection did not enter the top eight teams divided into part of enough for their tickets, accommodation and meals and other expenses, and once into the quarterfinals, higher bonuses, players can have harvest, how much will have to see the final ranking.

    "finish them; what about you?" In addition to reporting on the front line?" "The Dragon King" and "laughing" asked.

    "a lot of little high" and "old face a red":

    "in the finishing of my shopping cart, just waiting for the money."!"

    after the game, in order to celebrate the first qualifying group, also in order to prepare for the final battle, the old man waved his hand, announced that tomorrow is a holiday, the sigh of relief, and tonight, "public funds" for supper, crayfish.

    to eat, drink, return, time is close to half past ten; Cheng Cheng and Yan Ke stand at her door, with a good night, the corridor is also echoed with the people's earlier brief noise.

    "mouth king does not seem to come up?"" Yan Ke casually asked a sentence, to do small talk, seems reluctant to return to the room.

    "he who want to visit, must go to the door on my knees, ah." The floor makes fun of Xiao Ming classmate.

    pulled a few words, Yan Ke fanwan looked under the table, chuckling:

    "do not go to bed yet?" The effect of Anshenbunao liquid can not sleep!"

    "all right."." A floor still rubbed his swollen temple, see corridor someone passing by, the convergence of the mood, waving goodbye.

    he had just turned around, saw Yan Ke looked beside Mouguang, floating, the sound is very small:

    "didn't you say you wanted to kiss me before?"" (to be continued )

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