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Chapter 58–Lai can't go by

    "Lou Cheng Sheng."!"

    the high but not scattered sound far swing, Japanese delegation of the vast majority of both men and women is a face with obvious confusion of grief and indignation, especially Sakata Ichii "extreme fluctuation flow" disciple, is to conceal the pain and disappointment. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    how could the tiger king lose?

    how could he lose?!

    as one of the signs of "extreme volatility", he has lost to one level and the strength is weaker than his opponent!

    this is a shame!

    this is the "limit flow" stain!

    as you can imagine, almost all viewers, the scene and the viewers in front of the screen will see the "extreme wave flow" as a joke!

    Tang Zexun reached out and poked his cheek; in a silence he smiled and shook his head:

    "tiger king" is too careless."

    this is because his own fighting style, two is due to a given information has Bantian Rong Jun played tiger be inopportune or inappropriate, too direct, too strong, less circuitous, less gentle, that hit the opponent's pluviose, got a light damage to the subsequent buried a serious hidden danger.

    if not this point, even if not "all" word, tiger Jun also has no small possibility to win the game, and with the "all" word tactic, it is absolutely able to win!

    what a pity

    of course, the floor of the upgrade, floor changes, the floor into play, but also people feel the pressure from the heart ah

    heard Tang Zexun sigh, Sakata Ichii and others forced to return to God, out of the extreme emotions, and really began to understand the fight just now.

    when they looked into the ring again, the vision of the building had changed, the awe of the strong, the wonder of the miracle maker and the hatred of the terrible enemy.

    scientific research personnel is still a messy hair just as trance, frenzy, and significant loss.

    the samurai in the "Metamorphosis" stage of the Chinese division; the most valuable one outside the real strong; the man on the stage is!

    to say good for Japan to collect genetic material for their tiger king not only did not succeed, but fell, and bleeding, and spit water, very embarrassed

    stands above, the darker the audience is in a daze, did not dare to believe what you see, he lifted up his hands, clapping, or waving, cheering for the outstanding play of boxer, cheering for the young man The weak overcame the strong.

    the non seeded player defeated the seed five at the monster level!

    in any country, the same thing can always be admired and praised!

    "Lou Cheng."! Cheng cheng!"

    jerky shout, sound waves converge fast, overlapping, a high after a while.

    "Lou Cheng."! Cheng cheng!"

    listened to exotic people cry, Peng Leyun looked back at the arena, the facial expression of idle feeling swept away, eyes like a light condensed, like thunder flash.

    he subconsciously looked at Ren Li next to him and saw his reaction in the other's eyes, which was not very different from her.

    now, perhaps he is leading a half step, but about three people are in the same starting line, then who can fight a fight out first, once it impossible!

    they are so proud of themselves that they can recognize their own shortcomings, but never think they will be worse than others!

    ANN Chaoyang is in silence, and can only be silent, until the leader Zhong Ningtao heard a sigh, "under the reputation of no virtual scholar", only nodded his head, and spoke out.

    in the remote place, in the stands somewhere else, and all the bandages around wearing the cap of Barnum, veigar, close wait for the duel Waku, or unconsciously clenched his fist, or pupil and white flash, or opened his eyes, staring at the silence

    "I'll tell you."! The building is likely to win!" Live broadcast paste, the "king of the dragon" using the universal "funny."".

    "riding a pig hero", with a vacant face, replied: "this is simply." One year to Dan territory, one year to non-human I saw the young "Dragon King", no, more like "Wu Sheng"."

    "I don't dare to question him anymore."" "The ring road" with "dog belt" expression road.

    "always love Jun Okamoto" and "laughing" way: "to, just kneel lick!"

    " We have a good eye!" "Sell sell wonton" the little girl did not hesitate to start a self praise, "early on floor, also took the" petition signatures "to him!"

    twenty-one years old less than the non-human, have enough time to shock the gang, has been counted into the ranks of the backup!

    "ha ha ha ha, did not disappoint me these days to go to bed early to rise early."!" Yan Xiaoling made a speech again.

    "early to bed, early to rise."" The plumber "mushroom" also has recently been familiar with this from the friends of the altar boys can't help black girl child, she said, "in the middle of the night to sleep at two or three, at twelve noon, really 'early'!"

    unreal Brahma "disdain" way: "if not for my phone call, you can not do the little night."! By the way, go to micro-blog Jianghu, tell him you can delete the number! As soon as possible!"

    "quack" is staring at a computer screen, looking at a private letter and his message, gloomy face like water, eyes full of panic.

    a moment later, he made up his mind and decided to rely on it again!

    four king game anyway no direct broadcast, the vast majority of martial arts enthusiasts do not know there is such thing, I have to pretend not to see more than ten days, to remind, etc. building into a complete metamorphosis, to get five certificate again, this time to guide many fans how much is!

    breath, mood calm down a little a bit "quack" began crackling typing, continues the previous long micro-blog, to seize every minute by popularity.

    this is all money!

    after writing, did the preservation; in the modification before, he refreshed the next micro-blog, dumbfounded to see his news has mushroomed, there have been thousands of!

    "the onlookers occupy the front row."!"

    "speak words."!"

    "men do not!"

    "I believe you are the one who says what you can do."!"

    "(left and right turn) don't pretend!"

    what's the matter? "Rivers and lakes," a line of watching, and surprised and frightened.

    he made a careful study of a, found in a few minutes ago, star V "many fans of Mo Jing Ting" posted a video, and with the sentence expression catwork:

    "less than two years of martial arts is non strong, little Shishu Bang Bang Da, you are my idol!"

    "rivers and lakes" pale, dazed video buffer.

    indeed, it is the first move to fight scenes and building into a mountain, change things at a glance!

    body suddenly flash, "rivers and lakes" almost fainted; in the past, the face is very ugly, stayed for five minutes.

    he stood up and started walking up in the room, like ants on a hot pan, his mouth constantly muttered:

    "do you want to kill me Do you want to kill me"

    and after a while he sat down with grief and hatred and could not pretend to be blind.

    their current fans are attracted to speculation; if they do not fulfill their promises, they will certainly be despised, and soon will no one cares

    "quack" is like before the dead father mother as deleted long micro-blog, to play some content, "give dying kicks":

    "well, I admit that the building is the great man, I will complete the bet, delete this number, the micro-blog a week to do that when the official deleted, want to continue to learn martial arts gossip friends, listen to my friends can analyze the game. * * xxxxx the public attention."

    call, a week time, should be able to guide a lot of people come? "Rivers and lakes" point to send, all over the body, lying on the back of the chair.

    after that, he logged on to the platform and watched the increase in the number of people watching, but it was always small; after the wave of the topic, it came to a close.

    "finished, finished."" "Jianghu" seems to see a stack of banknotes inserted wings, flew away from himself, eyes closed, paralyzed in the sofa

    vehicle assistant driving, Yan Ke by way of time, and always on tenterhooks full of looking forward to reading their own oranges and mountain tiger war, and excited and conveniently brush "quack" onlookers forum, micro-blog, more and more smile Sheng, to the later it is pouring out of the clear, thin voice.

    heard in the ear, driving Dan territory strong Du Yan side head glanced at, looking back to the screen screen before I saw the light, half of the sigh is half envious asked:

    "just race, is that guy your boyfriend?""

    how old is this before it begins to change?

    sounds like a building

    I have practiced for many years; so far, the realm of man is still in fantasy!

    "uh" Yan Ke pursed his lips, gently nodded to the eye flow in heart quietly added:

    in fact, not a boyfriend

    arena, see the mountain tiger struggled to stand up, building a unexpectedly some have mixed feelings.

    just this battle, I finally won the courage, if the mountain tiger "is" tactic of scared, depressed decadence, dare not back, another showdown, it can only be no suspense to drag him dead, swallow the bitter fruit of failure.

    to tell the truth, your game is a bit arrogant, think as long as you can before the continuation of the play, relying on the promotion and the transformation brought by surprise, and mountain tiger fighting when 55.

    can fact educate oneself, not only oneself can let a person surprise, others can do the same!

    call, pride and expansion of this kind of thing is not said before introspection, the future will not repeat itself, as it will enhance the strength and experience increases, so the ancients often appear, just say, my body self examine!

    building into a mood of precipitation down, break caused by flying a bit less, in full "floor" calls, and finally stand down the mountain to each other for a ritual tiger.

    turned toward the stairs below the line, and that he was completely from the fight back, heart filled with the joy of difficult to overcome:


    won the No. five seed!

    won a man of inhuman strength!

    his pace immediately accelerated; he could not wait to get back to where he was originally; target An Zhaoyang; no, Ann's mobile phone.

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