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Chapter 38–beginning to anecdote

    "I'm sorry, I'm sorry.". Vertex novel 23US.COM update the fastest "a leader Zhong Ningtao will fall back onto the ground, Ren Li went back to God, hurriedly hands together, stack apology.

    but she is not the kind of subconscious will under the ruthless hand, power can be put to, otherwise the level of contrast, Zhong Ningtao may break a few bones, at this time, he just slightly dizzy, rubbing my sore place and slowly, reluctantly smiled:

    "not what, I had also fought over the people."

    Oh, this girl looks harmless, but can not think so terror"!

    next to the floor came together; the corner of the eye glanced out across the hall, lowering his voice:

    "the leader, like two people in Japan have been watching us."

    while in the eyes of other countries, China and Japan are a lot like, it is difficult to distinguish, single eyelids short is not what is decisive to the two labels, but people seem to each other but well recognized, there seems to be a taste of a different feeling!

    "ha ha, nothing, they like to collect intelligence."." Zhong Ningtao explained, "they do things seriously, but also very rigid, our situation post to the organizing committee, the Chinese people are not to damage confirmation, they appeared"

    said a few words, he does not care to see the muddy hands on the table: "not what time, it is half past six, you go back to the room to rest, seven gather here, go out looking for food, not in front of us. A few days can relax point to play, waiting for the start of the game, and what do you want? Any suggestions?"

    "casually."." Peng Leyun indecisive answer, eyes swept the hotel a Buddha statue, and mused.

    both can." An Zhaoyang pulled the box in one hand, with his hand in his pocket and his earphones on his shoulder. He observed the guests who were very exotic.

    "I'm not picky eaters, really."." Li grabbed the key and answered.

    Zhong Ningtao "sad" looked into the floor, pleased to find that he took out his cell phone and opened the comment app road:

    "team leader, I first read near what is good, let's talk back."

    travel outside, the aesthetic food can not be lived up to!

    in any case, I and Ke are the kind of "get along with each other, feeling heavier than food", "food is more important than the local conditions and customs, the local conditions and customs are more important than the beautiful scenery" of "boring" tourists

    "OK, you add me WeChat."." Zhong Ningtao responded unusually.

    building a WeChat most of the time are furnished, but recently recognized non student party seems to have used it, is getting used to hang, and even began to feel it is more quiet, not noisy want Ke Ke classmates also used small.

    after sweeping the two-dimensional code, a few people escort a Lijin elevator, until she opened the door into the room to go.

    floor to lay down their luggage, sitting on the bed, looking at the surrounding delicacy, and leader to discuss a few minutes, made one Dekor national dish.

    to do all this, he found that Zhong Ningtao has passed his opponent's data to his mailbox, conveniently downloaded, click open for browsing:

    Tang Zexun, twenty-two years old, Dongying fast flow transmission, six black belt, equivalent to the domestic products at the end of last year, has been out of "Qi", the equivalent of non-human realm, as Japan is three thousand years of a beautiful girl of genius, but they always love exaggeration. It compared to the age of Peng Leyun, she was sent to raise half."

    there are many schools of martial arts in Japan, under the auspices of the certain period in the country, said the leucorrhea amateur, black symbol warrior, in nine for the statue, to a section of the most at the end of the eight and nine section is on China's three slightly.

    by the end of last year, at twenty-one and a half, it was almost inhuman What a formidable opponent If the building into a thought, continue to look down, see a photo of Tang Zexun Hexinzhai flow introduction.

    this is indeed a beautiful girl, not tall, one meter, six head, with a look on the face of an excellent baby fat, round and round, is really cute.

    a glance at the building, looking back:

    "mountain tiger, is about twenty-four years old, Dongying limit fluctuation flow transmission, five black May have similar fluctuations, inhuman"

    this is a tall arm length man, very thick eyebrows, rough appearance, muscle piece by piece, shocking.

    "Waku in Theravada Buddhism Dizhuan Dekor, ascetic monk, a title arhat, just twenty-three years old, has" sixteen to "knowledge" training for Shezhi "slightly equal non-human realm"

    "veigar, Miluo * * valve, with lightning powers, Miluo practice martial arts, very domineering, twenty-three and a half years old, because Miluo's standard evaluation system, can only say about strength and don Zexun is similar, the competition to win one of the highest two personal voice"

    Barnum, South Zheng Guo representative, young 'tie with a fist "a sovereign, fierce hand hot, for others on their own more ruthless, ruthless, their son and our same Wu Road, he just breaks to non-human realm, at the age of twenty-two"

    Miluo and Nanzheng, Dekor close to areas of conflict, often domestic political instability, a king, a warlord, launched a total of, simply direct military government, so the domestic status of women is low, martial arts is not easy.

    building a finger sliding, fast flip, roughly remember the three appearance, among them, sallow skin vaku withered, withered, barefoot red robes, and most bitter for monks seems not to have what different, only the eyes deep dark, as if hiding a self pure land. General veigar wearing blue clothes, tall, solemn face, at less than seven meters tall, dark skin, strong as iron and steel, wrists and feet are wrapped around a white bandage.

    in the five, Zhong Ningtao also slightly lists several potential arms, belonging to four countries, building into a fast Miaole, take the international traffic package has bought a mobile phone, pocket wallet, take the elevator to the first floor, joined together in the hall to wait for his teammates.

    this time, Zhong Ningtao didn't make any mistakes; he went directly to Li's door and led her down in person so that the girl would be lost in the "vast sea of people" in the hotel.

    "let's eat here."." Zhong Ningtao showed Peng Leyun the name of the restaurant they had built and built.

    "good."." An Zhaoyang and others take things as they go, without any comment.

    fast out of the hotel door, looking outside the skin than the black skinny little Dekor people, early to a building into the sentence can not help but ask: "the leader, you will like Mandarin?"

    Zhong Ningtao looked at him and looked at Peng Leyun, Ren Li and An Zhaoyang who had the same questions, with a face like, "how can you ask such childish questions"?:

    "I can't!"."

    no, no, will Thought leader and team will own more reliable building into a dumbfounded, Ren Li and Peng Leyun has always been calm and calm is flashed a moment dull.

    "ha ha, it doesn't matter. I know more or less English here. I'm professional."." Zhong Ningtao wiped off his big back and smiled proudly. "You see, I didn't make sure I had a taxi before I checked in.""

    yes Lou Wenyan into relief.

    ANN Chaoyang thought for a few seconds, suddenly opening, asked at the core:

    "team leader, you've been like?"

    Zhong Tai Ning ah ha, sincere answer:


    &nbsp:then he added, "sure, rest assured, I'm very friendly with the Embassy here, so I was sent."."

    "" Cheng Cheng and Peng Leyun, Ren Li, Ann Chaoyang look at each other, all see each other's confusion.

    this may seem a little tricky

    or, we have instant noodles in Waterloo hotel

    Zhong Ningtao tried to appease, and Daredevil, they continue to travel, according to the map navigation, found more than 700 meters outside the home has a rich country style restaurant dekor.

    the buildings here, influenced by Buddhist aesthetic, a sculpture, like gold, equivalent characteristics.

    snip, snip, snip, building a burst out of mobile phone, a few, to Yan Ke in the past, I hope she woke up and began to feel the feelings of.

    snip, snip, snip, Ren Li also patted, half half scenery is self, turn around time, she will be back from the room, run away, fortunately Peng Leyun stopped it in time, so.

    snip, snip, snip, Anne Chaoyang with a digital camera, carefully crafted in focus as a piece of art.

    "why don't you take pictures?"" Zhong Ningtao curiously close to Peng Leyun, then suddenly self, "is this, you idle character, certainly not love to take pictures."

    more willing to stare blankly!

    "" Peng Leyun glanced at him, calmly speaking:

    "the camera is broken."

    "" Zhong Ningtao's mouth twitched, and he decided to find a way to speak.

    he had only gone two steps; then he saw the building turn and laughed at the newly appointed Ann chaoyang:

    "can I share a few photos later?" I didn't shoot very well."

    Not a good shot? So, what did you shoot?! Zhong Ningtao took a breath and went to the restaurant. In fluent English, he arrived at six tables.

    Lou Cheng sat down, picked up the menu, opened it, and was surprised to find that there was a Chinese interpreter inside.

    "how considerate!"." Next to Ann Chaoyang said sincerely.

    "at least 1\/3 of our visitors here are from our country. How about the Chinese menu?"" Zhong Ningtao smiled and said, "reach for the waiter and start ordering.".

    point to a half, the head of small brown skin girl suddenly heard a bunch of yapping, building into at a loss about what to do.

    "can you speak English?"" Zhong Ningtao asked in english.

    the waiter nodded and said a pile of buildings; he felt his own hearing and understood a few words.

    "leader". What does he mean?" As the clock Tai Ning lila.

    Zhong Ningtao replied: "a face Meng force did not understand"

    the waiter's English accent is too heavy; it's too local; I'm stupid to hear it

    "I'll try."." "Good student" Peng Leyun started to use English, however, he was still a charade, communication failure.

    ANN Chaoyang and Li Li, eager to use English for tests, tried to help; but they all suffered a shameful defeat.

    as their last hope of building, took a breath, intends to show their own small Ke Ke students hard practice of spoken english.

    wa wa said a waiter at a loss.

    on the floor when they are going into using translation software, the girl asked timidly:


    this sentence, Lou Cheng, Peng Leyun, they all understand, silly for a long time before he blurted out:

    "will you speak Chinese?""

    "yes, my father is Chinese. There are many Chinese tourists here and Chinese assistants are very popular."." The girl smiled and answered.

    first order was point out in a sweat building, Ren Li, Peng Leyun, Ann Chaoyang and Zhong Ningtao suddenly shouted out laughing at a loss about what to do, and the body shake incessantly, tears came to her eyes, suddenly a sense of mutual isolation and strange many disappeared.

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