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Chapter 29–two dials

    "fighting words from the characteristics of Cloud City 'flagon Kuriya silver' boss Li Wanquan hand flow, you follow the clue of pursuing"

    "Lin side" that task, the risk has increased, after the confirmation of the door, the reward to you increased to one hundred and fifty thousand, the two days will hit the past, pay attention to their own, there is no arrival"

    "in short, the task will have an accident, there is a certain risk, the old man immediately contact me or the military, ah, stay, don't worry about firewood, right?"

    high-speed speeding, building into a half closed eyes in a master told, he has just received a text message, task reward arrival, their deposits rebounded from a low of more than 840000 to Jiushijiuwanyiqianji. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    from the end of June to the present, his spending is quite big, five star hotel accommodation for more than ten days, bought a couple of ring (female), martial arts itself increased spending, wine and dine just head, during this period, although there are strict home to meet red, but the account number is in the fast decline, taking into account the next long-term U.S. round-trip overhead, his first for a long time, and the economic pressure, full of money.

    and the one hundred and fifty thousand reward given by the Pope was as if the timely rain had just moistened his pouch.

    "the arrival ahead is auspicious; the stopping time is short; the passengers who are getting off will be waiting at the gate.""

    then, the broadcast sound, let lazy to even play mobile phone are not power into the floor stood up, took a hand off the Rack backpack, strange passengers over the next, into the corridor, not early or late to row to the door.

    Cloud City features belonging to Ji Shun City, in recent years is a little famous tourist resort is surrounded by high mountains and lofty hills, traffic is relatively inconvenient, so far no railway, well preserved antique flavor, to get there, only the first to the surrounding Ji Shun local bus ride the black car, or hire.

    Lou Cheng did not waste the spirit; after the high-speed rail station, went straight to the opposite Passenger Center, bought the departure time of the nearest long-distance.

    after less than twenty minutes, he didn't see the ticket on the train, you press the seat, the habit of looking for each acts in his own way, the center after location, there will be a window to stay out.

    seat, side head, saw beside the empty position, building into Zheng Zheng, the people seem to be a bit of precipitation.

    he moves the body, sits by the window, pulls the cord, and shines the glare into the glare of the sun, avoiding direct sunlight.

    back up, stick to the back of the chair, floor closed eyes, thoughts messy and divergent.

    by the sound of footsteps and a slight shake of the car, he instinctively "heard" and saw more and more passengers.

    suddenly someone stopped beside him and was talking, and then he just opened his eyes and turned his head.

    "Hello, this student, can I change seats?"" A tall boy smiling at Shu Lang said, he pointed to his side of the beautiful and slim girl, "I want to sit with my girlfriend, can you help me?"

    Lou gave them a deep glance and pushed the rigid black frame glasses down his face, laughing slightly:

    "OK, where are you?""

    "thank you, thank you."." The boys and girls joy shows between the lines, hastened to show my gratitude, and point to a bottom second row seat, "only there, really feel shy."

    "nothing, I'm alone."" Lou smiled and took one of his bags and walked into the aisle.

    the couple did not listen to his words of emotion, only hands constantly saying thank you.

    two steps forward, Lou saw the empty seat, and saw the passenger by the window and his bulging black short sleeves.

    no wonder that the couple find me and not find him for the seat The floor into the subconscious has come.

    at this time, the black T-shirt man in the back of a girl missed, just unscrew the lid of the mineral water bottle shaking, and thrown a piece of "water"".

    the last row should be higher than the front, the "splash" to a black T-shirt and a brawny neck back to.

    but, in the moment when the girl had just missed, the black T-shirt man was moving to the other side; coincidentally, the risk insurance avoided, so that the "spray" just soaked the place where he was sitting.

    "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."." T-shirts, shorts, sandals, girls take mineral water, panic and fear to get up and apologize.

    the black T-shirt man's arms were all over her thighs!

    look at the girl beautiful face and figure, black T-shirt man magnanimous smile: "not what, can you give me a towel wipe?"

    "OK, OK."." The girl took a stack of logs and towels from the satchel and handed it to the other party.

    the floor next to the quiet watching the other people do not care about the episode, nodded thoughtfully:

    there must be a shock, blood and concentration; this is a Dan Wu Wu

    as for a few items, there is no way to judge from the outside.

    clean the position, black T-shirt man to open the topic, half twist body and missed the girl and her companion, chatting about features of Cloud City things, see that he had been to many places, experience is quite rich, let the two girls hear immense interest, sometimes charming smile.

    in the process, Cheng put the backpack on the baggage rack, and sat next to the black T-shirt man, drawing his casual and habitual glance.

    see a floor about 76 meters tall, wearing a pair of black glasses very stay feeling, is not particularly strong, only face a clear line, black T-shirt man looked, two girls to chat and back.

    building into homeopathy also looked at him and found him quite dark skin, eyes lips have weathered color, thick thick eyebrows, impressive.

    no more see, the floor into the eyes closed, lying heart repose, appear a little puzzled:

    what a coincidence, there is also a symbol of the ancient city of Dan to cloud environment

    but Dan is also a person, will also travel, to mark the ancient city of cloud, this itself is not surprising

    fifty minutes later, in a man and two women chat more and more familiar, when the floor into sleep when looking at the phone, in the sun exposure, the bus arrived at the entrance to the ancient city of clouds.

    there remained two section of old city walls, there are many local characteristics, after building into a car, find a seat and took out his mobile phone from different angles, making a few snap.

    when he was going to switch the page and send the pictures, the two girls in the back of the table came closer and said with a smile: "handsome guy, handsome boy, can you take a picture for us?" Let's shoot two of us first and then shoot the three of us."

    in which the girl in the ankle cotton dress pointed to the black T-shirt man.

    "good."." The floor became quiet and smiled and agreed.

    this is easy.

    &nbsp:took the shorts, sandals, girls digital camera in hand, he studied a little, back two steps, waiting for each other pose.

    snip, snip, snip, floor, even by a few, after a busy, successful completion of the two girls and their black T-shirt and a photo of the man.

    "thank you."!" Cried the two girls in chorus, taking back the digital camera, lowering her head, admiring the previous pictures, and greeting the black T-shirt man.

    Lou Cheng did not stop, go to the ancient city gate line, while walking, just shot the scenery sent to Yan ke:

    "to mark the clouds, the environment is not bad."."

    then, he also used the "snicker" expression way:

    "just someone looking for me to photograph them, this is really arrogant, suicidal ah! Can I take a look at it?!"

    hair finished, he searched for "chestnut home silver" position, straight all the way, turn left at the third intersection, saw that quite a sense of the times signs.

    building into not immediately into the store, but a glance left, into the opposite arranged tea like a cup of ice water, to the Yuanyang, to sit by the door, like a casual observation "Li Jia silver".

    their foreheads, at present have not seen the chestnut Wanquan mouth, no matter what to ask, he could not fully trust each other to tell the truth, nothing to hide, not to entrained contraband, and in others no crime, not to do bad things on the premise he has a bottom line, do not use "soldiers" tactic to frighten the innocent, to break their spirit, only a lot of inquiries, prepare, do more homework.

    watched for a while, drank the ice mandarin duck, Lou Cheng picked up the phone, unlock the screen, see if there is no reply, what is the reply?.

    the light shines; the dialog box quietly shows the photos and messages he just sent, and nothing else.

    building into a silent moment, he remembered the time difference, inexplicable heart empty, and relieved at shook his head and laughed.

    after a dozen minutes, the two girls in the back row walked over here, while the black T-shirt man was no longer with them.

    building into the habit to pick up the mobile phone watch, then slowly got up, to pay the cashier asked, smooth voice:

    "I think the silver shop across the street is nice. How's the boss of their family?""

    "" the receiver glanced at him warily and saw his attitude was sincere and vague:

    "very mean and shameless.""

    the more she spoke, the more whispered she could hear the last two words.

    so, he asked in a circle, half of them don't answer half reminded, in the heart in the preliminary outline of the image of Li Wanquan, and then entered the silver shop, a glimpse of the boss has a distinctive triangular eyes of fifty.

    "what to buy?"" See the floor, no tube clerk, and toward their own feet, chestnut Wanquan said a lazy voice.

    building into a smile, with mobile phone, point out that the fighting tactic flagon of photos, into each other's eyes, open the door to see the road:

    "I heard that you came here.""

    "yes."." Li Wanquan spirits, eyes shine, "do you want to buy? Still!"

    "and?"" Cheng Cheng surprised.

    Li Wanquan did not answer, trot to another counter, pulled out a small box, inside several of the "fighting" words engraved gold and purple wine.

    "not this, no, no feeling, understand, that feeling?"" "No," said Mr. Cheng, without saying much.

    Li Wanquan's face was slightly Black: "that's what my dad did. It's what I did.""

    "that was your father do?" Asked the man.

    "he passed away ten years ago, this wine only three, I was the first one of dozens of pieces of cheated them, not to sell the price" Li Wanquan bielebiezui said.

    "three"?" Building into the hearts, when asked.

    not just the one in his master's hand!

    this would not mean that others may also buy, means that the message may be leaked at any time?

    chestnut smiled a low laugh when he heard his question:

    "do you still want to ask my dad how to make this wine?"

    floor eyes squinted, staring at him, without answering.

    "you foreigners are really dishonest; there were two people asking for some time ago."!" Li Wanquan and the dull remarks died over a number of money, than the hand gesture.

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