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Chapter 63–Intermezzo

    the draw came to an end, veigar immediately stand tall and majestic left a shadow around the body. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    he pressed under the cap, looked at the ring cold hum a, then turned back from the Dekor museum.

    Dongying delegation, Tang Zexun There remained but a single one. fist, gently tapping its own chin, her lip micro powder toot, such as the wronged, inside the eyes without the slightest emotional leakage.

    Nanzheng Barnum embarked on a bandage over, turned his head and looked coldly building into one eye, like looking at dangerous prey and then walk down the aisle, towards the door, soundless and stirless.

    building a side, an Chaoyang re wearing a headset, once again immersed in the music world, Ren Li glanced at Peng Leyun's eyes, far away from the direction of the cross half step, seems to want to draw the line, to distinguish the enemy.

    from now on, we're not teammates!

    I do not know what Peng Leyun thought, just stood there, thinking Piaofei, ignore all the eyes.

    Lou secretly shook his head, picked up the mobile phone, will be the battle of the quarterfinals battle issued to Yan ke.

    the girl seems to be worried about, during the class also made a quick reply, "Wuzui smile": "after the thought of the No. five seed is the number four seed, very distressed my orange, can see Tang Zexun, Peng Leyun, Li veigar duel, and I did not feel like what the happiness is more out!"

    "I feel the same way, so I'm in a good mood."." Floor into the mouth smile, with an air of leisure.

    it must put down, Yan Ke thoughts, more attentively, reply again speed slow, in the process building into a waiting for An Zhaoyang, Ren Li went to the locker room with the bath, smoothly brush up forum.

    "Hey, it's so dark!"!" "The long night is coming," sighed Li, drawing the lottery.

    "never seen such an obvious shady." Lian Lingling, the pupil, saw it!" "Phantom of the Vatican", covering his face and sighing".

    "the Dragon King" and "funny": "Okay, okay, host from the point of care is normal thing, they have to get a ticket for the semi-final places ah, or else they worked hard for work is to what? As long as the referee is not biased, not blind, and other aspects of the moth is not OK, all right."

    "yes, I think it is acceptable, then how to say no, we plug team, wild card team, also locked in a semi-final places?" "The ring road", "open mouth laugh" road, "for the floor, it is acceptable, although not able to smoke the weakest of the two brothers, but somehow did not experience the most powerful ah."."

    "well, so I did not curse, even laugh, this is certainly I saved the character of the building into a relationship!" Yan Xiaoling is proud of himself".

    &nbsp:"always pure love Jun Okamoto" curious asked: "how to save?""

    all the people involved in the discussion were interested in this issue, repeatedly urged, and even into their own pretending to play soy sauce, passing by "onlookers tiger" asked.

    seeing this, Yan Xiaoling stammer: "I, after the afternoon I go to the movies and not bestie, after reading, she proposed to go for a walk, the bulk, we found that all who do not know the way"

    "you said before, you said you are a roar of her." "Phantom Van", "puzzled side head", "this and save character does not matter, right?""

    Yan Xiaoling "wronged to finger" and said: "when I like her, stepped in, stepped in a Tuo xiang"

    "ha ha ha, this character save the stick! Little night, after we face you, come, Hello, MOE, like you!" "Sell and sell wonton," he roared with laughter.

    "the king of the dragon" without mercy; "with your fondness for Xiang, shouldn't you be wild with joy?" (manual funny)"

    "this is a delicious response."." "Plumbers eat mushrooms," echoed.

    ridicule after a few words, "a punch invincible" changed the subject, said:

    Mo Jing Ting hung "since the video, I found about this tournament a lot more people."

    "there will be more, Peng Leyun and Ren Li fate showdown, hot debate and Tang Zexun veigar, transformed into the building before the completion of the non-human strong challenge again, is a very bright match, take a can hold up the entire eight strong wars besides, there are three full field." Moderator "riding pigs heroes" followed sigh.

    at this age, there's not much competition like that!

    "after seeing the draw, I was thrilled."!" "The Dragon King" made a summary

    back to the hotel, a few people of their room, it didn't see any trouble, team leader Zhong Ningtao nodded slightly, very satisfied.

    while the four Tianjiao or quasi each Tianjiao different from ordinary people, not too reliable, but I know the sense of propriety, obey orders, have the characters no proud heart, not with those young, full of sap, strength and strong, one of the two have become powerful and intransigent no, you are not careful, they will make what trouble.

    well, a pot of water doesn't ring; half a kettle of water rings!

    into the room, took the floor into the pillow, cushion in the back, and side and Yan Ke chat, side brush and micro-blog, go to the forum, repeated research Barnum fighting video.

    time passed rapidly, soon to ten points, he suddenly heard the door knocking Chuan Dong Dong dong.

    "who?"" Building a shout, out of bed, holding a mobile phone came to the entrance, YKO people opened the door directly daring.

    standing in front of a black hair streaked with golden eyed woman, Dai Mei, charming face, dressed in a nightgown until your thigh is central, although not exposed, but the chest will be tall, slender legs, perfect foil out, particularly attracts men.

    her hair is wet, cheek, bite the lips, with pitiful eyes, with a jerky Chinese Mandarin word:

    "help", "help"."

    the floor has a twitch in the mouth, "laughed warily:

    "anything is available to the hotel staff; would you like me to call the front desk?""

    he lifts his cell phone and blocks the door; he doesn't let women in front of them get into the house.

    although this girl looks pretty good, but I don't give a damn!

    woman terrified about instinct shook his head to say what, but she refused to get on the floor into the hotel staff, took a step back, mercilessly shut the door directly.


    the woman saw the wine red door in front of the rapid closure, the body can not help coming back, silly in situ.

    behind the door, Lou unlock the screen, excitedly to his wife to share the experience just now:

    "just met a woman to knock at the door."!"

    this kind of thing, not by Yan Ke does not care, she leaned on the nine occupation skill, carefully took out a mobile phone, "staring dogs" said: "why?"

    "said to be my help, and still wearing pajamas, I let her find the hotel directly, and she refused, I directly closed the door and shut her out."." Lou proudly showed off the road.

    well done! Yan Ke dark praise a sentence, "both hands, holding chin," said: "feel this thing is strange."! Well, orange, you handled it very well, and you'll do it all the time!"

    building is to be answered, suddenly heard a knock on the door rang again, then "scratching": "how to do? She has not given up, still knocking, if it was found around the people, the impact of how bad."

    Yan Ke eyes turn, the idea of flash, "push the push Sunglasses" road:

    "this time, you need to run a strict mentor coach! The best way to do this is to stay on the phone, speak directly to the front desk, and have them send someone to deal with it!"

    "wit."!" The building immediately awakened, generous praise, "I immediately find the front desk."

    after finishing this sentence, he paused and thought about how to organize English to describe the matter without ambiguity; it felt rather difficult for a while.

    so he was embarrassed and added, "what should I say in English?""

    Yan Ke almost gurgle out loud, "laugh":

    "come, sister, translate for you."!"

    in a building with a mobile phone, chat with a smiling face, the woman looked outside to knock on the door, going to do a good job, as long as each other again, they take extreme measures, "gestures", "fish in troubled waters", "taking advantage of chaos"!

    no man will call the police for this kind of affair!

    dongdongdong, she knocks on the desperate, desperate to see more then two broad waist round hotel security not far away in the intersection, shouted:

    "lady, which room do you belong to?"!"

    ten minutes later, the woman stumbled to the hotel outside of the car, on the back of the Japanese delegation leader complained:

    "that man has a strong sense of vigilance, unlike many men, always holding the idea of affairs, it is easy to hook." He will report to, this approach cannot be used again, I can still buy off the hotel cleaners to collect."

    "no, every morning before the cleaners clean up, their leader will go to the room to check the room card."." The Japanese delegation mused, "I'll think of something else."

    the next morning, the end of the building into a temper transformation stage, and Peng Leyun they entered the country before the scheduled Dekor boxing hall.

    Ren Li four look around, did not look at Peng Leyun, a serious face on the floor, Ann Chaoyang road:

    "I want to split up with him."!"

    hey, is there a hidden means of dealing with Peng Leyun? If the building into a thought, although the heart of curiosity, but in order to avoid arousing suspicion, or turn on an Chaoyang Road: "you and Ren Li to practice, Peng Leyun and i."

    "good."." An emotional Chaoyang has stabilised, do not refuse.

    wait until they are two coordinated to another venue, Peng cloud building stereotypes still in a daze, so uncensured will encounter strange things last night told.

    " Well done!" Zhong Ningtao froze for a few seconds, nodded with a smile, and gave a warning, "tell me earlier."."

    building is to be answered, but saw Peng Leyun's eyes look back, shaking his neck, a crackling sound sound

    August 23rd at half past seven in the evening, after a day of rest, the four king tournament to war, will soon decide the strongest four!

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