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Chapter 48–Bixian

    in the sound of understanding and can not understand the cheers, the floor into a tone of relief, threw the sore arm, from the hair to the state of reality, and accepted the failure of the outcome. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    he felt that he should be happy to do not change state, similar levels and inhuman for more than a year to break the two veigar forced to the brink of failure, absolutely proud enough to leave, go with head high and chest out.

    but he could not be happy; there was a faint sigh and regret in his mind.

    by a little, really a little bit

    my choice of play, the enemy's judgment and on-the-spot play, there is no problem, even can be called excellent, but still a little bit worse, failed to grasp the opportunity to win

    reason told him that this is the best result, if not careful in using the "Ice Armor", arm fracture might appear in the final two hit, let oneself to an early goodbye to the tournament, but the floor or some do, make up for the poor "this point want urgently".

    and now the most effective way is also the most likely is that as soon as possible understanding hold "Yan map" spirit and charm, "Vulcan Jin" sublimation, the body began to decay.

    thoughts have turn, he made after the tribute of veigar, turned toward the edge, along the stone steps down, came to the front of the game supervision.

    without waiting for him to speak, the game supervisor took out his wallet and handed it back to his master.

    see extremely lonely wallet, this would immediately give a message of Yan Ke building into a look stupefied, then wake up: no mobile phone here, to his teammates to take a picture.

    he shook his head toward a good laugh, wallet, to Peng Leyun et al. The location of a step back, gradually break away from electric shock injuries.

    arena, burly veigar deeply saw a magnificent building into far back to one eye, go to the central place will be covered with dust, breaking the cap picked up shabby, bounced, no wear, Niutou leave, not even stay in the Dekor museum.

    "terrible" (four countries)!" The Japanese delegation, a bit on the sidelines of the match with the sound of a warrior.

    Sakata Ichii looked pale, lost to the floor than yesterday also hit, he knew that the gap between the two is not small, but did not expect to make their own despair, just fight, not inhuman building into really showed nearly inhuman strength. And they have the essential difference!

    how did he do it?

    he hasn't been promoted yet!

    by power?

    I have too

    once I was called "monster"; now I have to admit that some people are real monsters"

    mountain tiger convergence face side head to see the same way:

    "a Rong Jun, Cheng Cheng can reach this level at the present stage, so can you."! Don't try to get 'wave', such as you to his current level, things simple."

    "yes."" Bantian has a heart touch, but the tone is not confident.

    mountain tiger eyebrows pick, muttered:

    "we don't need cowards in our extreme volatility."!"

    "yes."!" Sakata Ichii became smart and became serious

    Dragon Tiger club forum live post, we have forgotten the previous small storm, heavy and heatedly discussed building into battle and veigar.

    "what a pity!" (biting his handkerchief and tears)." "Sell ah, sell wonton", the little girl took the lead in posting.

    "it's a pity. I just thought it would be a win."" "The Dragon King" and "cry" reply, "after the state subdivision, Dan Jing" inhuman "and" ordinary "between five and six between, have a separate draw, this file is called a building!"

    "the road of the ring"; spit out the saliva; "mother, my understanding of the world is almost overturned by him." Change into the just promoted non man, he probably really won!"

    "I feel as if the building is breaking."" "Riding a pig hero" seriously put forward a possibility.

    "how could it be that the Rockets weren't that fast!"!" The plumber ate mushrooms and then spat".

    "yes, the breakthrough is also about the basic law."!" "One fist is invincible," "funny" echoed.

    the speculation was quickly "submerged", "phantom," "jump," said:

    "I know that my idol can do that to a great extent, but I was still bored, not happy at all, but I'm so happy to see you praise him so much."! Continue to flatter, I can bear! The night is coming. Come on!"

    " See, I was busy building towers, pray the next round to stop smoking inhuman!" Yan Xiaoling took the time to reply

    stands somewhere; the floor approached; Peng Leyun reached out and hit him with his palms down.

    "I always see veigar not pleasing to the eye, think he is wearing a 'police hat' battle very loaded, now, he no hat." Peng Leyun humorous smile, euphemistically praise, floor into a sentence.

    sure enough, in addition to love daze, love challenge, "big devil" is like rumors, is a very easy-going, very easy to get along with people Floor into only sleep Peng Leyun statement, very ground gas, not from laughing out.

    then, Ann Chaoyang also reached five road:


    "ha ha, I just watched your game and forgot to take pictures."."

    take pictures The floor becomes a move in mind, wear a smile to ask a question:

    "so forgot to post for me?""

    "well, no, that's what we remember." Li took the picture best and we handed her the task." Ann Chaoyang, who comes with digital cameras, does not blush at all.

    hear mention of her, Ren Li took the initiative to step into the building to the mobile phone, the first heavy emphasis:

    "someone in front of the forum said something bad about you; I scolded you."!"

    "ah?"" Lou Cheng heard a moment of confusion, and so on, wake up to what may happen, immediately issued a bad premonition, busy lower your head, unlock the screen, enter the forum, point to live broadcast paste, look at the contents of the front.

    thank you very much indeed He saw the mouth twitched, busy replied:

    " The man who spoke before is really not me! Not hacking, I feel that the camera technology is not good, please help, did not think she would "help" I speak"

    "she?" Little tiger, did you ask your girlfriend for help?" "Sell, sell wonton" with "I know" expression with a stick.

    "turns out to be a girl, no wonder you're so sensitive."." "The powerful Dragon King" suddenly dawned on him.

    girlfriend? Cheng Cheng denied it at once:

    "no, another friend."."

    "another female friend?" Tiger, yes, to travel and bring other female friends!" "Always pure love, handsome, Okamoto," "funny" road, the tone is quite ambiguous.

    " Think too much! And other friends." The building emphasizes a sentence

    &nbsp:"always pure love, Okamoto," "laugh angrily": "do not explain these, you just need to tell me that she is pretty?" If I don't mind being good-looking, she had."

    "OK."." The building hesitated.

    just the dialogue, let his heart some fear, not afraid of what, but those bloody lessons get through the long-distance relationship, he know two people once separated too far, a sense of trust and safety will become fragile, cannot afford a suspicion, so and in order to secure the ease down, both sides must understand the "suspicion" of the word, even if they have a clear conscience, confidently, also want to consider may be found in a suspicious position will cause doubt, take the initiative away from the partner, let the other bad things, lest buried rift, caused by the storm.

    a person's freedom is always relative, especially after the other half!

    would you like to say something to the agent?

    I don't say; she probably wouldn't know that things would pass quietly

    but if she had a sudden impulse to look through the live post and find out about it, even if she didn't say anything on her lips, she should have some ideas in her mind

    building into a tumbling thoughts, made a quick decision to switch to the QQ interface, the lost veigar told Yan ke.

    the girl gave a hug; "I just looked at it and thought you were going to win." Yes, when you change, you are sure to win!"

    she comforted her own orange in this way.

    a full of tender feelings and encouragement, building into the active way:

    "I wipe, Peng Leyun gave me trouble!"

    after finishing this message, he took a glance at Peng Leyun, silently speaking in his heart:

    Le gay, the organization has decided that this pot you come back!

    "what's the matter with him?"" Yan Ke with "holding salted fish cat" road.

    "the powerful Dragon King, didn't they let me take pictures live?" Before I went to the game, let Peng Leyun help, which know he is not responsible, and turned to throw Li, and the results of Ren Li in live paste and people quarrel, so I almost can not explain." "Breathe sigh" road building.

    "puff They're not reliable Li Li usually quiet, and how will quarrel with people?" Yan Ke with "frighten Lao Zi small fish dry all dropped" facial expression reply.

    because the building today competition is earlier, she has not arrived the class time, has opened the forum conveniently, has turned over the next broadcast to paste, the Bei tooth has not been aware, lightly has bitten lips.

    "listen to Peng Leyun and An Zhaoyang, Ren Li on the Internet are particularly vulnerable to other people" The building was thrown out of the pot.

    "the contrast is great." It feels a little moe." "Yan Ke" covered his mouth and laughed. "What kind of person is Li Ren at ordinary times?""

    the problem that building into a stressful thought for a moment, a language of organization:

    "feel very confused, and everything is very confident, because the road is too stupid, the team leader has been following her, did not have too much contact with us."."

    "so!" And I imagine Li is not the same." Yan Ke scratched his chin and rolled his eyes.

    she sighed, shook her head, smiled low, and shifted the subject without further entanglement.

    then, she received a message from other students, with yellow Xiwen:

    "get together in the evening?" Tom family has a ball, many villagers will come, there are well-known school seniors and elder sister."

    Yan Ke did not hesitate to reply directly:

    "I don't like lively occasions."."

    "you're really, what's the meaning of being stuffy at home?" I don't know any of my classmates. How do you fit into class? The total could not have been out of contact with anyone, it will be isolated! In the future, nothing can be found to help! Get dressed, to relax, adjust the mood." Huang Xiwen advised.

    I don't think it's meaningful for me to do good relationship with my classmates Yan Ke finished this sentence, feel too sharp, and deleted, a pile of crackling.

    when she had done it, she looked at it again, feeling that the words were softer and less clear and firm, so she cut it out again and typed it again:

    "I hate this person really boring, lively, not what meaning, but I love it, can let me quiet study, after similar events don't notice me, I'm really not interested."

    read a few times and make a little change; she clicked on the send, a relaxed body and mind.

    really is kindness as ill intentions! Huang Xiwen looked at the news, angrily put down his cell phone, opposite the two boys road:

    "she doesn't come, she is a very boring ah, very gloomy, not to laugh, that old maid!"

    powerdekor Museum, Peng Leyun noticed a floor looking at him, puzzled and touched her cheek:

    "what's the matter?""

    "nothing."." The floor smiled.

    happy, you have a good pan!

    Peng Leyun frowned a little, shook his head, and this strange guy decided not to continue to have the topic.

    at this point, when a game is over, it is his turn to face the seeded player Li Shaokang.

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