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Chapter 49–by analogy

    Li Shaukang six meters tall, thin body, darker skin, have a common Nanzheng appearance, just slightly, not only 43 years old, and a pair of black eyes deep, as if to indulge in the heart, very rare. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    he has a strong spiritual power, can be hypnotic in the match, interfering with the enemy's emotions, tick fear and all kinds of negative feelings, to achieve similar to the "soldiers" tactic or roar sound effect, and there is no need to make visualization with is when a Wu risk, was listed as the No. eight seed game is proof.

    watched Peng Leyun go to the ring, Ann Chaoyang take off headphones, with interest to see the floor into one eye:

    "what do you think he will do?""

    building a thought for a moment: "the spirit of power is very troublesome, too long easy accident, if I must start with a similar" Ray knife. Was a bolt from the blue "on that one, then deter damage, with paralysis, oh, not already expected, Li it is difficult to avoid the Shaukang, then do not give him his breath to use spirit ability opportunity, the way of attack, completely suppressed, with the strength of Peng Leyun, probably tens of seconds to solve the battle."

    "this is really the best way to play." Ann Chaoyang nod agree, then seems to tick the memories of the past, shook his head and said, "but that is not the cloud peng He will be happy to see what wonders of strong spirit power and style of martial arts assassin Nanzheng combined"

    heard these words, suddenly thought of their own building into the first formal debate with Peng Leyun, empathy sigh:

    "yes, that's what Bloomberg will do."."

    speech, he looked to An Zhaoyang, the two sides suddenly tacit laugh.

    people who have been tortured by the great devil!

    "no!"" When Ren Li heard their discussion, he retorted with uncertain certainty.

    my impression of Peng Leyun is always going all out!

    Lou Cheng and Ann Chaoyang again look at each other; answer in chorus:

    "you don't understand."."

    not Peng Leyun well-matched in strength opponents, although he also looks best, but changes in the rhythm of the selection moves, obvious leeway to fully mobilize the enemy, let him enjoy the play, to meet their own psychological Budo mad.

    this time, Peng Leyun and Li Shaokang boarded the ring, stood opposite, the referee will wait for a way to lift the right hand:


    the sound echoed; Peng Leyun's waist sank, and in the obvious shaking of the arena, "gone with the wind" went out, instantly narrowing the distance between the two sides.


    sure enough Floor and Ann Chaoyang side head looked at each other, and is sigh, is funny.

    Peng Leyun did not start with a similar "Ray knife. Was a bolt from the blue" of that!

    art expert bold!

    compared with before transformation, Peng Leyun is now the biggest difference is that Dan exit broke out, one by one with the "scourge" mind, fist between shiden filled, hereby bowel sound, such as clusters, let Li Shaokang even tried their best to deal with, also seemed to be in a wave after wave of paralysis, it is very difficult to prevent.

    in the process, he is constantly looking for opponent with the spirit of power gap, trying to change the situation, but each time to create opportunities, see hope, and Peng Leyun are "timely" to resolve on the brink of success, beat back.

    time goes by, Li Shaokang fully play to their strengths, the spirit of power to the extreme, only sleep in another place, another rival, can let the enemy active kneel admit defeat, but in front of the Chinese people but also as if Guowu maneuver. Performance seems unfathomable, regardless of your own efforts, he can calmly resolve.

    Li Shaukang getting desperate, began to try to force the opponent's risk limit.

    however, the risk soon failed, the plan quickly went bankrupt, and the referee announced the result of the game:

    "Peng Leyun wins."!"

    "very strong!"" The Japanese delegation, at the central focus of the mountain tiger suddenly heard the ring in the ear female sigh.

    he turned his head and saw Tang Zexun, who sipped his sweet expression.

    next, Ren Li beat the opponent, Ann Chaoyang has obvious advantages to defeat the enemy, double elimination tournament second round entered the end, after tonight's showdown, a total of thirteen players accumulated two defeats were eliminated, leaving twenty-three people compete for the final sixteen places.

    only enter the top sixteen, only bonus!

    the next morning, a floor to get up on time, and Yan Ke chatted two after the urge to temper this day, want to hold the "Yan map" spirit and charm as soon as possible, for the shortest period of time "Han Jin" sublimation.

    he took the map, immersed in the spirit of careful understanding, "heavy force" and "outbreak flame" interfering with his heart, let him feel intermittent, couldn't catch the occasional flash of light than the previous days, his "emperor inflammation map" have feeling is a lot of progress, but also a little difference.

    perceived inner increasing impatience, building into a spirit and back sight, spit out the foul air, view think ice mirror calm mood.

    hit times a fist, until the body and mind all is quiet, he stopped down, think carefully, intend to try the method.

    this time, he did not look at the "Yan", but according to the "Liaoyuan map" to adjust the body muscle and fascia and organs of the state, and then come up with the first person view beast foot dragon Vulcan zhurong, let the body flush flame under control.

    since the "Vulcan strength" can be sublimated into "Yan Jin", it should be able to find from this understanding as a primer!

    according to itself on the "Yan graph to describe the scene understanding, building into a carefully manipulated" Vulcan mind ", they will be a wisp of cascading fusion," pinch "dependably, in order to limit changes.

    I do not know how long before, when the two shares many of the real gain setting is Vulcan Jin he slowly compressed, huddled together, their core position suddenly burst out strong suction, let the fire rapidly to the outer strength cohesion, changed the fierce, and with some flame projection.

    building a body one earthquake, in my mind "Vulcan zhurong phase" near collapse, barely controlled, will quickly change the "fire strength" played out.

    a rumble!

    him beneath the flame and smoke swelling diffuse, scared pedestrians far more that cover the face and creep away, suffered a terrorist attack.

    "it seems to be a little bit appreciated."" Building into watching this scene, happy smile conceal.

    a few minutes later, he heard a police whistle, saw a police team rushed to the front of their own, have some dumbfounded.

    after the tour leader Zhong Ningtao representations, and embassy telephone communication, police reminded the building after a few words, and finally evacuated the scene.

    "well, martial arts control point, after all is foreign, must pay attention to influence." Zhong Ningtao told the weary body.

    he thought it was Li's no worry; he did not think it seemed the most reliable and the most sedate building, and it almost made a disaster

    without a worry!

    Peng Leyun, Ren Li and Ann Chaoyang couldn't help smiling eyes, ha building into two, make a guarantee, turned looking for a more secluded place, to seize a little previous experience, once again to observe the understanding of "Yan map".

    dust accumulation, wound into a whirlpool, when reaching a limit, they suddenly collapsed in heavy squeeze out of the heat, its light, spewing flame, lit up the dark Even with the introduction, the building has experienced a failure again and again, just to seize the delicate charm.

    flame controlled, as the crown and Dagon robe, his mind in a majestic heavy "statue of Emperor Yan" vaguely forming, but suddenly clear highlights in the upcoming collapse.

    in this regard, building into a panting, resentment against hi.

    he had failed, but that really has realized, opened the door, found the right way, the next step is meticulous job.

    this benefits both from the catalysis of the change method and from the usual harvest!

    call He almost shouted out loud, busy out the mobile phone to his daughter-in-law, annunciation way:

    "Yan Jin looks! For this, I was almost in the police iconography"

    "poof, because you are so happy, shout too loudly, scared little friends?" Yan Ke just break, joy and surprise sent a kiss from far to near "expression," awesome orange brother!"

    "are you praising me for being a great breakthrough, or are you scaring the kids?"" Building into a good mood ".".

    "I understand the spirit of this coach ~!" Yan Ke mouth is shallow dimples, it asked for details, building pairs "Yan map" realization and happy, and we call the cops because of his own.

    after one day, Lou and Peng Leyun, Ren Li, not a An Zhaoyang to practice, to quickly break for the reason, avid deep perception of "Yan", tired rest and chat with students Xiao Ke Ke soothing mood.

    at three p.m., he sat cross legged, finally in the mind sketched out a heavy, dignified, hot "Yandi statue"!

    his body "fire flow" will suddenly tumbling, condensation, gradually ease!

    Lou Cheng opened his eyes, tired of the obvious smile, picked up the phone, against Yan Ke road:


    "Yan Di map" entry! After that is the sublimation process, and not long!

    until this time, he felt sleepy, busy to the girl added a sentence:

    "Ke Ke, I sleep first; if you wake up, I have no news, call wake me."."

    he felt that he might not wake up on time in his current state; if he was eliminated because he overslept and missed the game, it was a mistake!

    and the United States is currently is in the middle of the night.

    after the news, a building fell asleep, sleep dreams, and darkness.

    suddenly, he heard a thump a knock on the door, suddenly broke from the weak, woke up.

    mobile phone took a look, he found only six points less, Ke Xiao Ke students obviously have yet to get up, then shook his head, with wrinkled clothes, came to the door and pulled out.

    Peng cloud outside single hand pockets, not impatient, smiled and said:

    "the leader told me to call you and assemble in ten minutes."."

    "good."." There was still a vacant place when he got up.

    ";" smiled Peng Leyun, looking at it:

    "are you beginning to change?" Well, you can try underwater breakthroughs, and they work well."

    "thank you."." The floor becomes a smile to salute, will not say that oneself master has already reminded.

    after Peng Leyun left, he went into the bathroom, use cold water to wash face, cut hair, feel exhausted completely dispersed, a spirit dousou.

    smile on the face; Lou Cheng took out his cell phone and sent a message to Yan ke:

    "awake, feel full of power."!"

    bit sent, he looked in the mirror in high spirit himself, silent whispers:

    third round; here I come!

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