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Chapter 57–ups and downs

    "the mentality is pretty good.". Vertex novel 23US.COM update the fastest "hear the building into words, an Chaoyang smile said to Peng Leyun can not help laughing, and Ren Li, and then pick up the mobile phone, with a few seconds, snapped left his teammates back, though not lofty, not generous, but strong enough, enough high!

    he looked down at his eyes, and praised himself:

    please call me safe!

    idea rotation; he uploaded the picture and matched the text:

    "on the journey, without fear of the enemy!"

    after the hair, immediately make a refresh, he can not believe to see this more than a few replies, not by emotion, here is very popular, rob building atmosphere is very impressive.

    "a good shot!"!" "The Dragon King", concise and comprehensive praise.

    "sell, sell wonton", the little girl followed the road: "hhhh, little tiger, did not see you still quite literary and art, come, and I learn to cook it!"!"

    ER An Zhaoyang's eyebrows move, always sleepy shaped eyes were slits, and quickly refresh.

    this time, "phantom Brahma" nibbled at his finger: "this picture!" How close, Schrodinger's tiger, you won't be in the grandstand next to them?"

    ANN swallowed saliva, and replied two words with difficulty:


    at this time, is near the building into a ring, because the opponent is not strong, he cannot return against Pakistan wrong time leisurely relaxed and happy and pleased with oneself, the body has slightly trembling, tension, secrete a hormone, let the spirit of more focused, more exciting.

    he knew the delicate state of last present myself scarce heart and no depression, convergence of the idea of "visualize ice mirror", "Lake" precipitation, let the mood like ice, itself does not move, but reflects the vigorous spirits and Bing Feng the blood evil, so that the momentum of the natural blooming, turned into a fast forming terror seems to diffuse the snowstorm, the flesh is white snow mountain towering this terrible scourge.

    if the air whistled, the atmosphere became depressed, building into a step by step foot on the stairs, boarding platform, saw the opposite appeared almost at the same time, the mountain tiger.

    the level of non warrior taller than him, than he is generous, bushy eyebrows, looks rough, muscles, shocking, contrast, like adults and middle school students in the battle.

    mountain tiger face fever, momentum is also striking, Zhou Sanyi faint white mans, solidification near the atmosphere, with the audience was silent, no one dare to make a noise.


    he seems to have the wind swirled in march.

    at the same time, the building into a line of sight collision tiger and the mountain together, suddenly a bright ring seems to be central.

    the momentum of the struggle, even!

    the referee is a senior non hierarchical strong, left and right after a glance, and quietly raised his right hand to prepare.

    Cheng Cheng and the mountain tigers do not need to be adjusted; along the way, has long been the state of their own pushed to the peak.

    the referee took a step back, suddenly waved out burst channel:


    landing sound, mountain tiger step a wrong, the body sinks, suddenly hit the right place.


    acute arm stretch, he roared fist pull, slide forward, faster as a high-speed running train, momentary flash to the floor into the front.

    in the process, he suddenly white around the rich, like the brush of a flaming torch, in the air out of the dragon and tiger shaped, stir a terrible noise.

    "extreme fluctuation flow" Nirvana, dragon fist tigers roar!

    and Sakata Ichii, the mountain tiger with fingertips, and the perfect fusion blitz.

    this is the standard of nonhuman hierarchy!

    come good! Building into a fear of anti war joy, heart qi and blood, high spirited, force and spirit suddenly back, holding a ball, and balance, deduce the rotation of the miniature star".


    his mind "idol highlights", two feet of a rough, instantly inside, to drive the right arm expansion, forward a powerful blow.

    bang! His face with a layer of red boxing in the white flame and condensed layers of tashi.

    semi formed "Yan Emperor""!

    a rumble!

    the sound of the collision was engulfed in a fist explosion, covered with fire muscle pieces protruding picture is revealed by the blue veins and rolling stray white mountain tiger body shaking, quickly stabilize, clothes appear black, building into retreat one step, step into the the ground, because of "wave" and muscle pain numb.

    after a full shot, he just picked up half of it!

    on the stand; Peng Leyun's face was slightly changed; half of it was exclamation, half laughing:

    "did he change?""

    additional strength in a can "Jin hold force", is one of the major label non-human realm.

    Cheng Cheng; that punch clearly stated the fact that he was in the metamorphosis stage for more than one day!

    "how fast!"!" Witness the changes on the field, hear the words of Peng Leyun, could not help but sigh Ann Chaoyang.

    four days before the start of the tournament?

    he simply stepped up to the metamorphosis stage one day at a time!

    well, I'm too honest

    Li Zhang Zhang Zhang mouth, want to say something, and forced to endure down, shellfish teeth light bite the charming lips.

    "inhuman."!" Live broadcast paste, "the Dragon King" shouted a lot of people can not believe the two words.

    start after metamorphosis, as long as no accident, or seriously maimed, non-human realm that is That's final. thing!

    "I am absolutely dazzled" "Riding a pig hero", "dumbfounded" reply.

    "how long has this been?"!" "The road to the ring", laughed angrily.

    less than four months after the end of the national tournament!

    "ha ha ha ha."!" Yan Xiaoling didn't type at all and spoke directly. The lines were no different from the pupils.

    is watching live, with the long side write micro-blog, its popularity began to guide public number "rivers and lakes" stood there, face gradually pale, like ashes.

    isn't there another two months to break through?

    this is only two minutes!

    from now I know it's only two minutes!

    that's a beast

    arena, building into a back step followed by gas unloading force strength of contraction by blizzard on the twenty-four "Yin and Yang" skills and little experience launched a counterattack.


    his left leg swollen, instep straight, pull out from the cracks, the whiplash Jin pumped to the opponent's knee.

    find the enemy and breakthrough, has entered the battle state of the mountain tiger will shake into a surprise mood in the heart of the fire, burned their minds were more high.

    his knees a stiff, suddenly jumped up from the floor, a pumping kick, at the same time, right hand, palm of the knife, with a bright light, with the fall, lightning struck to the opponent's neck.

    electric tiger to cut!

    building a spine force, suddenly back after the break, not only escaped tiger mountain warfare attack, and forced to change the trajectory of the left leg, let it down from her, kick to the enemy landing body, and a white light emerges, merged into a group. With the martial arts shoes, "burning" spray.

    after metamorphosis, he can also "ice burning" on his feet"!

    Wu Tao shoes quickly frozen hard, turned into a "stone", dragging the crystal clear "flame stream", straight to take the tiger between the chest and abdomen.

    quicker than words can tell, the mountain tiger left hand and right hand upward sharply, fall down to fit, open, the sound of the dragons played a "white wave solid condensate flashing".


    two groups of light silent avalanche, mountain tiger by recoil force, after jump to the ground, posture is not chaos, the building is also a very low back, stand up again, firmly stand.


    mountain tiger do sliding punch, white bodied, dragon roar roar, building into a half step not to shrink, tit for tat, Qi and blood, and try to follow.

    lovemaking! Under the mountains, the tigers were killed, and they launched a frenzied attack. White light was like a torch. It was dark and bright. It shook and shook with Sakata Ichii, a sky that had to be used before, an underground!

    Bang bang! Floor into a burst, or fried fire waves, or frozen frost, and rival fierce competition, although because of poor strength, half raised, at a disadvantage, but the slightest loss of phase.

    Bang Bang, bang bang bang!

    * * fist hit the sound echoed around, sometimes mixed with the roar of the white noise, and the flame layer outside the ground, a split, when splashing, when the snow was falling, the real interpretation of the meaning of human.

    mountain tiger firmly grasp the rhythm, when building into a twenty-four hit with Blizzard's version of "Jin also hold" the accumulation of momentum, immediately switch to kick or fluctuation of boxing, interrupted, again, their mood is a little bit of savings, doing the outbreak of Shazhao preparation.

    the passage of time, many of the buildings Bingjing even burst into the feeling in the heart, can not go on like this, the initiative to change the meaning of birth.


    when he mingled with half formed "ice king" and "fist collision with the enemy left with Dan rich white wrapped together, in the" wave "into perfect snow mountain tiger arm are stiff, he borrowed a bounce back force, suddenly back to" glide ", on the bumpy ground" glide ", fast forward and there is not much difference!

    he has feet of foot bottom, I do not know when the crystal has condensed the ice, the friction is minimal!

    mountain tiger without hesitation, a big step, catch up with, yet close to, they growl sound, hit a fist, body again burning strong white light, and then back into view, has come up with a dream and building beautiful and dark cold ice SG, in the face of attacking enemies, at the foot of a foot, immediately counterattack, blew the whistle on the right arm, "a blow and a shout."!

    seeing both fists will collide together, white tiger eyes and big mountain, rich surface fluctuation ran out, second became a group, a glove, to cover.

    I know you have a way to freeze thinking; how could you not be on the alert and not prepared?!


    floor into a fist in the explosion, that group of white horses rapid dark, became a snowball, then split up.

    bang! Through the "wave", highlighting their fists coming, black skin and tendons.

    step two step back into building, not only failed to freeze enemies, because the power gap between the chaos of the chaos in the shelf, but he does not panic, body instinct to restore balance at the same time, lifted up his hands and produce print Jue, outline a hard-edged. "Soldiers".

    mountain tiger is seen to be a chance, eyebrow, heart savings mood suddenly broke out, his eyes turned red, let him re filled with week white color, rich and thick.

    "extreme wave flow", "super kill", "seven crimes", "fluctuation fist"! Double attack of spirit and woman!

    no more than Bantian Rong, must be explosive species can be used; the tigers as long as the emotional accumulation is enough, you can play.


    low sound echoed, aroused the light color ripples, let mountain tiger beat late, then like a stone falling into the sea, no other movement.

    bang! Mountain tiger cross fried left foot, shoulder, arm drum, waving fist to kill deep thick blood light into the sickle, driven by their own, struck to the floor as quickly as if it had a red lightning, do not give the enemy out of the way possible.

    I have seen you use a trick of self generated skills to break the Bantian glory "seven crime swings" picture, but I use and he used, there is a big difference, you dare to try again, will make you regret!

    while the "soldier" word trick did not produce very good results, but offset the red color of the mental attacks, so that he did not shake the mind, can not make a visualization.

    back very after, he tried to avoid sliding feet again, but could not get out of the way, "bloody sickle" is in sight!

    however, he has caught a Bantian Rong slow tempo and their short time to create the dodge back in the mind, come up with Vipassana cold dark sky background, there is suffused with a dreamy light ice crystal.

    a rumble!

    countless dust accumulation, ignited a huge and heavy fireball; it hit the silence, hit all the broken and more severe collapse!

    in the "ice king" and "Yan Jin" were improved, building a variant version of "a blow and a shout" also made changes corresponding to, there has been a change in how wonderful.

    I had to wait so long to wait for you with the "seven crime wave fist" head!

    floor eyebrows, eyes angry open, step on the foot, back up, facing the "red sickle" is a fist.

    puff! His fist seems to produce a suction dredger of terror, "Let light color" in all subsequent rushes soundless and stirless, with the singular and terror interrupt.

    two fists close, short solidification in the air, the mountain tiger feels the body is suddenly empty, even the back arm strength seemed to lose.

    what's the matter?

    this is different from what Sakata Ichii described!

    stronger and scarier!

    mountain tiger horror, suddenly aware of the blood light anti surge, burst strength, shaking his heart, shake their body!

    push and kick! He spat even haemorrhage, three steps back.

    Lou Cheng how can pass this opportunity, immediately to "line" word Jue catch up, back contraction of Qi and blood, and then do the explosion, and fist.

    Bang Bang, bang bang bang! This time, he grabbed the upper hand, with "still strong force" to promote "Blizzard twenty-four hit", "crazy attack", "Yan Emperor" and "ice soul" staggered, more and more fierce, more and more ruthless.

    mountain tiger strong for a while, because the other power is more and more big, no longer bear, start making step, this withdrawal, there is no end, he continues to retreat in jeopardy, see Japanese delegation all in silence, a burst of absence.

    no? The tiger is going to lose!

    mhmm building into play. Their increasingly powerful, regardless of consumption, to accomplish the whole task at one stroke!

    my current physical is slightly higher than the new man, and, in a bad place to compete under the mountain tiger boxing each every foot will take advantage of it than I consumption!

    who is afraid of this?!

    Bang bang!

    * * fist hit the sound like drum, overflowing, constantly beating hearts in the audience, the ring surface is torn apart, even a stone splashing out because of this inhuman level battle, the audience in front of rows must be empty!

    the tiger under the mountain is a very patient warrior, even in a desperate situation, even if physical strength in the crazy decline, he did not panic, but silently continue.

    finally, he made it to the mood fluctuation around the white enough, again with the red, dark red color, flowing blood, shock of the blood!

    Lou Cheng, although on guard, in a timely manner out of "before" word tactic, but finally a slow, see the tiger feet under the mountain force, and jumped back.

    hide? Can you hide it? A building into a war, and then hold, stepped out of the crack, fit attack.

    in your current state, I see how you hide!

    fierce fight to the present, both sides of the blood have been boiling, emotions are high, but fortunately the ice mirror into the building is not affected, still can shine around, accurate judgments.

    at this time, will be he was bullied to the front of the mountain, the tiger also raised his hands, and produced an odd print tactic, the expression has become solemn and solemn, eyes fixed on the floor.

    indeed, you are strong, a terrible and respectable opponent, who has pushed me to the point where I am, but the final victory will be mine!

    in the eye of the mountain, the tiger moved his belly, opened his mouth and roared:


    "nine characters formula"; "all" characters!

    Yamashita tiger will also be one of the nine words!

    "all" the word of God a singular, seems to hang up the world, stimulate the body, the mountain tiger suddenly rising momentum, before the tired and weak state swept away, revived the peak appearance, all are for consumption!

    this As the pupil contracted, there was a sense of frustration that could not be contained.

    it is difficult to rub the non enemy into "dying" state; he has a "all" word, and it is as good as ever. How can it still be played?

    bang! His heart ice mirror flash, the convergence of thought contained many negative emotions, grab the mountain tiger near, muscles bulging, punch out.

    the tiger's body around the mountain of red sloshing, no sickle, but let him speed and strength and promoted a few minutes, in time to beat the arm, bang open the floor of the attack.

    "idea wave dynamics""!

    step out, blood wave shaking, mountain tiger around the building achievement is a crazy attack, forcing him to have the outbreak of Dan Jin, desperate to resist, muscle tremor, head shaking, physical strength has entered a rapid decline of the channel, people can see the eyes. His failure seems to have been a matter of time.

    call The Japanese delegation and spit out the foul air, relaxed look, full of expectation.

    "or a little bit."" Zhong Ningtao, the tour leader, sighed.

    finished, he saw Peng Leyun and Lizzie shaking their heads.

    er What do you mean? Zhong Ningtao is somewhat dumbfounded, Ann Chaoyang said thoughtfully:

    "do you think there's a chance?""

    "more than opportunities."." Peng cloud concise and comprehensive.

    &nbsp:Li added, "now the tigers are not as strong as they seem.""

    she said the arena floor into don't think so, he felt surrounded by blood, strong leaching body, let their somewhat timid fear of Italy, and mountain tiger fist foot is vigorous, and most of the opening what is the difference between not strong.


    must be a counterattack, can not always be so pressing play!

    although the mood of shaking, but the building into a * * any did not decrease, in the face of the mountain to the next tiger ramming blood light fist, the initiative to set up the arm, let it is covered by thick ice armor.

    snap! The sound of the collision, a broken ice, thereby building into a swinging elbow, the missile had small arms, beat to the mountain tiger face, put out the counter offensive posture.

    mountain tiger not panic disorder, another arm lift, blocking the building into two times the strength of the fist, leg already taut, drew out, to force the opponent's momentum to interrupt.

    at the same time, snapped, building into a joint moving fingers, palm suddenly open, fingernail on what time do not know the solidified out of five root ice thorn, just like the aurora.

    three times!

    mountain tiger Mouguang turn back up suddenly, Li, to avoid the fatal blow, and then go out of the right foot, made a "razor" like white, expertise!

    however, as the three floor strength, back after a bomb, already did not grab the first step.

    then he raised his arms and made a mark on himself, shouting in a deep, dignified voice:


    even if you want to lose, I am also until the last bullet!

    muscle block bulging, instantly building into a tall, placed to the right arm of recoil before the body, with a fierce gust, he played out, momentum heyday!

    mountain tiger rushed, eyes red light, turn around to the shortage of thick, sickle, wrapped in a fist, to meet the enemy.

    a rumble!

    the fist abruptly hit out explosion, mountain tiger front body behind the half halt, can't help out of the two meters, feet deep traces, and building into a red dye, not only like lightning, a weak, also retreated a step.

    two at the same time, recovery, mountain tiger body pan white, face to the voice of fanaticism, roaring dragons and tigers, become a huge white wave, church Huang attack.

    building does not make concessions, again put fingerprints, pointing out their own, an unyielding word:


    Carter, he placed the lower abdomen in front of fist to hit back, from bottom to top, along with the heave muscle, with a root vascular veins prominent.

    a rumble!

    white disintegrating, mountain tiger–two steps, and the building stood a moment, almost could not back from paralysis and burning, and clearly feel the spirit near the limit.

    call! He suddenly relieved, summoned Yu Yong, a heavy day temperature seemed to visualize the Yandi gods will remains fresh fire all the pressure into a ball, and then "Vulcan zhurong" control, grab the step, swing arm, straight punch.

    fire reduction; outside Gang; implosion"!

    because "before a blow and a shout" was resolved, chose this building.

    brush look, his fist and arm have faint flame lit, the twinkling of an eye he hit just to catch herself down the mountain near the tiger.

    after this wave of attacks, he did not use the ability to simplify the gang, but not to the Yellow River, the heart will not die, not to end, do not give up!

    the tiger below the mountain has a white fluctuation jump, "lit" itself, swing arm block.

    a rumble!

    the sound of explosion; the viscera of the tiger inside the mountain were tumbling; suffered a terrifying shock; the blood vessels were burned; the pain was abnormal.

    floor also uncomfortable; head empty, muscle soreness.

    but in his mind he suddenly gave birth to a strong sense of joy.

    because of this punch he sensed the weakness of the tiger below the mountain"!

    "all" tactic seems to be to recover, not treated with internal and external injury, still before the mountain tiger was injured, and continue to accumulate, is now completely triggered the implosion of boxing!


    building into spirits, waving arms, shock bursts of Zen, pounding hitting the mountain tiger blocking arm and fist, hit each other eyes appear slack, ear buzzing in loud, rolling endlessly.

    after eleven combos, he made a final "Jin holding force", the expansion of the arm, lift arm, ferocious whirl, shock with zen.


    mountain tiger body jump, eyes full of pieces of Venus, eyes, nose, ears and mouth are dark red bloody secretion, can not stand, push down like crashing into Jinshan Yuzhu against the ground, spit out the water container, almost fainted.

    the referee looked at his eyes full of tired colors but stood firm; raised his right hand and proclaimed loudly:

    "Lou Cheng Sheng."!"

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