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Chapter 51–burning evil thing

    "this character."" Hear the draw, Ann Chaoyang first daze, then shook his head, wry smile, relatively relaxed, not too much pressure, but somewhat eager. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    to him, there is no self defeat, losing the field will not be eliminated, and the different style of martial arts not a fierce battle, is an excellent experience, don't you see the floor yesterday, with veigar fight, combat level seems to be firmly on a solid foundation for rapid steps, caused by a false jump.

    see An Zhaoyang himself do not care about this, under the sign, Lou Cheng immediately joked:

    "I think it was a reward you used to stimulate me."!"

    in Ann's sunny, funny expression, he explained solemnly:

    "you know, I have the ability to rebound, curse, and doom; this is only its primary application, and anything that hurts me, stimulates me, or teases me, is rewarded."."

    here, in the middle of his heart, he painted a cross wrongly and solemnly opened it:

    "letter Cheng Cheng", eternal life!"

    ANN Chaoyang Zheng for a few seconds, can not help laughing said: "you do not speak the last sentence, I almost believed it"

    spoke, he said not to go, and Peng Leyun, Ren Li, Zhong Tao Ning laugh.

    is that true? That's what Xiao Ming's recent pet phrase is, "with your IQ, if it's a girl, I can lie you two times." Lou secretly Tucao a sentence, followed everyone laughed a few words.

    "are you in a good mood?"" Ann Chaoyang calm down, half a long long hair style of literature and art, see the building into one eye.

    "yes."." Building into a smiling answer, both physically and mentally relaxed.

    practice has become, change soon, and the opponent drawn is not really inhuman, and what is not satisfied?

    at this point, Yan replied to his previous message, "smiled his chin in his hand":

    "look!"! I said, there is a sister's character shining brilliant, you can not smoke non-human! Now I'm completely relieved. Wait a minute. I won't give you any gas. I'll lend you my personality!"

    completely assured? Thoroughly? Ke Xiaoke, what do you seem to expose? The sound of a building into a laugh, the mood is increasingly well.

    this time, Peng Leyun was out of it, is a Japanese samurai opponent, non Tang Zexun, nor mountain tiger.

    on his back, after only two group showdown, determined, appeared bye lucky, Ren Li students!

    "is the girl who has a bad luck better?"" A building close to an Chaoyang ear low voice tucao.

    "it is possible that luck is really lost."." An Zhaoyang answered with great understanding.

    two side head to look, see Ren Li micro drum cheek, a pair of very discontent.

    "what's she unhappy about?"" An Zhaoyang wondered and whispered.

    Lou Cheng thought, "it's supposed to be disappointed about not playing.""

    then, two people looked at each other, sorry for the poor "bye sign"

    building a fan forum, "night gathers" Linda "Gaishi Wang yan":

    "is this wrong?" What level? How much worse than our house?"

    "close to nonhuman!"." "The Dragon King" is to reply, "but he was very much strength in the energy-saving, one of the most powerful kind of curse is just building into a restraint, not better, by waiting to see the comedy, so, in general, less than half of him to raise the floor, the floor into play always wonderful style, would not win the wrong."

    "ha ha, our vow is still very effective."!" Yan Xiaoling walks in circles.

    &nbsp:"always pure love, Okamoto" came out; "funny" said: "then you must start getting up on time."."

    Yan Jun immediately "hold his head down", trembling".

    "rest assured, I will supervise you."! (PAT shoulder) "phantom of the Vatican", "seriously embrace the chest" road

    duel was about to start, on behalf of our delegation Dekor location, sallow skin, tall skinny, barefoot robed monks go to Pakistan Theravada ascetic vaku wrong before sonorously said:

    "you have to be careful of his ability to rebound curses."."

    Pakistan bloody bandage on the wrong sort, husky voice answer:

    "I read his data."."

    as a country famous boxer Dekor, he looks quite thin, but each muscle seemed very strong, contains a sense of burst strength, such as edge folding, thick eyebrows, looks very fierce fierce.

    answer reminder, arrange Bangdai, Pakistan wrong slowly stood up, stretched out his hands, spread out in front of vaku, tone is quite confidently said:

    "my art is more than a curse."."

    talking, his red bandage seems to be a lot of small life, dense, peristalsis, the appearance of palpitations.


    knuckles flick, Pakistan wrong suddenly clenched fist.

    he took over the footsteps, Waku to ring

    Lou Cheng has long been waiting on the edge of the site; the battle of others has just ended; he can hardly wait to get on the ring and stand in his own place.

    his mood as before, quite good, have epoch-making blooming momentum, visualize the "soldiers" word, give ambled Pakistan wrong applying heart and spirit of the pressure level, quite a bit leisurely and comfortable.

    yes, "Yan like" 10%, it means that soon will Jin Vulcan sublimation, he will officially begin metamorphosis over the threshold, known as "inhuman"!

    this is very symbolic, and the strength of the success of Dan Dan similar, marking their own can really be called "strong", belongs to the "martial world" of the quasi upper layer.

    to this realm, even lose the game, did not get a bonus, back home, Wu Qinggui will be in accordance with the terms of increasing endorsement fees, and before the national championship tournament incentives will also be settled.

    this is the worst case, in fact, Pakistan fault not inhuman, he will not pay attention to small, still seriously, do not have too much pressure, the mood is not affected.

    plus fly us air tickets have been set successfully, Ke Ke also specially want to wake up early today, his mom said there, buy a new house for only a few months rose fifty thousand, my teammates more good, everything in the world seemed to be so good Building a happy and pleased with oneself thought, not even a waste of time to wait, take time to do a visualisation in mind in outline, dignified, hot and heavy terrorist "Yandi gods", as in "fire traction strength" slow coagulation, change.

    this is a process of "Vulcan" Yan Jin Jin "to" sublimation!

    in fact, even without this sublimation, initially mastered the "Yan map" itself through a series of steps and visualize, play the "Yan Jin", but because of cold compression, to visualize several seconds to complete, in practice almost no use.

    wait until the "fire strength" corresponding to sublimate, can save it for several seconds, let the "Yan Jin" can really fight for, if the root of alienation, the body is done, then a series of steps are no longer needed, visualize the shot is "Emperor jin"!

    a plume of flame fusion, a road red turn white, floor to enjoy the changes in the body, gradually accumulated a "Yan Emperor strength", and as the core, hook other, create more.

    at the same time, Pakistan go wrong on the challenge, see a young man standing in front of casual, he found a smiling mouth, not dew point war, both physically and mentally relax.

    too arrogant, too careless Baba thought wrong, and his eyes were more full of fire.

    the floor has no pressure at this time; I feel a little bit of myself; the novel described in the novel as "the heart is alive" feels that the "fire" has become smart.

    he didn't care about his opponent's performance; smiled at him and made a salute.

    the referee raised his right hand, and loudly shouted heavy voice:


    experience the wonderful feeling, relax the body and mind, emptying the building into the left foot forward, the mind naturally changed the visualization, the emergence of "line" word.

    low sound, he is a span of ten meters, brush a sound then to bully Pakistan wrong near, right arm swing fist inclusion body forward trend, snapped out, accompanied by because of "Yan statues" disappeared "become irritable halfway fire strength"!

    Baba wrong, a surprise in mind, see too late to escape, busy sinking the center of gravity, both hands to the front of a frame.

    building into a fist like lightning, with a layer of blazing white, is playing in his hands.

    a rumble!

    explosive sound, fire wind waves, overflowing, Pakistan wrong involuntarily will take a step back, saw the bloody bandage dismay in the hands of their own or have been blackened or burning, fell only a tiny thing, the wind into dust!

    this The wrong pupil suddenly contracts.

    when did the "fire power" of the building become so fierce?

    PS: only one chapter, owe more, continue tomorrow

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