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Chapter 44–second rounds

    "Lou Cheng Sheng."!"

    strange words echoed in my ears, Bantian Rong lying on the ground, my mind a blank, forgot turning up, as if to return to the home, back to a daily afternoon when you wake up. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    I did my best to break through the past, but still lost the game, looking at the shoes intact, he seems to have no effort, has been able to do everything

    when I was the King Tiger catch the overtime, I comfort myself, run faster is not necessarily run well after the half, is the key, when he developed the real "wave", and I was trapped in place, I comfort myself at this level. I am invincible, is the strongest, the future must be promoted

    but now, in the face of a twenty year old rival of the same level, I have lost such a mess, so weak, what can I comfort myself?

    building a closed hand, coughed, woke up in Bantian Yirong, looked at his faded color fever stood up, eyes full of confusion and frustration.

    only know a few Japanese words he couldn't communicate, it is too lazy to say, arch of the hand, mother tongue whispered a sentence:


    Dongying Samurai most etiquette, they can not lose face in this country.

    Sakata Ichii habit and bow, turned and walked down the steps of its divergence platform, no to the pain in his arm before he is in despair "Ninjutsu: Back Attack", rush under the unstable, and the remnants of a recoil damage variation version "a blow and a shout", even if it is blocking the building into a series of kicking, was also drawing "floating", smoke fly out, arms almost broken or cracked.

    building his paired mentality and the story behind the scenes not interested, even forget to greet the stands, quickly rushed down the steps to find the game supervision, picked up the wallet and mobile phone, unlock the screen, send a message to Yan Ke, "smile":


    this time, he raised his right hand, to dealing Peng Leyun, Ren Li and Chaoyang slightly embarrassed back arm, pretending to be unusual to comment on the other side, the challenge of the game.

    Yan Ke seems to have been waiting for "surprise soon turned look:

    "three and a half minutes to finish." Under Sakata Ichii's reputation, there is no scholar."

    "poof, you flatter me, I will be proud of!" The floor turned up and made a picture similar to his face.

    Ke Ke Ke classmate's implication is, can hold in his hand for one or two minutes, are considered six product level leader!

    Yan Ke "Wuzui.":

    "Hey, please call me professional orange blow."!"

    "well, now you can concentrate on class ~!""

    building up a mobile phone, to stand a good mood to hand, and Peng Leyun, An Zhaoyang, Ren Li and Zhong Ningtao respectively made a clap.

    Er, the faces of several teammates are a bit strange

    "what's the matter?"" The building became suspicious and opened.

    "nothing."." Peng Leyun's eyes continue to drift, an entirely absorbed concentrate on music, Chaoyang, Ren Li bowed his head, seriously study how the problem of betting

    Dragon Tiger Club Forum; "the king of the dragon"; "funny" road:

    "haha, Japan is brushing the forum, they look really cool comments!"

    "Hey, hey, hey, do you know Japanese language, fast translation, let me see how they touted!" "The long night is coming," Yan said deliberately with an angry smile.

    "sit back and wait."!" "Phantom Brahma" follows the reply.

    after a while, "the Dragon King" started a translation:

    "Bantian glory truly became a common man."."

    "a" Rong Jun "has actually played super level, but still failed."

    "he did not have a chance from the beginning to the end, and also burst the gas, playing" seven sins to kill ", when people feel surprised and hopeful, but still no effect."

    "idiot."! The idiot monk Association Ishihara, could give China four wild cards?"

    "that building became famous last year; I've seen his name here."."

    "the feeling is more formidable than the tiger king; it is said that he has almost the same talent; there are many other countries in China; the players are sent this time."!"

    "after all, an ancient country with a sense of history."."

    "can only expect the sauce and the tiger!"!"

    "smoked sauce seagull!"

    "ha ha, Japanese people still quite have the quality, not what sour performance." "Sell sell wonton" "akimbo laugh".

    "the long night is coming". Yan Li sold a foolish way: "although I can't understand what they are talking about, I still feel good."!"

    nothing is more pleasant than the enemy's defeat, admiration, and admiration!

    "dragon", "Little Dragon", later translation of this review of the task to you (PAT shoulder)!" "Phantom van," said cheerfully

    brush over live post content, building into a more relaxed mood, no longer appear, in the double elimination tournament after the first round, and his teammates directly back to the hotel.

    station located in the high-rise window of the room, he looked at the bright lights of a symbol of human civilization, smug, waiting for the next round.

    pick up the mobile phone, building into a share this feeling to his wife, "then" end:

    "break into sixteen, there's a bonus."!"

    Yan Ke is seriously class, unable to respond in a timely manner; the floor waiting for a moment, can not hear the voice of special reminders.

    he subconsciously unlock the screen, thinking of a recurrence, can finish typing, taking into account the too frequent news will affect the girl learning, so he restrained himself, will write the contents of a word delete.

    afterwashing, building into a shut all the lights in the dark, quiet and lay down on the bed, looking for something to pass the time, see Jiang fat in "talk" crying hungry to eat after supper, kindly these days will steal to send friends Dekor delicacy in the past.

    "you ruthless!"! I decided to go out and eat barbecue Liu, etc. will give you pictures, thanks!" Jiang Fei used "come ah, hurt each other," the expression road.

    "pinch your body fat, touch your belly, your conscience will not hurt?" Building "hoot" road, "and I'm going to bed, you and I can't see (manual comic)."

    hit Jiang Pangzhong; Yan Hui replied to his previous message, "clever sit up" road:

    "wait for your bonus to invite me to a big meal!"! By the way, the empress mother will return to China about September 14th."

    "good."!" To quickly switch app floor, the set of the September 14th us fly ticket, take screenshots to see students Xiao Ke ke.

    "want to tear the calendar off more than a dozen pages."!" Yan Ke speaks in the tone of joking words in the heart.

    not a few words, but also to the class, the floor is also close to the point of sleep, so they spoke to each other, "Ann."".

    second days early in the morning, he woke up on time, follow the prescribed order to do all things, finally came before the exercise of the place, on the day in and day out of penance.

    he think, suddenly burst, sparkling, shining dream, but bring out the boundless darkness, loneliness and heat without extreme cold.

    as this picture is beginning to take shape, the building becomes aware of the subtle changes in the body's frost power, more illusory, more ethereal, and more like a vortex of temperature absorption.

    this is the "frost strength" to "ice king" sublimation, he had found a way, is a solid foundation.

    practice a "ice king", with a lot of charm by building into a "Yandi map", focus, focus on understanding, trying to outline that gathered, that heavy in mind, the kind of outbreak and that injection.

    but he is still a little poor and still fails to visualize success.

    "Yan Jin" appear to be the height of real change "in situ coagulation zhurong Jin."" If you have some ideas, in the spirit of approaching the limit, in turn to temper their fists.

    it is no accident that day, the morning of their training, the rest of the afternoon, the evening came to watch the first Dekor country, double elimination tournament second round draw.

    because it was a round, and no one has failed two, so it is still thirty-six players, the eighteen duel.

    this time, Lou's name was drawn out early.

    "who could it be?" Hope is not the Japanese samurai, much experience of different martial arts" He twisted the idea inwardly.

    a few seconds later, the guest pulled out his opponent and shouted out the name:

    Miluo, veigar!"

    veigar? The floor into the stunned head, to see who is wearing a blue uniform of a general cold man, he saw no positive expression to look over, eyes dark white, Cecil jump!

    I went through the second round of the knockout round and hit the No. two seed!

    it is Japanese samurai

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