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Chapter 62–doomed fierce quarter final showdown

    Bang bang!

    bone guess every punch each foot contains exaggerated power, no longer make a sound, but a continuous out of the air, produced an Chaoyang Dan Wu to be environmental movement, in this process, he did not show any fat clumsy, but should be flexible like a cat, jumping up and down, before and after the walk, stole the upper hand. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    Chaoyang must maintain an "distracted secluded lake round mirror wisdom", in order to resist each other blow the koan hunger and thirst, exposure and pain feelings, sometimes into a passive, by early induction, predict the moves, constantly broke out, barely support, no lost dew phase.

    a frenzied attack, always can't see the bone guess opponent, eyes glittering change, the vicissitudes of life, like experiencing the last stage of life of the old man, let them arise shared heart, think of their own arrival will be ending.

    heartprints boxing, "old"!

    bone guess with a fist, not the slightest wind, full of sunset bleak.


    ANN Chaoyang inside is moving feet, knees, twisted body, swing arm, half half went out then collapse, and bone size sand bowl guess fist collision together, provoked a dull sound, set off a wave of overflowing.

    back swing arm, he suddenly raised the exhausted weak feeling, as if watching their old, faded, dry skin, lose luster, become wrinkled, even oneself are not willing to see, for fear of accidentally do so nightmare.

    as a love novel love songs of literary youth, an inner Chaoyang is undoubtedly very delicate, often Shangchunbeiqiu things, sometimes think bald, feeling myriad, the real experience of old, you are not self-sustaining.

    fortunately, he was quiet as a secluded lake heart is Dangqi waves, "circular mirror" not so broken, fortunately, he is still very young, the elders still joined the club side before Xinghai, few martial arts for the elderly, for similar things, the lack of deep feelings. To stabilize the mood, suppress the waves, not like Peng Leyun cold sweat, even take a breath and hold back the blood, fried fresh back, trying to force off the reel off.

    bone guess pupil shrinkage, dare not neglect, the body fat has swelled, angular, issued by the explosive power and flashing a unique luster, "Jiang Mochu" Lun, forcibly broke an Chaoyang continuous follow-up.

    he knew that his biggest problem is the heavy burden, consumption, body easy to "overload", in practice the "Shezhi" into China before the so-called inhuman level, not long war, and made the corresponding preparations, plans on the upper stage to hand pick their own hard drive "my fist"!

    Bang bang! It is a boxing and the power of the flesh heartprints kuanggong, bone guess finally find the opportunity, eyes on the dark, fist under the light seems to have contracted a colorful aperture, with a circulation of the five khandas, snapped back arm, to hit the enemy.

    six boxing, the way of man"!

    ANN Chaoyang has was unable to escape, only to sink the mind into the round mirror like "quiet lake", let the arm straight fist forcibly block.


    like muffled drums, knock in his heart, an ear suddenly broke out Chaoyang a song for a long time have never listen to songs:

    "after a whole summer, sadness is not better; driving on the highway is boundless and there is a sense of leaving oneself.""

    that is to go to the high school and junior high school he repeatedly aftertaste the sad melody, often so sad to lose self-control.

    that year, childhood sweetheart girl say "sorry" to you, say "I still can not find the feeling, we still be friends".

    making yourself better is the foundation of catching girls; but getting better, girls don't necessarily fancy you.

    youth, two people can hold an umbrella, running in the torrential rain, wet each other, but the smile was wanton and smart, but grew up, but only in passing, a nod to each other, say hello, as if not indifferent to too many disputes.

    for the lost of this affair, he had the whole night to listen to songs, blurred vision, mourning heart, love the lonely, love immersed in their own world, fell in love with a beautiful but painful lyrics.

    "unfortunately not you, accompany me to the last.""

    and a song with ANN, Chaoyang was filled with lost consciousness, early healing wounds and clearly revealed, it is no longer a bloody, touch or pain, feeling so out of control, you want to drink, want to sing, want to vent.

    this makes him suddenly remembered this time often listen to a song, he recently because of a program to know the old, the vicissitudes of life and man's voice hoarse Yiziyizi, hit my heart:

    "like the moon or the sea at low tide, my heart is you tear off a piece, after many years still have a regret that, life will not hurt"

    yes, how can that kind of regret be forgotten? That's my whole youth! It was a whole life of my past!

    "I use a heavy snow to cover up, deep buried in the heart of the lost love, every time I say that the feelings are still blank, no one heard out, I sigh with emotion"

    sad melody, singing into the heart, an empty mind Chaoyang, regret surging, broke its banks, "a quiet lake round mirror wisdom" and difficult to maintain, snapped, completely broken.

    his emotions like flood, the natural outline itself, a body, has expanded, but a soft fist of fury, resisted will fall on the key bone guess palm, while his previous loss would harvest the winning hand bone guess.


    with a strong physical talent bone guess beaten unexpectedly and abruptly inverted out, eyes are startled, dare not to believe, like the real "flood encounter".

    but he soon found wrong, Ann Chaoyang after the first punch did not hit but in situ, taking advantage of, be filled with the breath, eyes lost touch of sadness.

    this Bone friction did not go to think about, to seize this opportunity, and fit the flutter of the past, launched a new round of attack, this time, there is no "quiet lake round mirror wisdom" Ann Chaoyang soon be confused, he opened the shelf, close over a double elbow.

    the referee breathed a sigh of relief and raised his hand:

    "bone guessing."!"

    all four cheers, host was a representative in the quarter finals.

    ANN Chaoyang without what hurt arm aches, he stood up and stood up, looked gloomy arch hand way:

    "thank you."."

    yes, thank you. Without the battle of today, I am afraid I can understand the true meaning of "flood" for a long time!

    if you are still controlling emotions, what about "dam breaking floods"?

    only a full burst of emotion, not calm, physical and mental unity, can play a real flood"!

    unfortunately, this is suddenly understand, did not do more exercises, a punch, and body force, emotion, not only failed to seize the chance, but was lost.

    finished, in the bone puzzled puzzled expression, Ann Chaoyang turned around, back slightly melancholy back to the grandstand.

    "what a pity!"" Cheng Cheng and others can see that he understood, and almost won, not sigh.

    "OK."." An Zhaoyang gave a quiet smile, signaling that he needed no comfort.

    thus, eight are produced, and will start to draw, there is no longer any principle of avoidance, four decided tomorrow night.

    in the process of waiting, Cheng Cheng and Yan Ke talked about the meeting. Both sides felt this step, and the "non human" was a big probability event, so it didn't matter.

    fifteen minutes, the ring cleared, re arranged, guests after a lot of nonsense, took the first name:

    Miluo, veigar."

    No. two seed veigar, known as the strongman overlord of the future.

    followed by the guest who took out another ball, looked at the name of the eye, and gave a loud exclamation of appetite.

    after a dozen seconds, she seemed to come to an end, with a loud voice announcing:

    "Japan, Tang Zexun!"

    number one seed Tang Zexun!

    this competition won the top two in the quarterfinals battle, destined to have a curtain call!

    the scene of the atmosphere was immediately heated; the building quickly heard his name:

    "China"; Cheng cheng."

    if the character is pumped to bursting, remaining a non seed non wildcard, if bad luck, that is against Peng Leyun The building is thoughtful to think, the posture has not changed.

    in a few seconds, the guest drew his opponent and showed the ball road around:

    "Nanzheng, barnum!"

    No. four seed at!

    okay, okay Lou Cheng threw out his breath and thought it was neither bad nor bad.

    he is really weaker than his opponent, but not without hope of winning.

    at that moment, he was suddenly struck by a subtle idea:

    there are four players left. It's not impossible to appear that duel!

    his mind floats; the guest has drawn out third sets of showdown's "home court"":

    "Hua Guo, Peng Leyun."."

    followed, she pulled out one of the three remaining balls, smiled and announced:

    "Hua Guo, Ren Li"!"

    I wipe, that's true Fated duel A building next to him as can't help laughing, her wide eyes look unexpectedly exciting.

    the final eight battle is really fierce, just think about it, it makes blood boil!

    left without smoke, guess the host bone against non seed non wild card players.

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