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Chapter 53–Collection

    when the staff came to power, trying to lift the wrong bar to go to the emergency room, he came from the "long" darkness "wake up" over, feel the body with cold bursts from the trembling, saw the waiting after the building into a tribute. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    unconscious, Pakistan wrong body shrinking long, quite fierce fierce features quickly a tight.

    he immediately suppressed the sudden instinctive reaction; stood up and saluted.

    this is in the same level and their opponents in the worst time, can be said to be almost no strength to fight back!

    he thought at this level has been done, close to the vaku them, other competitors can only depend on the level of play or wait for their own mistakes, only to win hope, building is strong, but not better than them where to go, who knows, he is a monster, can not be used to measure the ordinary sense of monsters!

    if there is a real, not the referee, he kicked his knee side of the foot, is enough to make their own direct leg!

    China is again boxing Dekor legs and boxing practice like metal elbow, in the root pulp before the alienation can not be equated with real, iron and steel, and did not compete force of circumstances, even if it is steel, to some extent, also can break into building more. Not to mention the human knee lateral.

    Cheng Cheng know Baba wrong, injury is not heavy, this is patiently waiting to see him stand up, salute, finished etiquette, no longer see more, and turned to the stone steps.

    Pakistan wrong silence followed until they drifted away from the party, with is not completely dissipated cold, a little limp off the ring

    on behalf of the country group Dekor location, the No. six seed bone guess I don't know what time has stood up and walked to the vaku side, looking at the ring direction, deep voice sighs:


    change yourself, to win Pakistan wrong, also to fight for a long time, a little attention, may also fail!

    bone guess is also a monk, but the body fat, like a mountain of flesh, the skin is suffused with a dark, sallow and emaciated vaku is in sharp contrast.

    vaku also looked at the ring, deep eyes shining upon a figure like automatic speaking said:

    "and is a field per field."."

    that is, one day is stronger than the day, visible to the naked eye!

    group of seats in Miluo representative office, burly veigar changed his red general, still wearing dayanmao, sitting on the top of the layer, quietly watching the venue of the fighting, like a statue showing the power of beauty of the sculpture, just in the building process in Pakistan. In the eyes of the shadow under the cover of his hat to emerge some white flashing.

    Dongying delegation there, Tang Zexun bite the lips, nodded pretty.

    the tiger below the mountain stands in front; does not shake, does not shake, has not spoken.

    the day before yesterday, the team leader asked me if I was sure of winning. I answered definitely, without any hesitation. I believe that even if he made a breakthrough, he would have no problem.

    but now, after watching this battle, there is a slight shake in my mind

    of course, there is only one trace!

    Nanzheng delegation "Tibet" in the stands in a remote place, Barnum yoga posture down, eyes closed, adjust their own state, did not pay attention to any game.

    for the battle with ANN, he was not careless.

    the effect of the boxer in Nanzheng can't live long!

    go back to the team building into a side, one by one and you hit under the palm, and from there back to the mobile phone security chaoyang.

    unlock the screen, brush the next live paste, he quietly to Ann Chaoyang vertical thumbs.

    well done! We are the most reliable person here!

    ANN Chaoyang smiled back, feeling quite pleasant, but he quickly began to prepare the convergence of emotions, Barnum and game.

    the floor switch to chat interface, report the result to the home leader:


    "I'll tell you."!" Yan Ke immediately replied, "arrogant look up", and by the way, despise the Palestinian wrong, "that man is so weak, should not be a minute?""

    "no, dozens of seconds"." He pushed his glasses down proudly".

    "he said before is not that strong in Japan than Bantian? Why did you lose so fast?" Yan Ke "," sit vacant "because of you" after the preliminary master Yan map 'progress, or his magic by your restraint and panic?"

    "what are you going to say to me when you've finished?"" Building "," laughing "can only say 'Yeah, strict coach said is all right!""

    see this reply, just under the table of the Yan Ke laugh turned, completely relaxed mood, go to the dresser, the hair tied up, wearing black rimmed glasses quickly covered half a face.

    a happy day! Today's study will also be full of motivation!

    at this time, when the U.S. state has more than seven points in the morning, Yan Ke quickly pick up the book bag, say goodbye to the Empress Dowager Ji Mingyu, sitting on a full-time bodyguard Du aunt's car, ready to go to school at eight she has classes.

    on the way, she quietly watching the lectures and books, and sometimes talk a few words into the floor, brush live post, the home of orange pictures preserved.

    seven forty, the vehicle arrived at the campus, Yan Ke took things, pushed the door to leave, and soon to the teaching building, met Huang Xiwen and two other students from the same country sister.

    she nodded gently, is greeted, do not stay over, they, in the bright sunlight into the building.

    "very proud, very cold.""

    hear the elder sister's sigh, Huang Xiwen could not help muttering a sentence:

    "don't know what's in it."!"

    Shisong building into a large influential man even than his earlier, Yan Ke for the students to know, Huang Xiwen is clearly in love they.

    but, in her opinion, separates the two countries, and strong feelings, sooner or later will be weak will break, both sides certainly could not help but lonely, so she felt into love and Yan Ke Lou has almost died, it actively invite each other, contact the feelings, and want to improve their status in the eyes of his classmates.

    well, building into a world is absolutely indispensable Tianjiao, around girls around, even if you always stay together may not see it, not to mention the exotic love! He began to endure, for a long time, sooner or later to find another man, don't cheat in this case?

    "see how you cry then."!" Huang Xiwen gave vent to a whisper, shook his head, smiled, and discussed some other school gossip with his older sister.

    Da, Da, Da, Bu Bu, tread lightly two stairs, and walk along the sunshine corridor near the classroom.

    at this moment, she suddenly heard the white boys beside him excitedly talking about what:

    "that Shikoku tournament is very, very exciting."!"

    "did you see too?" Oh, before that, like a punch, handsome!"

    one of the boys left out, do sliding punch gesture, apparently experienced many fighting.

    this action, Yan Ke is very familiar, because the floor is precisely this struck off the wrong Pakistan most magic "media", and were captured by ANN chaoyang.

    her mouth was revived, pink lips light sip, the pace of increasingly brisk

    powerdekor Museum, heatwave noisy day, not long after, a focus of the war is about to begin.

    waving to teammates, Ann took out the cell phone, digital camera, headphones and wallets and threw them into the building.

    and as he turned to prepare for the ring, he heard a cry behind him

    "An Zhaoyang."!"

    eh? An Zhaoyang turned around and saw the floor into doubt, smiling out of the right hand clenched into a fist, seem to want to before the encouragement.

    at this instant, Ann seems to have returned to the University of martial arts at Huahai University and returned to the scene of the national tournament in the past four years.

    he laughed and raised his fist and hit it with the floor.

    "come on!"!" The building swung its fist vigorously.

    with his drive, Peng Leyun and Li Li also come together, respectively, and Ann hit the fist, respectively, shouted:

    "come on!"!"

    "come on!"!"

    ANN Chaoyang light turned again, shaking his fist salute, step forward, more than just seems a little more firm and war

    the Japanese delegation where the mountain tiger turned, looked at a man next to the leader, his hair disheveled, wearing glasses, holding a notebook computer with a crazy what.

    "how is the data collection?"" Down the mountain the tiger asked, lowering his voice.

    a disheveled man pushed his glasses down: "initial molding, waiting for more games to improve, but the most important genetic information hasn't been collected yet."! We don't have enough than China, we can study the strong, in this one, can only think of other ways to change before and after the warrior gene had relatively the most valuable, but not what China on the alert, perhaps feel important enough, do not need to pay attention to."

    here, he paused, looked at the mother seems to Bantian Rong road:

    "with their genes, plus previous years collected veigar, vaku et al., we study can be a big step forward! One, Rong Jun, can you practice 'real' fluctuation ', or you may depend on this one!"

    "China is not paying much attention to this piece of research, but they are still very careful. We haven't got anything for the past few days and their team leader has handled it very well."." Mountain tiger silent for a few seconds said, "holy elephant, Miluo and Nanzheng, will also collect?"

    the disheveled man glanced at his mouth and answered:

    "with their technological research standards." Ha ha."

    he did not finish, but the meaning of scorn was revealed.

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