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Chapter 42–wave boxing

    "good gas!"! At the critical moment, the little tiger fell off the chain!" In the Dragon Tiger club's forum, "unreal Vatican" beats the table. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    "the Dragon King" "funny" reply: "fortunately, this game has resources."!"

    &nbsp:"you say, why is the most important game today, little tiger instead?"" "One fist is invincible" "touch Chin" road.

    "who knows?" Maybe I made an appointment The game was arranged after the draw." "Always love Jun Okamoto" and "bad laugh", "China Dekor famous red light district!"

    "! One small tiger is my girlfriend and go, people have three, not something else temporary?" "Sell ah, sell wonton" stand out, presided over justice.

    just as everyone talked and talked about, "the king of the dragon" reminded me:

    "the beginning, the beginning; Sakata Ichii has the realm of ability; for the floor, it is a rare enemy below the enemy."!"

    people quickly shifted their attention and returned to the game itself

    fast to the building into the ring, suddenly aware of a mobile phone to remind voice, picked up a look, a voice came from the Yan Ke, only two seconds.

    point play together in the ear, he heard "pop" sound light.

    " It's really a kiss" First floor is one Leng, immediately back to a kiss can't help laughing, expression, the mobile phone and wallet to match its supervision, Shijiershang, step by step precipitation of pleasure, Gudang blood, slightly trembling, just perfect.

    standing in the middle of the ring, his feet differential, not eight not virtual stand, eyes far away, commanding to look at the opponent, quickly approaching.

    hair dyed golden Bantian, a Rong seems to have induction, footsteps suddenly slowed down, more and more slowly, and later, like in front of the wind, breaking the waves forward, heavy and difficult.

    his back straight, do not see the slightest bent, his face filled with a feverish glow, as will launch a pig or kamikaze attack before the soldiers.

    a step, two steps, Sakata Ichiito on the ring, the station to a predetermined position, and the floor into a dozen meters across the sea.

    "it is more important thoughts and the spirit of Japanese samurai" The outline of the building into a dispersed "soldier" words in mind, will put the momentum again into the storm together, "white mountain towering thick cover".

    he was just a little on a hand, with two months to become more skillful blend of "soldiers" tactic to visualize terrorist momentum to suppress Sakata Ichii to disrupt the distance, his mind, eliminate his morale, try out of his depth, but almost no effect.

    one thousand or two thousand years, Japan by China, can see one or two from all aspects of society, martial arts vice versa, but in the island itself characteristics and national habits influence, and the development of different things.

    on an often earthquake typhoon, resource poor countries, life is short, it is easy to lose, as the pursuit of bright cherry like, so, in the martial arts, they pay more attention to the spirit and ideas, the first body temper, not in China, will control the spirit, control body to spirit, gradually to the subtle, such as a completely, but directly to the strong, extreme thoughts manufacturing changes, resulting in a unique fluctuation, then stimulate the body burst of terrorist forces and exaggerated speed.

    among them, the "extreme fluctuating flow" is a typical representative, is on the floor into the will and spirit control body, through the "visualize" the bridge, peristaltic muscle and fascia and viscera, special fluctuation, complete strength training, made certain effect. The limit of wave flow "is the use of extreme ideas, such as anger, such as killing, to let the body naturally change, a corresponding fluctuation, and then drive the" wave "to stimulate the body or to attack the enemy.

    that is to say, they are not "Jin holding force" at this stage, until the body into fluctuation "instinct", really out of "wave" is similar to human realm.

    at this level, due to the crazy not cherish physical training, Japanese samurai has always been premature.

    and, if their mental strength will collapse, Yixieqianli, and China's Wu Dan exit, even if will pass, no longer the beginning of the heart, nor for the cliff backwards, because of their own level where all aspects have been balanced with "material" basis, not suddenly collapsed, at most from stagnating, or does not manage small reduction.

    all kinds of ideas in the building into a flash of mind, see Bantian Rong, solemnly bowed to himself.

    his hand salute, elegance.

    at this moment the referee raised his right hand and pronounced in english:


    international competition, language barrier, "dialogue time" will lose the stage!

    Lou Cheng, if not on the sidelines of the game for a long time, long ago psychologically prepared, perhaps also will eat a small loss.


    referee Carter, Sakata Ichii body suddenly faint white smoke in the air, came the muffled sound of tigers.

    his palms backward, affixed to the waist, with the movement of the body, rushed to the shoulder, arm outstretched, set up the "bore"!


    he fit the palm opened, as if into the dragon's mouth, spit out a ball of light, laser to the building into a.

    "extreme fluctuating flow", dragons wave fist!

    at the same time, building into a step step, before the bow body hands, a hook with a shake, a clump of paste to walk the white cold flame and detonation into the enemy's oppressive fireball hit.

    ice and fire!

    a rumble! Yellow and white Qi Liang, neutralized, was the wind, Bantian Rong seems ready, dragons fluctuation boxing a face will emerge enthusiastic look, strong feet stepped on the body, into the sky, the moment over ten meters distance, jump to the front floor.

    his right hand extended, turned into a palm knife, borrow the whereabouts of the potential, pull out the pale white light, fierce hack to the opponent's neck.

    "extreme fluctuating flow", which cut the electric tiger!

    building into a unhurried, feet to throw out the shoulder, right up, beating the enemy to cleave.


    fist palm edge, Sakata Ichii body tremors, arm slightly after the rejection, quickly turn around to the soft, snake like building into a wrist, and bounce back in the air, snapped out of his left foot, the road from the bottom to the top of the white line, straight waist scraping opponent the abdomen, fierce anomaly.

    "extreme fluctuation flow", "razor" with "soft fall", a play around, let people care for this and lose that!

    this martial arts not only have percussion skills, but also throw throwing skills!

    building into Sakata Ichii's hold not only quickly adjusted, muscle, fascia and viscera, think out a series of crystal transfer but lonely dark cold light.

    "the ice soul SG map"!

    through this period of hard training, he has been slightly income, can barely make visualisation, "frost strength" preliminary upgrade to "ice spirit" strength".

    bang! Cold condensed into Guanghua building into a fist, follow from the waist collapse hit out.


    a fist filled with cold fog withstood Sakata Ichii's razor; and Sakata Ichii's right hand was wrapped up in the wrist of the building.

    however, his contact position, a piece of ice, could sting to slide away a partial open without focus.

    ice part, type fifteenth, ice armor"!

    as Sakata Ichii quickly adjusted to stimulate the body with feverish volatility, trying to force the pinch broken ice layers, he suddenly left into a fist and building sense of the location of the collision, there are inexplicable chill in the whole leg moment lost consciousness, on the surface a little white pants set!

    his lips suddenly pale, regardless of the danger, with the help of physical stimulation, forced twisting, then kick, keep in attack!


    Sakata Ichii's right foot horizontal pumping, the continuation of the previous "razor" trend.

    "limit wave flow"; tornado feet!

    building into a body in the induction, he wriggled, has been shrinking blood, and then squat, to avoid the attack just perfect.

    boom! His body Dan Jin gushing, the body suddenly stretch, arms expansion, right palm of the gun, straight up.

    bang! Sakata Ichii's body surface has pale white, the fluctuation is a flash to die, the right foot of horizontal smoke strange stay, whole leg break straight, ax down downward "chop chop""!


    fist and leg high-speed collision, Transient Solidification in the air, the muscle of exaggeration and startling clear lines.

    Deng dengdeng, building into three steps back, Sakata Ichii had no air force, flew to go out.

    snap! Building into a foot force, gravity echoed body fast before bashing, like a head lock terrible beast of prey, his mind is already come up with a view of the dark expanse, calories are not "ice", and instantly turned to the Shenguang "with" thunder".

    "ice king" version of a blow and a shout"!

    Sakata Ichii has just landed, he saw the opponent down to the front, not neglect, low growl, hit the right fist.

    with the fist "forward", his body quickly exudes a strong white light.

    the rising of the tiger shaped Guanghua Jackie Chan, is like a fire, instantly "lit" the Bantian Yirong, let him become a huge "wave", in the voice of roaring dragons and tigers hit the floor into.

    "extreme fluctuation flow" Nirvana, "dragon roar tiger fist"!

    this was really the practice of "wave" warrior can use the trick, a battle with Bantian Rong had similar powers, in the current state of work force!


    building into a coagulation crystal frost fist hit a huge white light, feel each other's strength with terror overbearing, flame and explosion kuangmeng, is involuntarily backward, step by step, a step of a crack!

    a few steps later he had just eased his right arm and had uncontrollable trembling.

    and Sakata Ichii did not pursue, stay in place, allowing Bai Guangyi to drift away, showing their own body.

    he was shivering, eyes lost their focus, blurred consciousness, yellow hair more than a grain of ice.

    then, building into a raised hand, a print Jue, sketched out a word in my mind.


    his deep opening, almost like to blur out the opponent body.

    the Japanese delegation, the mountain tiger suddenly contracted pupil.

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