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Chapter 37–no tricky mission

    Peng Leyun He really wants to go This is really a juvenile Championship game The idea flashed across the floor, raised his right hand, ready to say hello. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    he wanted to talk to each other in the body, can think of Peng Leyun recently and one of the most serious injury is caused by their own, similar things like greeting and sarcasm, very pleasing, so just smile a word:


    a couple of months ago, opponents suddenly turned into teammates.

    "hello."." Peng Leyun came closer and waved with a cool hand. "I was thinking you might come."."

    Lou laughs:

    "increase knowledge, do more exercise, solid foundation."."

    after he finished, waiting for Peng Leyun's response, but all around it became quiet, there was a nameless silence.

    building a puzzled look, found clean Peng cloud stood there, eyes out of focus, have your time on without stumbling in the twinkling of an eye, and completely ignore their.

    this TM is a bit awkward The lack of experience in building into each other and could not help but smile twice, turned to look at the team leader Zhong Ningtao said, pretending to be ordinary:

    "he's like that, don't mind."."

    anyway, it fits the rumor!

    Zhong Ningtao learn American shrugged his shoulders, replied with a smile:

    "I know."."

    so there is no hurry to say hello.

    building is to change the subject, asked what two of his teammates, Peng Leyun suddenly from the "off" state in the recovery, thoughtfully watching him and said: "I will participate in a national tournament."

    Lou nod his head and answer with a smile:

    "me too."."

    the voice has just fallen, he didn't see the place that Peng Leyun sees to sit next to himself, the eyes once again diverge.

    his cell phone is a decoration I heard he wants to play games, too Building into fufei, saw the ladder up, recently arrived at the door, walked out of a left half long hair wearing a neck headset young artists, is also his understanding of the warrior, has joined the Xinghai club, "meaning" pro An Zhaoyang.

    ANN Chaoyang looked slightly surprised them, dew smile:

    "isn't this going to the game?" This is going to stay!"

    the two major domestic Tianjiao jointly to worthy of the name!

    Lou Cheng hasn't answered yet; "Zhong Ningtao, the leader of the other side of his seat, has laughed," he said:

    fortunately, fortunately, there is a certain confidence to send us a wild card, or previous not see how they invite? Japanese people so good face, not grasp the point would shut the doors of their play, how can take the initiative to find people to break up?"

    "there is strong over there?" Lou Cheng asked curiously.

    he had checked in Japan, and other countries of the Wu Dekor, but due to the language problem, only in a few outside the network, understand quite broadly, almost can only have a general impression.

    Zhong Ningtao smiling said: "it is only relatively strong, under the age of twenty-three and this competition is less than twenty-four, can participate in each country, there are one or two levels of non-human genius is normal thing, in terms of age and potential, and you immeasurably, our side has been concerned with. I have been collecting data, sorting out, send you to frovatriptan2.5mg live."

    "good."." Chaoyang to nod with an easy grace.

    join the Xinghai club, in the "meaning" to tune, he made rapid progress, more make still further progress forward, consciously grasp in the coming year, which is itself before the age of twenty-three to break through the non-human realm, what is the psychological shadow of a similar course on the enemy No.

    Lou Cheng heard his blood boil; he couldn't wait to experience the martial arts of other countries and fight with their genius!

    and because of communication problems, this competition is difficult to understand, like domestic combat, the other side, there will be more surprises and shock.

    well, if the leader's information is not detailed enough, he will ask the king of the dragon in the group to see if he has more collection

    "it's funny."." "Peng Leyun did not know when he had returned from a trance," he said with interest.

    to hear his words, the building can not be secretly Tucao a sentence: This product will be man-made, non combat and learning status in the "power-saving" mode

    well, it's possible!

    some of them are not familiar with, and not Cai Zongming's outgoing active person, did not have a sentence to pull a few minutes later, Peng Leyun again daydreaming, Ann Chaoyang will concentrate on the headset up, enjoy music, leaving only the floor and into the leader Zhong Ningtao at a loss about what to do.

    fortunately, building into a mouth is Wang edification for a long time, didn't feel embarrassed to talk into the atmosphere.

    and, for a while, fourth players did not occur, Zhong Tai Ning stood up, looking around four, did not find any.

    "don't call to ask." By the way, who is it?" Finally, Cheng Cheng asked what he had forgotten.

    "you know, Ren Li."." Zhong Ningtao took out his cell phone and asked if he wanted to hurry up with the talented girl.

    Li Li? This is really the strongest combination! The building was taken by surprise.

    he thought has almost completed Ren Li transformation will focus on stable, not to join in the fun, who knows, she still went to the.

    also, the internal division of the territory belonging to the non Dan level by practicing martial arts and six products is not much difference, the master, Ren Li Long master, is not practice, he will have to practice, like myself, "ice" to the gang Juexue outside the martial arts, valuable is the entry.

    top exercises similar, do not look up to 100 Dan exit martial arts type, but the actual need of practice, so it was only possible for twenty or thirty strokes, the rest is the previous record, had improved, and upgrade as new moves to re book into cheats, so the we have so much accumulation, martial arts, such as the type twenty-sixth "ice ice burning" is the Ministry of Baiyishier "upgrade improved version of snow burning", came in the forefront of re writing secrets.

    "Ren Li?"" Ann Chaoyang took off the headset, but also surprised and funny, said, "team leader, you still give her a call, otherwise we can not wait.""

    as one of Li's old rivals, he knows more about each other than Lou and Zhong Ningtao!

    the other side of Peng Leyun is God, heart qi to nod to agree.

    "all right."." Zhong Ningtao dialed the phone and waited only a few seconds to hear Li's voice say, "hello?""

    Ren Li, "Hello, I'm your leader Zhong Tai Ning two days before you contact, now what?" After introducing himself, Zhong Ningtao went straight into the subject.

    a little silence; a cool voice in the handset:

    "team leader, I should have been lost."."

    lost Lost Zhong Ningtao look dumbfounded, almost forgot to think, ten seconds behind the rapid way: "you are quick to ask the person next to confirm your present position."

    he knew that Li had the label of "road fool", but did not expect her to be so serious!

    a moment later, Li answered with impatience and exasperation:

    "they say I'm in T2."."

    they said Zhong Ningtao's mouth twitched on the two, "we at T1, you come quickly."

    don't (no)!" An Zhaoyang and Peng Leyun Qi stop, only the floor into a face sluggish.

    is Li's road crazy terminal illness late?

    "ah?"" Zhong Ningtao looked back blankly at the two men who had made a noise.

    &nbsp:"team leader, or you go pick her up, or she might leave the airport."." Ann Chaoyang helpless smile way.

    road fool is not terrible, know oneself road crazy, also full of confidence, take the initiative to lead the way, do not want to bother others is the most terrible, unfortunately, Li belongs to the latter

    "good, good."" Zhong Ningtao was speechless, let Li completely ask the current location, the way of the past.

    after about twenty minutes, finally saw the orange building into others T-shirt denim shorts shawl hair Ren Li.

    "hello."!" The fine doll like girl nodded politely.

    Cheng Cheng, Peng Leyun and Ann Chaoyang looked at each other; they were very sympathetic, and then responded.

    seize the gap; floor with a "proud" expression to Yan Ke sent a message:

    "the team this time is Peng Leyun, Ren Li and Ann Chaoyang, the strongest group."!"

    while America there is the middle of the night.

    people gathered after they took the ticket with the passport, queuing over the border and security, in the VIP room waiting for half an hour, smooth boarding.

    because it is the first seat, they first entered into the building, and then saw Ren Li dragging suitcases, focus on the visual front, the head also don't return to the back of the economy, look at the seat number didn't look next to the eye.

    ah His lips twitched and he gave a warning:

    "Ren Li, here."!"

    building a talk at the same time, Peng Leyun, Ann and Zhong Ningtao also spoke to prevent in chaoyang.

    Ren Li paused and looked at them with finger pointing to the place, feel shy face, small Suibu ran back into the top of the luggage.

    she sat down, glanced at the building into a terminally ill girl, and at her side wear the headset, enter their world and their security Chaoyang left I do not know what to think, completely ignoring the airline stewardess Hello Peng Leyun, the heart suddenly clicked:

    mother egg; this time the "group of days" will not only have a "normal person"

    how do these three guys look, how unreliable?!

    think of this, he picked up the phone, to his daughter-in-law Tucao a sentence.

    at the same time, Yan Ke suddenly evolved a reply:

    "ha ha, orange brother, come on!"!"

    "poof, how do you wake up? Don't delay class tomorrow." Cheng Cheng pleased to answer.

    "I do not urinate!" "Yan Ke" covered his mouth and laughed.

    two people immediately chatted, elated.

    after a few minutes, Peng Leyun, Ren Li and Ann looked neat Chaoyang playing mobile phone, Mimi eye, all with just watching them into building the expression, as like as two peas

    the smooth arrival, after the tedious customs clearance, Lou Cheng et al. Got on the bus and arrived at the hotel.

    check-in, Ren Li led the way, leading to the location of the restaurant, by team leader Zhong Ningtao grabbed.

    and Zhong Ningtao's grip on her shoulder was a consequence of her shock and a fall to the ground.

    building became his silence, the lobby of the hotel on the other side, the two looks like Japanese man is watching them, and than to mobile phone photo.

    "the most powerful ones."" One Japanese man whispered.

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