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Chapter 35–asking for a fight

    "where is the building?"" Black T-shirt man in front of him, such as party elders method door forehead bulge longevity Fakui to sink a voice to ask. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    Huang Zihua was ready to answer truthfully:

    "he should and went to the old Qiu's house to look for clues last night, did not estimate what harvest, in addition to a morning exercise, not a window."

    he through the police station over there, check out the building, live in which Inn type hotel, specially sent people staring at there, do not expect anything to stop, just for the first time to understand trends.

    "well" Fakui nodded slowly, "someone staring at me the rest, spreading out, collecting more detailed old Qiu Po, I don't believe so many years, she didn't show in front of others what had abnormal!"

    "and what about you?"" Huang Zihua was puzzled and blurted.

    Fang Fakui turned around and looked out of the window:

    "I'm going to the old lady's house again to see if you've missed any clues."."

    "Li Jia silver shop, always greedy tired out Li Wanquan trembling before looking at the old man with thick eyebrows and small eyes, answer:

    "me, I really said everything."!"

    the old man is Yu Shishu million Shengjiang Hou scales as a lion, the momentum of a tiger, own most of the state, and then asked his cold:

    "really? Think about it, think of your father's old lady."

    "me, me, me."" Li Wanquan watched helplessly next to the Hou Yulin, but found the other is his own appreciation of silver, none of my business, hang up.

    and trembling, he remembered what he thought of sharp, talk what:

    "I, my dad said she, she's really rich." She's a monster, a freak"

    listen to Li Wanquan said, to see Shengjiang million 'he mused:

    "old Qiu woman may have some ability, rely on this, God mysteriously escaped surveillance, I'll go and see, there should be traces of the left." Scale, you are divided into two dials, a group of good stare at the floor, see what he has, and do not hide what one, and then follow the method of the people go, and if there is no harvest today, there will be no harvest!"

    "yes, thank you!" Hou Yulin's heart sank

    at the time of two frantically searching, Lou Cheng was sitting at the room table, using computers and Yan Ke videos.

    two people did not mention the "upside down bucket" tactic and outside things possible, chatting with girls these days to settle the face of fun shopping, class, share the different countries in different regions of the local customs and practices.

    just at this moment, the ringtone of the mobile phone rang and a phone came in.

    he picked it up and found it was his master, so he made a gesture to the little fairy and chose to put it through:

    "Hello, master, what's the matter?"" The building vaguely guessed the intention of the phone, pretending to be puzzled.

    "Hey, old man!" he said, "are your boys very laid back?" Isn't it urgent? The two sides have experienced players come over, and perhaps also involved in the big temple, they can not wait for the military, and intends to take over this matter, so that you sit next to the quiet look, do not meddle in the hands."

    "OK."." Building into a relaxed tone to answer, heard on the screen Yan Ke they laugh Minzui, side view.

    "hiss, your boy, wrong ah, well, is not what's telling you my master? Isn't it urgent? Really not afraid of "fight" word tactic fall into other hands? I'd love to be compared to the military"

    "I'm not in a hurry. Why should I hurry?"" The floor smiled and replied, "I've already practiced" Doo Doo "."

    "puff Cough" The old man seems to drink some wine, spraying out what things slow under the just way, "what time do you find the" bucket "tactic?"

    not only found, but also practiced!

    if it were not for the dignity of the division, the old man asked me a lot of questions!

    building into a relatively simple to talk again about the thing itself, even want to see the military joke thoughts are not hiding, but did not mention how the elixir of change, anyway, the master always didn't care how this.

    "you really and" nine words formula "predestined relationship." The old man sighed, "Hey," laughed, and said, "no good, no good, and all those guys are arrogant."."

    I wipe, master, you are a venerable elder, how can I have the same bad idea with my little child? Lou became a Tucao, ha ha, laughing, said: "the military over there, what response, master, you have to tell me ah?"."

    he's doing here a few days, so the Cloud City features. Where is the limit for two or three days, and the military will find it's hard to say what was wrong.

    "Hey, you brats really seek to fight back to rest ah, under Wu Yue, a bar," bucket "tactic is to give the military, as soon as possible to" Yan Jin "in hand, for the completion of the two door on your strength before transformation sublimation." The old man said with satisfaction, and said a word.

    "yes, master."." Cheng answered cheerfully.

    so hung up the phone, he saw Yan Kezheng Wuzui laughing, said the eye flow:

    "orange, you deserve to be master and apprentice."!"

    in some ways, really like a tacit understanding ah!

    building into a deliberately sideways glance at her: "Ke Ke small classmate, you are laughing at me and my master is not reliable?"

    Yan Ke turn Mou to laugh, right than to call the gesture road:

    "Hello, coach?" Your apprentice says you don't know what to do!"

    fast charge this evil creature Building quietly help his daughter-in-law added the back sentence.

    when the girl had a good night's sleep, he got up and began to pack up.

    for the military can not find the old Qiu Po, he did not doubt that the larger local forces there might be two or three non strong and many master Dan exit, can not be ignored, but their base is always too small, staff have a bias, features very monotonous, unlike the military to find out, good at fighting, they can pull out at this track, only emboldened to temporarily, laugh at our game "".

    in this case, to hide things just half the old Qiu Po how could taode!

    half past two in the afternoon, one high and one low, all two men strong blind eyes around the monitor, directly into the Vanward Street No. 15, let the morning return of Fang Fakui, Shengjiang million in respective LED Huang Zihua Hou Yulin came in a hurry, deep eyes coldly on alert.

    the two men were all covered with faces, confused, gazing at each other, searching from outside to inside.

    again and again, they suddenly paused and stopped somewhere in the living room.

    a glance at each other, and can be hard to nod, a man suddenly high squat, right fist under the hammer, as in a.


    his hand in the fire ground on the orange red condensation, the burst open, made to the osmotic shock.

    "inhuman."" Fang Fakui and ten thousand pupil pupil shrink, the facial expression is more dignified.

    where is this inhuman powerhouse?

    ice God

    no, he uses fire

    in the two dial heart slowly sinking, a man hit by high ground suddenly softened, like the swamp, a pale and wrinkled hand ran out, people familiar with the traction out of an old woman, she looked dejected, muttered to himself tao:

    "still did not escape.""

    Lao Qiu? She didn't run away and hid in the ground! Huang Zihua and Hou Yu scale first is one Leng, immediately afterwards has raised the deep chagrin.

    she had such powers and means!

    if we have thought about that, it won't be two strong The early bird catches before the body, face to face!

    high men and a short man looked at each other, are exposed to the relaxed and contented smile.

    the former looked back at Lao Qiu road:

    "your other things, we can ignore it, handled by the police, the inscription has" Doo "word items?"

    old Qiu lady gave him a queer look, suddenly laugh together:

    "it has been taken away."."

    "who?" Who took it?" A strong man and a short man with a smile on the face of a solidified, urgent voice asked, next to Fang Fakui et al eyes were at a loss about what to do.

    is there anyone earlier?

    who? Who is it!

    old Qiu recalled the road:

    "a medium-sized boy, dressed in black, very spiritual, came last night."."

    came last night Everyone ran out of a name:

    "Lou Cheng."!"

    out of surveillance; the building sits on the bus leaving the ancient city of cloud; not long after that, he received a call from his master, knowing what was going on over there.

    although not detailed enough, but can imagine, he was happy for five minutes, to Yan Ke a lot of words.

    then, he suddenly thought of a thing, to open up the "military chief and his contact accourding", "head laughed":

    "could you do me a favor?" I owe six hundred dollars to buy the old Qiu Po jade, you help me to look at it, I QQ transfer to you"

    send out this sentence, he felt quite disturbed, they will return to their sentence "I fuck you", but "accourding" was bred, silent after tens of seconds, answer a word:


    spit out the breath; the tower raised its head and just met the couple who met when they came to the bus. They were returning today.

    looked around and found that there were no seats together; the floor got up and pushed the black frame glasses, waving a smile:

    "come, sit here, I'll let you."."

    see his bright and friendly smile; the little lovers surprise each other and feel that there is still a lot of good people in the world

    stay at home for a few days, Miss precipitation quickly into the impulse of the building, and embarked on the journey, flew to Wu Yue Province, met his master.

    "you wait for the" Doo Doo "words to me, first familiar with the" ice soul strength "thing." The old man casually said, "yes, there is a competition, do not want to participate in, champion prize more than one million and five hundred thousand."."

    "what game?"" The building that is eager to make money has asked a sentence.

    the piece of jade not the practice of "bucket" tactic, but this time I can deepen the comprehension of writing a "struggle" to the military, as to how to effect, how long will lose the charm, that is another thing.

    the old man laughed: "four king tournament, not including our country, there is no broadcast in China, this gives us four wild cards, Invitation Competition, under the age of twenty-three young warriors, non–Gang, you want to participate, want to borrow to help different the style of the battle to complete transformation, as a teacher can help you to strive for a qualification."

    "when?" Which countries?" The floor into the heart.

    "Japan, Miluo, and in August twelve to Nanzheng Dekor, August twenty-seven." The old man smiled and said, "in addition to the champion, the top eight bonuses are also many, Peng Leyun Li Li, they will not go, old man, I do not know."."

    Miluo and China is ever Nanzheng tributary, and deep roots here.

    "uh" The building has ordered to nod, looking at Shi Shi old man and seriously say, "master, I want to attend."."

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