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Chapter 23–online shopping "nine words tactic"?

    high altitude dim; the summer night came very late; after the water, the breeze blew gently around the lake; it felt a little dull and damp. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    "Oh, my family, I don't say hello to you. I'll come and see you one after another."." Lou Yan Ke into hand, feeling the morning thing, especially building the reliable Yuan Wei's brother, the reason was ironic, fortunately, he had a sort of self-knowledge, even if mom didn't stay warm invitation to dinner.

    however, they do have a contrast and set off, let the father and mother in the heart of Ke Ke is not so strange, only a family of four, she was loosened, the active praise dishes, happy mother almost gebulongzui.

    after lunch, Yan Kejin led the building into his room, shared classmates, strong posters and had bought detective novels and other things, pleasant to spend an afternoon, but due to the floor Zhi Sheng and Qi Fang still at home, from time to time will be knocked on the door Send a fruit of what, two people did not dare to have any.

    wait until dinner, Lou Zhi Sheng floor Debon two old people took over, always worry about not sunxifu them on Yan Ke is to see how satisfied.

    Yan Ke eyebrow stretch, completely faded before the formal, soft voice Che smile:

    "Okay, nothing, I can understand, really, want to want my brother to bring a girlfriend home, I immediately booked tickets, have to catch up a few eyes, onlookers."!"

    her hand holding two red, a very thick, with a thin, from Qi Fang and Lou debon.

    "your brother brings his girlfriend home."" Building into Renjun live, with a laugh, "this, this feeling is fantasy!"

    just imagine big brother would have a girlfriend, would you treat my girlfriend!

    "I feel the same way."" Strict Ke did not defend cousin Lin short, but rather earnest nodded.

    the floor looked into the eye, Ke Ke Ke classmates carrying pink packets and red envelopes in hand, and turned to say: "how do not put in, holding hands cumbersome?"."

    "I just like holding it; what's the matter?"" Yan Ke answered briskly, shaking his hand two times with a red envelope.

    "OK, you like it."." Laughing and joking a few words, Lou Cheng remembers a thing way, "Ke Ke, when do we go to your grandfather's house?""

    "well, maybe not."" Yan Ke a face is dignified, the side head sees him.

    "why?"" Lou Cheng was confused and puzzled.

    Yan Ke s smile, dimples bloom: "because I think my grandpa and grandma too, decided to go directly to the mountain for a period of time"

    here, she pursed her lips, eyes and said: "these days, there may be other relatives together, so they go, I'll take you home, see Grandpa and grandma, lest you at the face of a large group of people will be embarrassed."

    "that's good."." Building into nod agree.

    at this time, two people walked to the entrance of the villa area, Yan Ke waved:

    "orange, I'm in."."

    "say hello to the queen mother and my father-in-law for me."." The floor smiled and responded.

    go on both sides, Yan Ke suddenly look back, the eye flow, slightly shy smile:

    "uncle, aunt, man is good." How do you feel about being a family?"

    with that, she shook the red envelope in his hand and walked briskly past the entrance guard.

    originally a family, silly, Ke ke The building watched her figure and smiled low

    floor house living room; Qi Fang wiped the tea table, took aim, absorbed in watching the news Lou Zhisheng, sighed:

    Ke "the girl Tingxiu gas very gentle, well."

    "yes, not the kind of girl, pretty good."." Lou wins to sip tea, nodded.

    the old two speak; the key turns the sound; the building pushes the door into the room.

    "so soon back?"" Qi Fang was surprised.

    "not so fast, I have sent Ke home."." The floor was answered with a vacant face.

    "why don't you say" dim sum "or" considerate "? Give someone a girl home only home ah, and pulled her to the street, walk, boys have the initiative!" Qi Fang did not dare to say anything, TV to see really, deeply son have no romance, hentiebuchenggang a look.

    had already taken a step by the lake If it hadn't been for the queen mother, they were waiting, I would have been able to go to another conference, and it would have taken me two or three hours to get back Building into a Tucao two talk, just Ke Ke privately said to me, both of you feel good."

    "Oh, it's still a bit of a treat."" Qi Fang said with humility.

    Lou Zhi Sheng and duanqichabei smile could not conceal a drink.

    building a think of a thing, ask: "Dad, mom, my master let me see other countries in other schools of martial arts, I may go to America will be more, one must be quite a long time now, I teach you how to network video chat"

    "good."." Qi Fang stupefied a bit, slightly anxious ground asks a way, "that Ke how to do?" Old separation is not a thing?"

    laughed when building a ton: "mother, you can rest assured that their uncle Ke Ke Yan to make a joint training program in the US study."

    "that's good, that's all right."." Qi yoshimatsu sighed, "that you have to go home on holiday?"

    "yes."." The floor became quite brilliant, and took the mobile phone of my father and mother, and started teaching activities".

    half past eight, Lou Sheng and Qi Fang barely mastered, he returned to his room, opened the computer, for the past few months of daily activities.

    waiting to start, he took the cell phone, reply Yan Ke news, looked at each group of recent dozens of content.

    the family group, Ma Xi "drink boiling water" look:

    "sister-in-law is really beautiful, much better than TV."!"

    Lou yuan didn't say anything; he just made a "thumbs up" diagram.

    see these are a few hours before the hair, do not respond to the building, after some "swiftly passing" expression.

    computer completely start building into open the browser, starts in each niche "comprehension" forum around, search in large shopping site

    since his "nine words" fame, articles related to "Lin soldiers fighting all array ahead" appeared a boom in the Internet, many people hang out "nine ancient figure" and "Jin Shijiu" printed "Arcane fragments" "traditional nine pronunciation map"., can hang on hang, to cheat on the cheat, anyway, even if Zong temple in the door was accusing him, can not guarantee the disciples to visualize what are able to practice.

    what? You say you bought my ancestral Juexue, didn't get arcane? You don't have enough savvy, my classmate! Here, let me introduce you one more suitable for a low savvy crowd Not yet You look in the mirror, ugly don't exercise!

    in this non powerful warrior resembles the true situation, many people hold me that good vision is the character I stick, can certainly Huiyanshizhu, from fake in screening out the true mysteries, adventure, become the protagonist, go on the pinnacle of life

    building into battle itself through nine words residual spirit and charm to the new source of practice, joined the ranks of the "gold rush", hoping to find useful items.

    for him, there was a breakthrough in the past; the realm of humanity was no longer so far away, but how long it would take to move on was another matter.

    although he has set the goal of four months, but only have a certain confidence, dare not say definitely, therefore in the daily grind will temper the martial arts, to find some "catalyst", "Introduction", in order to find some heavy accumulation potential, in three or four months. Break away like a flood, not done in one vigorous effort to present the best threshold, and also looks the most promising "Introduction" and "catalyst" is no doubt find rest "nine words"!

    this not only helps itself, but also contains the master's recovery from injury and the possibility of taking advantage of the body. It is the main goal of this semester!

    in recent months, in fact, have found a lot of building into itself that is difficult to judge true and false items, but he did not go to waste time to verify, direct clues to the old man, let him to "the crime of fire Tianjun" predecessors.

    hey, if it's a liar, the military father can pull down all your underwear! He thought.

    and the feedback from there now is false, fake

    of course, not all buildings into clues will be handed over to the military to deal with, because a small number of items have a little residual essence and flavor, can certainly think of direct, spent hundreds of dollars. Pick up the drain, however, up to now, these kind of goods incomplete or too much or charm is wrong, yet brought him new nine words.

    "orange, me. Do I eat too much at noon and at night?"" At this time, home wash bath Ke calm down, think of this crop, "dull" message problem.

    building into a laughing sound, "touch the chin": "no, I have to do comparison!"

    chat, he left the corner of the eye over the computer screen, suddenly froze there.

    the current page, is a piece of engraved "bucket" word Kam, can give a person a kind of feeling of battle with heaven and earth!

    "Gee!"" The floor sits straight, the body moves the mouse and points out the dialog box with the seller.

    "where did this thing come from?"" He asked bluntly.

    the seller is called "never enough", enthusiastically responded: "kiss, I handed down, do you want to buy? My recent life difficult, cheap, nine hundred and ninety-nine dollars will belong to you, building into the same paragraph Oh, pro, Dou pronunciation Oh, pro!"

    "I mean, you must cheat and cheat a little; the handkerchief must be old; you haven't bought it for a long time, have you?"" "Hiss" road building.

    " Pro, everyone mixed up to eat, do not have to ah" "Never enough" attitude about the cold.

    "and, where are you from this? Have you been cheated?" Cheng Cheng solemn expression, but the tone is like talking about gossip.

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