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Chapter 60–a clean thought, a hell

    Theravada Buddhism belongs to the original one, also known as Theravada Buddhism, of course, they will never claim to hate others so, so call, and the so-called Bodhisattva to build future Buddhahood Mahayana Buddhism has rejected, in accordance with the Semitic Buddhism view is more hateful than heresy pagan!

    the school of strict discipline, copy the traditional, ascetic itself, with the "Sixteen concept of wisdom" and the "four noble truths" as the core, repair this Arahat, Arohan called "self Han", the lack of life desire, is bitter, in a clear understanding of all things unreal world on the personal liberation, but on the other hand, in completely beyond the "reincarnation", their individual is very strong, especially in the spirit, is to become an independent school, strong peer. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    vaku is such a monk, "the sixteen concept of wisdom" practice to the eleventh Chilean "Shezhi", realized and empty, this is no longer the dedication and love, full of indifference and alienation, in the spirit of extraordinary strength, when the terrible, was in the No. third seed position is clear.

    he's no worse than Peng Leyun Building a thoughtfully thinking about all sorts of mind flashed in the vaku.

    when he heard the radio voice, see next Peng cloud slowly stood up, eyes focused, no fugue.

    smiled inwardly, building into a fist hand, light shouting channel:

    "come on!"!"

    "uh!" Peng Leyun responded with a touch of touch, with slight tremors in the muscles and fascia, indicating the excitement and excitement of his heart.

    to see this scene, I do not know why, building into to vaku silence for five seconds:

    the charger is finished!

    and Ren Li, An Zhaoyang and Zhong Ningtao respectively touched fist, Peng cloud around the body, a little bit of momentum to pull high ring, every step around him seem to be more dark depressed, almost lead cloud condensation, exploding thunder, against all human harmony.

    so might seem real, as senior people, but they are boarding the vaku bitter color change, but still, only her eyes more deep, like clear around a bit, not affected by.

    in this regard, Peng Leyun neither disappointed nor depressed, but there are mang eyes like fine together, is about to split off the lightning war, increasingly rich up.

    when the two men were standing in a predetermined position, the referee made no delay; he raised his right hand and waved suddenly:


    Peng Leyun sank a waist, blood coagulation, the body immediately bounce, as if a cloud, swing out, can be accompanied by the light jump before the jump, but when bang bang and shaking ring, so that the body swaying vaku.

    his "Blitzkrieg" has this is different from the past.

    a flash, such as blur, Peng cloud "appeared" in the vaku near, right arm out, into a big hammer, with Zizi winding white lightning, no Chou tough opponents to swing.

    vaku always did not move, even the body not to restrain sloshing, the face of Peng Leyun "the hammer", he sighed, simply punch a step with legs.

    with the sound of his eyes, in disgust from Italy more, thin body such as "air", sallow skin suffused with pieces of gold, accurately hit the enemy's fist wrist.

    Zizi zi!

    silver jump, as if the vaku unarmed contact jack, a body fits of trembling, could not continue well behind the action, but his expression and Mouguang are not the slightest change seems to encounter "shock" is not their own, and Peng Leyun instantly ascend a variety of uncomfortable feeling like is suffering from the sun and rain, is next to the unbearable hunger, bear all the pain caused by water shortage!

    this makes him slow a beat before returning to fight, can not seize the opportunity of the temporary control body vaku.

    heartprints boxing, boxing in my mind: Theravada, his heart, feelings let others experience to try their experience before!

    Peng Leyun's eyes seemed fine awn together and brightened the mind, want to change within a setting, Deserts Chang in the sky blue jade Fu, the lightning lines interwoven complex zhuanzi.


    he's a block of muscle in congestion, swelling, no flash does not avoid the step show body, fist to hit.

    Lei Department simplify the gang, "Lei zhuan"!

    to see this scene, not by building into a dumb, Winfrey said with a sneer:

    "again in waves."!"

    knowing that "specific koan punch" Peng Leyun, the best choice is to take advantage of the "Dan Jin" to promote the "organ fist", dadada around kuanggong, do not give the opportunity to vaku mindprints heart, but he has to simplify the front Gang shot, do not force "needlepoint", in addition to "experience" koan boxing gold, no other explanation!

    in the face of a same level is not strong, he still dare to let each other the best!

    "wave" word used well" Mensao feminine Anne Chaoyang deep feeling nodded, Ren Li puzzled at the field, do not doubt that Peng Leyun hides behind the best deal with the deeper purpose.

    well, it sure is!

    Lou shook his head and laughed:

    "what if this wave loses?""

    "what else can I do?" Anyway, you have been in the top eight, Ren Li Chaoyang also has an as sure as a gun, out of a hope, but also to take care of the host." Zhong Ningtao said, without a nervous smile, "and it will teach Peng Leyun a lesson, so that he will not be able to support him again. How good is he?""

    "do you think it's possible?"" Lou did not see the leader, looking forward to An Zhaoyang.

    will the great Lord accept this lesson?

    "I don't think it's possible."" Ann Chaoyang sighed.

    "me too."" The building follows the sigh.

    when they talk, on the field the situation has changed, the face of Peng Leyun's "Lei Zhuan", also do not dodge vaku, eyes reveal the vicissitudes of life through color, whole body thrown a faint light, moving the arm, a fist on the swing, with strong to strong, to head!

    a rumble!

    hand fist hammer, golden and black cross, the muscles and tendons of Qi, air burst into a sudden buzz, as if in thunder exploding.

    Peng Leyun's eyes were full of darkness; his mind was strangely backward; he felt the body's aging and the increasingly obvious weakness of moving with time.

    used to rely on their own strong use of martial arts, this is the most painful thing, lifetime hard to practice the strength, because the old lost gradually. At the end, what is left, even the big boys in martial arts are not necessarily surrender.

    how weak and desolate!

    heartprints boxing, "old"!

    a move relative to the previous "bitter"!

    although Peng Leyun bloom can not really understand the sadness, but in the supernatant cases, see after the elders old pain, many see the old wounds lingering canheng, see more before dying in bed paralyzed and helpless, early heart Qi Qiran, now many old things will be vaku's own experience of the filling, tick memories, buried deep in the hearts of the kind of fear will suddenly broke out.

    in the twinkling of an eye, he stayed on the ground, face sweat, nightmare, can not wake up, not even to think of the outline of "Thor like" to quell the heart.

    and in his fist vaku, sleeve rags, gleaming arm skin has blackened, the twitching, completely paralyzed, also do not know what is going.

    however, he painstakingly grinding himself, for pain, for burning, on ray break, has a strong ability to resist, the first to recover, face rolling low back, and left out of the fist.

    he is already seeing the edges polished fist will play in the opponent's throat, I do not know why, Peng Leyun as if under the dual stimulation, wake up from old nightmare, eyes to reproduce the spirit, brought together the Jing long grass, brush, make a white.

    his body vortex crazy running, "motor" resounded around in front of the vaku fist, into a "paper", "wind" blowing back when a little, just to avoid the fatal blow!

    this is a very simple application of yin and Yang is attracting, repelling!

    two "shock" just in the core skills of Peng Leyun with very strong ability to control the flux and ray department, in a layer of cloth vaku surface charge can be maintained for several seconds, exactly the same with their own body exists, it can affect each other in the attack when, and "shock will be superimposed, get rid of the" mind fist "to feel, timely operation of magnetizing method, saved the day.

    vaku not depressed, "mindprints" turn again, cast out of the door in this work shazhao:

    six. ""!

    in his view, six not only exists in the Buddhist scriptures, but also truly exists in the world, it is not reflected in the unreal, but in the hearts of the people.

    among them, the "hungry ghost" is "greedy excesses", "beasts" is "irresistible instinct" alias, "Asura" is "every body of bloodthirsty factor and violent revolution", "humanity" is all love and hate causal entanglement with this, "hell" is "extreme humanitarian", embodies the love hate because of jealousy because of the pain, suffering, and "humanitarian" one of the two sides.

    "heaven" refers to the practice of Buddhist psychology, away from the rest of the "five way", has been quiet and comfortable, but this attitude is not completely detached, not out of reincarnation, karma may be affected by contamination at any time, emotional control, fall into the pain, is the so-called. A clean, hell, that is!

    "six", from the world of mortals!

    vaku eyes with a layer of gold awn, dark and gloomy, engaging hook, make the heart sink.


    his fist from the waist, with a clear and crisp sound, there is no vision.

    six boxing, "the hungry ghost"!

    Peng Leyun again punches, "Thunderbolt" hard block the boxing, but did not experience a similar before the "hard" and "old" feel like, so don't care, launched the attack.

    however, imperceptibly, he played more and more impatient, increasingly ignoring the situation and environment, seems to want to eat fat breath, as soon as possible to seize the enemy's flaws, vaku patient defense, and make a fist, from time to time "hungry", keep firmly, in addition to the skin and charred body paralysis superposition, no other performance.

    the name of the name, they are fighting to the ring edge, with a body of Peng Leyun let vaku sideways, almost falling down before him.

    back in a flash, he suddenly awake, aware of the strange attitude and view to come up with busy just to Yang "Thor like", overcome all distractions.

    vaku to see this scene, golden eyes turn red, become rich color.

    "my fist" can also play on their own!

    an ocean of thought; an arc!

    snap! Vaku body such as expansion, for a tall, muscular man full force collision to Peng Leyun, he will directly into the ring!

    at this step, it is too late to wake up!

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