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Chapter 26 -.

    five twenty p.m., the plane landed at the flower city Blackwater airport. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    building and strict Kegang hand in hand out of the arrival hall, felt the head of the "fire", and contains rich water "fire", the whole people like into the steamer, the skin will lose the ability to "breathe", only boring, hot and wet feeling.

    busy working frost ability, building into a body suddenly relaxed, even exudes coolness, passed Yan Ke, making her active skin stick, let out, instead of being for her husband.

    "call", this time special like orange you ~!" Her confession was not a bit shy, and constantly looked around, fear and said, "we will not go these days what attractions?"

    will not be hot dead!

    even if there is a "walking air conditioner" next to it, there will be no great experience

    "OK, then we'll stay in the hotel."." A low floor heard laughing, almost holding hands and feet in favor of Ke Xiao Ke students advice.

    Yan Ke taste come over, and a turn, exposing two rows of neat white teeth, pretending to molars to stare into the floor.

    "haha, I mean, the most famous flower is to eat, all kinds of tea, tea soup, all kinds of snacks, our trip is eating, idle time to the hotel to rest, lest the sun." The architect described his plans.

    "I like this."!" Yan Ke's tone was a sign of lightness.

    speech, they hit the car, arrived at the building into a set of "Hyatt", from here the most famous Restaurant Restaurant several flower are very close.

    this time, Yan Ke endure shyness, take the initiative to check in, let the building stay in place, so as not to be who, who will recognize it.

    as for the building into the ID card, photo shoot is high, there is a certain difference and a martial arts exercise facial lines increasingly clear now, not to mention the indescribable spirit and temperament, strangers do not distinguish carefully, do not concentrate on information, didn't recognize the tianjiao.

    indeed, the front desk was not aware of, smoothly to two people ready room, etc. into the house, to lay down their luggage, they went straight to the nearest flower restaurant to eat dinner, Roasted Goose, pigeon, east star spots, ate a lot, very satisfied, feel that this trip.

    and then back to the hotel, Yan Ke turn out makeup remover and other things, walked into the bathroom, intends to smear the sun on the skin to clean.

    building into a sit in bed, free out of mobile phone, look at the Dragon Tiger club group, although tomorrow everyone is formally based on the day, but many people today have arrived, to live in the local "plumber mushroom" in the face of the hotel uniform have a "Ring Road" nouveau riche sponsored part, we left AA, half of the student party.

    brush brush, a news show, got into a dance floor.

    "I wipe it so I can talk."" He whispered Tucao, turned up for a long time, only to see the first few u meet the situation.

    at that time, "sell ah, sell wonton" made a group photo:

    "La La La", to recognize people ~ "

    this picture of a total of five places, building a recognisable are standing in two left and right, its former wayside "fist invincible" Jin Tao and Zhou Yuanning "Ring Road".

    Jin Tao and Wu Sheng contest that will not change much what, or rather handsome look more masculine, just calm a little, Zhou Yuanning wore business elite wind casual, slightly fat, hair for a few long positions on both sides of the middle of the pose.

    the most central is a visual is five meters just over the girl, can only say that looks not ugly, petite lovely face, she is on the left, students gas, partial twenty * * man, the right side is more than nine meters tall bamboo like boys, wearing black thick glasses, no more than twenty years old.

    Saimoe height difference Building a road to laugh.

    "small wonton" just to the right of the tall boy's chest, father and daughter feeling!

    "this is not good, guess, you are a girl ah, small wonton."!" "Always love Jun Okamoto" tanshou laughed, "there are three left in the abalone."

    "sell, sell wonton", covering his mouth and laughing: "what if I am a cute boy?""

    "me, from left to right is a boxing invincible, plumbers eat mushrooms, small wonton, riding a pig and ring road warrior." "The powerful Dragon King" replied.

    "you guessed so quickly, without a sense of accomplishment, to drop the table."!" "Sell sell wonton" over the table "," come, I re introduced, the left is our small fist handsome, in October last year to get nine vocational certificate, is hard to practice, to become strong in Dan exit before graduation, successfully enter the occupation of martial arts circles!"

    "thank you, thank you." "small wonton" for my bragging, I still have a year to graduate, Dan territory is not so good" "A fist is invincible," Kim Tao made a "surrender" expression.

    with the post nine certificate, he felt he had a retreat, no longer so confident.

    "sell, sell wonton" continued: "small boxing next to our talented little mushrooms, like music, art and martial arts, just we all confused."!"

    "little mushroom." Don't make me so sick, OK, mushroom, this ugly, fat, short, cheap guy, where does he deserve the MOE?." "Consistently pure love, handsome Okamoto" and "plumbers eat mushrooms" are good friends for each other every day.

    "fuck, fuck you!"!" "Plumbers eat mushrooms," he said with disdain.

    "come on, lie down, you can count, I'll lose."!" "Always pure love, handsome Okamoto" style is still the same.

    " I lost." The plumber ate mushrooms and crouched in the corner.

    "I've decided to wait until tomorrow for love and let you live with the little mushroom."!" "Sell ah, sell wonton" to "white meatballs roll" expression road.

    "little love." I lost, too" "Always love Jun Okamoto quietly retreat.

    "sell sell wonton", "hide the shadow" way: "I do not introduce myself in the middle." Small riding a pig so high, I can only look up to him, there is a test on the note, but also management forum, is not very worship? In addition, secretly tell you, he turned the little sky back home, envy it?"

    "above the sky" is a girl with a bit of rock and roll temperament.

    "here." Embezzlement, jobbery" "Always pure love Jun Okamoto" "surprised eyes", played a series of words, "big brother" is amazing!"

    he was going to use the word "private", but thought it was more than a joke, and silently deleted it.

    Okamoto students, I have actually done you kicked out of the group to prepare, fortunately no what too much of the word." "Riding a pig hero" picked the eyebrows".

    "small ring" do not have to introduce it, we are the real big brother in the group, thank you for the hospitality, a bow, two bow" "Sell sell wonton" "red," he laughs. "Miss Wu Dao, won the whole world!"

    "ha ha", that is, running errands for home, a little spare money." "Ring Road", "love dazzle" style for decades as a day.

    building a smiling, turning down, and found "sky" and "blue sea" arrived, the former has shoulder length hair, thin face, looks pretty Zhou Zheng, wearing a "pig riding warrior" black glasses with the money, did not show a preference rock music, "shallow blue" almost six meters, plump, facial cute character, active, and we soon became a hit.

    they are all senior students.

    more and more people, the group is also more and more lively, to the live, in each other's black, did not go to onlookers and ridicule.

    floor thumb slide, quick drop down, see "turtle party", "the Dragon King" met with people ten minutes ago, he was wearing a black T-shirt, tall and fat, obviously gives the sense of otaku.

    "silently watching you."" In the end, the building made a message that he was "involved" in the activity.

    "tiger, look down on you, this holiday guy."!" "Plumbers eat mushrooms" made a "disdain" action.

    "yes, little tiger, wait, we're going to dinner, and we'll send you some gourmet pictures."!" "Sell ah, sell wonton" echoed smiled.

    "the ring road" is confused question: "tiger, you seem to have to start school," 3 ", not now play out, and then go to work, where there is free (manual funny)."

    "I'm trying to find a more free job."." The building opened a joke.

    he never revealed himself to be a loose student in the group.

    "relatively idle jobs are generally less expensive."" "Riding a pig hero", "bad laugh" with a joke, "if you Road God, this rich two generations, when I did not say."."

    "well, no, we're off, Flower City restaurant."!" "A fist is invincible," said.

    "hate you."! All hate!" Can not take place of "magic Brahma" is coming out of a jiaochen.

    at this time, Yan Ke played with his hair and walked out of the bathroom. He took aim at the building and wondered:

    "orange, what are you looking at?""

    "aren't they in the face group?" Dragon Tiger forum, I'm turning over my chat record." Answered the man with a smile.

    "let me see" strict Yu curiously sat next to, took the cell phone.

    Lou Cheng took advantage of it and put her arms around her, the head together in the past, while introducing the side of the breath of the girl's fragrance.

    " The small wonton is almost as high as Xiao Ling's" Yan points at the photo with funny eyes.

    small wonton a little taller appearance, she stood in "riding a pig heroes" and "the Dragon King" next to be criminals kidnapping victims of the same height and temperament, the contrast was too sharp, good funny, well, Yan Linda standing there, the effect is certainly the same." The black floor of his own two fans, Zhijue wife adults such as orchid fragrance do not suck.

    Yan Kezheng to say, and feel the waist hold hands tight, ears a bit hot breath.

    her body was a stiff, followed by softening, no strength of the horizontal eye, staring at the floor into an eye, looked down to the side of the road:

    "first, take a bath first."!"

    "good."!" The building jumped up and rushed into the bathroom

    in July 15th, two people according to the plan, the morning exercise, enjoy tea, and then back to the hotel to rest.

    before turning the building into what was a bad idea, Yan Ke urged to practice oral English, as he lay a foundation to the future.

    such merriment learning until after dinner, the girl was reluctantly let him as a charming room.

    July 16th, morning and morning after their departure to the city around the "red Xiashan", this is the Dragon Tiger Club Home court.

    when the car entered the mountain road, the landscape was enjoying a sudden pull of the building, pointing to a bus outside: "oranges, small wonton they."."

    building a car over the Wenyan eyebrows, the bus sitting on the dragon and tiger club forum to face based on you.

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