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Chapter 59–Interim interviews

    a barefoot step by step with the back walking on the floor, the lights suddenly went out Dekor hall half, only the remaining from the ring to China part of the delegation, in darkness setting out a glorious dream of the road, and the surrounding buildings "a building into a" call each other. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    this is the winner of the award, this is the hero The weak overcame the strong. praise.

    Lou Cheng's mood is getting better; the pace is more and more brisk, and even as if back to the country, back to the University of Hong Kong Wu Road venues, began to raise their hands all around, applaud.

    noise and rising, until he came to the stands, bright as complex.

    "yes."!" Peng Leyun has converged on the winning mentality, smiled, reached out, and hit his teammates.

    "wait, look at you."." The building did not hide its happy response.

    Ren Li, An Zhaoyang, Zhong Ningtao and when were hit over the palm, he hastened to return to the mobile phone, re login QQ, see Yan Ke has sent a message, "outstretched thumb praise":

    "sure enough to live up to this coach's success."!"

    building into a smile, feel good mood seems to have doubled, "busy eyebrow smirk": "the strict coach what reward?"

    "personally make you a cake, isn't it?"" Yan Ke "is first turned slowly, shocked stunned to reply, and then" little monsters licking ice cream "proudly expression," you see, the reward and waffles, do you use other cookies, enough to take the championship "

    building a ton of time short laugh, actually speechless, daughter-in-law said yes!

    &nbsp:a few seconds later, he was "dazed" and said, "this is not the same as I thought of the reward style.""

    "what style of painting do you imagine?"" Yan Ke seems reasonable to ask, but with a "say, say I killed you" expression.

    building a shook his head, mouth evoke, difficulties of death answered:

    "cough, for example, both husband and wife are home.""

    what do couples do when they return home. Hey, hey.

    " You, you have defiled a good lyric!" Yan Ke found himself unexpectedly seconds to understand, not by sigh, "fall table" denounced.

    "what are you talking about? How can I not understand?"" The girl replied to the floor into the usual dumb tone, supplemented by "I am pure" expression.

    Yan Ke see mouth half open, angry and funny, sometimes actually speechless, that is their own deeply orange skinned more and more thick, then issued a "red card whistle" expression way:

    "you go."! This coach has no disciples like you!"

    in building into a low head, smiling typing chat, Ren Li deeply looked at him, he only felt warm smile faded all the alert, as usual, and as long as the girls speak politely and alienation.

    is that who he is? Or are there two aspects of contradiction?

    the Japanese delegation, the mountain tiger refused to support, relying on its own strength, hard to go back to the people around, deep voice said:

    "I will remember today; I will wash away this shame."!"

    the expression of other warriors suddenly became solemn and solemn, witnessing the oath of the tiger under the mountain; this is the tradition of "extreme wave flow".

    of course, from the ring failed, you have to stand up from the ring!

    after a slight improvement, the researchers with messy hair looked at the dressing ring, slightly impatient, said the leader:

    "we have to think of something else."!"

    on the other hand, building into a chat very happy, will take their enemies in the nonhuman joy and Ke Xiaoke students to share, but before long, Yan Ke sent a "Wuzui whisper" look:


    this means that she may be ten to twenty minutes, or even thirty or forty minutes to reply to a message, which means that the head was building into had to restrain themselves, will divert attention to something else.

    although fully understood, but the floor or some disappointed, not by the breath, looked up at the eye in shreds and patches.

    quickly, he shifted his gaze again in an optimistic, humorous tone:

    "well, Study hard every day!"

    end, he started a few seconds, think of another thing, busy cutting to the list, find the military contacts "accourding" Avatar, points out, fingers quickly dozen words:

    "Japan" extreme fluctuating stream 'of the mountain tiger "is" tactic."

    "received."." "Accourding" seems to be always online.

    or is he not alone? Thoughts about building a fly.

    "all" word tactic to the military to deal with is the best, most appropriate, and they do not have so much resources, so many hands!

    as a fighter, does not mean that everything has to be close to each other; there are big forces can use the case, do not have to do without white!

    set aside the matter, building talent free to look at the other messages and text messages, to find the teacher niece as the representative of the Mo Jing Ting ice Shenzong a junior, has sent a "message", or jokingly small magic to congratulate uncle, or solemnly congratulated him to start not soon change!

    less than twenty-one year old non strong; in the history of the ice God can be ranked in the top ten!

    and in the remaining nine floor, there are five out of the gang, to become stronger, more than half of the proportion is a climbing the threshold, this is a very high probability.

    Yan Ke from the floor into the mouth know Mo Jing Ting made a special micro-blog, forcing the "quack" can't turn a blind eye to stand out and perform bet things, then politely replied "thank you".

    deal with these things, he secretly rubbed around the "rivers and lakes" micro-blog, brush the next forum, found that Ann Chaoyang almost exposed, not by the dark sigh, this product is not too reliable ah.

    although several embarrassing, but comprehensive comparison, or my own most reliable!

    just in the ring tense repair, another ring is ready, the final eight battle second sets of showdown is about to show.

    suddenly, Lou intentionally aware, lifted his head and looked at the aisle, saw a woman walking in the suit dress, openly staring at my side, with a staff of two man dressed.

    she has mixed with western country Dekor features exquisite appearance, atmosphere, age thirty, mature charm.

    "Hello, I'm frovatriptan2.5mg television reporter Catherine, can do an interview?" The woman smiles so inspiring, English is very standard.

    building into this period of time often encounter heavy accent of the English, barely able to understand a few words, often doubt if he is illiterate, plus three years of compulsory education in senior high school and university two years all white read, now suddenly encounter itself almost all can understand words, sometimes actually touched.

    indeed, I am not wrong, is other people's articles!

    don't wait for his opening; the Zhong Ningtao next to him is already fluent in english:

    "yes, Catherine reporter, your credentials and your camera team?""

    the negotiation of this kind of thing still depends on the leader Cheng Cheng and others looked at each other and thought to themselves.

    Catherine took the documents to Zhong Ningtao, smiled and said: "I this is a temporary interview, no camera team, just building into a well, everyone's love, I also want to know more."

    originally on the "wild card" team is not similar to interview arrangement.

    "thank you, Ms. Catherine, you can ask, you have five minutes."." Zhong Ningtao looked under the table, take Joe laughed, "I was responsible for translation and communication."

    took the press card handed back; Catherine looked to the floor and asked with a smile:

    "Hello, Lou Cheng, your age does not seem to be large; I read the material as if it were only twenty years old and 06 months old.""

    Cheng Cheng can understand, but still wait until Zhong Ningtao finished translation, just laugh in chinese:

    "yes, half a year, twenty-one years old."."

    &nbsp:after listening to Zhong Ningtao's translation, Catherine continued with great interest, "what's your occupation now?" Have you entered the professional martial arts circle yet?"

    Lou Cheng answered frankly:

    "I'm still studying, and still a student."."

    "Oh, are you still a student?" You can set up their own boxing hall in the country there are many followers of the emperor!" Catherine conceal his surprise response.

    to show the strength of building a country has, in the Dekor is representative of a large school, to be called the master!

    as a result, he is still a student!

    floor into a smile, and so on Zhong Ningtao this "formalities" completed, just pointing to Peng Leyun and Ren Li road:

    "is the student strange?" They are students, too. They haven't graduated yet."

    here, he can not help Tucao one sentence: "if the Japanese reporters, certainly not surprised, there are students, save the world, save the end also go back to school."

    such words, the tour leader should not translate, say no harm.

    indeed, Peng Leyun et al in Shixiao sound, Zhong Ningtao translated the first half of the sentence.

    "Oh, that's strange!"! Is this the latest trend in China?" Catherine was shocked and he said to me, after a little calm and asked the floor into other things, such as how long he participated in the martial arts, what game, get more let their horrified answer.

    five minutes passed quickly; she looked at the watch, sighed, and smiled brightly:

    "you're a wonderful person. It's a pleasure to interview you."."

    "thank you."." Greet with a smile.

    just in the interview, with the leader of the "screening", he is how to answer how to answer, and give full play to their Tucao capabilities.

    Catherine waved, quickly turned around, suddenly smiled, and said:

    "actually, I understand Chinese."."

    "my grandmother was a very educated Chinese person, but when we interview, must use English or Dekor language."

    ah First floor is one Leng, immediately face red.

    so what I just said, you can understand!

    it is not a living I performed a stand up comedian?

    with Catherine Jun left, his body rang out without covering laughter, from Peng Leyun, from Ann Chaoyang, from Li, also from Zhong Ningtao

    mother egg, are infected by Xiao Ming, shame lost abroad The floor faces and sighs

    veigar and Barnum with not more than two minutes to win over opponents, the fourth one is about to begin, Peng Leyun vs No. three seed vaku, this repair Arahat ascetic monks!

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