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Chapter 56–abacus of hundred and sixty students

    "Japan, mountain tiger!"

    hear guest's announcement, the mountain tiger look move, revealing a deep smile, saying:

    "very good."!"

    double elimination third, because building into Pakistan in the wrong, he appeared a little shaken confidence, this is inexcusable, the "extreme fluctuation flow" tradition cannot tolerate cowardly, must immediately make up, beat it immediately, now pumping floor, hit the spot!

    I will wash myself with victory"!

    and it can help with the secret mission!

    side of tiger mountain, messy hair researchers pushed off his glasses and exclaimed, Sakata Ichii and other players are also full of expectation, and even face now frantically shouted:

    "tiger king", it is time for the "limit wave flow" name!"

    after the start of the tournament, the mountain tiger had always good, not encountered the enemy, failed to show the "extreme fluctuating flow" violent, while Sakata Ichii's disciples have been eliminated, making the school disgrace. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    in the face of request, the tiger below the mountain a back, solemn and confident nod:

    "good (AI)!"

    "tigers below the mountain?"" Building a froze for a second, he smiled and said, "this luck follows ah!"

    sixteen, the battle directly against the non-human!

    for the lottery, he is not accidental, no disappointment, sixteen strong wars still follow the same country does not meet the rules, to get rid of their four, there are twelve options, which for five people, nearly half of the probability of smoke in the hall, on the way to the articles he had. Well prepared to encounter enemies!

    ranging from Peng Leyun, Ann Chaoyang and Ren Li openings, Lou Cheng buried his head, looking at the phone, with "laugh tears" expression on Yan Ke road:

    "smoked another tiger.""

    "Schrodinger's tiger wars, downhill tigers." I bet quantum school won!" Yan Ke quickly responded, from time to time will seem to come up with mobile phone, to see if there is a draw, "she touch your head", "a few days ago if you smoke under the Zhongshan tigers, I'm sure especially not the end, but you start to change for two days, the coaches love you! (shoulder pat)"

    "then I can only live up to my coach's success."!" Floor into a "make progress" road.

    to be honest, he is also so confident that he is eager to do so!

    mountain tiger in May before the practice of "wave", replacing Dan, at least half Biweijia level to raise, I can play at that level and veigar transformed before, not to mention now?

    these two days, my strength is in vogue: drinking water is on the upgrade!

    return the news; he felt a little heart; looked up and found Peng Leyun, Ren Li, ANN, Chaoyang and Zhong Ningtao looking at themselves.

    "what's the matter?"" Lou Cheng asked puzzled.

    "thought is the cheering for you, and to comfort you, but you look like, what did not need to say." Peng Leyun smiled, meaning meaningfully.

    this guy playing mobile phone played jubilant smile, not faded, don't need what we said!

    ANN; the sun opened her eyes and nodded at the same time as Ren Li.

    building a ah ha, pointing to the ring road:

    "second groups"."

    this group, veigar on a non seed non wild card players.

    took advantage of the gap, built and glanced at the screen, and made a reply, and at this point, he saw "mouth king" sent a message to himself:

    "I heard that you are going to fight against humanity.""

    "how do you know?"" By building into a shock".

    I did not like to mention in Xiao Ming students tournament thing, these days are in other talk nonsense.

    "the people Qiazhiyisuan, prompted by a sudden impulse, I went to your forum, found you should be handed over to the state, playing what four king game, just drew Japan inhuman mountain tiger strong level He and his parents there?" Cai Zongming "proud smile", "so, to give you a word, to comfort you encounter enemies mood."

    "what words?"" As soon as the floor replies, not the brain.

    Cai Zongming "crafty":

    "be strong."!"

    "roll"!" Building a concise and comprehensive can't help laughing.

    over time, third sets out, Barnum good luck, also encountered a non seed non wild card of the enemy, wait a moment, the guests began to smoke fourth group against, shouted out the name of Peng Leyun.

    the atmosphere of the other delegations changed a little; they were too tight to let them guess too long; the guests grabbed the ball and took a look at the show:

    "icon, vaku!"

    No. three seed, "arhat" vaku!

    "yes."" Peng Leyun's lazy expression was just as bright as the electricity in his eye, and it seemed that the opponent who had expected the series had been looking forward to it for a long time!

    Lou Cheng et al did not say what only vaguely sympathetic vaku three seconds.

    it's your turn to see what a serious devil king is!

    on behalf of China Dekor mission, vaku vertical palm on the chest, as in the past to look around the other members from misery, face are becoming more or less bad.

    after different guests and pulled out the four group showdown tomorrow, Ren Li continued good luck, like veigar, Barnum, will face the non seed non wild card an enemy, Chaoyang is not good nor bad, suffered a No. six seed, it is the highest ranking non bone guess.

    the ceremony is complete; each delegation returns to the locker room for a rest; the first game will begin at eight fifteen.

    vs tiger under the mountain!

    live paste, in the floor into the "non strong" when, here has been blown up, there is no discussion, discuss endlessly.

    "the Dragon King" and "funny": "don't be nervous, not the building into a small hope of winning, even less than half, there is also the 30% or so, you think, he almost won veigar, and weaker mountain tiger? It is not impossible to win as long as he can play back the defeat of baba!"

    "but playing on their weak opponents and too strong a realm of the enemy, the feeling is certainly not the same ah, not repeat building into play most like kind of freely flowing style of writing." "Riding a pig hero" pointed out the problem and got the approval of the "Ring Road".

    "one fist invincible" is more inclined to "the king of the dragon" judgment:

    building and veigar playing time, also play a super level!"

    "that is different, he has something new, 'Doo' pronunciation, is by surprise, let veigar judgment is wrong, and now, his foundation, everyone learns almost, in the face of human, it is very difficult to get the upper hand, creating opportunities." "Plumbers eat mushrooms" is not a good idea.

    "that's true, but still the old question, mountain tiger Biweijia weak, on both sides of the floor into the calculations, there is still hope!" The "fierce dragon king" insists on its own views.

    "the long night is coming;" Yan Tao "secretly observed" road:

    "what you said is all right and reasonable." I choose a dog belt, no, a prayer, a vow!"

    "I support little dragons."! By the way, do you have anyone to tell "Jianghu"? Let him be ready to delete the number, at most three months!" "Phantom of the Vatican" to ease the tension and tension in the heart.

    "I've passed; no thanks, I'm a red scarf."!" "Always love" crafty "Tao Jun Okamoto".

    at this moment, "Jianghu" is looking at several combat video in front of the four nation tournament, the face is getting worse and worse.

    "at most not more than two months."" He concealed a little gnash his teeth and whispered, "I must begin to drive the popularity to the public. When I delete the micro-blog number, I don't feel bad. I can't build a small one."!"

    well, you have to hurry up; don't end your popularity; the floor has broken through!

    at eight ten in the evening, delegations came out of different locker rooms and returned to their original position.

    mountain tiger hands on knees, sit up and wait for a moment, to the stage, jumps up, like a mountain towering suddenly.

    "tiger king, please!"!" The researchers with unkempt hair bowed beside them.

    mountain tiger gently nodded, responded.

    because the draw order is the floor before him, so he can only give up the white karate uniform, put on a dark standby.

    he was about to stride feet towards the ring, suddenly pointing to the corner of my eye looks sweet Tang Zexun before the two step, standing on the level with its own voice, but nothing feminine deep earth drill into my ears:

    "do you really want to do what they say?""

    eh? Below the mountain tiger face is suspicious, side head sees.

    Tang Zexun looked ahead, not out of said indifferent tone entirely absorbed:

    "this is the martial arts insult, as long as the debut, you have to respect the opponent, but also into the floor is not weak, you really have to hurry to collect" raw materials ", is likely to lose to him, the tiger king, go and beat him to look at the situation."

    the tiger of the mountain silent for a moment, no answer, stride forward, the momentum of startling step stone steps.

    after two or three steps, he turned his back on Tang Zexun and nodded his head

    look at the floor into the electronic clock, also stood up, touched and Peng cloud they one by one fist, heard a sound of "gas".

    at this time, his cell phone special reminder also sounded, and picked up a look, Yan Ke made a picture of the oven, which placed cake and other things, color slants coke, strange shape.

    "cough, just take the time to practice this."!" The girl looked up to heaven ".

    "so, you want to say, 'good gas, wait for you to eat?'" Help her make up the building into a smiling subtext.

    Yan Ke "thumbs up" road:

    "know me orange" also, come on!"

    "must win."!" Cheng Cheng shouted slogans, launched the QQ, switched to live paste interface, will be lost to An Zhaoyang mobile phone, and ha ha laughed:

    "make me a little more handsome!"!"

    speech, he marched toward the ring, without fear, to war!

    ;PS: on the last day of May, asking for monthly tickets, expired, wasted ~!

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