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Chapter 61–even under the "tragedy"

    separated by less than two steps to "fix" the vaku incarnation on hit close to the speed, also is the thing between people things that vanishes in a flash, inevitably, no escape escape. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    shocking impatience Peng Leyun to do a thing, that is to jump, jump posture, body stretching back as playing wildly jumped up in the air!

    this is the only way he can escape the "fix"!

    if it is straight up and down, or that he jumped out of the jump forward, the following chest certainly too late to get out of the way, must be vaku hit, even without bone Qi fold, and kick against, will also be the violent forces launched a challenge, never back.

    of course, he is also just from the initial action on hit it, which will not change vaku cohesion and follow-up?


    vaku body sank, broke the air barrier, stopped at the edge of the ring, the blood red eyes, feet a stand, then to take advantage of to punch up, hit the whereabouts!

    at this time, the sky in Peng Leyun's eyes as bright fine awn, lightning axe, hands suddenly shot, as in the applause.

    a rumble!

    Sunny Day bombing of the thunderbolt, a sudden clap of thunder sound, for other martial, there will be a sense of great teaching mind shaking, action will slow a slow, but has become the bloodthirsty violence vaku "fighting machine", which was filled with * *, no after sober and rational, must wait until the fade boxing Italy effect, to return to the days of humanity, so he has shaken the body but the spirit, instinctive action is not affected in any way, fist attack, already hit!

    that's why he ended up using the "Don Tao road" for himself!

    eliminate external interference, quickly solve the fight, without leaving a chance!

    the whereabouts of Peng Leyun is a bolt from the blue, palms out as a separate, thin blade white lightning.

    light just now, immediately cut to the vaku body, cut his body form, he cut the skin clothing smoke!

    this is a meal, Peng Leyun's head came up with many thick clouds within each other, overlapping, a total of nine layers, gave birth to yang to just tyranny, and from this effort seems to complement each other.

    a rumble!

    it is a deafening thunder, as if the silver axe, shorten the lightning, look carefully, it will find that this is the whole arm was wrapped by the thunder Malcolm cloud body stretch, the outbreak of "Dan Jin Lun", air hammer, such as penalty heaven!

    bang! With the fist fist hit in a piece, a muscle bizhang, prominent blood vessels, veins emerge, an electric snake jump, such as by net.

    snap! The embodiment of landing "Asura" vaku feet into a brick body, and trembling, involuntary muscle beating, Peng Leyun played a little, then immediately fell, empty legs knees covered with layers of bright electro-optical contradict out straight from the opponent's chest.

    a rumble!

    thunderclap, vaku left arm up, cross in front, just suddenly force withstood the fatal knee and back, a turn, to throw the enemy will be thrown out and avoid subsequent boxing kicking, his arm was to the top of the knee where a black, like a paste flavor, shiver.

    Peng Leyun seeing will be thrown outside the ring, the air suddenly shrink blood, do a somersault, with straight leg wound lightning, Tomahawk chop.

    a rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

    he seemed to fly kites, leveraging, and keep the whereabouts of attack, or punch, or elbows, or knees, or kick, or the whole body into a light ray, swing out, and "Asura" Waku between the platform edge of the heart fierce fight, on line walking in failure!

    a rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

    and in the building into a boxing ring et al eyes, seems to have kept the white lightning down, for nine, a bright one, as in the day "rumors".

    "jiuxiao and Joseph?" Ann Chaoyang blurted out.

    this is the thunder seventh, outside the gang juexue!

    "no"." Ren Liyao shook his head, "he should be the one to create the environment of martial arts Dan imitation"

    building a listen to a burst of feeling, heart admire, rely on their own to elixir, within two years to catch up with Peng Leyun, but other aspects of martial arts, and indeed he has not a small gap, he can imitate the previous Juexue own moves, you are learning to master in the process, it is not only because the accumulation of talent, like the Dragon King, work harder, harder, more understanding, more informed, more challenges of different opponents, to make up, to catch up!

    a rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

    nine, the vaku paralysis, muscle tremors, red eyes fade from "Asura" sobered instinct back two steps.

    this is a leg, Peng Leyun finally landed, "Dan Jin" pushes "authority fist", seize the vaku just from six metempsychosis in reply to the opportunity to play with dadada ghost fist, crazy "fire", and with the pace of the hub sometimes, change the position, get confused vaku.

    da da da da da! Peng Leyun joints, fascia stretching, offensive unexpectedly non-stop action, finally, vaku with paralysis accumulated slowly, he continuously attacks, open shelf, surface is to reach out.


    Razer light vaku seems to be high-voltage hit, flew out, there have been many black skin.


    the edge in the ring, he fell into the surrounding area, limbs twitching, mouth foaming out.

    Peng Leyun paused action, sweat on the face, mouth constantly open, doing breathing, eyes are residual excitement, but also filled with obvious fatigue, almost close to the limit.

    judge stared at him, turned to his right hand, Langqing announced:

    "Peng Leyun wins."!"

    the scene immediately issued a huge sigh, and mixed with a little abuse and curse, the host's biggest hope is so shattered.

    building into a look and praise, is dumb, could not help but to Ann Chaoyang, Ren Li and Zhong Ningtao laughed:

    "I thought he was going to wave today."."

    "me too."" Ann Chaoyang sighed and echoed

    at this time, Peng Leyun saw a little slow gas, Waku was helped to leave, not by a murmur:

    "what a pity!""

    unfortunately did not see "wonderful reincarnation of the remaining four boxing boxing"

    he turned back the pace a little vain stand, walk into the front of each high fives et al.

    "done all this," he joked:

    "just nearly lost.""

    indeed almost waves capsize! Building and Ann Chaoyang mutually see one eye, neat laugh out loud.

    "what's the matter?"" Peng Leyun looked at them blankly.

    "nothing."." A floor answer categorically, and added, "go on!"

    go on wave; when you meet me, the more waves the better!

    thus, sixteen war four group fighting ended, the day of the match ended, followed by Zhong Ningtao et al building into a return to the hotel, because two to second days of competition, two close to exhausted, did not think out strolling or snack, each to remain in a proper sphere the house, let some people stare at here a disappointment.

    building into a wash after your mother reported a victory, and Yan Ke and talk a few words, finally, to bear the tired spirit, early good night and didn't do "sticking" already asleep.

    he felt oneself have dizzy spells, returned to the provincial youth championship, just finished with Zhang Zhu, burnout, headache, nausea, must seize the time to restore, to prepare for the next final.

    mimihuhu, he seems to be on the full elastic lap Yan Ke, was her strength to moderate pinching head, nose is familiar with the taste, the ear is flying from the sky as distant and singing:

    "when you are old, your hair is white.""

    song off intersertal, far into the asymptotic floor suddenly woke up, saw the dark ceiling, quiet quiet, dark floating, only one person.

    he picked up the mobile phone to see, found only at 2, inexplicable heart disappointed.

    took a breath, he did not disturb, embrace yuan Shou, sleep again.

    the next day is not bright, he got up on time, and restored the spirit, energetic and Yan Ke chatted a few words, continue to metamorphosis stage of temper, feel a little bit of their own strength.

    in the evening, sixteen after the four group match, Ren Li and Peng Leyun yesterday by building into a stimulus, play extremely well, easily beat the opponent, and Tang Zexun together into the top eight, may be the last appearance of An Zhaoyang was in trouble.

    his opponent was Waku's brother, "No. six seed" bone guess, although it is not the practice to "Shezhi", not to the non level, but with the flesh talent, coupled with this capability as koan boxing, inhuman, and that attacks the "soul" of Wu Gong, with an Chaoyang biggest rely on "quiet lake round mirror wisdom" restrain each other, so he soon fell into a passive.

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