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Chapter 36–who's the teammate?

    "OK.". "Vertex novel 23US.COM update the fastest," Shi Shi thought, adding, "do not give the teacher shame!"."

    between Miluo and Nanzheng, Dekor in areas of conflict with China this year, he is often removed from the place, not acquaintances and friends.

    Shifu, are you so confident of me? Fufei building into a sentence, know that the focus is Comrade Shi Jianguo good face trouble again.

    after ten seconds, he was surprised and asked with interest:

    "master, what are the young masters of these four countries?""

    "how do I know?" Old man, what do I care about the younger generation?" The old man replied with a scornful face, "no man is sure, but there are few."."

    "good."." The building had watched sister home to decorate, Carter, the back of a bomb, jump into the study, taking the rice paper spread out, with the town paper, brought a brush, soaking up the ink.

    his breath, calm down, hold in the mind of God, in the outline of the "struggle" strokes, explosion, power, hegemony, blood and unyielding spirit ran out.

    wrist hover, brush heavy press, ink stains like publicity blazing, quickly rushed out of white clouds on the play.

    finishing pen, building into a look of ink transfer charm, nodded with satisfaction.

    this is much more beautiful than your usual signature!

    but his spirit means not to "outside world", "painted" the spirit of not stable, as time passed slowly, more than three months, less than a month, this piece of "dou" word cannot be used for visualisation exercise. Just like to Wang Xu "before" word, depending on the residual feeling some emotional repression, until a few years later, completely attributed to ordinary.

    no effect at all; write to them again Moreover, the "meaning" and "after the crime of fire Tianjun" realm, with experience based on the front, a month must have trained Floor thoughts float, set off the rice paper on the table, carried to the living room, smiled handed to Shi old man:

    "master, fight the word"."

    "just this?"" The old man look surprised to ask.

    in the old lady's "fight" words related things?

    from his expression, building into interpretation of a TM you kidding me ", a sort of shame, ridicule:

    "master, Lao Qiu, that item is half bad; I just filled it with my own charm; I follow the notes of Shushan Zhai and realize the word" line "."

    speak at the same time, he turned the mobile phone, found before to take photos of Yan Ke jade by him in the home, going to take until September to us as the city, including a commemorative value of gifts to the little fairy.

    the old man looked, coughed and restored "attitude way ye what is not seen":

    "I said," you and "nine words formula" have predestined relationship, be regarded as dragon tiger, real person again pass."

    he said, he put away the building into a written "bucket" words, change the subject: "you just come, go to a process to us visa ready, and other places down, then do go to the tournament thing, these days, well in this practice, on the trend of changing, will strive for an early" ice king "visualize the preliminary master."

    here, he pulled out a roll of atlas from his arms and made fun of it:

    "this is a memorial to my peak. Don't lose it, boy."! Intended to borrow one for you to visualize the statue, but thinking of it, martial arts development for so many years, his understanding, oh, a little or a be inopportune or inappropriate, okay."

    "master, you can make a map of the past."" Lou Cheng really surprised, and sincerely admire praise.

    "isn't that nonsense?" Your master, I was, at any rate, only one step into the forbidden area." Shi old man's eyes full of "pride" two words.

    building into not hide their own admiration, then hand to the map, just have him, he felt it was carrying "ice fresh" corresponding to visualize light seems to have no paper weight, like air to the extreme nothingness, even a hint of heat could only keep. More than the absolute eternal cold, dark and lonely.

    this moment, building into thoughts seemed to drift in the boundless light without the slightest cold, I do not know how long it came back and saw his master smiling face:

    "the ice soul SG map."

    ice SG map Building into a slightly nodded, launched a hand painted map, see the full circulation of crystal light, dark background light, the dream, beautiful, pure, but give a person lonely, dark, cold feeling of extreme.

    the old man smiled and said: "frozen river map" with "ice SG map" is the "ice king", such as the completion of the transformation, the strength close to instinct, you only need to 'ice SG map', with Dan Jin outbreaks."

    "uh" Lou Cheng took a breath, in the heart has finally touched the top martial arts joy.

    this is not what good practice, can not be like "nine words" that can fix more than 20 minutes, take some time to succeed, we must suppress their traction transformation of the root pulp.

    know early on "ice spirit" and "Yan Di Jin" However, master estimated that I had no idea that I could finish the crucial breakthrough so soon

    ah, I was too exaggerated to make, master does not fly? Lou Cheng confessed for two minutes.

    over the next few days, he just went out to do a procedure, most of their free time perception of "ice radiance map" in the study, through their own understanding and the cold of two years of practice and experience of ice, gradually with the harvest.

    ready to go abroad procedures, and soon to participate in the four countries before the game, the floor finally got the "Yan Di map": the charm of the rapid passage of time, can not use the kind of ten days, seems to be a small retaliation from the military.

    the volume map and "ice SG map" on the contrary, although only a piece of paper, but the hands, but let people feel heavy, there seems to be countless dust accumulated in the end, more than the critical, collapsed, all lit, the eruption of high temperature flame unimaginable.

    Tu, painted a high Guangu robe of God, is that heavy and dense core of a group, to the diffusion layers of different colors of the flame, they as attributes, majestic exposed, terror inside.

    with the previous "prairie fire map", you can take advantage of the "Yan Emperor""!

    "OK, smelly boy, hold tight practice, ice and snow have mastered, and restore balance, and then change."." The old man told a sentence, "tomorrow go to Huahai, to Haidong airport and other people meet, this is the contact number." Even though it's a personal race, you have to go with a team, hey, or you boys can't understand it."

    this is the host country's capital frovatriptan2.5mg icon.

    "master, who else is there?"" A building into a curious word.

    I don't know anyone I know.

    Shi Lao ha ha smiled, and suddenly the floor face channel: "did not ask."!"

    "" A building where returned to the room, packed.

    then he took out his cell phone and sent a message to Yan: "go to Huahai." I did not expect to go abroad for the first time than us, but the icon (manual comic)."

    news in the past, there is no echo, the middle of the night.

    the floor was silent for a few minutes, and there was some yearning.

    later, he contacted the opposite, to determine the details, booked a high-speed rail ticket to the evening, Yan Ke woke up, "her eyes": "can't watch your game orange The US side to find online resources!"

    "ha ha, that's fine. I don't know how many opponents have," he said." Cheng Cheng modest answer, mood suddenly cheer again.

    the next day, he tried a "Yan Yan" understanding, no doubt, nothing to harvest,

    used breakfast, built on the back of the luggage, went to the high-speed rail station, arrived at noon before the Haidong airport.

    at two in the afternoon, he met the leader of the competition in the departure hall.

    "well, wait a few minutes," they said. "It's coming."." Zhong Ningtao wears a big back, a middling, and a nice smile.

    "OK."." There is no hurry to ask, who else first took out his cell phone and reported to his daughter-in-law. "Smile," he said. "He's coming together and looking forward to his teammates."!"

    he just sent this message, heart suddenly induction, looked back to the other side, saw a white T-shirt casual pants young men dragging luggage came, he smile clean, idle temperament had just returned from the boundless eyes, "tourism", it is Peng Leyun!

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