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Chapter 28–can not say goodbye

    after the return from the city, with Yan Ke went to Pine City, with her little need to tidy up with things of the past, as she and Gu song, Xing Jingjing frost, the meeting changed, building into the matter to think more and more awareness. Clearly, more and more people can not be ignored. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    I do not know what time to start, the two men a little more heavy feeling, then there is a countermeasure, and is full of confidence, unknown encounters and exotic romance still some people fear, not sure, and they are only a twenty, a nineteen.

    in this mood, Cheng Cheng and Yan Ke are particularly reluctant to part with the present time, seize any space, stay together, search each other greedily, and use the pleasure of the body to ease the depression of the mind.

    for their regular meeting and get along alone, Lou Sheng Sheng and Qi Fang would like to see, Cheng Yan and Ji Mingyu open one eye, one eye closed, did not say anything.

    however, the burning of the burning can not overcome the passage of time, the girl left the day finally arrived.

    August 5th; high Fen airport, security inspection and frontier inspection area.

    Yan Kai and Ji Mingyu stepped in a few steps to give the little lovers a private space to say goodbye.

    Yan Ke tightly pursed lips, eyes looked intently at the floor no confusion, used to help him organize the collar, and whispered:

    "orange, you do not have to worry about anything; the queen mother is afraid that I am not familiar with life, all aspects are not suited to, I intend to accompany me to September to come back."."

    "national security is not good or just some blocks, I don't intend to go out, do not consider this, and the queen mother also huataijiaqian from Shushan Zhai asked Dan exit predecessors to me a few years bodyguards, her husband died, his son went to college at home. No what will cook well."

    "I'll be back home for those two long vacations. You have to give time to the coach, OK?""

    "guarantee."." The floor tried to smile.

    Yan Ke meanders with yourself, deeply see the building into one eye, eyes suddenly become soft, full is not give way:

    "I am not in, you want to own a little better, they often pull out the mouth Wang get a meal, to relax, don't eat in the canteen."

    "and you don't get it every day what clothes to wear which, have to consider the collocation, do not know in advance to ask me, or ask the mouth Wang, you are the world famous Wu, Tianjiao, must pay attention to the following image"

    and with that, her eyes were red, short, and impossible.

    "" the tower drew a breath and answered in a deep voice:

    "well, when the queen mother decides when to return home, I'll book the ticket."."

    ice God says passport visa is not a problem; only need to go through a process in the past.

    "well, every day I remember back to the news, and chat with me oh ~" Yan Ke smile, waved, "it's about time, I go."

    "uh" Floor into hand, if the thousand waved, looking at the girl turned around, to Yan drive and Ji Mingyu close.

    two steps away, she ran back, and rushed into the building before the start.

    the building responds, and nod his head.

    Yan Hui and his parents, go to the security and frontier area.

    walk a few steps, her hair light swing, return to see, no eye contact and remove any floor, crazy for a few seconds.

    stop and go; not a long distance; she turned to look at seven or eight times.

    once again staring at her, she squeezed out her smile, waved again, and said with her mouth:

    "nine, month, see""

    turn around, back, step forward, she and Yan Kai Ji Mingyu turned to the right, wearing chiffon, jeans and small white shoes figure slowly disappeared in the floor into the eyes, inch by inch.

    to see this scene, building a surged into the hearts of indescribable mood is difficult to curb the surging, what did not want to pick up the pace, Deng dengdeng go after a few steps, to see the range of fiber beautiful figure coming out of the sight of their own.

    he opens his mouth, what want to shout, but ultimately did not export, feel lost.

    the little fairy completely walked out of his sight

    with their parents behind, Yan Ke dragging a small suitcase, the pace moving forward, her consciousness and looked back, to find the familiar kind like figure, can eye and then, non entrance is strange face.

    her heart suddenly empty mind, a piece of white, the body suddenly turned, pulling luggage, running back a few steps, in a hurry to find what.

    "Ke?"" The sound of Yan's introduction into her ears made her pause.

    overlooking the entrance unable to part can not see, she nibbled lips, eyes returned to their parents.

    Yan Kai and Ji Mingyu looked at each other; quietly sighed, did not say anything more.

    after checking, to the first class waiting room on the way, become silent Yan Ke walk, habitually to the next hand, try what, holding what?.

    hand holding, she did not feel the expected of the generous but feel strong, cool and slender like themselves.

    insurprise side head, she saw her hand pulled empress.

    trying to cover something; she wanted to take the other hand over, pull it in, and tell her in a clear weight that there was a tow box.

    Zheng Zheng, Yan Ke Mou suddenly fog, eyes reddening quickly, look to the side.

    Ji Mingyu came over; keenly aware of her daughter's emotional change; put down the trunk; held her hand; patted her face and smiled slightly:

    "early know that building to send you to the us well, this is like my mom and dad?"

    "nothing"!" Yan Ke will all emotional heart tightly packed and wrapped, and let them have a leak too much, just like every time you encounter a similar thing as stubborn sad cry not coming.

    Yan Kai back a bag, dragged two small boxes, next to the quiet look.

    Ji Mingyu didn't say much; once again, she took her luggage and her husband and daughter into the first class waiting room.

    a cup of juice, in front of Yan Ke, she smiled and sat down together:

    "I heard that sweetness can soothe emotion.""

    "uh" Yan Keduan from juice, sip, sweet and sour, stimulate the spirit.

    Ji Mingyu's voice turned judo:

    "I've been worried about what you're going to do. It seems like I've missed it. It's my precious daughter."! According to the small building planning, you at most separated more than a month will be able to see again, do not feel sad"

    stupid thing Listen to mother's words, Ke Yan and Zheng Zheng, with a wry smile.

    I really did stupid things

    I haven't thought about children, is not ready to be a mom, just to want to leave the heart reluctant orange crazy idea of trying to capture the probability, the throw will decide with no reality whatever, god

    now think about it; if it's really successful, it's simply unthinkable

    this is a silly, crazy time

    but, conversely, oranges for me to do stupid embarrassments, nor a piece of two.

    for example, accosted the gate of the martial arts club, that he ran breathless, cramped and sentimental;

    such as the male and female dormitory fellowship, to call the lake water, I gently jumped on to the boat, so he wanted to take the opportunity to pull my hand froze in there, silly and funny;

    for example, Valentine's Day confession; that time, he did not touch the floor, like an impulsive bird;

    for example, the first date, he wanted to hold my hand and fear of being rejected, stiff and tight, when you are holding, but foolishly don't look at the road does not look at the direction of;

    for example, when he was in the locker room kissing and being knocked on by a comfortable reporter, he was flustered and confused and seemed to want to play outside;

    for example, every time he can not help but want to be intimate with me, but he can not stand the bottom line, always a face "grief and indignation" and "helpless" to cold shower;

    Yan Ke thoughts diverge, remember the building itself did cause embarrassment, her mouth first is a little bit of tilt, and excitement and joy, with memories deeply, smile radian slowly solidified in there, what seems to be the heart of fermentation, expansion of what makes everything to bind.

    for example, lost to the north after the game, the orange whim, holding my feeling "jumping", wind comes, two people cling to each other;

    for example, he always once again led me to do bad things, and it is over the wall, yebuguisu;

    for example, that night he gave me in the leg feet when the heartbeat and splash qingnanzijin inch kiss;

    for example, the critical moment, his anticipated and anxious "Ke Ke", allowed ecstasy and excitement, and the kind of love that still wanted to do the security measures in that case;

    for example, he inexplicably ate "Dragon King" vinegar when cute, awkward;

    over the past two years, the act of reproduction, and the pursuit of love in every little bit good and moved not have been forgotten, like a bubble, grunt out, full of Yan Ke's heart and mind, let her eyes blurred, let her feel the habit of oppression and bondage about to be washed out.

    "Ke Ke, did you cry?"" Ji Mingyu was surprised to see her one eye.

    Yan Ke with eyes, a forced smile:

    "where there is, mother, you don't know, the more I'm sad, the more sad I am, the more I won't cry."."

    she bowed her head and picked up her cell phone:

    "orange, what are you doing now?""

    the building stands at a high point at the outer edge of the airport, half smiling and half sighing:

    "find a place where you can see the flight coming and going.""

    find a place where flights can be seen Yan Ke said again, all feel heart rushes suddenly out of control, just feel the memories of the scenes or sentimental or charming or touched or warm picture in the inexplicable pull away, seems to be gone!

    her eyes blurred, and feel what is in the face of rolling over the lips, a salty.

    "Ke Ke."" Ji Mingyu and Yan's daughter looked at suddenly tears open, Zheng at there.

    Yan Ke don't control, indulge in tears, immediately seize the mobile phone up and choked road:

    "Mom, Dad, I'm going to make a phone call."!"

    she rushed into the corner and dialed the building number in a flurry of action.

    "Hello, oranges."" The girl's voice trembled slightly. "A drop of tear fell across her white cheeks and slid down.".

    "Ke, what's the matter?"" Cheng Cheng asked nervously and anxiously.

    strict sight, a blur, said with tears:

    "orange, I don't seem to have ever told you that."."

    she sucked her nose and cried out with emotion:


    "eh?"" Lou's eyes are somehow wet.

    Yan Ke slowed down; tears filled his eyes:

    "orange, I love you."!"

    after an hour, took a look at the building into a mobile phone, the flight was about to take off, and then raised his head, she looked at the airport, I saw a large passenger airliner "slowly" chongshangyunxiao, disappeared in his eyes.

    see this scene, he only feel empty heart, like a corner of the moon and the ebb tide of the sea, how can make up for incomplete?.

    look back, he wandered down to the mobile phone, suddenly sounded, a call from Shi man.

    "Hello, master?"" The building was quietly connected.

    "" old man laughed:

    "did Yan take off?" It's been a bad time to send you this brat There are clues to the origin of the wine bucket tactic, the military had to trace the old man, I thought, decided to give you do, your comprehensive ability training."

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