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Chapter 45–future overlord

    "veigar!" Dragon Tiger club forum live posted, "the Dragon King" to "Nike mouth" expression first, "this is interesting."!"

    "the road to the ring"; "funny" reply:

    "really interesting, not just the barrier is not strong or the heart of the double elimination tournament second round, a fierce collision with other similar to non-human building into a strong, the absolute, is a rare good experience, this is enough. Don't need to care about the outcome, anyway, I am not optimistic about the building to win. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest"

    "perhaps, all aspects of building a physical quality, grasp the rhythm and fighting moves have the top six product standards, coupled with powerful ability itself, fight promotion is not how long the strong level of non-human is not without hope." "Plumbers eat mushrooms" added to the discussion.

    "but this hope is very small."." "Riding a pig" Heroes "interjects, veigar is popular in several countries around, if not itself power is too strong, the interference of root induction, it can advance one or two years into the similar inhuman state, I think, the only four people inside, Malcolm cloud hit him odds higher. Ren Li are poor."

    "the sky above" the rock girl "his head:" I hear the question mark icon, Miluo and Nanzheng this several countries did not mature occupation match, compared to their arms and in our country, should be the lack of combat experience? This is good for the building"

    "haha, sister-in-law, you don't see Miluo Dekor is no perfect opportunity to combat their occupation match, Wu's a lot." "The Dragon King" doing science, "they often unstable domestic situation, but also influenced by the neighboring areas of conflict, the economic environment is not good, the bloody underground arena, are many street fights, even the occasional local war, the fight between life and death experience than their strong building too much. Although veigar Warlord's son, the future of the generals, but his great love is a battlefield to boxing, killing Polish spirit, as long as he dies, the future is absolutely dominate the party people!"

    "what is melody, you're nervous." The two tears welled up like a fountain".

    "dark observation" of the "long night is coming", Yan Hong echoed:

    "I feel nervous for the first time since the end of the national game."!"

    "you are usually dead, stupid night."." "In the face of Yan Xiaoling," the matchless Dragon King "always can not help but black her two.".

    "I'm angry, baby has a little emotion, you go to the forum and open a live post, I'll forgive you."!" This time, Yan Linda can not fool.

    "yes, small tiger, tiger Schrodinger, today continue to live ah, although the building and veigar this must be broadcast, but you have to take our site as ah!" "Matchless Dragon King" readily promised, and looking for "battlefield small reporters.""

    "the opponent is veigar" Building temporarily not empty brush BBS, the first time will draw the results sent to Yan ke.

    second round double elimination, he was on the face of the tournament must be ranked in the top four of the enemy!

    Yan Ke as early as temper Budo are concerned about her husband, the game quickly in the wind "heaven" was the reply:

    "veigar Orange, when I find you're in individual challenge, it's not always good to sign"

    building cause and retreat, not too tight, this soothing mood, thought a turn, ".":

    "maybe my whole life has been spent on something."."

    puff Yan Ke Minzui smile, look to the side, after a few seconds before:

    "more and more talking."! Never mind, your sister's personality shines."

    "here," she said, with her hands crossed her chin:

    "the oranges, I think you have the opening attack."

    veigar as a representative of a country genre character, Yan Ke and building into a chat usually long discussion and analysis, now needless to say, not to say, as straight into the point.

    "well, we couple luetong ah!" The building body suddenly shivers, that is the desire that can't wait to fight.

    non call inhuman, because everything has almost the same order for monsters, their present abnormal physical, in front of this level is not strong, can only say that at a disadvantage, if the fight a protracted war, a war of attrition, he would not have any hope, but easy to rely on each other the advantage of boundary and the strength gradually suppressed the opportunity.

    to win veigar the enemy, the best way is "gold ax", grab the upper hand to click on the face, let the other side short at a disadvantage, and then seize the opportunity to find a chance of winning, the enemy played before, quick ways!

    whether China, Japan, Miluo, new or old Europe, the United States, all martial arts combat system is the same, such as non-human are in the nature of key nodes, is the root pulp because of self-discipline certain alienation, body transformation, and how specific practice, that is the things.

    such as Miluo, China and the blend of two kinds of martial arts philosophy, in the influence of perennial war under development, there is a very special practice system itself, to stimulate the potential of abnormal grinding exercise, wake up, own treasure of human body, and slow traction root pulp to gradually change, and this is similar and Nanzheng dekor.

    because of this, few of their country Wu, if you can achieve a similar non-human realm, the middle-aged will be very sad, because the body, overdraft and old wound pain and is constantly being sick, half live but fifty.

    for the domestic environment is stable, economy is good place, Wu Dao certainly similar little practice, not success or cornered, who probably did not choose, but in Miluo and Nanzheng, Dekor, poor economic situation, chaos, high unemployment and poverty to the living but fifty people meet the eye everywhere there is such a change, the fate of the opportunity, must firmly grasp.

    &nbsp:Cheng Cheng remembers a scholar who had done martial arts, studied this kind of circumstance specially, and produced a book called "the influence of the geographical environment on the martial road system".

    discuss the play against veigar in he and Yan Ke, Peng Leyun pulled out, against the tournament No. eight seed, has a strong spiritual power top six products, Nanzheng Li shaukang.

    "today we are not too good" Peng Leyun turned his cell phone and smiled a sigh of emotion.

    his speech, Ren Li picked Tang Zexun, mountain tiger, Bantian Rong outside of Japan's samurai, as he finished, after a few seconds, Ann Chaoyang also had a strong enemy against Miluo, is approximately equal to the top six product strength.

    building a deep look at Peng Leyun, solemnly nodded:

    "no, just the two of us.""

    then they smiled, not depressed, not angry, even anxious to immediately pull opponents to.

    before long, because the earlier is drawn, and the building into another game veigar will start.

    at this moment, he saw the request of the "king of the dragon", thought about it and turned to Peng Leyun, Ren Li and ann:

    "can you take a picture for me later?""

    compared with Zhong Ningtao, his heart more trust in Peng Leyun et al., this probably is Wu's Freemasonry.

    "ah?"" Li, they were dazed, then showed an odd look, as if to say, "I did not expect you to be like this." I have seen narcissism, I have never seen such narcissism!

    cough The floor into the old face a red, hurriedly explained:

    "a friend is doing a live broadcast of the tournament. Let me take some pictures." He doesn't know I'm a member of the building. I can't say I have to play. You guys wait."

    "got it."." Peng Leyun said with a chuckle. "I also have a number on the forum, and I'm diving."."

    I wipe The building immediately asks a sentence: "what is called?""

    "I was mainly mixed cases and my own personal forum, you should not know, called" string stick "." Peng Leyun answered with interest, "what about you?""

    "I just see no words, no numbers."." Any significant Lilve feel shy said, "I'm afraid I can't help but quarrel with others."

    "will you still fight?"" The building was taken by surprise.

    "well, especially."!" Ren Li answered carefully, but few others believed him.

    &nbsp:ANN Chaoyang said with a smile: "I usually rarely pay attention to martial arts forum, most of the time in reading, looking for music, review, write."."

    write something A generation of the "classic" Don't offend him. You can't tell what a wonderful thing it is Building into secretly Tucao, reported their forum nickname: "my name is Schrodinger 'Tiger', you wait for help in the live post under the picture."

    "Schrodinger's tiger." Query string We match well." Peng Leyun opened a joke, waiting for the floor to say, he did not know where to move, eyes began to lose focus, thoughts floating outside the flying apsaras.

    back sight, looks at the floor to Yan Ke ring, a message, ".":

    "I'm on the stage; how do I get gas tonight?""

    "come on!"" Yan Ke intentionally "blankly wink", immediately sent a picture come over, that is written two names, with two photos of marriage certificate!

    "what? Is it a driving force to see this?"" The girl covered her mouth and laughed.

    "uh!" "Floor," nodded heavily".

    struggle for the family to bear!

    to unlock the phone, switch to the live paste interface, he took a breath, left the position, toward the ring to go.

    opposite, tall and sturdy veigar suddenly stood up, for all the cheers, a sound "veigar" sale over all the restless.

    as a personality full of genius Wu, he is also very popular in the dekor!

    Deng, Deng, Deng, he steps toward imposing heavy steps on its own 000 terrorist aggression.

    building does not make concessions, the momentum gradually blooming, like towering years not to move the snow mountain, around his cold wind bears the shock of the blood evil gas.


    two people boarded the ring at the same time, eye contact, such as lightning!

    station location, building a closed eyes, in my mind a bit over veigar:

    lightning power Fighting skills, self fighting, concise and practical Good at elbow with knee Great power, quick speed Similar to the inhuman realm

    it is a formidable enemy!

    so, must start attacking, get over!

    Weijiadai top Miluo style of the cap, at this time, the brim down, with the shadow of half covered his eyes, let the pupil in the White Lightning more terrible.

    didn't wait long; the referee raised his right hand and swung it down:


    his voice has just fallen, the building has two hands to lift, already became the printing tactic, the mouth is deep and low to make a noise:


    PS: before update on time, is actually not keeping the release, probably because in Japan than here for almost an hour, I follow the normal rhythm delay finished, although the local is more than seven, but the country was six points, and on time (covering his face)

    well, this trip, with a few small squid like toys back, as a gift to all of you, I began to draw in the WeChat public number, we quickly leave a message ~!

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