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Chapter 31–a game"

    "black T-shirt man is a group of people, the guy that just met is another wave." Li Wanquan never lied" Building a thoughtfully run away from the Vanward street, it will temporarily out of the back of the head, to find a quiet stroll yesterday was no place, "" temper words and ice of study, improve their every little bit. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    at eight in the morning, he put away his shelf and went back to the road. He stopped by an early shop and bought four big stuffed buns. He could see the kind of meat meat with one bite.


    he took a picture to Yan Ke in the past, ".":

    "I read the reviews on the Internet and say that the baozi is pretty good, just biting two, and it's really worthy of the name! But do not dare to buy more, afraid of scaring the boss, can only share a share to eat, eat a few more."

    there is almost dinner time, girl quickly reply "table photos", a lot of the dish, fried steak, potatoes stewed sirloin, the combination of Chinese and western, the wobble is very beautiful, the taste of the unknown.

    "yes, hurt each other!" Yan Ke "hit the table" road.

    floor to see the inexplicable feeling can not help laughing, good appetite, and opened a bit, ate for breakfast seven times, contentedly back to live in the Inn hotel.

    after more than an hour, Yan Ke to chat in the busy and other things, sent a video request, building into a long-awaited selection switch.

    fleeting buffer, the girl in the picture, showing their delicate collarbone Nightgown, covered with small fresh pattern quilt, hair down, lazy to loose, no nose frame glasses, eyes charming and attractive, beautiful and pure let the building into a move not to open eyes.

    "talking, what do you always see me doing?"" Yan Ke chin slightly Yang, the corners of the mouth laughing side of the side.

    "because you look good."." "Half of the building is half jokingly," half laughs heartily.

    Yan Ke heard a glance, spat:


    two people in love with a girl, care about building into things here, take the initiative to change the topic:

    "orange, go to old Qiu, where do you find anything?""

    "no, just a" peer "has not met in a few hands, my watch has alarmed other people, just go away, however, from the courtyard of the situation, Qiu Po is old like rumors, more mysterious, some ghastly, ancient eccentric" In front of his daughter-in-law, Lou described what he had seen and heard before.

    "a fight!"" Yan Ke refining the focus of their most concern.

    Lou Cheng cough, two sound channel: "nothing, anyway, now is the rule of law society, who dares to hurt anyone, really just a few hands, did not kill Italy." For others, for an arcane risk such, not worth ah."

    especially both sides are Dan Wu exit, the backbone must belong to their respective forces, really want to have any unexpected misfortune, will not let go.

    and an arcane said precious indeed precious, but also not can make people sit for half a lifetime in prison, not to involve in the elixir of mystery, a building may not even afford to raise interest in here, some things are more embellishment, is the icing on the cake.

    so he perceived that the previous shadow had been very restrained when he first started punching.

    "yes."." Yan Ke micro and nodded, eyes on the turn, mused that "orange, you said you don't care too much about" master nine words "yesterday, in order to exercise you waste a lot of valuable time, I think, what seems to be wrong Your master doesn't care. What about the military? Aren't they also collecting "nine characters" for research? Willing to risk losing "fight" until you're free?"

    ER Building to listen to one Zheng, the hidden hearts doubts suddenly cheerful.


    "meaning" and "after the crime of fire Tianjun" very much "predecessors nine words"!

    military training for the master apprentice's "caprice", he watched the "fight" tactic may be lost, they do not do that, to intervene, because so far, everything is under control?

    the two dials are not big forces; the military is sure to eat it

    emphasis should be on the old Qiu Po who do, the key figure once completely disappeared, the military will be at a loss what to do?

    they haven't happened, because it has been monitoring the progress of the old woman's whereabouts, Qiu master, safety has been guaranteed to me in a certain extent, out of control before selling a master face, give me the opportunity to exercise?

    call; so, they must be waiting for me to ask for help, and come to an honest conclusion!

    want to see through this, Lou Cheng will understand the whole thing:

    her as a child, parents of "supervision", playing a seemingly risky but steady as a dog "game", and parents are proudly waiting "children" to ask for help.

    as a child, when raised floor sudden strong emulative heart, want to do this beautifully, do not want to rely on the military, they stepped in before, will "fight" tactic to get!

    cannot be neglected! Parents must not be allowed to do so!

    Lou Cheng swept away the lazy ocean before, and told his conjecture and ideas to Ke Ke Ke classmate.

    "well, orange brother refueling, do not let people have the opportunity to play the military!" Yan Ke fist, delighted to respond, deliberately Diadia tone with inspiration.

    hey hey, I really was the IQ of the family to play!

    with military supervision, she was completely reassured.

    wait until Ke Yan said good night, was unable to part laqu "empress warm bed", and building the unspeakable loss, settling a moment, open Notepad, start by writing to organize my thoughts:

    "I have the advantage of wearing glasses, shorter hair, camouflage, even if watching the national race broadcast, not in daily life more familiar with people, but also can not recognize that I was built."."

    "the other two groups of people who either don't know me, or do not know who can rely on the fish in troubled waters."

    "the disadvantage is," hide in the shadow ", and without the military resources, appear to be single handedly, to collect news speed and breadth, certainly not as good as the other two people."

    after these columns, Lou began to write possible ways to find the old lady:

    "first, by means of an official, through the police station.";"

    second, and white city also has a dark side, the news may be more informed, before those people mentioned several times, even in the old Wei Zhou Qiu Po where misfortune, obviously this is not what ordinary people, from this line. Check;"

    "three", tracking the other two dials, using their intelligence as my intelligence, and if they have some power, they will also use official resources, the first can be merged here;"

    "four, tomorrow morning at five, and then go to an old Qiu mother's home, to find clues."."

    after writing, the building looks carefully, merges and diverges, and finally summarizes the three things to be done today:

    "one, ask who is Zhou Wei, and seek him in secret.";"

    two, another group of people is secret, not what clues, but the black man is floating on the surface of the T-shirt, doing the first thing at the same time, the way to look for him and the appearance of several warriors yesterday, it is not, tracking back two girls, the guy is romantic mind, may contact;"

    "three"; then explore Vanward street, number 15."

    after the completion of the plan, Cheng took his cell phone and wallet, left the room, ready to have lunch first.

    &nbsp:in order to conceal his identity, he insisted on "eat less, eat more" style, and to share the lunch to different stores, and yesterday, so as not to be found abnormal food intake

    calls for assistance to the door, Hou Yulin take a nap, do daily exercise, in the glare of the sun, to "Li Jia silver" to.

    the elders could not immediately start, can not fly, the same high-speed rail bus, is expected to arrive tomorrow morning, before this, he could not do what is not dry, wait here.

    new last night came out of the master should not be there, or not midnight to exploration, he can find the old Qiu Po there, it should be by Li Wanquan, from the silver shop can be asked, lest one in a dark, not anti anti .

    think of the morning in the old master Qiu her encounter, Hou Yulin couldn't help shuddering, it was like a print in mind its nightmare, when memories are so clear, so let people sweat.

    a terrible strong man; after asking questions, avoid them

    Hou Yulin raised his head, looked at the words "Li Jia silver" of the plaque, I stepped into the room.

    the eyes of the triangle eyes were all set, and greeted with delight; "what do you want to ask today?" he said expectantly"

    these strangers, other bad, is generous!

    Hou Yulin took out his wallet, a number, passed in the past, like the other side behind the times, can not pay the scan code, and security monitoring, while quietly asked: "this two days and who asked the old Qiu Po?"

    Li Wanquan joy: "place with money, and a young man to ask, 2034 appearance, wearing a white T-shirt, jeans, wearing a pair of big black glasses, laughing very kind"

    34 That terrible strength showed me last night What kind of force is this new talent? If Hou Yulin thought, and carefully asked a few words, turned away from the silver shop.

    came to the street, he looked at, looking for a white blouse instinct, 2034, jeans, black rimmed glasses, looks gentle man.

    well, there's one; Er, there are one, three, four

    two blocks away; Hou Yulin saw five whole people.

    "it's really popular."" Hou Yulin Tucao a sentence, gave up looking for, began to suspect Li Wan mouth of the person is not his last night of the master.

    he should have hired a young man with no characteristic to ask, so as not to expose him.

    this is very possible!

    that's the sort of horror that comes with last night's encounter!

    Hou Yulin will look back from the side of the building into a noodle shop, sat quietly drinking fresh and delicious soup.

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