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Chapter 34–The early bird catches

    old Qiu Po argument and building into that similar, she has an odd young, just like hibernating animal, can barely control soil after accidentally added a gangs, and learned some witchcraft. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    she often is not out of the house a few days has quietly left the city, in the eyes of the neighbors have become more mysterious, lived together for some time later find her strange, let people have a sense of horror, not dare to say about her.

    "bucket" tactic of related items is obtained in this process, because many are damaged in the gang leader did not mind what too much value, while the girls love home and similar items, then throw directly to her, let her back home, just like the room those bottles like junk.

    once they harvest, and have sold a lot of money, the gang infighting, someone tried to attack a con within a con, kill the leader, Qiu Huazhen relied on talents and witchcraft, fish in troubled waters, took the most money and goods, fled to other members know from home, little go out, law-abiding life, when money is not handy, only sold one or two pieces carefully.

    this day over the years, the two dial was suddenly the door broken, old Qiu Po blocking the news, no Internet, no mobile phone, did not know "nine words" thing, do not believe that their "struggle" what is the value of related items is the original, suspected gang members later found themselves, waiting for help together, feeling fear, and not the police,.

    her witchcraft temporarily stunned by the two groups of people, in their surveillance, when the day the most noisy, the most valuable items on the belt, sink into the ground, waiting for half a month to hibernate (limit this is her ability) to the door, people are no longer concerned here, just go away.

    she had more mind, in other cities got a false identity, there are two sets of houses, but reluctant to familiar with the hometown, only to stay in the clouds.

    "what should I say; what do you want to do?"" The old lady looked at the building with cold eyes and terror.

    her own strength is not strong, just a mysterious witchcraft magic to fooled people, so that the two dial and dare not recklessly, must find a way to escape, face and powerful and terrifying warriors, it is difficult to mention what rebellious spirit.

    Lou Cheng, with a sigh of emotion, smiled faintly:

    "the block" bucket "jade?"

    "just for this?"" The old woman asked insurprise high tone, face is very much puzzled expression.

    at first, that thing looks like a junk to the boss, or it's good to be born, and you don't want it!

    "I'm just browsing."." The floor was answered with an air of silence.

    old Qiu Po suspiciously looked at him, from his pocket and took out a piece of black corrosion has obvious traces of jade, its unique patterns, modeling exquisite, is engraved with a central as extraordinary as if done by the spirits of "struggle", a taste of "battle with heaven and earth unyielding fighting the word"!

    building a micro lift eyelid, looked slightly, then confirm the jade due to the passage of time, "Yin" rotten, damage is heavy, joint "struggle" is only a subtle charm, for others, don't rely on it to get what may be in secret. Myself, just need to induce the Saver "resonance" intro, enough!

    he looked the same, eyes narrowed, the old woman of Qiu will jade to their near position, try to understand that chongshangyunxiao like spirit and charm.

    after seven or eight minutes, hundreds of times he barely came up with a very light view only the charm of the fuzzy "struggle", the hands knot to print Jue, one after the other, leads to the pubic region, and low opening, reveal the ancient road:


    unreal sound hum, a floor feel abdominal mind "struggle" by Dan traction, obvious tremor, rippling out one and a "wave", "bright star" and "big day" hot fast running, will produce a breath a strong, overbearing, terror, explosive and strength of feeling a sense of the "struggle", it will never bow against all the charm of a substance.

    its reverse hook, so that the image of the map into a rapid change of mind, showing the correct appearance, leaving a deep imprint.

    "dou"!" In the old Qiu Po astonished eyes, again echoing ancient building into openings.

    his muscles with bulging, the momentum into the sky, filled with a strong fighting means, light with that a sense of power, it was old Hai Qiu Po could not help but move back a bit.

    "fight" word formula; enhance power, a blow!

    the better the practice, the deeper the grasp, the more terrible the effect!

    "it's a bit like King Wang."" The "fight" tactic "of" building into a real delight thinking.

    but the "bucket" tactic is to enhance the range of no more than thirty percent, more than two times the top estimate of the future, not too guards, and it is by stimulating gas pressure pressing body to complete, a battle can do several times, once more than the limit, the flesh will collapse collapse. Can not recover without long time recuperation, may even leave a serious hidden danger.

    in the use of "bucket" character at the same time, he is also aware of the elixir of change: it is not only like the past, the stars move, rippling water, showing a corresponding text, but also seems to "wake up" the front "" words, "" tactic, "soldiers" and "words" in the words, "the universe" into five "nodes", forming a relatively stable structure.

    the joint was itself a feeling of danger seems to be strong, and also have this ability Binghuo Goulian to some extent, and no longer isolated in the root pulp level more clear, let oneself have a really can affect their feelings.

    call After a period of consolidation, we can open the door to humanity and begin to change Floor to nod, nod.

    Peng Leyun fit in after the completion of the transformation, and got the certificate, officially entered the human realm, and Ren Li heard there, she entered the accumulate steadily overtaking stage, the end of July. They successfully opened the door inhuman.

    Er, I'm not slow either! Building into a smile picked up the piece of "struggle" of the old jade, Qiu Po road:

    "how much is it?""

    here not long, he decided to go back to study carefully the changes of dan.

    how much is it? There's a moment, the old woman Qiu incredulously, to this point, the other directly away you dare not resist?

    she was silent for a moment; "nothing good, six hundred," she said."

    "actually, if you don't ask for it, I'll leave it to you."." Cheng Cheng said sincerely.

    anyway, I've been practicing "Doo Doo"!

    if not to leave a mark, I would not even look at the jade!

    and its actual value, in others, there are hundreds.

    "well, what trouble" The old woman Qiu raised lower eyelid, melancholy answer.

    "all right."." Touched the floor into the pocket, suddenly a little embarrassed, his fear of fighting, with only a mobile phone, not his wallet

    his egg hurts for more than ten seconds; "smile" and ask, "can I pay by cell phone?""

    "ah?"" The old woman looked blank.

    building clear throat, pretending to be common:

    "I have no money with me, or you have jade."

    Lao Qiu knew what was going on; stayed a moment and said, "that's a good day for you. I'm not sure what else to do."."

    "well, back, I'll put the money in your room."." The building folded jade, to the next, "said I won't do anything to you, as long as you can from other people search, when I didn't come."

    old Qiu Po slightly nodded, did not say, the corpse together, lay down again.

    tamped earth a strange soft, let her and insects into the inside, then again solidified, can't see a trace.

    building a round body, be careful out room, when the wall has been aware of the dark pile away, disappear in the night.

    four pure, he glanced at the jade, with a mobile phone to his wife joy:


    the end of this sentence, he suddenly thrown some sense of reality.

    the progress of this thing is completely out of expectation; the "fight" is too easy and easy to get.

    but think carefully, he became relieved, this thing to say clearly, what is actually very simple, no winding, not Huang Zihua who paid much attention, and a bit of a coincidence, but scared old Qiu Po, they had succeeded!

    Yan Ke over there in the afternoon, and soon made a reply, "eyes stare dog stay" way: "really?" So soon?"

    it seems that the orange doesn't go out long!

    "yes."." The building will mean students proud, smiling things through repeated, and the jade shoot gave her watch.

    "yes, there."" Yan Ke was relieved, then the "light," fist "orange brother awesome, Ke Xiao Ke sister!"

    plurks, building into a laugh, happy reply to the two, finally said: "I teach you."

    with their own skills to get "Doo" word trick, why can not teach his wife?!

    "uh huh!" Strict Ke "clever wait and see", "quickly go back to sleep ~ do not wander outside."!"

    "OK, let me talk to my master first."." To the floor, suddenly "laughing", "well, after two days."

    &nbsp:the military, since everything is in control, parents look at their "game", then nothing to say, see when they will worry, will sell!

    "you're so bad!"" After a while, Yan Ke covered his mouth and laughed.

    the floor was in a good mood; silent, humming melody, returned to the inn where he lived.

    he didn't sleep, spent some time on the change of cinnabar, confirm the corresponding ability under the condition of ice traction, can smoothly move inside the little energy saver hook.

    as for how the corresponding traction, then you need to slowly groping.

    and other gains are the ones that they first sensed.

    two hours later, the floor as usual go out, looking for ground temper, until the big day Dongsheng, sunshine all over

    ten o'clock in the morning, Hou Yulin wait for their master, Huang Zihua saw the door of the elders.

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