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Chapter 50–third round

    for good clothes, the building is about to go out, suddenly heard the phone issued a special reminder of the sound, picked up a look, is from the news of Yan ke. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    the girl with a monkey in her pajamas; her expression was dazed:

    "I set the alarm clock at this point, and you wake up and wake up.""

    building into a laugh, truthfully reply:

    "is the leader, let Peng Leyun knock on the door and wake me up, hey, Ke Ke, how can you set the alarm clock to the present?""

    shouldn't you be sleeping soundly when I post the news?

    "I woke up in the middle of the night, looked at my cell phone in a daze, and dropped the alarm clock by the way" Yan Ke sent a "brush teeth monkey", "come, interview," Cheng Cheng Cheng classmate, you finally think of yourself "Yan Di like" what do you want to say? Excited? Excited? What's the biggest feeling? (pass microphone)."

    Lou looked at himself, touched the stomach that had expressed strong dissatisfaction, and smiled "tears":

    "the biggest feeling is hunger.""

    and it is not kidding, I didn't eat breakfast lunch!

    puff Yan Ke smiled and made a roll on the bed and despised the way:

    "blame you."! I also said I was completely awake when I slept a half hour sleep!"

    unequal floor reply, she again made a "poor" expression:

    "you can only get up early and do exercise."."

    "ha ha, very good, fighting skills can not be abandoned; the body is the capital of leather."." Building into a readily say, want to say is that the body is good, the spirit will be abundant, it is more conducive to learning.

    after more than ten seconds, Yan Ke replied with "hit the head" expression:

    " You're so dirty!"

    foul? Building a paused a little butt on Ke Xiao Ke students brain waves, the idea of a few turns, suddenly come to understand, "laughing" a way: "Ke Ke, what do you think? I mean, the body is the cost of learning, well, well, you're so understanding, right, hey hey."

    "Hey, you head!"! Are you lead me! Yes, you must have deliberately misled me into thinking so!" Yan Ke blushed red to press the keyboard, "hum, what do you want to eat now?" I'll find the picture for you right away!"

    I don't want to spend the night!

    "want to eat our home" Ke Ke classmate "mix three silk"." The idea of a building turns, the mood becomes soft.

    Yan Ke immediately pursed mouth, eye circulation apart, looks at the side, forget the previous ideas together:

    "then you bring the menu when you come in September; we can get something to eat together."."

    "well, to ensure the completion of the task manager yan!" Building into a fist of light ".

    two people and chatted a few words, in Yan Ke no stingy praise, the floor to take things, out of the room, arrived at the lobby, and teammates meet.

    Yan Ke in the US have put the mobile phone, move away bed lightly, pushed the door to the outside, ready to go to the toilet.

    she just lit the lights and noticed, and turned around and saw Mom, Ji Mingyu, standing in the doorway of her room with her arms in her chest.

    "Mom, you got up so early?"" Yan Ke subconsciously blurted out.

    Ji Mingyu chuckling, pose invariant way:

    "not awakened by your alarm clock; how was it an hour earlier today?""

    what kind of moth is that guy making up again? Got to get you up early?

    Yan Ke Mouguang tude shiny, shiny, Yang Yang chin, "said:

    "orange, he practiced" Yan Di Jin ", and soon began to change."

    lobby; floor and the first arrived in the morning sun did not wait a few minutes, then saw Peng Leyun gesture leisurely walk, Li Li was escorted under the leadership of the smooth emergence.

    Zhong Ningtao was talking; suddenly he heard a loud grunt, like whose stomach was crawling violently, protesting.

    brush, brush, brush, the scene is like Ren Li, have good ears and eyes, and an eye Peng cloud Chaoyang look into the building into a body, and a building before opening, and control, stomach and occasional issued a "tweet".

    "a little hungry."" His face flushed, nerviness said.

    finished; in front of their four, I made several jokes, can not build a reliable image!

    "ha ha, then let's get going. I found a good Chinese restaurant."." Zhong Ningtao laughed.

    Peng Leyun looked at the building a glance, the side of the head smiled at Ann chaoyang:

    "I think of a song."."

    "me too."." Ann Chaoyang ten fingers quickly downloaded songs, played out through headphones:

    "so hungry, so hungry, so hungry, I'm really hungry.""

    the sound of music, he looked at the smiling floor, asked:

    "do you like it?""

    "not at all."" Building into a smile ", solemnly raised his right hand, said," you see my fist, it has held up!"

    ANN Chaoyang this goods, temper partial feminine, Zhibuding what it silently "the pit" look, but most are subtly malicious!

    "ha ha."." All the laughter, since this time, we are more and more ripe.

    dinner, they are all restraint, etc. building into a half full to eat, just let go, although the Chinese restaurant is no good, but a few people for several days did not contact the motherland dishes or eat just have scruples abnormal meet, let the game night the body is in the best state, failed to fully enjoy.

    seven ten, arrived at the building into a museum along Dekor et al, witnessed a street brawl, with interest onlookers five minutes.

    at this point, the audience has gathered, and the third round of the draw will begin in less than twenty minutes:

    now only twenty-three players, to rival the probability of pumping was high, of course, there will be lucky to get a bye, laugh at the battle

    built into the fan forum, "the long night is coming", Yan is full of momentum "cover" with the floor:

    "as long as the floor is no longer smoked to the non-human, I from now until the beginning of the school are on time to get up."!"

    she copied the content and prayed silently with the phantom, the "good name, the dog bite" and so on.

    Cheng Cheng; if he fails again, he will be eliminated!

    "Oh, silly night, how do you get up on time instead of getting up early?"" "The king of the dragon" watched and questioned.

    Yan Linda sent a stunned expression: "get up on time mean at twelve a.m"

    "twelve noon?" Do you still need to make a wish? God will strike you dead, no, you are too short, the target is not obvious, not splitting." "The Dragon King" and "shocked the pale" underworld.

    "this is summer vacation, do you understand, summer vacation?"! Uncle, you cannot experience the summer student party state, although I set myself to get up at noon, but this time is the dawning of the day to sleep, wake up at four or five p.m" Yan Xiaoling looked down with his hands down.

    "I wipe, decadent."." "The matchless Dragon King" wiped out a cold sweat".

    Yan Hong; dejected; tao:

    "it's decadent." But really TM cool!"

    "little night, you're talking more and more like old hooligans."." "Phantom of the Vatican", "hide your face and sigh".

    at the beginning of how soft Meng a sister, since this forum, only more than a year's work, became the old driver!

    Lou Cheng and mom Qi Fang voice chat days; after reporting the day's situation, see Yan Ke sent a link, "laughed.":

    "Xiaoling, funny!"!"

    eh? Building a link, into their own forums, saw the wishes of everyone, heart moved, but also can not help but laugh at Yan Xiaoling's "get up on time"".

    think of that year, the college entrance examination after the summer vacation, I have not been so decadent, at most that is, three at night to sleep, twelve noon, and occasionally boil all night.

    he quit the post, cut back to the chat interface, "bad laugh" against Yan Ke road:

    "Ke, draw, you do not follow, make a wish, pray?""

    Yan Ke "little monsters licking ice cream" expression: "I'm not worried, the coach's character shines over you, you must not smoke to non-human, rest assured (shoot shoulder sincere words and earnest wishes)!"

    "ha ha, did you learn a little about their style of chatting?"" A building into a reply, turned to look out onto the ring of the guests.

    get rid of Peng Leyun, Ren Li, Chaoyang and myself, then get rid of the veigar and Bantian played what, with seventeen choices, not bye, the probability of pumping inhuman is 4\/17, not 1\/4, pumped to the seed of the probability is 7\/17, 1\/3 close to half

    because one more game would be eliminated, he couldn't be totally free.

    it was not long before he heard his name and involuntarily straightened his back.

    waited a few seconds, and the guest pulled out his opponent:

    "icon, Pakistan!"

    Baba? Not a seeded player Building a relieved spontaneously emerge out of this.

    but he carefully recalled the name and found that it was not an easy opponent.

    Pakistan fault is one of the representatives of China Dekor boxing, and a similar reduction in the head of magic power to his level close to the man, originally, enough to become the No. seven No. eight seed, but due to the four must also only two seeded players of the unspoken rules, because the vaku bone and guess (No. six seed), unfortunately unsuccessful, after a road checkpoints, before entering the race.

    and after the start of the tournament, his luck is not very good, the first round will be able to get a top seed Tang Zexun, swallow defeat, second round win easily, keep the quota, and now the same floor, no back room!

    okay, as long as it's not inhuman Floor into pride, not afraid to nod, will be issued to the strict Ke, and then to "battlefield small reporter" identity will share the information to live paste.

    on behalf of China at the location of damage, even the hands are tied with red wrist bandage Pakistan wrong also nodded, and confident!

    on the floor when looking down at the mobile phone, Ann Chaoyang was also smoked out, the opponent quickly identified:

    "Nanzheng, barnum!"

    No. four seed at!

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