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Chapter 33–re exploration

    people in the name of the tree shadow "," the two words not to mention the other light, which itself means a lot, peerless Tianjiao, one of the best non following figures, almost equal to the level before the break Peng Leyun Wu, he did not see enough ah, et al!

    therefore, the two or three elders must be one of the most powerful martial art came to ask the teacher, and must immediately leave, because he is not a building still exists behind the Regal isolationist, ice Shenzong such a huge force. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    he may be granted to inform, not to believe in a door, but now this situation may request assistance, even if the ice in the ancient city of Shenzong surrounding provinces influence is very low, also don't live their master ah, just two is not their own forces can compete.

    well, the elders have arrived in the morning, and then a day for the duration of the search, if we can not find the old Qiu Po, can not take the "bucket" tactic of clues, it will be revealed to the great temple, a cup of water for their leftover!

    thoughts flashed in the black T-shirt man Huang Zihua head, let him face heavy tone dignified to the call for assistance, concise and comprehensive, did not say much, everything is in the simple two words that contain them!

    after hanging up the phone, and lake Huang Zihua repressed itself still suffering from the shock heart, look at the stream and a Shen, reluctantly nodded: "I have to do something, please go back to your dinner."

    old Qiu Po let him the mysterious disappearance of a lot of pressure, did not go to bubble girl, until the day to fail, and received a stream of WeChat, just want to relax, empty brain, can see what inspiration.

    now. Come, the situation upheaval which he has a mind and a girl.

    "good."" Xi Xi Shen and do not know what is currently at a loss about what to do, what is the situation, face Meng replied.

    followed by the Creek Creek instinct and worried to fill a sentence: "Huang brother, then, that track will not, will not come back?""

    Huang Zihua took a glance at her lips quivered after a few road:

    "rest assured that his goal is not yours."."

    finished, he turned out of the alley, toward the residence of the inn to return, leaving two girls foolishly stay in place.

    the goal is not me Fallen unconscious brother huang A no longer trace Xi Xi to see a Shen, heart suddenly there has been some speculation.

    we seem to be involved in something terrible

    the stalker is looking for yellow brother; I'm just a cover

    to understand this, the stream is frustrated and afraid, and feel strange and inexplicable feeling lost.

    then, a Shen frowned, wondering to himself:

    "Cheng Cheng." This name is so familiar ah"

    exposed the identity of the building into a know each other will request assistance, its not until the last moment, but not too willing to find the "parents" help, so a lot of food packaging to return to the inn, eat and analysis and hammer out where Huang Zihua was ready to speed up the progress of information, try the first step.

    they find snakes through the official, Zhou Wei, didn't ask out useful clues

    they had secretly stared at Li Wanquan, looking forward to the old Qiu Po jam, because of the mystery of the eccentric means woman who was looking on from the "Li Wanquan Menyuan betrayal, this is likely to retaliate

    they still looked at Vanward street number 15, afraid of the old lady going home to get something

    all sorts of circumstances have gone through the brain; the building has not found anything new; it has ruled out many possibilities.

    unknowingly, time close to half past eight pm, his cell phone sounded a special reminder of the sound.

    Yan Ke laughed loudly and said, "ha ha, I saw such funny things early in the morning, Hello, abnormal orange."!"

    "what can I do, and I am helpless; I will not follow at all."" Floor into a "face tears" road.

    do "Metamorphosis" is really not a good experience, except the small Ke classmate in front of.

    "what did the two girls look like?"" "Yan Ke" covered his mouth and laughed".

    "in general, see, know, see, almost forget what it looks like."." Cheng Cheng's heart moved, slightly exaggerated a little answer.

    Yan Ke "bite lips look": "lie, if not pretty, what Huang Zi will go to China which approached? He's a mess at any rate!"

    "I'm probably frugal."." Building perfect little fairy prejudices fall into his routine, "said.".

    Yan paused for a moment and then replied, "I almost laughed and almost sprayed the milk." My mother looked at me in a strange way By the way, is there any clue?"

    she was happy to put the subject on the right track.

    "what clues are broken? Is that a clue?"" Lou Cheng will sum up the contents of his wife told.

    "uh" Yan Ke "hands cross's chin," meditation "according to detective novels, this case will be back again, and then, since I didn't know how to leave the old Qiu Po is the yard, you have to start again where she disappeared"

    "so I'm going to see the old woman Qiu home tonight at three, see have been missing traces, they can not be found, does not represent me not, outside the gang following not many people can do similar" ice scooling mirror "!" The floor intentionally lives tacit agreement ground to say.

    "Hey, husband and wife 5!" Yan Ke "laughing" answer.

    the pleasant chat became intermittent after strict packing, and it was not long enough, because it was soon enough for the bed to be full of time.

    he finished good night, with a sigh, visualize a quiet, deep sleep

    at three, the alarm sound, building into a turn up quickly, inspire the spirit, again become dousou.

    change the dark martial suit, he gave Yan Ke also said to himself, "starting."".

    in the dead of night; the lights were lonely; the building moved along the shadows; and soon it was around 15 Vanward street; and with keen senses and previous experience, two dark piles were found.

    he patiently waiting for the time when a drunk bar return pass, attracted the attention of dark pile, hand hold, like a black bird, in the darkness of the over the wall, directly into the courtyard of the old Qiu Po.

    fall silent, civet like forward toward a building, into a gentle force offset to open the door into the room and closed the flash, the closure.

    the outside of the stars, he will be here all income fundus, see a lot of very antique utensils, paintings and ornaments.

    in the rumor, the old Qiu woman is not the person who likes the calligraphy and painting Building heart doubts, one by one check, but still did not find valuable clues to what.

    from the living room to the bedroom, from the bedroom to the kitchen, he had a serious look at, no harvest.

    must have, the convergence of ideas, visualization of "ice mirror", the whole mood of people such as coagulation, the state of mind flat, reflecting the surrounding dozens of centimeters of dribs and drabs.

    all present, he just according to the route, a step back, feel quiet and no more Ning, what not to change.

    from the kitchen back to the bedroom, from the bedroom back to the living room, Lou Cheng just walked two steps, suddenly "listen" to a heartbeat, not his heartbeat!


    his scalp was numb; he stopped, focused on listening, and prepared to do his best.

    after a full minute, he sounded "second" in his heart"!

    thump, splash, splash The heartbeat slow deep, as if from deep underground, as if the devil's call.

    building a breath, the heart is still out of the mirror lake ice, let oneself with hair standing on end.

    and in a few minutes he stepped back two paces and looked at the position he had just stepped on.

    the floor of the whole living room has not been dealt with; it has only been rammed with earth.

    and that strange heartbeat comes from under the soil!

    here it is!

    I wipe, what the hell is this? Building into a swallowed spittle, mind electricity turns, there are a few guesses, suddenly sit cross legged visualize out "corresponding ancient soldiers".

    his momentum soon blooming out, like the dark sky, lower temperature, contaminated blood evil end of the storm, 'roar' pressure to the dire heartbeat of the ground!

    dong! Building into a cross legged knot in his right hand, cross, momentum of cooperation, virtual fist, tapping the ground with a deep voice, not out of the room:

    "come out, I won't do anything to you."."

    his voice just fell, the odd change suddenly, the ground like a peristalsis, drill out a and a brightly coloured bug, he touched the earth along the fist, surging tides upward, dense, people physically and mentally are trembling!

    building a shook his head, face up with fist Teng oppressive crimson flame, those colorful insects have yet to do what is due to burning black, rain falling.

    clap mhmm "raindrop" hurried, with nearby.

    after the insect only a dozen moths, try finally stopped, compacted soil flopped out a skin slightly wrinkled palm, not too big, like women.

    strange pictures, the other hand, head, trunk and feet are all from the underground drilling out, draw the outline of a woman wearing red clothes.

    "Lao Qiu?"" Lou Cheng secretly spat out the tone and took back the momentum of the other party, smiling.

    old woman with body trembling slightly corrected. "Qiu Huazhen."

    sure enough A building over each other several times, but found her head face is white, silver is more, not too old, but elegant, no rumors in strange and terrible.

    yes. She was a suitor, a lot of beautiful women The first floor into the next point:


    if the old lady is strong enough, she will not escape in this way And can hide into the soil, not a few days, if the shape of hibernation, under the gang under the martial arts, it is difficult to do this degree

    "uh" Qiu Huazhen stared at him coldly. "What exactly are you trying to do?""

    building cost to be out of "fighting" tactic flagon photos asked, suddenly a flash, look to the ware ornaments and other road:

    "are these antiques?""

    "you know that."" Qiu Huazhen's face changed dramatically.

    "not much."." "You can say it yourself," he said in a vague reply."

    old Qiu Po their view is the tomb of the gang ah, no wonder we can find "bucket" tactic, perhaps out of what life case, so that the two dial and refused to discuss, always trying to escape, this is guilty!

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