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Chapter 24–jug

    "never wrong" seems to be said in mind, "the nose jet":

    "Mom, that guy flagon rubbing down 'Doo' absolutely convincing results, sold a month, was exposed ten times! Ten times! I'm so TM blind!"

    building a "laughing": "what wine? Let's see. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest"

    "never enough" paused for tens of seconds, sent photos to the floor, which have an ancient purple wine pot, the size of the palm side, engraved with a very explosive sense never admit defeat like "struggle", to drink two wine inside can, chongshangyunxiao havoc.

    "it's pretty impressive and the workmanship is exquisite."" Like building into a sentence, a casual way, "I love you this flagon, special force, or sell it to me?"

    "sell you?" How can I get you to sell "bucket" pronunciation handkerchief? You're not bad, do I do business, pro?!" "Never make mistakes" "contempt" road.

    "the game is over several months, 'nine' pronunciation heat early past, you 'Doo' pronunciation handkerchief is not sold worse? Get out of here, and make a little more money. Besides, I don't believe your handkerchief is out of stock!" Building a glib.

    "there's a point" "Never go silent" road, "one thousand and two hundred, take the jug."

    "one thousand and two hundred, are you kidding me?" One hundred, no more!" Jinzun Yan building into the coach, try the bargain.

    "you are insulting counter-offer, pro, I have to pay more than one hundred of the cost, so that we make a friend, three hundred and eighty, Bao mail Oh, pro."!" "Never wrong" is a loss on sale.

    Lou Cheng thought and hesitated. "OK, you hang up. I'll shoot."."

    "take the other channels, I put a pot hanging, not exposed before selling fake it?" "Never make mistakes" tanshou suggestions.

    "all right."." The building seems to have nothing to do.

    a transaction, and finally to the address, he considered himself false vacation is a celebrity, did not leave "floor into" two words, to use "Qi Fang""

    All this, he put the flagon of photos to Yan Ke, ".":

    "look at this!"."

    "Hey," fight "word tactic, very" fight "word Jue that kind of feeling!" Yan Ke, "eyes stare, dog stay."".

    she has looked at the Shushan Zhai reverse creation "nine character formula" many notes, inside the "fight" word formula charm, although has been identified as a mistake, but also said it should be relatively close.

    "yes, I saw it at a glance."." Floor "elated" smile.

    "really powerful, worthy of my home orange."! Did you take it?" Yan Ke not stingy praise, and happily pressed.

    "yes."." Building "," even if it went "not understanding what proof, should also be hiding some clues, and you see this wine work good, very ancient, I love the master, just to honor him to do a backup."

    "Oh, well, it's rare to see how you feel about coaching."!" "Yan Ke" eyes wide open".

    building a "dumb as a wooden chicken" said: "what is good? I have the honour the teacher and respect his teaching!"

    "Gee, I remember how you old black man?" Yan Ke "looked up, eyes rolling".

    "I called the black mouth, heart miss." "A solemn face" road.

    "yes?" Yan Ke "clever sitting", this wine "that you spend much money?"

    "three hundred and eighty"" "Lou" face, sigh"

    a certain rental house.

    "never enough" stretched, proudly humming a ditty, in front of the computer desk is stocked with the great taste of the purple golden flagon battle with heaven and earth.

    he stood up and opened the brush beside a box covered with a black cloth, which neatly piled ten with a flagon, only a few of the kind of indescribable feeling.

    this is his imitation of the factory; the cost is rather low!

    "ha ha, want to deceive my flagon, lie is you this kind of person!" "Never enough" yaotouhuangnao laughed.

    general not what not see what color guy, "dou" pronunciation enough to deal with the handkerchief, can see the flaws and encounter special kind of pretend what all don't know, let them cheat the flagon, sell a good price.

    the majority of people, who would have thought after the first buried second scam scam, mostly for their own success will succeed to leackage check fraud!

    and, like people who are in vain, hundreds of pieces of things stumbled, certainly do not want to play, more than a few top scold oneself, is not that!

    as for the baby touching the heart of the matter, "never enough" do not worry, he found the pot, that really is related with the "bucket" pronunciation, trying to please an exit to Dan Wu, but the other said to contain no charm, not to think, in addition to the good, no other value.

    the guys who were deceived; after they thought about the photos later, they got it.

    hundreds of pieces; who will be trans provincial?

    "let you be like a ghost, also can not escape my palm."" "Never make mistakes" low smiled and took out a batch version of purple golden flagon, loaded the parcel, began to express orders to fill:


    every day, the end of building into a temper, the telephone rang from the ancient martial arts returned home, the courier arrived.

    he took the parcel into the room, took a look at it, immediately picked the eyebrow and showed an air of funny expression.

    on site, find the "never wrong", he said bluntly:

    "you're wrong!"."

    "no, you compare photos, are they the same?"" "Never enough" experience, God in the old.

    "there's no sense of rejection in pictures."." Lou Cheng pointed out the key.

    "never wrong" is surprised: "this is the camera ah, don't you understand what is PS, what is called retouching, you won't even beauties will not use? You see, I have one. It's black and white. Is it very quiet and ancient? Anyway, whatever you say, whatever you want to complain about, I'm not afraid!"

    "I called the police!"!" The building did not reply angrily.

    see the words, "never enough" immediately relaxed, saying that the more big, the other is not going to do, just like they were fighting, finally had to put some words.

    hundreds of pieces of things, the police will not be placed on file?!

    "ha ha, go, go ahead."!" "Never make mistakes" and end up drinking a cup.

    building into a copy of his family Web links, open up a QQ called "accourding", issued in the past road:

    "this is probably a clue to the word 'Doo'."

    he always passes the clues to the military through his own master; he gets bored by the old man; he gives him a contact directly; he doesn't do it any more.

    "received."." "Accourding" concise and comprehensive reply

    two in the afternoon, "never enough" noon sleep drowsily, suddenly heard a burst of fierce knock on the door.

    "who?"" He rose, cried.

    "water meter"!" There's a response outside.

    "has it been a month yet?"" "Never go" set on T-shirts and shorts, puzzled and went to the door and opened it.


    just open the door, the two man Jingzhuang rushed in, a Baoyao tie a leg, with a shoulder elbow twist, suddenly will "never go to" down to the ground.

    "what do you do?"" "Never make mistakes" frightened and shouted, and then saw a few pieces of shiny black pistol is pointing to himself, "two Zhang Guanzheng set off on the side.

    "me, I'm just selling fakes."" "Never enough" was a moment, wronged argue that tears are going to flow down

    "the whole thing is like this."." Floor to sit on the chair, looking at the inclined bed, turn look "batch version of purple and gold wine" Yan Ke dao.

    that is to say, you have been prepared for fakes in the morning" The girl looked up thoughtfully, "why not directly to the military, secure to rely on? Want to pick up a leak with your own skill?"

    today is the cool shade of early July; she wore a delicate lady's round neck shirt.

    "almost."" The building became vague and laughed.

    Yan Ke put down the bottle, white his one eye: "you pull me in here to see if this is fake? I also said to lead you to buy two sets of clothes, my grandparents prefer a gentle scholar type."

    "it's not urgent; other relatives haven't left yet?"" The building got up and laughed. "And what does it mean to see this?" Candy, didn't you say that? It doesn't matter what two people see together. What matters is the feeling of being together."

    speech, he went to the door and snap shut the door, were locked.

    Yan Ke blinked his eyes have no confusion, no response from what happened.

    the building went toward the window again; the side looked at the dull fairy, and whispered in a low voice:

    "my mother escorted Qi Yunfei back to Ning water, not to come back today, my father work overtime, it is estimated that only seven or eight points to get home.""

    1 brush, he drew the curtain, a mask to the bright, let all become secretly shadow dance.

    " You this"

    the fine female voice stops abruptly

    five in the afternoon, indistinct room, a white jade arm resting on the floor into the body, and her hair RUPU contrast room are filled with wonderful silent jump.

    see Yan Ke building into a sleeping pillow from the left eye, picked up the mobile phone, look at the news.

    "accourding" in an hour before:

    "no" wine bucket "tactic charm, should be from a very high not what martial arts craftsmen, forming not more than thirty years, the overall feeling, he is mostly made against the original inscription."

    "we traced the origin of the wine immediately."

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