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Chapter 40–the first opponent

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    "the tournament started with a double elimination system; every day a round of thirty-six warriors lost two of them and went home until the top sixteen."." Team leader Zhong Ningtao, along with Lou Cheng and Peng Leyun and others to the location of the reservation to go, while introducing the specific situation.

    almost the same as last year's provincial youth league The floor can not nod, and observe the appearance of the stadium in the procession, and do the photo, good husband.

    China Dekor influenced by Buddhist culture, the Ming and the site around Jinshen arhat sculptures, some evil form, some majestic and solemn, with some bitter color, some downcast eyes, at first glance, they make a bit more irritable and inexplicable panic gripped.

    this statue of Buddha in the "suppression" is the three into the "product" font of the broad arena, surrounded by writing, engraved with many "Wan characters", diffuse out of the clean, illusory, divorced and so on.

    one inside, one outside, two kinds of feeling mix, seem to be able to affect the mood of the game player specially.

    "expert writing!"" Ann was wearing headphones and listening to music, but her voice was not as different as usual.

    Peng Leyun returned from daydreaming, followed by a look, chuckled:

    "this is home advantage."."

    those statues, those "million characters" are Theravada Buddhist monks should belong to the layout, building into a book to Wang Xu "before the words" painting of the enhanced version upgrade, in order to disturb the spirit and soul of non Theravada monks, to create the most favorable terms on the environment.

    "uh" Ren Li across the first two steps, to the Buddha and the million characters for a photo, then in the face guard Zhong Ningtao walked back, innocently said, "team leader, I'm not blind, you don't see, a few steps, not lost."

    "not afraid of 10000, in case."" Zhong Ningtao felt sincere words and earnest wishes to answer, both physically and mentally tired these days.

    next to him, Cheng is just sending pictures to lax, and she's talking about all the advantages of home court with her early rising.

    "well." Zhong Ningtao cleared his throat, "let's get the admission to the spirit of the people, and can break into the tournament players, most of our products is equivalent to six Wu, your attention to the point, don't neglect, these are their national genius, or have the genius!"

    "uh" Cheng nodded solemnly, indicating that he knew.

    in theory, he is only the top six product level, has not really stepped into the inhuman door, has changed.

    so, in the face of these don't know much about Kung Fu players all sorts of strange things, does not allow a little careless!

    Peng Leyun was about to speak what broadcast sound, with their English Dekor language and repeated.

    "it's our turn."!" Zhong Ningtao quickly hailed, straightened back and stood in front of the line.

    see, Ann took headphones off, hanging around the neck, Peng Leyun eyes a few minutes, Li and Cheng silently mobile phone into a mute, stuffed into the pocket.

    after ten seconds, impassioned anthem melody up some inexplicable excited building into a fast led by Zhong Ningtao et al is slowly out of the channel, to enter the venue, to guest seats.

    just in all eyes, not long, building into a feeling of the skin tude tingling, followed afar, saw the Japanese delegation a rough appearance muscle exaggerated tall man, he wore the traditional Samurai clothing, their gaze deep inside myself.


    line of sight, such as collision, down the mountain tigers eyes all together, it seems to form a white wave group, a light, as if witnessed a strong light.

    his eyes narrowed, eyes immediately dark, in which there is an expanse of stars, red for the day, glittering and translucent stars, in the slowly rotating, swallowed all the exotic light.

    at the same time, Ren Li hearts, follow the building into a look at there, to see a kimono elegant makeup delicate beautiful girl, her lovely face, eyes like a mirror, you seem empty temperament and quiet, is an illusion.

    fast flow the generation of Tang Zexun!

    hoot! The site suddenly whipped up a gust of wind blowing, confusion, I do not know what to do, go to!

    ANN Chaoyang is to find inspiration, have moved by sight like reaction, instinctive side head, with a thin yellow robed monks into the eyes of four, he realized that the things in the world have rejected and abandoned.

    all illusory, self imposed!

    a "water" out of mind, there are lakes of vitality, wash out an Chaoyang suddenly Shangchunbeiqiu and downhearted.

    a powerful mental infection! Anne Chaoyang takes a breath, take back one's eyes, hope to other strong.

    next to him, Peng Leyun first saw veigar, saw a flurry of electric snake his cold face, crisp blue eyes and general clothing show.


    air and noise, the dark light Dekor inexplicable, and reproduce the brilliant!

    building a look from the mountain tiger away, no stop footsteps swept over Tang Zexun, and they feel vaku veigar, unique style, to rely on auxiliary "soldiers" words and "bucket" tactic, not fall below.

    finally, his eyes fell to the Nanzheng delegation there, saw her arms while sitting at dark, he was looking at the cold four, like staring at the beast of prey.

    national anthem, who came to their house into the seats, respectively, to sit down, no longer looked around, and the eyes of tiger hill, veigar et al also received back.

    "I don't know what they think of the Japanese emperor, gave us four wild cards" "Ann," said the sun in a low, half length voice.

    four countries tied a piece, can also find five people under twenty-four years of age ah!

    heard this remark, Zhong Ningtao in a black way to open a joke: "may not have thought we are so rude."."

    "uh" Li Li slowly nodded, as if his humor as the truth, and turned to look at Peng Leyun, they slightly puzzled asked, "why do you come to participate?""

    "Africans are for a while, not how to combat, some Shouyang, just to have such a chance, come." Peng Leyun answered with a smile.

    "its not so many non-human predecessors?" The floor surprised and blurted.

    how could there be no actual combat opportunities?

    Peng Leyun mouth outline, a laugh track: "you said is the senior, nothing will be called the challenge of the elders, and my peers several Shixiongshijie since I haven't promoted back to the door of the pope."

    it seems you in its is also a "devil" Floor suddenly realized, secretly tucao.

    when they finished communicating, she opened her mouth and smiled. "I just finished the metamorphosis. I want to adapt myself to the inhuman world as soon as possible, so I signed up."."

    "I was rushed to my master, let me more knowledge, more experience, for a year or so the impact of non solid foundation." Ann, Chaoyang followed the answer.

    "well, what about you?"" Ren Li looked toward the building, and Peng Leyun and Ann Chaoyang were also waiting for the answer with interest.

    we have more familiar with, Cheng Cheng did not like the airport as perfunctory ceremony, thought for a moment, nodded in earnest, spit out two words:

    "lack of money.""

    all of a sudden, quiet, the floor becomes only Peng Peng, their eyes become a little strange, as if to see some kind of incredible things.

    he was about to speak, the start of the draw ceremony, the first is Balabala a cutscene.

    quietly took out the cell phone, Lou secretly took a photo, sent to Ke Xiaoke students, and gave her description of the previous and the tigers and others under the eyes of the feeling.

    "pretty fierce!"." Yan Ke "Wuzui smile", "I see you" call the organizing committee before the Chinese foreign card team ", always feel a bit strange today, brush under the forum, see" the dragon "explanation, it figured out where you are" Chinese foreign card ', it is a "Chinese foreign hang'! Well, especially your big metamorphosis!"

    when it comes back, she did not know what to think, face was red, like Chen Mouguang like.

    building a somewhat sensitive, mood about precipitation, "laughing" answer:

    "I don't recognize what people say.""

    except for fairies!

    chat, "the Dragon King" also came to him, said expectantly:

    "small tiger", I have found several resources, only a fixed ring broadcast, and so on all rely on you! Remember to take pictures and live!"

    his "dead" expression pleading.

    "OK, but I have other things, no conflict, no problem."." Cheng thanked the "Dragon King" competition video, did not do any rejection, only in advance to play a preventive needle.

    no way; no big deal, ask Peng Leyun or An Zhaoyang for help!

    it was not long before the draw officially began; the double elimination tournament had only one evasion; that was, the country did not meet.

    first, Peng Leyun was pulling out, suffered a boxer in the Dekor followed by a strong, Chaoyang and Miluo will be an showdown.

    another minute, Ren Li's name rang, her opponent is a monk in iconography, non vaku.

    Lou waited patiently, almost at the end of the end, and finally heard his name:

    "China"; Cheng cheng!"

    he adjusted his seat and saw the guest pull out his opponent:

    "Japan, Sakata Ichii!"

    Bantian honor If the building has some thought, nod, mind back to the samurai information.

    this is the five largest nonhuman, a special Zhong Ningtao warned, "is also the limit of wave flow" with the disciples, Tiger Hill, and he had said, and with power, and later gradually over him, is currently at the age of twenty-four, still stuck in the pass. Failed to promotion, no hope.

    hey, these days I imitate the mountain tiger, the smoke in the "extreme fluctuation flow", what a coincidence

    Dongying delegation there, hair golden Sakata Ichii solemnly looked at against the table, almost can imagine immediately appeared on their news headlines:

    "the genius of the past, can it shine again?""

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