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Chapter 52–paper

    Ann stands atop the building into a holding Chaoyang, the mobile phone, according to his instructions, occasionally take photos sent to live post, with a sentence that is invisible to the game "the dragon" and "night gathers", describes the progress in. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    "whining, little tiger, you are a good man."!" "Selling wonton and selling wonton", waving a handkerchief.

    "heaven and earth!" "Phantom of the Vatican", "fireworks" road.

    they looked excitedly praise, Ann Chaoyang left his lips, could not help but fufei:

    I am the one who do not the name of!

    if it were not privately, I was the most reliable person in the field; I would not have done my best!


    he captured the arena scene and spread it in a sentence:

    "wait, the floor looks so relaxed."."

    snap! Snap!

    ANN Chaoyang found fun, again and again:

    "Pakistan is a big mistake."

    "the floor is quite relaxed; it feels like visiting the temple fair rather than fighting."."

    a commentary commentary, he suddenly paused, half a beat slower before pressing the shutter, a dozen words:

    "Hey, this building into two" fire strength "freely flowing style of writing, also worse than expected!"

    photos lit, waves tumbling, spreading outward, such as a real explosion!

    at this moment, Pakistan wrong not only lost most of their magic rely, and arms trembling, some black, because of strong blocking fire explosion was terrible strength damage, there is a clear pain.

    and he contracted pupils, see building into his hands. A print Jue, will open the sound out.

    not good!

    a series of wrong Pakistan, to make a decision between things that vanishes in a flash, the body suddenly squats, away from the front edge of the moment "".

    then, he hands to the ground by a back, then straight, right foot snapped swept out, hit the floor into the ankle, forcing him to dodge, he refused to use the distraction force "soldiers" pronunciation!

    this is a blend of the characteristics of China's power Dekor boxing hall leg ""!

    if the change is done with this building, do not rely on "Jin holding force", because the hands supporting force, and contrary to normal, leg strength to fierce fierce, but certainly not sharp, but the country attaches great importance to the kick boxing icon Chougongfu, whole leg practice like metal, "a hall leg" sweep, can directly draw off a pillar, not to mention the fragile ankle!

    strong noise, Pakistan wrong expected building into a will jump to avoid their arms affixed to sweep the leg, suddenly a joint, immediately bring the body straight, strange sprang, toward the empty enemy.


    his elbow fell; his knees were on top; a serial attack of broken iron.

    danger, Pakistan wrong and give full play to the director, to show a country style boxing master, abruptly disadvantage come back.

    but at the moment, he saw the building into a jump to jump, the hands knot India tactic but no chaos, the solemn and dignified expression is unchanged, the whole people like watching children take it leisurely and unoppressively, slapstick.

    bad! Pakistan wrong thought a turn, has heard a muffled Duanhe sounded on their ears.


    sound echoed, Pakistan wrong mind a buzz, like tens of thousands of people flooded the gas blood evil sorcerer, caused the failure, attracted a terrible bite, feel a hideous face with never fade and pulled from the venom of their feet, to be dragged self into hell.

    no, no, no! He kept shouting and trying to resist, but he couldn't get rid of the feeling of fear.

    and building into a "soldiers" tactic succeeded, with the body of his right arm, hurry down, left wrist hook, played a glittering white grey and dull eyes straight to the enemy in the air the connection is compact, the recruit chain, compared with veigar before the battle, has is firmly on the stage.

    "ice", "twenty-sixth", "ice burning" change!

    the other side, seeing their Pakistan wrong to "fall" into the hell, suddenly felt a pain in the viscera, like what is there where peristalsis, turn over the sea and river!

    with the help of the stimulus, he suddenly woke up, get rid of "soldiers" character!

    critical moment, operation method "system"!

    however, Pakistan wrong just out of fear of lost courage accompany, a group with eyes and body, with stick in his face, beneath the burning cold flame.


    Pakistan wrong threw back his head, thoughts almost interrupted, should not itself * * arrogant, he had fainted directly.

    cold and stiff, he wanted to shout out loud, but sluggish mind is not good, busy at the feet of the moment, "dangerous down" the body "".

    lovemaking! He bone fascia moment Baoxiang, every muscle as if what is swelling in peristalsis and burst, face covered with ice, the body is eerily from lean into exaggerated sturdy, higher than in the past half a head!


    shaking ring in the wrong foot, Pakistan Chuquan, brought up the child can blow a breeze.

    come good! Have already made a visualisation, have come out the finger print, point to oneself of building, dark shout a, wriggle abdomen, involve throat road:


    deep into the sky but heavy voice, building into a block of muscle hyperemia, feet ran inside, then twist the knees, twitch back.

    bang! He is a tall, in the crash, pull the right arm, like archery "bomb" a disease of boxing, and Pakistan wrong with the broken black band fist frontal crash together.

    a rumble!

    this time is no longer a muffled, but a deafening explosion, two people at the same time shake, residual frozen and hurt Pakistan wrong half a beat slower, saw the building into a contraction of the heart qi and blood, spirit, strength and rebound trend, the rally in the lower abdomen, firmly stand in situ.

    bang! The building into the body of Dan gas gushing, like a volcano, the left leg knee swelling, a bomb, the first kick, kick to the wrong bus.

    such a distance, such an attack speed below, Baba wrong too late to escape, barely stimulated the blood, driving its own potential, followed by kicking, stretching feet to resist.


    a muffled, lost opportunities and inferior half raised his legs after the bomb, the body shaking, like to fall down.

    building a small jump half step, the left arm covered up on a shelf above the glittering frost, right fist clenched, hit out and collapse, high speed friction and air, with a layer of flame.

    "Vulcan king, hot boxing!

    a rumble! Pakistan wrong no chance to fight back, only drooping arms, hands folded block, is the fist shock, explosion waves and flame from the get awkward exception.

    this is not finished, the building left arm down, grabbed the wrong shoulder, he will be in the direction of his own, and leveraging sideways, right arm erected, elbow lightning knocked out.

    bang! Pakistan barely lifting arm fault block, but had bounced back, hit his chest, a stuffy, like blood.

    building foot again, strength is not big, position accurate light kick opponent knee side, kick is already in a hurry, Baba wrong, really lost the center of gravity.


    building into a back spin, the other leg followed by a runner out stretched straight, as if the Tomahawk, just fierce and tough, you will be wrong Pakistan smoke flew to go out.

    step to catch up, building into Pakistan did not give wrong use of magic give dying kicks opportunity, came up with the dream and mind Vipassana crystal cold dark ice in the roar of thunder SG, concussion, back quite a punch on the bomb, such as flying.

    "a blow and a shout!"

    bang! BA is wrong, two hands press down, barely can withstand, can at present but unexpectedly a black, seem even the idea has already lost.


    he became a stone, fell to the ground heavily, fell to the back of the building in time, to the point of the throat!

    from the referee in Dekor face the change, secretly sigh, raised his right hand, loudly declared:

    "Lou Cheng Sheng."!"

    until this time, the repeated defeat of Baba was not recovered from the freezing of thought!


    ANN Chaoyang photographed this scene, switched to live paste, thinking about what kind of commentary should match.

    and in the post, "the long night is coming", Yan Li is hurrying the way:

    "and then what?" The floor into the Huojin than expected after?"

    "Schrodinger's tiger, wake up, it should be a few tricks."! What's the matter now?" "Magic" Buddhist "people shake".

    ANN; the sun was stupefied; both hands were fast with words; they were sent out together with the pictures:

    "and then floor achievement wins.""

    after a brief silence, the forum people expressed their feelings.

    "I * * * *!"

    "want to use quality Three combos.""

    "" on the other side of the paper? ""

    "well said, close to nonhuman?""

    "Mom asked me why I read the Forum on my knees.""

    "ah, ah, ah, I want to see a comedy."!"

    ANN, Chaoyang, seriously thought, explained:

    "Pakistan wrong did not dare to use magic curse floor, just one opening and he hit a fresh outbreak of fire lost the use of other magic be taken by surprise," media ", the comprehensive strength decreased by a large margin, not close to the people."

    "" "The Dragon King" issued a "ellipsis", "I said, not much and six between a block, named" building "!"

    "Ring Road" with the opposite way: "feeling defenseless!"

    you won't say that in a few days An Zhaoyang resisted the impulse to reply, and said in a quiet voice.

    after a few days, most of the buildings will start to change!

    PS: today is the night, please recommend a ticket!

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