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Chapter 41–Genius commentary

    the draw was over; the five delegations returned to different locker rooms, preparing for the next round of the 1 round of the knockout rounds. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    "good gas!"! Orange, your game is broadcast, but I have a class at that point!" At this time, Yan Ke with "Wang's a cry out" expression sent a message.

    the floor sits on the changing room bench, with his head down, pressing his cell phone and comforting his daughter-in-law with the touch of head:

    "nothing. After the event, replay is, anyway, it's definitely my win."."

    "Oh, orange, you're bragging more and more."" Yan Ke "eyes stare dog stay" road, "Bantian, a Rong, ability, will put waves, equal to the trumpet of the mountain tigers, in non-human below, absolutely can row into the top ten."."

    "that man below, I call second, no one dares to say first, Ke Xiaoke classmate, you to me so no confidence?"" Building into a proud akimbo".

    Yan Ke "a face vacant" answer: "I, I know that my brother is willing to change the orange at any time can change, can, but this is not to save you character?" Fast, say sorry, did not understand the good intentions of my sister!"

    "I'm sorry."!" Building into a mouth outline, smile to conceal, "her face sigh", "in fact, I was bragging"

    puff Yan Ke was eating breakfast almost put the milk spray mouth out, slow to fast back to the expression "you want to slay me, good inherit my ant flower chant?"

    Ji Mingyu, opposite her, looked helplessly at her daughter:

    "Ke Ke, taught you from childhood, when eating, do not play mobile phones, you are more and more excessive, ah, while drinking milk, while still typing."."

    "Mom, where do I have cell phones when I was little?"" Yan Ke hurriedly sit up, and cleverly pointed out the problem.

    "" Ji Mingyu's brief silence, silence after a few seconds before, "understand the spirit of"

    "uh huh." Yan Ke moves gracefully, quickly eats, three, five, two, breakfast.

    she rubbed the mouth with the napkin, picked up the mobile phone, unlock the screen, see the building into gelasmus replied:

    "I really want to ask is stronger than Sakata Ichii, this confidence is still there, but if not completed metamorphosis, gap can not be too large, as he would win, I must be careful to do this can be related to the view of Xiaoxian female ticket money!"

    "know well ~" Yan Ke mood a swing, cheeks dimples sweet and soft, "wait, how do I want you to refuel?" I can not say too disgusting words!"

    "pro" one!" Building into a snicker reply, suddenly have some feelings and sighs, "Ke Ke, I feel like back to the small arena like Wu sheng"

    separated similarly, Ke Ke may not rushed to the scene to refuel, chatting the same Q, great sense of participation, but also remote cheer, was just a little friend, sincerity as the process of generation, and now, take a lifetime commitment to each other, do not want to love is there any fade.

    "yes."." Yan Ke sipped his lower lip, and the whole man suddenly became quiet.

    she paused a few words and softly struck a few words:

    "orange, I miss you."."

    look at their "missing", she hesitated for a few seconds, and delete a word, even affect husband game mood.

    breath, "she said with a smile face":

    "that's not the same. You made money for yourself at that time. Now you're here to see me.""

    "yes."." The floor feels sudden and dynamic.

    so we talked for a while, Yan Ke began hair, wearing glasses, pack up, ready to go into the building, lifted his head and saw Peng Leyun across the back wall, eyes and lax, I do not know what to think, An Zhaoyang's head light, fretting, quietly intoxicated in the headset melody, Ren Li hands holding the mobile phone, the broadcast to find rival video, eyes are projected on the ground, enjoying the unique patterns very exotic tiles.

    a group of salted fish Floor into mind, inexplicably out of the phrase.

    he reluctantly shook his head, look from the mobile phone store in Bantian Rong, but at the moment, suddenly heard two ringing applause.

    Zhong Ningtao clapped his hands and woke up the "salted fish" in front of them, drawing their attention and clearing the throat:

    "this tournament, is barely played, ready to give you the unified Budo service, fast changing, there are fifteen minutes of formal opening, when you leave the locker room or to stand, listen to the broadcast notice in advance a corresponding ring around to wait, Ren Li, you don't nod, you must follow me."

    "ah!"" Ren Li had an innocent look on his face.

    it's a martial venue; can I still find an arena?

    endured laughter, Lou took the leader of the hands of the Wu Tao clothing, which has two sets of the same style, different colors, for the sixteen strong after the start of possible confrontation with the country to do a distinction.

    among them, a white kiyotoshi, only have a shoulder to waist down the red stripes, like a ribbon, special force, a red background, with Venus, warm yang.

    Lou Cheng chose the first set; changed in the bathroom, and put on Wu Qinggui, their company customized for their own acrobatics shoes, white eye-catching, chic shape.

    out of the bathroom, he saw Peng Leyun, Ann Chaoyang and himself made the same choice; Li Li is more partial to the set of red, as for the foot of the Wu Road shoes, each is different, have endorsement.

    "go to the bleachers?"" To do text and pictures live floor, asked a question.

    "OK."!" Ren Li to answer, then he looked to the weak.

    "go, look outside, more atmosphere."." Peng Leyun smiles looks at the clock with an Tai Ning, Chaoyang nod.

    "all right."." Zhong Ningtao turned and pushed aside the door of the dressing room, then returned to Li's side, without fear of carelessness.

    the organizing committee has set aside several times as many seats for them as possible to keep off the spectators so as to avoid any violent clashes.

    et al. Pick a building into a delegation from the other place, see the opponent video look video play, meditation meditation play, do it all is ready to start taking pictures, were sent to the Yan Ke and the Dragon "".

    at this point, the Dragon Tiger Club Forum has been a live paste, "the Dragon King" will be made of photos and distribution of commentary text posted out of the road:

    "thanks to the reporter's little tiger report; then, if there are more important and non–broadcast matches, he will give us a word to broadcast (applause here)."."

    lovemaking!" Rarely came the "long night," Yan Zhen clapped his hands and made a "secret observation" expression.

    &nbsp:"magic Brahma" enthusiastically: "little tiger, little tiger, have you seen my idol?""

    "yes."" The building became side head to hope an eye, Peng Leyun, from he has lost the focal length of Mou son and aimed at own figure.

    "really? Quick, quick, take one, take one, and I'll never black you again!" "Phantom of the Vatican," excited, said.

    "I want to see Li."" "Always pure love, handsome Okamoto" "drooling" road.

    "yes, take a picture of Peng Leyun and ANN."." "The matchless Dragon King" added with interest.

    this is a bit awkward The mouth of the building twitched.

    and a few eyes, his brain wave of Peng Leyun, said: "we take a photo!"

    "good."." Ann Chaoyang, they can not all promise.

    building into heard a laugh, the mobile phone to Zhong Ningtao:

    "team leader, you take the picture for us."."

    "ha ha, leave a souvenir!" Rest assured that with your qualifications and progress, there will be opportunities to fight side by side." Zhong Ningtao smiled and said, "move back a few steps, pose, very professional adjustment.".

    Kacha, Kacha, kacha!

    &nbsp:even after a few flashes, he returned his cell phone and said, "how about you?" "no, come on."."

    "yes, much better than myself."." Building into chuckled, and glanced at his results, found himself, Peng Leyun and Ann Chaoyang are "a photograph of stiff star people, but Ren Li, gentle smile implied, heroic, extremely photogenic.

    he first sent the photo to Ke Ke classmate, and accepted her "laugh", and shared several "protagonists", and finally put it in the live paste.

    "Gee, are you rushing in front of them?"" "The king of the dragon" and other onlookers have found the wrong

    Neglect The building has covered the face, "funny" way: "yes, is so professional."!"

    "I admire you, little tiger (PAT)."!" "Sell ah, sell wonton" praise a sentence.

    Yan Xing, "star eyes" way: "little tiger continues."! I can call your brother, call your father, call you grandpa!"

    "when your relatives, will sooner or later become low seniority" Floor "disdain" answer.

    "magic Brahma" is "roll over the ground" road: "good envy you."! I envy you!"

    building a did not say more, most of the energy is still watching the game and share with Yan Ke off, the lack of live and more intense sessions, was photographed by commentary, commentary, Peng Leyun, Ren Li, and occasionally Chaoyang an exchange of views, their comprehensive judgment.

    this allows the "Dragon King" constantly exclaimed, said, "little tiger" looks good professional, can do to explain guests, and sometimes more accurate vision!

    "I am not alone in battle."." The building is like a reply.

    in this process, Peng Leyun and Ren Li have played in the opponent is not to the top six products, won the battle but gain victory with unstained swords, in the fierce fierce boxing icon to the floor, left a deep impression to others.

    Miluo and Nanzheng boxing is similar, but the former is more adept at using the legs have a ready pen, and the latter is the assassin's style, haggard sinister.

    before long, an advantage in Chaoyang stage, is not the case, in ten minutes, finally took the Nanzheng enemies, more fully realized Zhahe boxing cruel.

    the first round of the knockout phase was drawing to a close; the platform said something in the Forum; he got up and headed for the central arena.

    his game is about to begin; live!

    Dongying delegation, Bantian Rong breath, slow and heavy stood up, looked very solemn.

    Tang Zexun and the tigers who had finished the race were also betting on this side.

    "don't be afraid, don't be afraid."." The Japanese leader in solemn silence of the Bantian Rong road.

    "yes."!" Sakata Ichii made a huge bow and turned to the ring.

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