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Chapter 171–drinking time


    deep voice echoed in the ears, Wei Rong felt around the smoke clouds, as if their own tragic atmosphere, but also in the house of Flying Daggers, people will blade sharp on the neck, forge into the body, let the goose bumps grain bulging. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    in his spirit of shaking, his courage accompany the moment, building into a blood spirit and strength echoed contraction, immediately broke out.


    he had a sharp, just over a distance of seven or eight meters, grab the front of Wei Rong, then raised his arm, as do boxing play potential, and the brain has frozen river billowing, even contains powerful energy waves in mid air solidification.


    thunder concussion, building a fist hit, "a blow and a shout"!

    until this time, Wei Rongcai was barely recovering from, saw a glowing white black and blue cold fist more quickly filled his sight, filled the whole world in front of their own.

    not good! He did not have time to dodge, nor was it possible to make Dan's eruption. He could only pull the fascia, lift his arm, and go up.


    Wei Rong two arms a cold, mind immediately frozen, immediately a black.

    so he break from shock like stiff, to see the other color, jump out "finished" "run" idea, it was found that the house has a step back, hands negative, calmly looking.

    the referee raised his right arm and announced the result:

    "fourth games," Cheng sheng!"

    lost; is it lost? Even if the victory over the building did not hold any hope, Wei Rong did not think that his opening will fail, will be spike.

    this is a fiasco that has never happened to him; even if he had played nine or eight products in his previous job, he had not experienced such a thing!

    brush, his face burned, and anxious to find a crack into it.

    just fight, the other party is like bullying primary school students, right, I am that pupil

    lost before anything could be done!

    the studio, Liu Changxian is one Leng, immediately looked great can't help laughing, Chen tao:

    "how many seconds are there?""

    "well, not the floor into the back, the referee announced that time, two seconds, less than three seconds" Chen Sansheng wanted to laugh and laugh.

    forecast the floor to victory, but who can expect "speed", but the weak taste ah!

    if life and death battle, then two or three seconds a life!

    Liu Chang echoed with a few times, and finally asked: "Wei Rongye is not too weak, from the surface of the card, and a building into a ten recruit or not what problem, how brittle failure, second fail?"

    Chen Sansheng pondered the next:

    "mentality", so to say, after the first inning, high victory and Wei Rong, their mentality even collapse."

    "in the beginning, they should not expect what, this state of play, not to play the strongest level, but also will not be pressure, fairly normal, so that Sondar doesn't even let Lin play into the short list, more than half have despised Jinfeng anger, want to fight, to fight, it must first win high Cai Zongming and Li Mao try to quickly resolve, set three of chelunzhan building, the only way to see a glimmer of hope."

    "as a result, oh, I'm not lip expert, I do not know the first dialogue time, what Cai Zongming said, in short, high victory was enraged to explode at any cost, a few strokes within fix each other, this win is win readily, but consumption is definitely more than he expected, the second, still hope he relied on the cocoon, certainly not easy to" Jin holding strength ', who knows Li Mao to meet, it would hurt, but also to fight, the distance, the kind of scene, even if Gao Shengli will shock should, to the outbreak, too late."

    "the game, high victory and conservative, both the enemy, with a idiom is very appropriate, it is equally difficult to go on or retreat then Taishishuizhun."

    &nbsp:Liu Chang listened thoughtfully: "in that case, mentality is a crucial factor in the martial arts competition."."

    "yes, or why set up a conversation time?" Some practitioners' situation ', is good at creating good minds, let the opponent or anger, or frustration, fear, ten level developed into five or six, does not have the cloud of war? The army attack plan, and that pair of antithetical couplet also said, can not, the reverse side of self extinction." Chen Sansheng smiled down with a book bag, "Gao Shengli is the first station in rage brain, step wrong, wrong step, before the second inning mentality completely broken, equally difficult to go on or retreat, you don't look that he lost the game, in fact there are a lot of power, and then hit a post nine also hope to win."

    Liu Chang thought for a few seconds, puzzled: "I'd lose high victory, not surprised, he played second innings is clearly a problem equally difficult to go on or retreat, and did not play should have standards, but this and Wei Rong have what relation? When Gao Shengli loses, he won't have any more hope, will he? Under such circumstances, the mentality enough to support him to enjoy the game, ah, which will collapse?"

    as long as people have misfired when Dan exit strong is no exception, when they have the mentality of a problem, or the accumulation of excessive fatigue, there may be something similar, or small Wu Sheng contest, the top nine position does not exist does not go in fight the problem.

    "it's exaggerated to say that Wei Rong's mentality is collapsing, but he definitely can't enjoy the game."" Chen three paused, "there has been no hope fortunately, once again hope that people will inevitably burst, is depressed, thinking of the inevitable as soon as possible from the scene, so it is not what the war, there fear mentality, and before I give you also said, Dan will exit to control the spirit, core communication * *, and will also reflect on their momentum, go, the stronger the will, the momentum is full."

    "and then there is a clash of momentum?"" Liu Chang still knows a lot about this sense of dan.

    "yes, when seven eight is not obvious, to six this level, enough to affect the opponent's momentum spirit, we still remember the previous building and an Chaoyang game? I said two people over a momentum equally autumn, refers to this, one of which is the use of dialogue time." Chen Sansheng explained in detail: "once faced with this realm of the strong, there are loopholes in the heart, it will definitely be caught by each other, with the momentum of direct suppression of spirit."

    Liu Chang gently nodded: "no wonder the output of the psychological shadow of this statement, normal people have a psychological shadow will be affected, Wu be imposing on such a pressure results as can be imagined."

    "Wei Rong is a similar situation, and not by his shy war building into a momentum was caught, pressure, arrhythmia and arrhythmia after, immediately," soldiers' pronunciation invasion, Dan exit outbreak closer, "ice" simplify the gang control, the combo with Wei Rong. Only waiting to be head of the harvest." Chen three Miaole broadcast screen, timely paused

    martial arts agency seats Jinfeng University, President Wei Rong saw just play a few seconds to beat, Liu Chunlai brow jumped, SAMSAM coach Zheng Fei said:

    "can I abstain?""

    the voice did not drop; he was immediately stared at by the bloodshot eyes of high victory.

    "ha ha, I'll make a joke; on the ring loses is a man; the direct abstention is the eunuch."." Liu Chunlai ah ha, stepped into a stone, I do not know why my mind flashed a rather baffling words:

    "wine chopped huaxiong!"

    low head and hurried back to Wei Rong passing, Liu Chunlai station to the ring, and thinking mentality already, can hold a second is a second.

    a man for one hundred seconds! He Tucao up, even their own free.

    the referee waved his hand mechanically:


    voice has just fallen, Liu Chunlai learned a few days ago yuan yuan, back and forth pendulum, a foot support, immediately ran toward the right side, like a rabbit in the arrow.

    however, the peak force of refining the body which have Dan exit round smooth, fast action before concealment, have certain signs, and building into a Bingjing entry, near distance change can induce the opponent muscle fascia, the experience in the days and months multiplying, is half an expert. Liu Chunlai has not really ran out of his eyes, a look, is correct, the cross before the half step, the body slightly arch, left hook a shake, toward the enemy hit a fast walk on the right side of the cold ground.


    strange explosions, toward the right side of Liu Chunlai being hit in a white light, "burning ice" lit up, his body covered in a layer of ice crystal!

    stepping into the ice sculpture".

    when Liu Chunlai broke the ice and shivering, see the floor into the smiling face, hear the announcement:

    "fifth games," Cheng sheng!"

    "the final result, pine Dawu road agency wins!"

    was encouraged, trumpet blast, the audience some inexplicable sympathy university martial arts club jinfeng.

    I just drink saliva ~! Yan Ke wrinkled nose ring to his lips, looking over the floor to shake cup, smile like branches, growing in her eyes

    the studio, Chen Sansheng shook his finger at him:

    "this is breaking the market."! It's like a tower. How do you sell the copyright in the future?!"

    how did the station stop advertising to make money?!

    "ha ha, how many seconds has it been this time?"" Liu Chang shook his head and laughed.

    "Er, less than two seconds."" Chen Sansheng decided not to continue the "bad" topic, "Congratulations loose rate first wait for them to finish in the top four, the future of the battle."

    next, to return to the locker room floor, et al, Li Mao in the CAI Zong arm to go to the emergency room treatment injury, was not told within two weeks of strenuous exercise.

    after that, they watched the Empire and kouyang games in the locker room, Ren Li Zhen field still didn't play, easy to solve the enemy Chen and Jiang Jingfeng two gate after the building into a fish escaped through the Seine can not accurately judge, let her have much less promotion last year.

    Kongtong school to "wind Department" faction; master part of the "plague Department" remnants

    dust settles; host Liu Chang concludes with a summary:

    "this field, imperial Chen enemy and Jiang Jingfeng play very tired, convergence, better preservation of strength."

    "the upper half of the two quarter finals ended, not surprisingly, pine will meet in the semi-finals with the empire."

    "let's hope for the game."!"

    "let us look forward to building and the world war Tianjiao Ren li!" (to be continued )

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