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Chapter 55–ice and snow rebalance

    for the Cheng Cheng declaration, is the class of Yan Ke not long after the reply, short words and powerful:

    "husband, come on!"!"

    building into a look can not help laughing, laugh, go back to the "red scarf wrapped around the head face, then put down the" strive for progress with determination of mobile phone in the room, put a shelf, view think about the heavy nuclear flame, make clothing "Yandi gods", to control the body's fire Jin, pulling them slow coagulation, compress. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    this practice is four or five hours, or do the rest, when the window as if on the galaxy lights above 80%, the night to rule the world, building a suddenly opened his eyes, deep eyes flashed a clump of white Jinhong blazing fire Mans, like morning it will be hung on the horizon of the sun.

    sublimation of strength, easy, that is also not difficult, preliminary grasp "Yan map" charm, and practicing "ice fresh experience for reference, he successfully completed the" Vulcan effort "to" change Yan Jin ", a fire Jin is a return to the white red red, thick and dignified, and barely formed without circulation, after each use have to practice again.

    the floor turned its neck, shook its head, made the bones snap out loud, like the beans exploding in the fire.

    he took a breath, door access cards, to Strike while the iron is hot. out of the room, located to the thirty-one floor of the hotel swimming pool.

    in the middle of the night, it was closed, no smoke, but it is difficult to find a floor, the window will turn out, Rulvpingdi like jumping obstacles walking on the wall, easily enter from the other side.

    in the dark, Ikemizu Shizu, as deep as if not see the end of the Department, there is a horror film is staged feeling.

    building. To take off shoes and socks, T-shirt and shorts, bare upper body, jumped into the pool, into the water, no flowers, no waves, only slowly Dangkai ripples.

    sinking not long, he hit a bottom, directly sitting cross legged, close your eyes.

    breathing has been broken, the body is isolated from the air, surrounded by gentle waves of water, as if returned to the floor before birth, returning to the mother's stomach, heart calm, naturally, internal circulation is slightly changed, no need to visualize already see the spirit of fascia and viscera vascular muscle.

    "ice SG map" and "Yan" staggered highlights, he also took the opportunity to work with two strong, understanding their reliance on fine root pulp and traction.

    in a living environment, this feeling is subtle and strange!

    every time, a building must be surfaced, Tugunaxin, then to sink to the bottom, feel grasp, try to influence.

    once again, the failure of joint failure, although he has opened the door to inhuman, but still has a little change, not to hinder, overnight, they really can overnight.

    call Five early, when the sky is still dark, building into a swim to the edge of the pool, with his hand on the shore, spit turbidity and a little flighty and impetuous breath.

    until the mood to calm down again, "ice mirror" again condensed, he continued to roll over, sinking, perseverance.

    this time, he finished the "Yan" and "Shenguang map" ice visualisation and still no harvest, change ideas, try to play "Jin holding force".

    blood contraction, mental depression. The formation of ice balance, winding each other in a rotary mode, it bears a lower body together with the Great Dane nebula.

    "the Great Dane", suddenly changes, "ice" swings, as the boundless sky background, to black to dark, cold and heat to open, does not exist, the sound is not significant, "Yan Di" again collapse, polymerization, throwing flame flow and material and as a * *, a stars.

    the perfect balance between the two, like the true cosmic projection, has become paradoxical with the past.

    building a body one earthquake, felt its hold out the "human Great Dane" and the sky overhead, and four under the eight party, like a delicate shine.

    Weng, his abdomen elixir by this traction, the shock waves rippled, star, swaying, in contrast to human Great Dane ", actually appeared in disharmony perfect taste.

    "the Great Dane" burst strength, gushing, in this moment, suddenly realized that the building into the fine root floating, vaguely grasp.

    imperceptibly, he found himself floating up, surfaced, and opened his eyes, thought previously, aftertaste drip, feel "addict balance" and "the Great Dane" than the Longhu real "Saver" more perfect, more close to nature, to the future outside world is an important achievement Gang territory.

    "indeed, the times are progressing, and so are the practices."." Building into delighted thought.

    it's a lucky thing to stand on a bull's shoulder!

    predecessors can division but not law!

    examining itself, he again sink to the bottom, according to just thinking, "Jin holding force", the balance of ice, affect the root pulp.

    it was dawn, in the morning light above the pool. As a large part of the water condensation of ice and covered with frost, as a "hot spring" everywhere surrounded them, grunt steaming mist "hot spring".

    crash! Acoustic noise, a building stood up, standing there in the water, just below the ankles still immersed in.

    his hair wet docile, * * * * in the outside of the muscle block clear, without deformity, a sliding surface drops of water, with masculinity.

    one step, two step, three step, building into a tread water line, not sinking, slowly walked to the edge of the pool, picked up the T-shirt shorts and footwear, casual jacket, left this layer.

    because there is relationship with power, he wonders when Peng Leyun made more exaggerated!

    back to the room, picked up the building into a mobile phone, it is difficult to curb the smile on the face, crackling playing word, "to snicker" Yan ke:

    "in September, you can see my fifth certificate!"

    yes, I have just traction root pulp alienation has been a preliminary success, that is to say, officially began the transformation, and then a dozen days, will be completely reborn, achievements non-human!

    and from now on, until the metamorphosis is complete, I will be really day by day, visible to the naked eye!

    Yan Ke last class before the end of the quick reply, "Wuzui break":

    "orange", if you change a phrase to describe 'nonhuman', you are now genuine, not human, not human, orange, you are not human ~ "

    and she made up the expression of "laughing loudly" when she finished this sentence.

    feel the girl words hidden joy and excitement, building into a mood increasingly well, slightly shake his head, laughing out loud, suddenly thrown to see her, and she would like to video chat impulse in the past few days in the morning to practice, will be the most suitable time video of miss.

    but taking into account the Ke Ke Ke students are still in class, he has endured down, but only back to text information.

    in class, Yan Ke is happy and proud, but also a little melancholy.

    oranges are getting better and better; what about me?

    she looked up to the teacher, the dynamic learning more quickly.

    I want to be better myself!

    thirty-one hotels, swimming pool open, morning exercise habits tour men and women arrive, their full warm-up, plop jumped into the water to look nothing strange.

    "cold!" Cried the girl.

    "Oh, hot."!" A man went up, there seems to be no ready to jump into spring.

    at the same time, it gives the old building into a call annunciation way:

    "master, I practiced" Yan Di Jin "!"

    he didn't say anything that had started to change; he was going to tell his master about it.

    "well, yes."." The old man is not surprised, had expected, gee, "smelly boy you can try to change, in addition to water breakthrough, there are several ways, I think the old man may be more suitable for you, such as"

    Lou was stunned and dazed for a moment:

    "master, you, why didn't you say so earlier?""

    I'm beginning to change!

    under the water fee tremendous effort began to decay!

    the old man how rich experience, Wenyan guess their apprentice, hey hey laugh:

    "old man, I have never seen such a silly disciple of you.""

    "even before speaking about that, it couldn't be so detailed." Ha ha, cough"

    he laughed and coughed and felt happy about it this year.

    building a red face, dark scold a good master pit, sheepishly replied:

    "I don't think I should try it first; if I have any questions, please ask my teacher, father.""

    "needless to say, cough, be a teacher, ha ha, smelly boy, practice well."" The old man hung up the phone, hummed a tune, and found the treasure

    after a day and a half, the floor became a sleep, continue to change, and find the appropriate time Ke, and she made a video chat.

    August 20th, Dekor Museum rentouzandong, heatwave reunion, fighting.

    building, Peng Leyun et al to sit on their seats, to watch a song and dance performances, to see the guests on stage, the sixteen war of the draw, tonight and tomorrow night will be four battle.

    &nbsp:the guest reached into the box, took out a ball, looked at the words on the top of the eye, and announced the side of the show:

    "China"; Cheng cheng!"

    I went and the first one was pumped out The building is laughable, lose voice, the back of the waist is getting more and more straight, waiting for the opponent's determination.

    the guests reached out again, fumbled, and took second balls to show the way:

    "Japan, mountain tiger!"

    seed No. five; tigers under the mountain!

    &nbsp:;PS: Dragon Boat Festival today, in the afternoon something, at night that is more in the morning, continue to apply for monthly ticket recommendation ~!

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