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Chapter 43–explosive species is useless

    surrounded by dark, no light, don't feel any temperature, even the "cold" concept to lack, not to mention the sound and color, this is a boundless Bantian Rong "wandering" place, until the heart is struggling, and alert for idea and spirit the body, he suddenly woke up, feel cold, make the mind dull and numb cold running. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    not good!

    Sakata Ichii's heart suddenly came up with a dangerous idea; at last he saw the light, and saw almost a flash of rival!

    is it going to lose the game, lose all the honors and expectations?

    no.! Sakata Ichii struggled to tighten his thighs, pulled out his right foot, and brought up a meteor–like white glow from the top down to the floor.

    his playing, with fluctuation stimulate the corresponding parts of the strength of * *, with its fierce, such as deflection, so he flew up with his left foot, legs alternately, weave the bright white cyclone.


    Cui Xiang mountain, almost merged into a sound, white wave dissipation as the "whirlwind kick" way.

    at a critical juncture, Sakata Ichii burst into amazing power!

    building into just approaching, they suffered a sharp counterattack this terror, a gravity sink, suddenly stop, come up with heavy sun and mind Vipassana foot of the red dragon Yan Emperor, waist and abdominal muscles bulging, both sides shoulder fascia, drive forward out of deep fried, right.

    bang! In the process of penetrating the air, his fists as if with a layer of invisible flame, uncertainty.

    a rumble!

    boxing void, Cheyenne burst open, rolling toward the front spread, set off a terrible shock waves of fire contained.

    loud sound, swept the white layer is crimson flames engulfed the brilliance, and red flames were Sakata Ichii stir hammer kick four feet pops, as one of the Qing dynasty.

    bang! The floor into the arm joint moving, fascia stretching, two right turning, hit the opponent hit a spent force instep, stopped his serial kick.

    power rebound, right arm blood echoed, building into one of a swing, the left arm has expanded, shake out, turned into a big gun, point to Sakata Ichii's body.

    bang! Sakata Ichii's right arm was suffused with light, twice as swollen, and the vertical palm was chopped down. The fist of his opponent was chopped in time, and then accompanied by the back of his body, with a knife and a knife, a blunt cut of the muscle fascia at the touch!

    however, the floor of the fist, a touch and then received, borrowed power, "still strong" in the lower abdomen, low kicked out of the right foot.

    lovemaking! Bang bang! He move in immediately silenced the enemy, "Blizzard twenty-four blows" with everenduring like "Jin holding force", without stop crazy attack, the play more fierce, getting strong, let Bantian Rong even changed several "extreme fluctuating flow" Karate play, also failed to get rid of the passive. Along with the fluctuation and stimulate the body back, struggling.

    in this process, he even felt the biting cold, ears hear the roar of the wind, as if its not in the near tropical Dekor, but to the Arctic, or deserted Siberia.

    the name of the name, he suddenly scared, because of their own feelings is not illusion, around really a cold wind blowing, a piece of snow melted and emerge!

    "he's going to change."" Peng Leyun is no longer a fugue state, holding a mobile phone, in his pockets, thoughtfully whispered.

    before the building, power is power, Dan Dan exit exit outbreak outbreak, each other is obviously quite distinct from each other, and now, his estrangement, continuous "Jin holding force" kuanggong, "frost" gradually revealed, seems to soon become instinct!

    what does this mean? It shows that the root of his root has been internalized, which indicates that he is about to push the door of the non-human, and is about to start an important change on the road!

    "how fast!"." Ren Li rugulose Dai Mei, feel the competitors get closer pressure, and a strong desire to move forward.

    an Chaoyang light breath, forget the ears of music, muttered:

    "this is only a few months?""

    from the April national tournament ended not to even four months, building into a realm from the top six products on chip leap to the imminent breakthrough?

    this is simply rocket promotion!

    after a brief surprise, he suddenly thought of a thing to watch is not too big to Ren Li and Peng Leyun laughed:

    "cried distance less than a month to go."

    "gambling is bad."." Peng Leyun to nod, and then log on to their own micro-blog, quietly brush up "quack" popular content over the years, it seems in the farewell ceremony.

    Li meditation for a few seconds, took out the cell phone, find the corresponding betting column, intends to use private money to earn some extra money, donate out.

    ten seconds later, she smiled modestly and looked shyly at Ann Chaoyang and leader Zhong Ningtao:

    "this, how can I get this?""

    I've only heard and never bet!

    Dongying delegation, Tang Zexun sat quietly, looking at the ring, the tone is not high not low:

    "if a gentleman can't break through his past, it will be tough."."

    "yes."." Yamashita tigers sight recovery, the expression has been restored.

    the staid, sober leader looked at the tiger below the mountain, "Shen said:

    "tiger king, can you win this floor player?""

    mountain tiger behind the void if sloshing, milky Guanghua glimpsed, rising into a dragon and tiger shaped.

    "yes."!" His concise and comprehensive answer.

    even if the building in accordance with the Chinese nation's statement, made a breakthrough, completed the transformation, I am also confident!

    Dragon Tiger Club Forum, can intuitively feel the wind, see the snow "the Dragon King" laments:

    "floor progress is so fast, and now even the physical quality of the top six products, it was impossible to break through the non-human years ago."."

    "yes, I thought Sakata Ichii, the leader of this six quality class, could have created a little trouble for him. Who knows, from the beginning to the present, Bantian has no chance at all."." "Ring Road" with a sigh.

    "look, can go to Every warrior at the current level is not a good deal, the more dominant, building into a more cannot careless." "Riding a pig hero" published himself.

    "magic Vatican" and "long night is coming" and so on, the girl can not discuss, can not attend to praise, silently save the character, watching the game

    lovemaking! Bang bang!

    Sakata Ichii consciously cold wind more and more Sheng, the body appeared a little frozen feeling, know that go on like this, sooner or later will be constantly leveraging, the more beat the stronger floor, beat defeat.

    cannot do this again!

    must break through!

    Sakata Ichii heart cry, as do try desperately, but he decided the time has slowly for a long time, building into a large avalanche "trend already formed, almost impossible to go forward with great strength and vigour, interrupt.

    getting desperate, Sakata Ichii saw the referee raised his right hand, announced the failure of their own, as if to see the network newspaper articles of criticism and ridicule.

    no.! Can not lose! Can not be defeated at the same level of the enemy!

    he thought of the same origin of "extreme fluctuation flow" of the father, he thought of hope, think of a lot of friends please, think of a girl's admiration, thought by all kinds of preferential treatment in daily life, thought once the aura disappeared, become "normal" warrior, I will lose everything, never lift head, even if it is still very powerful, but it is no longer the focus of.


    I don't want to!

    Sakata Ichii's mind buzzing about the eyes as if filled with the blood, the heart of fear, fear, a backlog of hate and kill other emotions like eruption.

    this time, his body divergent light white light gradually developed shallow red, warm feeling to quiet noise.

    "come on!"!" Sakata Ichii bellowed out loud, across the front of the left foot, right before the rapid rush.

    snapped, red Guanghua wrapped his body, exudes a deep strong intention to kill, to deter the opponent's mind and spirit, so that he could hardly concentrate on short.

    "extreme wave flow", "super kill", "seven crimes", "fluctuation fist""!

    this is a negative idea for fuel blend is equivalent to the "Dragons wave fist" and "soldier" tactic, with fear!

    memories bring explosive species; Sakata Ichii breaks through the past and hits the strongest punch in his life!

    deep pink "roaring dragons and tigers, fluctuation dragged into a sharp" death sickle ", with Sakata Ichii's fist edge, split to building into.

    building into a change in white wave of Sakata Ichii, there is a danger that, hands over, bear in mind in India tactic, outline a fearless "before".

    low voice, he succumbed to heart, back shell, back jitui.

    his retreat was not intended to avoid Sakata Ichii's "seven crime swings", because it was too fast and too fast to hide; his retreat was just a little preparation for himself!

    his mind in the "river ice", another million, a large red, smashing into the drop from the clouds, the cold world.

    a rumble!

    ice and fire in the building into a violent collision right fist, Tanxian condensed into a deep dark or a whirlpool.

    bang! The pace of building into a heavy bomb, back pretty, right arm is pulled back, and then the st

    variant version of "a blow and a shout"!


    fist and reddish fluctuation cross strike, and suddenly disappeared, all kill, all fear, all seemed to be building into strength, absorption, accumulation into the collapse of a whirlpool.

    a rumble!

    vortex disintegration, power recoil raging billow, flapping in the Bantian wing on the fist, beat him out .

    building into the right arm ache swollen, temporarily and unexpectedly lost power, he did not wait for recovery, a foot on his feet, the sound of ferocious attacks before, was approached before landing the opponent side.

    at this time, Bantian was proud to hit the ground with a milky wave of fist, which caused a diffuse smoke and scattered impact.

    Cheng Cheng is going out fist; in the heart suddenly move, discover oneself to enemy's lock, the uncanny invalid!

    this moment, Sakata Ichi Rong seems to have disappeared on the ring, so that they have no induction!

    in his mind, ice mirror forming, inexplicably aware of the danger from behind the attack.

    the floor turns back, sideways, lightly kicking the left foot.


    his instep drew out a strange Bantian Rong, smoke his body in a flash, the forthcoming Shazhao halted.

    Sakata Ichii had used the two years covertly worked hard as "Ninjutsu: Back Attack", but it is like falling into a trap.

    a trick, the building immediately took out the right foot, from the bottom up.

    lovemaking! One foot, two feet, three! He kicked Sakata Ichii out of the air!

    a breath, then burst into a building body, the left foot snapped kicked in the Bantian Yirong, he will play football like smoke fly out.


    Sakata Ichii is difficult to control the balance to fall, fall, and then they heard a sound "before" pronunciation, see the floor into the martial arts shoes white stopped in his ears.

    the referee raises his right hand and announces in english:

    "Lou Cheng Sheng."!"

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