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Chapter 46–repression


    low sound echoed, rushed out of the building into a white line, almost out of the shadows, with staggering speed to grab the opponent's body before. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    Weijiadai large general eaves cap, half body, left before the right foot after standing, arms open, put a boxing posture, then suddenly drop waist, spring like leaping, majestic burly body creates fierce wind, relentless as falling, and bent the knee. Straight into the building into the chest, legs bent position white knee was turned deadly!

    Miluo's martial arts style is a skilled fist smashing, kicking knee elbow and other basic actions, without complex routines, close to the free combination, the way to carve itself and combat series attack, fierce and fierce, in order to achieve the effect of defeating the enemy, a special way to hone like iron they are casting Wu's knees and elbows!

    veigar this step back the airport crashed into the timing of abnormal precision, grab a few steps before, did not give the opponent to leave Shazhao time, and once the knee was blocking the enemy, he immediately hit homeopathic elbow, kick leg, connecting deadly attacks. People can stop without blocking impossible to guard against.

    seeing the building into a double knee hit veigar, active in the "V", the right time, he suddenly received a blood, let the strength, spirit and dash to potential in collapse, condensate in the lower abdomen.

    his speed abruptly stopped!

    and lack of doing a lot of teammates, and often guide Yan Ke practice, building their pairs of yin and Yang "turn" and "meteor burst" since no lack of awareness, relying on the help of fairies and their exploration, gradually found "Jin holding force" and "the" step "imitate said trick stop" ability, although certainly not as good as the original martial arts exquisite delicate thoroughly tempered, but the key moment can also play a role!

    ! High speed squeal sounded, the position Biweijia building into the pre judgment place on a step after.

    is this step, veigar knee hit by Sheng Zhuanshuai, to him, is no longer the peak state!


    building a strong Dantian volcano like gushing out of the muscle were bulging, a tall, at the foot of the ground cracked ferocious traces.

    his shoulder to hold his right fist sharp swing, before beating the trend, with a thousand Juli, crashing out.


    he hit the opponent knees, provoke breeze overflowing, veigar translation played no inverted to the air.

    snap! A building at the foot of a foot, the body of electricity shot out just for a while, then, grab the veigar near hand mudra, pointing to itself, in my mind to outline the ancient words of a battle with heaven and earth never give up.


    floor roar low, eyes seem bloodshot, feet inside, knees twist, low back, put the whole body of power and the outbreak of terror twisted into one, into the right arm.

    a rumble!

    his feet Budo shoes directly break at the same time, with a splash of gravel, complement each other, right arm expansion exalted fist Zhetianbiri turned to fight down, let the air flow semi steep bang!

    nine character formula; "fight" word tactic!

    just a beginning, with eighteen floor achievement like ability, no private, go all out!

    Weijiagang foothold, will face such a blow, no chance to escape, can only choose hard block.

    his face is still cold, low–press, Mouguang white light, then see a layer jump like lightning, wearing only loose thunder gloves.

    bang! His big arms were swinging, his fists lighting up, and he was pushing straight up.


    two fists hit, veigar arm like feet trembling, vox fell into the arena floor, the whole people just short several centimeters.

    relying on the "fight" tactic, actually beat the building into a similar inhuman young strong, he will fight to stop in situ!

    and a floor ready, right arm and body rebound echoed, with breath, the arm paralysis, retrograde and blood, spirit and strength together to hold the abdominal contraction, the human body is firm in the Dane, just the location.

    Dan gas eruption, building into a cohesive thigh swelling, abnormal compact out left foot, let the breeze, kicking the opponent's knee rollover.

    veigar slow tempo, barely knee lift the left leg, small pumping strike, and the floor of the feet are a hit with.

    Bang in the dull, eating a little loss of his body sway before, see the building into the right arm of the pendulum, is about to rush out of boxing.

    veigar dare not neglect, having potential to stabilize the center left hook from the waist, wearing a silver white Zizi bounce "gloves" force, fierce isspicy.

    but at the moment, building into a punch, paused, pace with the speed of change, until veigar heavy hook to just explode shoulder Jin, let his arm and fist hit.

    this is a fast and a slow, he found the concept of "Shenguang came up with ice", with the upper hand for the use of "grab a blow and a shout" the opportunity!

    boundless darkness, everything is so lonely, even without a trace of heat, the cold crystal dream like hallucinations, followed by thunder, yin and Yang Song external expansion, scattered, broken freeze all situation.

    a rumble!

    thunder thunder, great teaching building into a fist, under the hammer covered with frost, pour out ice, hit the enemy on the electro-optic gloves.

    crackling! White flying, veigar stood on the spot, his fist into his arm, fog, frost Hua forming, his eyes briefly lost their glow, as if just from the frozen sleep out.

    floor is with his right hand into the body back, can't help made stepping back, but his right arm, echoed at the same time, the left wrist is exactly a shake, thrown with a glittering and translucent white, "burn" to the enemy's face Shazhao, serial, no gap!

    cold shot, succeed, veigar by their flesh quality just awake, saw the inevitable block without a heart attack, a tight, breath suddenly broke out, the upper and lower body emitting a burst of light stab, all Zizi electric the snake with him as the core, to around luanwu.

    cheats, "ray burst"!

    bang! The ice was burned into the attack, on streamer, and under the floor has been stabilized into the center of gravity, fit again on inside my mind once again came up with the dream view of the deadly "ice sg".

    he knows in his current state of play "implosion fist" can really hurt veigar, but in three hit before, it's hard for the body to people he could not restrain the internal shock damage, the action is affected, so that their own soon it will be pressed into the wind, and may not use "Implosion" opportunity, therefore, deal with the extent of the enemies, control for the first ", is the only choice a blow and a shout"!

    all things to do, "Ray explosion" vice versa, building into the attack slowed down the pace, until the White Snake hedgehog like to electric telescopic outside the dark, only a step closer to the waist, sink, snapped the fist hit veigar abdominal collapse.

    fist straight ahead, quickly covered with a layer of white!

    veigar–hidden in the shadow of the eyes increasingly cold, arms drooping, half bent playing, filled out the lightning gloves".

    this is the root pulp is alienated, the body has completed the metamorphosis of non-human, a trick in between, the power of heavy, with power, want to put on, and want to close!

    he "fist" just out, building into a clip suddenly caudal, straight body, right arm drive up, left low kick attacks.

    snow white sky; cold from foot!


    veigar sensing danger, dispersed force of boxing, the building into a semi thick head out of a horrible leg!

    at the same time, building into a center of gravity sloshing, the anterior arch of the body, the left foot is stepped down halfway, a Dodge, veigar around to the back, raised his left arm, like everywhere in the wind.

    his mind in the "ice" Shenguang "that is thunder" shock break!

    a rumble!

    everything is ready, one essential, such as when the bar!

    veigar from start off in the wind, they have not been able to come back, right now not received, the enemy attack has been to, is in jeopardy in the situation, the heart came up with resentment can't help italy.

    at this critical juncture, he put all the contempt and arrogance, with breath, completely presses the treasure of the flesh.

    Zizi zi!

    his body surface was surrounded by circles and circles of light; the back of the body, a single leg bounced, turned into a terrifying drill, and hit the left fist of the building.

    veigar trick, "lightning puncture"!

    bang! The stuffy sound, a light broke out, make the most of the audience a short white line of sight, failed to see the platform on the scene.

    where veigar fell in, one knee landing, eyes and lax, lost the cap, surrounded by fire transpiration frost fog, building into a hair bristling, body trembling violently, eyes full of streaks of silver snake, clearly see the machine, but even paralysis "Jin also hold power are not used.

    between breath, two people at the same time, to grab the opponent, and collision together.


    loud sound, Peng Leyun suddenly exclaimed:

    "true building is possible to win.""

    Ren Li and Chaoyang also just from the fierce fighting in the back, Wen Yan is nodded.

    "by the way, did you take a picture of the building?"" At this time, Ann Chaoyang remembered his teammates before told.

    "" Peng Leyun thought carefully, and replied earnestly:


    three people were silent for a while; Peng Leyun handed Ren Li the phone that had not been locked, and said seriously:

    "you take pictures best, you come."."

    "uh" Ren Li has always been confident, certainly took the mobile phone.

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