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Chapter 54–Strike while the iron is hot.

    see Ann Chaoyang to the ring after the building into a daze et al in a daze, looking at mobile phone mobile phone, still continue to study the research roadmap of the common toilet, waiting for the start of the game, there is no exchange of what. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    "why don't you say a few words?" Don't discuss it before, how do you do it? How many chances do you have?" Zhong Ningtao, the tour leader, broke the silence with great interest.

    Lou looked at him with a smile:

    "that's a big game." Now this kind, say, ANN, Chaoyang lose is crow mouth, believe he can win, and very lose character, how to say is wrong, not as good as not say."

    "uh huh!" Ren Li nodded in approval.

    "yes, that's it."." Peng Leyun returns from "out of the sky".

    well summed up!

    process step by step near the arena, Ann Chaoyang took out a hair band from his pocket, semi long hair hoop, lest affect the battle.

    board and on the left side in the referee, he adjusted his own, let the heart lake gradually precipitation, no ripples and waves, thus becoming the deep quiet, reflection and check around, even in a piece with the idea of turning, faster and more accurate and more clear analysis the enemy.

    "mizube" Juexue, "quiet lake Chi Round mirror"!

    to the outside Gang realm, it can sublimation, also known as "secluded lake round mirror wisdom", but only more than one prefix:

    "section seventh" type!

    eyes become dark, there is ripple light swing, Ann Chaoyang momentum slowly, Yang yang.

    the head is not high, the body such as cast iron, hands and feet are wrapped in white tie Barnum saw the opponent, you would give birth to face a world of waters the feeling of the sea, boundless, deep and far, gently rippling, everything also engulfed everything.

    and this momentum divergence diffuse, let all become depressed, somewhat dull, so people in mind, as the storm was approaching irritable anxious, before the scene.

    coming stormin!

    "Barnum Zhahe fist" is an effort developed based on the traditional Chinese martial arts, Nanzheng, martial arts class hands close operation, army battlefield fight assassination method and so on, a "dark boundless" (dark) style, so, although the impact of competitors the soul of the spirits cabala, he did not love to do a positive step, becoming commander, fast and slow, just as fish swim, out of an eerily Chaoyang momentum of repression, came to a predetermined position, did not seem to have much impact on what.

    until this time, he carefully looked at the opposite enemy, compared with the impression of having seen public data.

    always awake, as if yawning at any moment

    a clever fighter; this intelligence is not to describe his intelligence, but his talent as a fighter; he is said to have very own ideas

    because of isolation, language and other obstacles, Barnum can find data security Chaoyang enough but not full, then, not long after he was promoted more cautious.

    just as they looked at each other, the referee raised his right hand and swung it:


    Barnum rushed out to go but not in a straight line, around a beautiful curve, to avoid the enemy's fire, ran to the opponent's side near.

    Chaoyang Ann did not move, see failed to lock the enemy, will remain in place, waiting for Barnum close relying on his biggest is the "quiet lake round mirror wisdom", which is the limited distance!

    his dark and deep heart, the lake has just emerged the enemy figure, but suddenly suddenly a black, like all the lights in the stadium all out, and no moon outside the dome without stars.

    more than that; still quiet and creepy, with no voice.

    for other practitioners, the inevitable confusion of the hands and feet, but An Zhaoyang had a psychological preparation, did not go to the tube in the dark, eerie "blind" deaf "thing, the ups and downs of the traces follow the quiet lake", clenched his fists and snapped the side swing arm. Transverse to hit!


    his fist face with flesh of cold temperature significantly to arm position, feel the relentless sharp force.

    and the voice of the impact in the dark, instantly broken, Ann Chaoyang bright again, ear voice rang again!

    just strange scene is the ability to get the "non Barnum, dark"!

    lovemaking! Barnum one could not succeed, immediately switch to melee bunt state boxing immediately after the elbow cable hit, or chop stamp, and a kick, knee against offensive, crazy, like rain, let Ann Chaoyang didn't even "Jin holding force", he completed the pressing force from the amount and speed, and in this process, one by one, Barnum's palm edge and other places or nail cover dark flashing light.

    Bang bang!

    ANN Chaoyang by "quiet lake round mirror wisdom", always a little advance notice, with the inner movement superiority and "water" defensive characteristics, barely hold, seemingly precarious, failed to defeat.

    as a distinctive style of the boxer, a little impatient Barnum product advantage intoxicated at war to victory, he suddenly had a change of pace, seemingly to continue to attack, but the slow tempo, until an action corresponding to Chaoyang, his eyes flashed in it a light, setting up strange color"!

    tie boxing; "hidden thorn.""!

    to see this scene, Ann Chaoyang did not mind a tight, then the other, immediately make a decision, direct contraction of Qi and blood, spirit and strength, in an arcane Barnum and hold on the lower abdomen dan.

    time is appropriate, only in a!

    if you do not have the lake round mirror wisdom, no daily practice, An Zhaoyang absolutely can not accomplish similar things, fast, slow, all can not!

    a bright light, and dim, Barnum across the front half step, fast swing arm, anxious to catch the opponent by detonation fist, "you stab" effect of opportunity.

    however, his "quiet like thorn" hit lost the flesh of the dead, did not have much effect, "Dan Jin" fried, Ann Chaoyang immediately restored the appearance, homeopathy expansion arm, collapse hit the right fist, promptly blocked the enemy's attack.

    Bang muffled sound, both sides have not made full swing, had a little loss at Chaoyang, and seize the opportunity to borrow strength, continue to make Dan exit broke out, with one wave of "flood potential" attack, serial advancing. Actually get the upper hand.

    two even burst, three four explosion, explosion, explosion until nine, he continued to force, Yuezhanyueyong, a heavy fist a fist, a fierce kick boxing, played Barnum struggling to defense, or back muscles and organs seems to encounter the drowning, gradually hinder!

    this makes Barnum felt wrong sort of feeling, just think the attack too anxious, too many problems, not in line with their usual idea, that captured by the enemy opportunity.

    defense, he suddenly thought of that before the opponent makes the mind depressed, restless the storm momentum, see oneself imperceptibly "trick", made a mistake.

    really a smart fighter!


    while the slam, Ann Chaoyang made a change of pace, in the mind of Vipassana come up with "rolling in the torrent, rising water", and "the dam collapsed again under the difficult".

    "mizube" simplify the gang, "the flood"!

    an Chaoyang body become tall, feet cracked ground, no punch, sideways by anxious.


    Barnum made the right to defense in a timely manner, can still be shaken the center of gravity, or the two step back.

    ANN Chaoyang immediately grab, arms chain, two * * for, do crazy even burst, sometimes mixed with water, supplemented by other moves "simplify the gang" flood ", played popping sound, played Barnum in jeopardy.

    "is this going to win?"" Zhong Ningtao wiped off his big back, and sighed with difficulty.

    can Ann really defeat the inhuman hierarchy? Even if it's just a break, not long

    his voice, Ren Li stared at him, shake the head, said softly:

    "no, I'm going to lose.""

    "ah?"" Zhong Ningtao wondered whether his eyes were still ears

    ANN Chaoyang obviously accumulated the victory!

    he seemed to look to the floor and Peng Leyun, they saw a pursed mouth, a thoughtful, is not very optimistic.

    fighting, was going to last "flood" by ANN, Chaoyang suddenly found himself unexpectedly weak feeling, no longer work force that moves smoothly, lagging behind by Barnum off to the side of flash suppression.

    the weak did not disappear soon, but more and more serious, before suddenly remember every game in Chaoyang, the dark flashing Barnum palm edge and nails and other parts, and Lenovo to Ren Li and building into a war in the use of "fragrance" shazhao!

    Barnum's "dark" can be unnoticed to weaken the opponent, until the weak?

    I have been "strong enough" to resolve a lot, so I can hold it until now

    first one, an advantage dispersed, Chaoyang hard to regain the situation, Barnum was attached to the descent after two, finally could not support, exposed the flaws, was against the key, for a "Barnum wins".

    call, or the actual strength of the gap between ah? He sighs, for a gift to Barnum, turned away.

    back to the original position, he and Lou Cheng and others did not say more of the fight, only hit the next palm, Yun tacit understanding and encouragement in silent.

    after a while, Peng Leyun victory rival, ended the third round of the double elimination tournament, a total of six accumulated two defeats left, the remaining seventeen players.

    because one out will enter the sixteen strong wars, take one day for the fourth round no longer has any meaning if the first game is determined to be eliminated, the audience into the museum will Dekor can only see a game, so the Organizing Committee in full swing to start the fourth round of double elimination tournament, taking on a pair of end of second, again and again.

    not until the building into a et al is drawn, the first battle will decide the tournament seventeenth, No. eight seed Li Shaokang, the top sixteen was born: the top six seeds, four wild card and six pass through the successful players.

    to this step, there are bonuses, sixteen strong one hundred thousand, the quarterfinals two hundred thousand, fourth, four hundred thousand, third runner up five hundred thousand, runner up seven hundred thousand, champion one million and five hundred thousand.

    "next two days off, you don't run around."." Return to the hotel, the leader Zhong Ningtao told a, focus on the eyes, li.

    building a nodded, without comment, took out a mobile phone on the way, to my room, sent a message to Yan Ke, "a hard road":

    "I'm going to stay up late tonight."!"

    to practice the "Yan Jin Strike while the iron is hot"!

    to begin to transmute in these two days!

    PS: fill up more complete, in the early morning for recommendation tickets, ask for monthly pass ~!

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