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Chapter 5–guests

    on both sides of the landscape back, the car Benz, built into a bit scared, can not help but discourage a sentence:

    "Ke, you don't have to drive so fast.""

    Yan Ke I stared at him, loosen the accelerator, slow speed, micro face red Shan ridicule: "I see someone more than me, still open so fast, wanted to overtake, thinking on what they don't have. Are all the same?"

    building a listen carefully observe around terrified, and measure the details around with mouguang. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    "what are you thinking?"" Yan Ke wears the right foot of white recreational shoe, imperceptible and aggravating accelerator.

    floor expression complex answer: "I was thinking, if there is a problem, how to facilitate the force, how the foot brake, how to withstand the opposite collision?"."

    "" Yan Ke again slow throttle, actually speechless moment, and stopped at a traffic light, was angry and funny and asked, "I really was so bad? I think it's very smooth today except for the first ignition."

    "not bad not bad problem, Ke Xiao Ke classmates, you mind not ah, not the old thinking than others, can't drive so fast, to control, to control, often walking in the street, which can not wet shoes." Lou Cheng feared that after she did not have the side of Ke Ke, she drove a car accident, rarely remind her seriously.

    Yan Ke Du Du mouth: "well, I try."."

    green light flashing, the car again, this time, the girl heard the opinions of Cheng Cheng, very smooth, and occasionally want to overtake, want to speed up, are aware of the timely control of their own.

    "where are we going for a spin?"" Building at this time, only the mood looked out of the car outside the scenery, I saw high-rise buildings, lights into the river.

    Yan Ke dimples, briskly tone, said: "my sister first take you to see the night market in Nanjing, then blow to the river."

    the capital of Jiangnan province is called Ning ning.

    "night market"? What's it like?" Lou Cheng thought of Xiushan once flea market.

    "Hey, hey, you know when you get there."." Yan Ke smiling to sell off a child.

    turn left the car right around half an hour arrived in a busy street, at a glance, the lights here as day, simple shop three rows, winding into the distance, everywhere crowded, diffuse sound.

    the auxiliary reversing radar and image, Yan Ke sucsessful to stop the car, pull the building into a hand, into the night, there is selling all kinds of cheap goods, such as clothes and mobile phone shell, there are also many fragrant delicacy.

    the floor into the left hand, the girl in the other side of the shoulder, her own side to cuddle cuddle, and a pedestrian isolation soon shoulder, lest wipe to meet.

    two people walk, Yan Ke to fully enjoy the pleasure of bargain, although she did not see those things, but just want to experience life, and vehemently criticized the building, said he has not learned how to bargain, "how much money each time" "one hundred and fifty" "cheaper" "not" "OK, give me the dialogue process, the same.

    go to later, Yan Ke took the floor to find home stalls to two pieces of chicken, in waiting said:

    "their home was first started here, and now it's a national chain, but other than here, it's not tasty."."

    "yes? I think the rest of their family is ok" Asked the building with interest.

    "that's what you haven't eaten."." Yan Ke used "despise" the look in the eye to see her boyfriend's eye, then turn to "sympathize with", low smiled to say, "poor child, can the elder sister take you how long experience."!"

    speech, chicken right in bag, two people had a hand in hand, walking while eating, both think, this particular student couples dating.

    "Oh, really, much better than pine city."!" Building into a gnawing and tender chicken, pleasantly surprised to express his admiration, three mouth two mouth, swallowed half.

    Yan chin slightly raised, with a little proud smile: "I will say, you do not believe it."! Come on, let's take one."

    she took out her mobile phone, let the building into a head and leaned over, holding a chicken, self timer.

    I do not know when to begin; she did not like to take pictures; she likes to record the interesting things that two people share with each other in this way.


    Yan Ke close his lips, leaning head, outlining the beautiful image, the building is not so much publicity of the true character, and finally ha ha laughed: "Ke Ke, you did not eat before the road side stalls?" From the chicken know what ah?"

    "well, my cousin, sister consonance took me once." Answer Yan Ke smile.

    "sister" is really a senior game player. "." A floor suddenly nods.

    Ji Ji Jia consonance is this generation's eldest daughter, 4 years older than Keke, strange nature but not love martial arts, is taking the path of school management, there is a large occupation nine level 4 or occupation nine, two years after graduation, it is feel a little Dan exit threshold.

    she is a very playful, surfing, downhill, singing and dancing, hiking, sea cruise, collection and buy a pack of everything, in addition to experience different characteristics, to explore the roadside delicacy and interesting shops, also got big interest belongs to the party got gear.

    Yueyuexiaoxiao, two people to eat chicken from the shop is located at the end of the night market, eating a pool and a pool, are "gourmet" Ji "certification" of the.

    a circle around the outer pocket enter from the night market, Yan Ke led to the building into a river, blowing a cool breeze, walking xiaoshi.

    Ningjiang blue broad, looking around, water blowing, moistens the skin and mind girl while pulling the floor into the side of the fence, to go with the word, laughing, staggered, as if was a teenage girl.

    "it's early, I have to go back."" She still looked at the watch.

    "we can stay out of the night."." Building into half-genuine and half-sham into road.

    Yan Kebai his one eye, a boyfriend tone: "then you will be my grandmother after the eight Street and Grandpa!"

    "trembling."" The building opened a joke.

    just come the first day on the abduction of others granddaughter yebuguisu, this is a fight, or play it

    at the door, two people from left and right into the car, Yan Kegang seated before the tie safety belt and ignition, feel their body tilted backward the copilot, orange was pulled into the arms.

    "you."" As she looked up, she saw the dark, dark eyes of the building.

    continuous with the bed, experienced during the national tournament close sleeping, interference in the past week due to strict Ji Mingyu and other reasons not how much case, building into already ready to.

    from thrift to luxury; from extravagance to frugality!

    Yan Ke closed his eyes, side sit over, legs curled, white, slender, such as swan neck straight, and mildly, two people folded in one position, crowded very tight.

    Lou Cheng early, observed the surrounding environment, know that silent here, no one, while a warm kiss, while the hands of the expansion of the action, first from the shoulder, back and legs touch, and gradually in-depth.

    "Ke, this seat." Can you put it down?" Married to her ear floor, eagerly asked.

    this does not work!

    "me, I don't know how to do it." Search for you" Yan Ke's voice was small and confused, and he didn't know what he was talking about.

    this time to search under? Floor into which, willing to distraction, I hate to "still strong holding force", close to one, directly knocked down the seat.

    at this time, the bell sounded sharp, constantly around.

    Yan Ke pushes the building to become, the eye is bashful to be annoyed, water meaning ground horizontal he one eye, lightly took off the lower lip of the moist, picked up the cellular phone and chose to connect:

    "Hey, well?"

    "you're back, yeah, we're outside. I'm taking oranges to the night market."."

    "OK, we're going back."."

    floor in next to helpless laugh, stretch out hand over, help small Ke classmate tidy up clothes

    "hum, it's dangerous to be with you."!" Strict Ke sits back to drive a seat, calmed down mood, the cheeks is charming red begin to start a fire.

    "I haven't been out of love with you for a long time."" The floor moved its trousers.

    Yan Ke face stared at him, but soon bite bite lips: "these days is good, anyway, anyway, tomorrow I start my aunt"

    she said, they laugh.

    "I know." By the way, what about your aunt?" The building to steer the conversation, ask serious aunt.

    "she went to Shushan to take care of my brother."." Yan eased the state and started the car.

    a smooth road, no accident, two people arrived in Ji's house in forty minutes.

    stop the car, go to the main entrance, not yet near, and then heard some people talking loudly:

    "I Sanshiduowanyi grams Scented Can cure many diseases"

    "it is OK, as your brother that string of beads"

    "I this beads material is very common, but specifically looking for lines open light temple monks chanting, daily temperature raising, for half a year Didn't I have bad luck last year? My father gave up his face and asked for a list of the exact values. It's hard to say"

    "come on come on, don't always have the ability to dazzle this, to give us a"

    what ghost? The building heard a blank, which he had no idea.

    &nbsp:Yan Zhi took aim at him, and lowered his voice and said, "leave them alone. They love it. It's boring.""

    she turned the knob, opened the door, I saw the two men and two women in the chat.

    no introduction, building into a recognized discipline of chemistry, she is more like Ke Xiaoke than their classmates empress, tall, beautiful and elegant, but not sharp eyebrows.

    "are you back?"" Ji. White T-shirts denim shorts sandals will own body to show her smile and, most incisive, "come, I introduce to you, this is the group less Zhang Li, his father and the great temple several monks have very good relations."

    Zhang Li darker skin, facial features, wrist wearing a dark brown beads.

    "this is Han Zhengcao; he is the chairman of the Wu Taoist Association of our province."." Ji smiled pointing at another person.

    Han Zhengcao more handsome than Zhang calendar, but bags under the eyes is very heavy, blood and not strong enough, hands are holding a green pendant.

    "this is Guo Guo, Keke, you know, we ate several meals together, her dad now take charge as chief of the." Ji Lingxi looked at the girl with long wavy hair.

    finished, she pointed to Yan Ke Road: "no, I said it, my cousin Yan Ke, a few guys want to chase her, but unfortunately have not had time to start, it was beat." Eh, Ke Ke, introduce yourself."

    Yan Ke looked at the floor, and thought for a moment, the mouth outline, without any suffix, simply said:

    "he's built."."

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