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Chapter 13–avoid you, surprise you

    "what kind of loving, will let two people take life as promised?"

    long melody, singing ear, no matter how the overall style, because this sentence has been building into a pure heart warm, feeling myriad, filled with a burst at the moment is forever peace and joy. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    he could not help but turned around, looked at Yan Ke, I saw the girl with clear eyes looked no confusion over, smile into the eyes of four.

    Yan Ke went into the body on the floor next to a bit, two people wearing a wedding ring on the ten finger hand locking, resting on the lap, on the two little red book, and in the reflection layer of pure light, put on the exquisitely dainty and ravishingly beautiful Qinshou in the new husband's shoulder.

    feel that a weight, a building into a distinct feeling, feel the heart the heavy responsibility and meaningful long joy.

    the girl around me from now on the pain and joy, sorrow and joy, will be borne by me, from me to bear

    I want to make her life pure smile, without no sorrow

    vehicle Benz, music echoed, as if to the end.

    after dinner, shopping and flowers, and Yan Ke building into a sometimes exciting exchange, sometimes quiet, very much enamored glances, seems to be only one eye contact, without language, it is better than many human.

    slowly sloshing in the cloud, the two finally returned to the hotel, has been pushed back to tidy the room clean and warm.

    "Ke Ke, since took the card, you have become with the newly married little daughter-in-law, not, is the newly married daughter-in-law."." Floor to buy the cake, dim sum and so on, laugh at his girlfriend, no, is already a wife, daughter-in-law, wife!

    Yan Ke turn Mou Wang, Ying Ying circles, like anger like music:

    "just married, you want to sleep on the couch?" So big, so sacred things, I am not allowed to precipitation, and hard to understand it? Hum, you are not the same, like a goose like, will not say anything, you will see me look at me, giggle, giggle!"

    Lou Cheng listened and showed his unconscious smile.

    Yan Ke put roses, look at the little red bag, suddenly feeling regeneration:

    "Oh, wonderful! Orange, we're getting married!" Is this husband and wife?"

    "" Lou looked into her eyes and responded with a low smile:

    "yes, the little fairy in the sky is my daughter-in-law at last."."

    Yan Ke Mouguang swaying, dimple outline, shallow smile:

    "strict coach is also your mentor for life!""

    after that, two people can laugh, eyes are a little reluctant to separate the short silence after understanding the opening chorus:

    "Ke Ke.""


    this time, this nickname is no longer representative of male and female friends, but married to white couples.

    "Ke Ke."" Orange" A low shout, Kexing Yan Mou as drunk, the floor into the body and mind are crisp, both sides a little bit a little bit closer, close your eyes, gently kiss together.

    with light sound, Yan Ke bag fell to the ground.

    a piece of clothing, gently and slowly the Piaofei, love, two people do not see yesterday's full of tender feelings, fierce eyes already open, always looking at each other, in addition to kiss, no wrong from.

    Yan Ke around building into the neck, she looked at him, panting slightly, only sleep each gentle impact seemed to enter your heart, feel a little self building into a girl and she was wrapped, blend together, the heart and the body. Spirit and flesh.

    I do not know how long, long voice swing, two people have a short stagnation, and then hugged together.

    "this is the wedding festivities night, wife adults?" The building licked and kissed the girl's fine earlobe, whispered in a low voice.

    Yan Ke shrunk his head; Mei left his eyes to the ground; "can't you talk well?"!"

    here, her first smile, stretched out hands, stroking the floor into the facial contour, outline the more distinct lines, intentionally used classical tone: "yes ah, this is our wedding festivities night, husband of adults I would like to put us in accordance with the ceremony, a wisp of hair tied to a piece, but you are not tied to inch hair, ah ~"

    "that's a problem" Building into a chuckle loudly, funny, you often say "Maoku with my legs? You can use that."

    Yan Ke close the mouth to open one's eyes, the powder lips have closed two times, just good gas and funny way:

    "what do you tie up like this?"!"

    her heart suddenly threw up the expression of "falling the table".

    the orange really dares to think!

    "it is all her hair cut into pieces, stir together, you have me, I have you." Building into a smooth and stroked the girl sweat back, no kidding, really put forward opinions.

    " Ok!" Yan Ke pleased to wear personal clothing, looking for scissors, can be a big move, and the body does not consciously pause, the face showed some pity pain expression.

    "don't worry, cut down no place to install ah, to buy two can be hung on the neck of the sachet tomorrow." Building a hurriedly grabbed the girl, let her lie to himself, some guilt with the forehead against her forehead, "I said today myself what do not let you have a good rest and a good recovery, results"

    with the current top nine of the physical quality, will soon be able to recover, but last night he was too modest, too excited, too intense, and even a little rude.

    "OK, but without this, the only two of our wedding is incomplete, me, I did not, did not stop it?"" Yan Ke eye halo to answer questions.

    not only did not stop, but very devoted, very intoxicated.

    a moment like that; a feeling like that; no girl can resist.

    "well, then you love today, or yesterday?" Novice driver Lou asked rather curiously, in order to accumulate experience.

    Yan Yan's lips opened, and the flushed white cheeks were more beautiful; she turned to look over, hem hem:

    "I don't like it."!"

    "it seems I have to work harder."!" The building made a thoughtful look and nodded.

    from the "listening strength" feedback, Ke Ke should all like it very much

    Yan Ke mouth, want to talk to say what, ultimately did not dare say, "angrily" to hit into a building.

    warm light atmosphere hit, two people quiet for a while, it contains a shallow smile at each other.

    after a few minutes, Lou Cheng remembered:

    "tomorrow, Friday, we have to hurry to change the marital status on the account page.""

    if not finished, he and Yan Ke at a glance, said in unison:

    "or forget it."!"

    "forget it!""

    after a brief pause, Yan Ke hand in building into a chest painted circle: "if the marriage status, the school will know my mom, they also know, I do not want to tell them, for fear that they think you lead me, I always have to do some crazy things, you become a bad impression, when the wedding or soon to change it, uh, wait for someone to change."

    Lou Cheng heard a warm, soft voice:

    "I think so, if Mom and dad know I'm married, didn't consider them, will think I have a daughter-in-law forget Niang, will have a bad opinion of you, will accumulate contradictions, Keke, as you said, first do not change, urged to change, not to change the future wedding will be a reminder, if my mom they found, I say it is my fault, I fear, is that I have no confidence, did you go to the abduction of white-collar life."

    "well, my mom and Dad had found out, I have to say, that I worry about missing you, willful to have to pull you to." "Yan Ke eyebrows stretch," smile the sentiment to answer.

    in front of each other's parents, each other's responsibility on their backs, is conducive to maintaining the image of the partner and the relationship with the elders.

    two people said a lot, recalled a lot, looking forward to a lot, and soon to half past ten, Yan suddenly suddenly sober, think of his earlier plans to take a bath.

    rush outside one day, and in the summer, a little fairy also inevitably some sweat back, intended to clean and wedding festivities of the night, the emotion, and forgotten the matter, is orange made more sticky paste dirty.

    "don't you get dirty?"!" She Xiunao pounding the floor into a good wearing underwear, opened a quilt, walking beside the sofa, take a nightgown.

    looked at the girl gentle beautiful figure, white and delicate skin, quickly building into a meditation "before" tactic, ready to own heart down, if one could not help but also rushed past, the wife round the waist, rushed into the bathroom.

    the night is very beautiful, in Yan Ke "provocative" naturally or half unconsciously, he finally broken, not ascetic, could not sleep on time, of course, considerate to him second days to get up early, does not bear some of their own, the girl after the rain will shrink into the taste of his arms tired, sleep.

    the next morning, building into a mind did not wake up on time, as usual out of temper this concept, but leaned Zhaotou, Mouguang softly carefully watched their own wife, little fairy.

    Yan Ke sleep very stable, lips appear micro toot radian, the nose bridge is lovely and pretty, eyelashes long and slightly bent, upwards has Alice, see the building can not help but bend down, kissed a little again.

    breath, forced to stand up, building into not back, afraid he was reluctant to leave, slightly after the wash, put on clothes, quietly left the room yesterday morning, came to the place.

    this time, his shoulders, his arms, his heart, and a little more calm, the rise of the martial road has an unusually clear desire, so that all the tests are no longer a test.

    Bang Bang, bang bang bang! He punched a gust as follows, mind quiet introverted, familiar to the "root" of the grasp, not rash is full of high spirited.

    induction to "the first step is to root" inhuman, when using training will, spirit and corresponding strength lead it changes slowly, you can open the doors of non-human.

    a building is currently in the first step, through the others may long to break the storm, is precipitation, are footing.

    there is a goal, a clear motivation why practice, he a hard, just feel the gains is quite big, mood more cheerful, anxious wings, flew back to the hotel, and wife Ke Xiaoke students share their progress.

    running back, into the room, Yan Ke has woke up, two people happy for a long time.

    in building into consider today is to go out to buy a sachet or excuses not to go out, Yan Ke suggested:

    "orange, let's go back to school today, the account page returned, and by the way, please eat them."."

    she was full of buildings two days ago; completely forgot to say goodbye to her roommates; if it were a little late, Li Liantong had gone home and couldn't get together before going abroad.

    "OK."." Cheng Cheng knows the relationship between her daughter-in-law and roommate is quite good, and this time I do not know when to reunite, seize the opportunity to eat a meal is reasonable thing.

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