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Chapter 32–the wolf is coming

    for the talk about Zhou Wei, the cloud city residents into the old building features to tell what is taboo Qiu Po is very deep, no one dares to say, let him busy in a circle, still no harvest, as for several martial men and black t-shirts monitor Vanward Street No. 15, seems to be hidden, or waiting for what, few appearances in the huge city, not want to meet. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    &nbsp:be forced to do so; the two girls who put the target in the back row; when they met them a few times yesterday, they probably knew which Inn they lived in.

    after a wait, four or five PM appearance, he finally saw two familiar figure, a lovely face and graceful figure, a common features, a range of art.

    they come back from the outside, take a break, and then re start, the building holding a mobile phone, far hanging, if the other side of the back, pretending to be wandering in pictures, tourists full of flavor.

    two girls walk, laughing, and sometimes look at the experience of local specialties, and musical instruments, like looking for dinner, like going forward.

    with more than half an hour, the floor into some intolerance, around the front, and they encounter, will be a lot closer to the distance, by the already strong ears, eavesdropping two girls conversation.

    "brook, you see, it's him again."!" The fan of the literature and art quietly pointed to the floor.

    Xi Xi face good girl wrinkled painted thin eyebrows: "really well, he seems to have been with us."

    "ha ha, must be attracted by your beauty, and dare not speak up, have to follow secretly, saw him several times yesterday."!" The girl of the literary and art van has a face like gossip, "but we won't like the stuffy and timid and handsome otaku."."

    &nbsp:the brook girl bit her lower lip, and said with fear, "A Shen, don't say that. It's so terrible. What if he's a bad guy and a pervert?""

    just like a stalker.

    "yes."" The fan Shen has been a bit perturbed, "during the day, and so many people, what he should not do it Should be simply admire you, and do not have the courage to talk to you, and want to see more than a few eyes"

    building into a mouth can smoke, did not think the tracking their behavior so quickly discovered, was as follows

    hey, where do I look like a pervert?!

    no, that's not the point. Is my tracking skill that bad?

    ER The answer is quite certain. I didn't follow the technique at all!

    have never followed anyone before; do not know what needs to be avoided and what must be noticed

    building a nearly facepalm sigh, to unlock the mobile phone screen, along with the stream and a sink, to the side of their daughter-in-law sent a message, describing just things, tell the heart of injustice, then open the app browser, enter the search page, enter the rash a few words:

    "our skills"

    "bah, only on the tracking technique!" Floor in self mockery, changed the word, a little sad, wondering whether the other side will call the police.

    at this point, the creek girl pretended to pick something and quickly took her eyes off her head:

    "he's still here."!"

    "what shall I do?"" Shen is also quite nervous, "or the police?""

    "no use, he didn't do anything." Or shall we hurry back to the inn after dinner?" A little stream of confusion.

    Shen a dignified shook his head: "this is where we found him Stream, looking for brother Huang help, he still owes us a meal, said these two days to find us to play, and the results are invisible."

    "looking for Huang Ge."" Xi Xi obviously move.

    "yes, Huang brother looks so strong, said he is a warrior, can play a scare, I don't have the guts to metamorphosis should be very easy, I tell you, the wicked have bad governance." A Shen more think more affirmation.

    here, her low smile: "but the Yellow brother looked at you is wrong, how can such a hero a chance? You have been lovelorn for almost three months, and you have to give yourself a chance to be liberated!"

    "well, I'll ask if he's available."" Xi Xi picked up the mobile phone, switch to the WeChat page, open up to Huang Zihua yesterday, crackling playing a lot of words.

    in a few minutes she was pleased and said, "he said that he would do it; let's go and meet ONKYO and meet him."."

    "well, sure enough, as soon as the beautiful woman hands, she knows."!" Ah Shen deliberately looked back at the building, and saw him pretending to see the cell phone, still follow.

    Er, is there a trace of the black T-shirt man Huang brother? Although the aim was achieved, why didn't I feel happy at all? As the building thought, inwardly sighed.

    he plans to continue following the two girls; when he arrives at the proper ONKYO, he will circle ahead, so as not to change the location of the meeting halfway and let himself go blank.

    well, on the way you have to learn the techniques of tracking and so on, but a Dan wu!

    straight, turn, turn again, and straight, Xi Xi suddenly handed a mobile phone Shen, low voice: "you see"

    a Shen doubt won, gazing at, I saw brother Huang said: "you don't so strange that I haven't in there should be ONKYO, I hid in the nearby, lest scared the stalker, give him some color to see see, lesson!"

    "really means brother huang" Ah Shen did not say, only joy and surprise of Xi Xi Shu Shu thumb, what will happen next things full of expectation.

    "uh!" Brook has the same feeling.

    that metamorphosis should be a good lesson!

    although he was admiring me

    and go ten minutes, seeing ONKYO near the street where appropriate, two girls is not slowed down, waiting for the Yellow brother out of nowhere, caught behind the stalker, dragged him into the alley, gave a lesson in the street it is easy to do, and Words alone are no proof. attracted onlookers easily bite each other.

    and this time is going to become floor around to the front, he can no longer track, just be aware of their own body, being focused, saw the black T-shirt man unexpectedly appeared in advance, to their own!

    moving into building, do not escape, let the other side close, exaggerated arm stretch, hold up his shoulders, tightly with smile, fierce light:

    "we go there chatter chatter."

    a dark sigh; a tracking plan; bankruptcy; shivering; dragged by the other side of the quiet lane.

    "yes"!" Brook brook and a Ling eye show joy, in unison the mouth.

    Huang brother is really fierce!

    the stalker is like him, just like a child!

    they go back to the alley; they want to go in and dare not look.

    small alley, black T-shirt man let go of the building into a yellow brother, fists clenched crackled, with ferocious smile: "boy, ah, dare to track people girl, do not give you a lesson, really do not know the horse king three eyes!"

    then he saw wearing black rimmed glasses, the other raised his hands, knead to print Jue, mouth suddenly open road:


    this Huang Zihua head Weng a, only sleep itself seems to be covered with layers of fierce battle, into a ghost press position, knew it was wrong, I know not, but how to struggle to wake up.

    at the same time, building into a compact, time to come up with the frozen river view spray freeze frames, adjust the body muscle, and visceral fascia manufacturing fluctuations, and then quickly switched to thunder concussion scene.


    his fist hit, "a blow and a shout"!

    black T-shirt man Huang Zihua just from the "soldier" word trick to break free, at present is a black, suddenly lost consciousness.

    in this instant, there was only one thought in his mind that echoed:

    "I walk the rivers and lakes for many years, the wind and rain lossless, and finally, so inexplicably planted." Finished"

    thump! Lou Cheng hands down, down to the mind and body at the same time Huang Zihua made a mistake, so that he completely unconscious in the past.

    during peaceful times so close, see, as long as their resistance, revealing traces, no camouflage, certainly can think of each other afterwards who is, therefore, no matter what!

    Miaole Xiang Tanzikou, building into a squat down, pulls out a black T-shirt man with his mobile phone, one by one, one by one fingerprint test, finally unlock success.

    looked through the other party's WeChat chat record; he probably made sure of the situation.

    the man, Huang Zihua, is the backbone of a sect called the "Dharma", and they are somewhat related to the grand mosque.

    old Qiu Po that missing is very strange, watching people not aware that out from the police station near the monitor, nor find any, they have to pass the various resources from the old Qiu Po former lover out there, but so far, the effect is not too good.

    I don't seem to lag behind Building into the mobile phone back into Huang Zihua's pocket, pinch his people, so that he began to shake off the coma.

    finished all this, Lou Cheng did not return to the original road, continue to move forward, drilled out of the alley, into the sea of people.

    outside, stream and wait for a Shen was a curious to conceal, a few steps, suddenly saw the black t-shirt men fell on the wall, eyes closed, become unconscious!

    they stayed; the pupil contracted, and a short scream ran out of sight.

    what happened just now?

    to learn how to follow the mad Huang brother

    how does this thing feel strange?!

    Huang Zihua was awakened by a screaming disturbance, and opened his eyes.

    see before the real friendly alley scene, he felt relieved, just understand the master did not kill heart experience.

    "soldiers" pronunciation Frozen brain scooling "Bucket" pronunciation clues Very young At this time, a mind in Huang Zihua's mind, a string of string, and finally fixed in the previously slightly stiff face.

    is he?

    Huang Zihua suddenly a surprised, suddenly stood up, regardless of the stream and a Shen two girl with slightly surprised at scared eyes, took out a mobile phone, call back the Pope door, abnormal dignified said:

    "the building is coming."!"

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